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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Democratic Party’s White Voter Problem

Hardly a week goes by without some Democratic Party hack putting finger to iPad and swiping out a screed about the Republican Party’s problem with women or minorities.

This time it was Debbie Wasserman Schultz with “The GOP’s Woman Problem”. Schultz claims that the Republican Party was “rejected again by a bloc of voters that make up more than half of the electorate”. That claim is as real as Schultz’s hair color. The only bloc that rejected Romney was the same bloc that rejected Hillary; the bloc of minority voters who came out in force for Obama.

And unless Hillary Clinton also had a “woman problem” they didn’t do it over gender.

 For example in the South Carolina Democratic primary, Obama beat Hillary among women by 54 to 30. That’s a much bigger split than the one between Obama and Romney among women. While Hillary Clinton beat Obama among white voters, Obama won 78 percent of the black vote.

There was no gender gap. There was a racial gap.

Throughout her campaign, Hillary Clinton consistently won the votes of white women in large numbers and lost the votes of women who said that their gender was not important. Obama won the female vote by his largest margins in southern states because he wasn’t really winning by gender, he was benefiting from a large turnout of black women.

Obama won the female vote in Georgia by 32%, but Hillary won 62% of the white female vote. Obama however had won 87% of the black female vote. In Ohio, Hillary and Obama had nearly the same split, but Hillary won the female vote in Ohio by 16% because the racial makeup of the voters was different.

In 2012, Romney won 53% of the white female vote and 3% of the black female vote in Ohio. He didn’t lose women. He lost the same “bloc of voters” that had rejected Hillary, not over gender, but over race.

The Republican Party doesn’t have a “woman problem”. Romney won the votes of white women in every age group; including young women. And Obama lost white women as he did all white voters.

He lost white voters by 59% to 39%. He lost white voters of every age and gender. His loss among white voters was completely unprecedented for any winner of a presidential election.

The GOP doesn’t have a “woman problem”, but the Democrats have a “white woman problem” and a “white man problem”.

The articles about the GOP’s problem with minority voters blame the Republican Party for alienating minority voters. But shouldn’t the Democratic Party be held accountable for alienating white voters?

This is about more than just numbers.

The Democratic Party’s poor performance among white voters is leading it to engage in some very questionable behavior. If Obama and his party weren’t polling so poorly among white voters, it’s doubtful that the Democrats would be nakedly exploiting racial tensions in Ferguson in the hopes of turning out black voters for the midterm elections.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. It’s a New York Times article which describes how the Democrats are hoping to retain control of the Senate “as they urge black voters to channel their anger by voting Democratic in the midterm elections”.

A race riot at the polls isn’t the political strategy of a legitimate party, but the Democrats are legitimately panicking because they have lost white voters.

Obama’s approval rating among young white voters, a group that came out for him in 2008, was at 28 percent. 58 percent of them would like to recall him from office. His approval ratings among the white working class are so catastrophic that he might as well be Walter Mondale.

So Obama is hitting the Rust Belt even while Democrats running for reelection avoid him like the Ebola virus. His fallback strategy is racism and more racism. Everything from Ferguson to the border crisis was set up to push his minority voting base into voting in the midterm elections.

The migrants crowded into gyms and the burned out stores in Ferguson are both the products of a criminally corrupt and racially divisive election strategy. But no amount of race riots or refugee mobs can save the Democratic Party from dealing with its white voter problem.

Instead of the GOP being ordered to change its policies to appeal to minority voters, maybe it’s time that the Democrats changed their policies to appeal to white voters.

It wouldn’t be that hard.

The Democrats have won white voters before. But then they got lazy and decided that it would be easier to depend on racial voting blocs. The blocs worked for Obama, but they didn’t work out too well for them in Congress. Now the Democrats are making a last ditch effort to hold on to the Senate using an insulting and racist campaign that has already cost both black and white lives.

To win over white voters, the Democrats have to stop freeing drug dealers while banning guns. Instead they have to stop fighting the 2nd Amendment and start arresting drug dealers. They have to stop pushing higher taxes and uncontrolled spending and start rebuilding the economy with jobs and tax cuts. They have to let go of ObamaCare and stop pushing socialized medicine and socialized everything.

White voters have less faith in government. They believe that the country is on the wrong track. They aren’t committed Republicans, but they are deeply skeptical of a deeply racist Democratic Party that no longer speaks to their needs and values. The Democratic Party’s response to its loss of support among white voters has been to accuse them of racism. In the same New Yorker interview in which Obama claimed that ISIS was a JV team, he blamed racism for his poor approval ratings among white voters. Both claims were delusional and wrong.

White voters did not belatedly become racist. The Democratic Party stopped listening to them and went down a racist rabbit hole trying to defend an administration where Al Sharpton and Eric Holder are dictating a national conversation on race. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is right. One party in 2012 was “rejected again by a bloc of voters that make up more than half of the electorate”.

That party was the Democratic Party.

It’s time to ask whether a party that has lost the support of the majority of the country has any place running the country.


  1. Anonymous23/9/14

    This article seems to be hankering after "racial unity"that has never existed. Race is not incidental to culture it is inseparable from culture. You can disprove this by finding a single country that is non white and yet has a strong connection to Western Civilization. The fate of Western Civilization once whites are in the minority follows the pattern of British colonies in Africa. Once the whites are gone you get Zimbabwe, or South Africa. In Asia you have Hong Kong where a very unique, Anglo Chinese culture of afternoon teas,British correctness in law and manners, high literacy and insistence on fair play is being inexorably ground into oblivion by the oriental collectivist mindset of Red China. Despite all the promises that Hong Kong would be left alone. But the multi culturalists never pay attention to the world as it is. Only to their utopian fanaticism of false abstractions. But a deeper world abides. Race is culture.

    1. Anonymous24/9/14

      A- fucking -men!

  2. Anonymous23/9/14

    In 2012 Obama lost every state that requires voter I.D. Across Pa. and Ohio in over 60 precincts, Romney received zero votes, a statistical impossibility.

    The spin combined with the cheating is tough to overcome. If middle America would get off the couch and vote, things might change.


  3. The central problem is that at at least 50 years of the cultivation and encouragement of hateful, racist, attitudes among minorities, Blacks and a majority of Hispanics are quite content and pleased with the current situation. I don't see how this fact can be denied by any honest, unbiased, intelligent person.
    This isn't going to end well for the vast majority of Americans regardless of their race. This is the real inconvenient TRUTH.

  4. Anonymous23/9/14

    The Democrats really can't target white voters. They need white voters to feed the academic institutions that gives these "grievances" intellectual cover. Then Dems hope ridiculous debt fuels a move to the Left among the young. If they actually gave white voters real options like jobs and economic growth they would have to fight their own base including government workers. It is not going to happen.

  5. Anonymous23/9/14

    The Dims just keep fomenting race hatred against whites, and some of us are noticing their racist tactics. They teach the kids to hate white people, Western civilization, and America; they teach the white kids self-loathing; they gin up violent lynch mobs (e.g., Ferguson) and support them in full cry.

    So, yeah, we do have a problem with these [your epithet here]!

  6. Anonymous23/9/14

    Like "men's rights", "Caucasiaphobia" is an issue you'll never hear about ... least of all from the Democrats. That is what "white privilege" is come to mean, in the current day and age: anyone can get a free pass to dump all over whites (esp. old white males) with impunity, in the press or in the streets; and then get another free pass to label their targets "racists", if the abused whites choose to complain about getting unfairly dumped upon, instead of "knowing their place".

  7. Anonymous23/9/14

    Will probably not vote in this election. Am a Reagan Conservative but cannot name a single thing the GOP has done for me in years. They fight the TEA Party but work with the left. They are for open borders, big spending, more government, less guns, have done nothing to reduce abortion or taxes, keep us in any war Obama wants, are disgustingly corrupt and entrenched, have stood by while the deficit goes catastrophic and unemployment hits record numbers...
    No, I won't be showing up to vote this year. and sadly, neither will at least two of my other family members who could be relied on to vote for the right. The GOP has become liberal-lite.

    1. Anonymous29/9/14

      Vote you idiot...we lost 2012 because you idiots think you're sending a message by not voting or casting a "protest vote." It is because of that stupid mindset that put Obama back for four more years. VOTE DAMNIT !!!

  8. It's possible that the democrats fail to truly understand women because of their own biases. women voter may be affected by national security issues. Which could explain obamas limited strikes on isis, as an attempt to look strong. I felt obama was losing the country in the 2 weeks after he said he had no strategy to deal with isis. Confidence in him collapsed. Women started to pay attention to isis I think.

  9. Anonymous23/9/14

    The Republicans need to know if they back another candidate from the left of the party, they will not only lose, the will become extinct. Cruz is their best bet.

  10. Anonymous24/9/14

    The GOP is acting desperate all right! This is the reason we have the TEA party.
    I agree...Ted Cruz is their best bet.

  11. Anonymous24/9/14

    With the far left takeover of the Democratic (sic) Party, its extreme radicalism shouldn't be surprising. The far left wins by playing as dirty as their Communist/Socialist ideology demands. They stop at nothing and without any moral or ethical limits, without hearts and souls, and without any other goal than complete control over every aspect of human life, expect the worst of human nature from them because that is the side that dominates them.

    They have engaged a war, not only against the white man, but against everything that is decent, good, right, wholesome, moral, ethical, and responsible. They don't care how many lives they destroy and actually have worked endlessly and tirelessly to destroy the fabric of this nation and the American spirit. They are simply purely evil and that is why they support their blood brothers in evil, Islamic terrorists.

    The U.S. will not survive as a Constitutional Republic with individual's taking responsibility for themselves and individual's helping their families and their communities rather than giving the government total control if Democrats, like ISIS, are not defeated and made extinct.


  12. When I'm reading that white voters abandoned Obama in 2012, I'm not understanding how Obama won in 2012. I thought blacks made up only about 15% of the population. So the only way he could have won is if huge numbers of whites also voted for him. What am I missing?

  13. Anonymous25/9/14

    democrats know all this stuff already. I think they know they can get elected winning the black vote 97% to 3%. Now they just need to get a bunch of Mexican Hispanics instant citizenship and their lack of white voters won't mean anything.

    Republicans are the party of the white people that built this country but not the party of the people who live in this country.

    in 10 years we are south Africa. in 25 we are Zimbabwe. if ISIS is successful, we are Egypt.

  14. Anonymous26/9/14

    I'm a white Dem I'm also a conservative that's very proud of his Country. My party has abandoned me and our President feels the need to constantly apologize to the world for our shortcomings. Its a sad day for Dems and for this GREAT Country.



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