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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Going Mad

 It’s Time for Israel to Recognize the Royal Republic of Ladonia


The Secretary of State of the United States just ordered Israel to limit prayers in a particular place to Muslims, not Jews. And apparently to ban other non-Muslims too.

Remember when the United States used to uphold religious freedom? These days it sends people to jail for offending Muslims and orders other countries to engage in religious discrimination on behalf of Muslims.

Kerry Says Only Muslims, Not Jews, May Pray at Jewish Holy Site

80% of London Muslims Support ISIS


This is the corrupt ocean that the Clintons swim in. Expecting Hillary to know how jobs are created is like expecting an ex-con to go straight. Crime is all he knows. It’s all that the Clintons, the Obamas and the Warrens know. We are dealing with people who have no concept of how earning a living even works.

Like McAuliffe’s GreenTech, which in true Clinton style involved Hillary Clinton’s brother, dirty Chinese businessmen, an international fugitive, endangering national security, insider lobbying, an SEC investigation, millions in government loans and 2,000 union jobs for Virginia that never materialized.

And those million cars a year that it was supposed to build are nowhere in sight. But that’s how you create jobs in Hillary’s world.

The ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Party

Man Says Islam is Violent, Muslims Violently Beat Him


Goldberg’s story was another brick in the wall for a narrative characterizing Netanyahu as “the problem” in the US-Israel relationship. It was supposed to lift the blame for Obama and sell him and the Democrats to Jewish voters.

It might have done that if not for the story being condensed down to a member of the administration calling the Prime Minister of Israel a “coward” and “chickens__t”.

It’s hard to take that money quote and blame Israel.

Jeffrey Goldberg scored his media moment, again, while unintentionally vaporizing his own narrative. Instead of Netanyahu being the problem, suddenly the pettiness and personal antipathy of the administration looks like the problem.

Obama and Jeffrey Goldberg Took Aim at Netanyahu, Shot Themselves in the Foot

Pentagon: Maybe General Susan Rice Shouldn’t be Running War on ISIS


Mr Syed Azmi Abhalshi, the man behind the controversial “I Want To Touch A Dog” event, has apologised for the furore it has caused.

However, the social activist stressed that the programme was meant to be educational, and not to promote liberalism as alleged by certain quarters.

“I organised this event because of Allah, not to deviate the people’s faiths, try to change the Islamic rules of law, poke fun at the ulama or encourage pluralism,” he told a packed press conference at Kelab Sri Selangor here on Saturday.

By pluralism he means Christianity. Even though he’s Muslim, Muslims accused him of secretly being a Christian.

Why? I’m sorry, you weren’t expecting any of this to make sense, were you?

The user said the dog-familiarization event was part of “a Jewish agenda to Christianise Muslim-Malaysians through subtle measures.”

Very subtle. Subtle in a way that only the mentally ill or Muslims can grasp.

Muslim Authorities Warn of “Terrible Consequences” from Petting Dogs

Obama Spending $1.6 Mil to Prosecute ISIS for War Crimes


Why should Americans be worried when their government waves ISIS Jihadists and Ebola patients through the airport? You have to be a hysterically panicking nut to be concerned about two deadly phenomena that have already killed thousands of people within recent memory entering the country.

The same talking heads shaking their heads over those wacky Americans worried that they’ll die just because the man sitting in the seat next to them is vomiting Ebola into a paper bag or reading the bloodiest parts of the Koran while adjusting a wire that leads to his shoe, are not immune to panic.

Throw something serious at them like Global Warming or Gamergate, the Redskins, Voter ID or children praying in school and they will hysterically panic so hard that the chyrons scrolling under their sweating faces will turn red.

Government-Mandated Hysteria

Is Malala a Marxist and Does It Matter?


The real lesson is that despite their tough guy routines, Christie and Cuomo are wimps who folded to Obama in 24 hours.

They folded even though they had public opinion on their side. And they folded because they likely never cared to begin with. They weren’t really all that concerned about the public. They wanted to do the popular thing. And when they came under enough fire, they backed down.

Voters will remember how their safety was sold out by Cuomo and Christie and how both men, who like to yell on camera, folded when the cameras were turned off.

Lessons from the Christie/Cuomo Surrender to Obama on the Ebola Quarantine

CDC had Time to Set Up Site About Zombies, No Time for Ebola Protocols


Bay has a bit of a Republican rep, but he’s mostly apolitical and met with Obama. It’s being produced by Erwin Stoff who is a reliable Dem donor and seemingly donated to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

The actual script was written by Chuck Hogan who appears to have donated to Elizabeth Warren. On Twitter he has claimed that, “No BS politics in the book, just an account of actual American heroes.”

Whether he’ll bring any politics into it is open to question. His Twitter feed makes it clear that he really hates Republicans.

Will Pre-Election Benghazi Movie Produced by Hillary Donor Tell the Truth?

Ebola Docs and Nurses Care About Africans, Don’t Care About Americans


So you can make a video about the harassment of women, just don’t talk about black men. You can condemn rape culture, as long as you limit it to white Ivy League men and don’t talk about hip hop or rape rates in minority communities. There are subjects that feminists place off limits because they aren’t there for women’s causes, their true allegiance is to the larger agenda of the left.

Feminist Author Claims Exposing Minority Sexism is Racist

Apple CEO Uses Slave Labor, Tells Alabama it Needs Gay Rights - Two things that are illegal in Alabama; gay marriage and slave labor. Apple likes them both.

How Much Cholera Will Obama’s 100,000 Haitians Bring to America?


Forget “Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out” and try “Inside Every Liberal is an Overweight Emperor Eager to Squeeze His Gut Into Some Plastic Armor and Play Emperor”.

But considering his lesbian wife’s costume, they may actually be Antony and Cleopatra. And they may just be historically illiterate and sympathetic enough to afro-historical revisionism to think that’s accurate.

But if Bill de Blasio had been Antony, Cleopatra would have gone for the asp on meeting him. And if that were Cleopatra, Antony would have jumped on the first trireme and kept rowing on his own until he ended up in America.

Socialist NYC Mayor Dresses Up as Caesar for Halloween

Even Liberals Don’t Trust ThinkProgress


Bears don’t leave if you keep feeding them. Political hacks whose knowledge of the law is somewhere below that of actual rap stars (with good reason) don’t retire if you turn them into celebrities.

Ginsburg is so desperate for fame that she’s collecting her meme-of-the-moment shirts because it’s the closest she’s ever come to being popular or relevant. She follows a Tumblr page dedicated to her.

It’s pathetic, but her narcissism may help turn the Supreme Court further to the right. Then she’ll really be notorious.

If Liberals Keep Feeding Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Ego, She’ll Never Leave

Millionaire Who Doesn’t Use ObamaCare Thanks God She Doesn’t Believe In for its Existence



In addition to violating Articles I and III of the Constitution, Heritage says the ‘deceptively named’ Violence Against Women Act of 2013 would “reauthorize and expand the 1994 law that made domestic violence – typically handled by state and local governments – a federal crime.”

Consider this scenario:  You are going through a very difficult divorce and your husband (or wife, for that matter) accuses you of spousal abuse.  Whether it’s true or not, would you want the federal government—say, Eric Holder and his DOJ—handling your case?

VAWA would also broaden the definition of domestic violence to include causing ‘emotional distress.’  Heritage says, “This expansive and vague language will increase fraud and false allegations, for which there is no legal recourse.”  In other words, even allegations of emotional distress could be taken to the federal level and used against you.

Ann Marie Murrell writing about the Violence Against Women Act


In my neighborhood in Seattle many don't believe in anything sacred other than, at best, Obama. Their entire belief system centers on that tin god then on themselves and their "only one life to live, live, live!." All of which makes for an empty skin sack of existential desolation that they try to fill every Halloween with the greatest of American secular concepts: fun.

"Fun" is a curiously American concept that seems to have begun its invasion of all aspects of our shared life shortly after the end of WWII. I suppose that after the Great Depression and the war, the nation felt it could use a little fun. And, as usual, that great American axiom, "If it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing," came into play. Nowhere do we see the idea that life should be "fun" pumped up into bigger balloons of pure vanity than on Halloween.

From a minor tradition of sending kids out for to pick up some free candy, Halloween has mushroomed into a major American auto-fornication festival in which we regularly -- and with increasing intensity -- celebrate the meat state of life while pretending to vaguely celebrate the spiritual part. If you've noted, as I have, the increasing lust for gruesomeness in costumes at every new Halloween, you might have reflected that dark humor has taken a back seat to darker fascinations. One new costume around this year allows you to dress us as a corpse in a body bag complete with wounds and autopsy slashes. And that's a mild one.
...from Gerard at American Digest.

What better expression of Carpe Diem could there be? Cultural obsessions with death invariably accompany a deeper despair and a sense of the limitations of materialism.

Death, mortality, drive the unbeliever into greater extremes of pursuit of fun, momentary joy, because night hovers around the corner. The more gruesome the display, the more self-evident the deeper despair of immortality.


Ebola is so hard to catch that there is no reason to worry about causal exposures to those without clear symptoms. But then why do health authorities still try to hunt down anyone who had even a brief encounter with supposedly asymptomatic carriers?

The deaths of four Americans in Benghazi were caused by a video that sparked a riot, and then apparently not. Various narratives about corruption and incompetence at the VA, IRS, NSA, GSA and Secret Service are raised and then dropped. The larger truth is that these scandals must be quarantined from infecting the president’s progressive agenda.

Laws used to be real, not abstract. Again, not anymore. The administration sort of enacts some elements of Obamacare but ignores others. Enforcement of federal immigration law is negotiable, likewise depending on the campaign cycle.

... from the great Victor Davis Hanson.


The ark was built from scratch. It incorporated no stolen property. It was done in true partnership with G-d and served as a symbol of everything that the world should have been and no longer was.

Noach's ark was a small world in miniature as it should have been. It was a miniature earth. A model for the relationship between humans and animals and between man and G-d. In partnership with G-d, man had made a world, and G-d had responded by making that world able to bear life.

Noach invested physical property with moral value. He made the ark more than wood, he made it into a temple. Through his honest partnership with G-d, he showed that physical objects could become sacred again in a world too corrupt for sacredness to exist.

...from The Sultan's Parsha, You Did Build That


  1. Anonymous31/10/14

    And at least 51% of American voters are idiots, imposing on all of us the government that they deserve. Long live our great Republic, until it is stolen by the uninformed and those who seek fun above all else.


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