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It's Another "Death to the Jews" Weekend

From Berkeley to Boston and from Paris to Sydney, the season is upon us again. Hipsters twirl  Keffiyahs from some Shanghai factory around their necks, don army surplus jackets and Decembrist t-shirts and head to the nearest Israeli embassy to scream about a new Holocaust.

Shiites and Sunnis temporarily put aside their blood feuds and entire families of Syrian Alawites and
Turkish Sunnis stand in London or Berlin screaming "Death to the Jews".

Joining them are elderly Trotskyists and aging Stalinists, normally as mutually hostile as Shiites and Sunnis, who put aside their differences to feebly wave cardboard signs about the Zionist war machine.

Fake blood is everywhere. Aspiring art students who can't draw try to figure out new ways of intersecting a Swastika and a Star of David. Latuff cartoons are printed out along with bloody photos  of dead people from Syria, Hollywood horror movies and on the rare occasion, Gaza, and shoved in everyone's faces.

The organizers take a break from submitting angry Truth Dig articles about Brazilian cocoa exploitation and dive headfirst into a rally that, unlike all their other rallies, the media will actually cover. They prowl the police barriers like hungry hyenas looking for a reporter.

Any reporter.  

On the last few struggling Pacifica affiliates, Amy Goodman invites Noam Chomsky to talk about the war. Chris Hedges phones in to promote his new book, which is only 90 percent plagiarized from a Hemingway novel he thought he once read. Max Blumenthal shows up to lead a Students for Justice in Palestine protest while shouting about colonialism. Then he tags himself on Instagram.

At the Israeli embassy, the hipsters imagine that they're guerrilla fighters. They scream themselves hoarse about oppression, duck into a Starbucks, come out with a few cinnamon lattes and then begin screaming again. Recruiters for the International Socialist Organization, the World Revolutionary Front, the International Workers Fourth Front Uprising and the always popular Brotherhood of Revolutionary Workers and Peasants push smeared pamphlets into their pockets hoping for a bite.

Joseph Massad mounts the stage to explain that Zionism is the real Anti-Semitism. Muslims in the crowd begin chanting that Mohammed's army is coming back. "O Jews, O Jews," they scream. Rage Boy is somewhere among them. They are all Rage Boy now.

An old Trotskyist waves a sign quoting Marx's slur that the god of the Jews is money. But he changed it to Zionists so it's not anti-Semitic anymore.

Finally the puppets are raised up. They might be of Netanyahu or Rabin. Sometimes they do double duty as Harper or Cameron. Now their blood-soaked suits have been decorated with stars of David to avoid confusing anyone unsure of who the generic white male with vampire teeth might be.

An agent for the Iranian regime goes to the microphone to denounce the nuclear Apartheid that is preventing Iran from getting the bomb. Old CNDers who spent their twenties screaming about the madness of plunging the world into atomic death cheer him on. Quakers who are old enough to have stood in the Red Square holding up signs denouncing American militarism nod along.

A Hijabi in dark glasses and heavy makeup positions her mouth a centimeter away from the microphone and shrieks that her family is being murdered in Gaza even though she's from the UAE and a member of one of its more powerful families. The POC students she "organizes" the campus janitors with shake their firsts in the air. "People power! People power!"

A member of Jewish Voices for the Utter Destruction of Israel staggers up next. She's a Sarah Lawrence grad and a top lawyer from a family of top lawyers going back six generations. Her sister is the rabbi of a temple in Beverly Hills. Her son is somewhere in the crowd wearing a Hamas t-shirt.

"Not in my name," she screams.

And she can't think of anything else to scream, so she screams it again.

The cops, from New York to Berlin to London, yawn and scratch their stomachs. They've had it up to here. They don't care anymore.The hipsters try picking fights with them, taking their photos and screaming in their faces. Angry 90 pounds girls, their faces screwed up in hate, spit at their polished shoes.

Eventually a small group of pro-Israel protesters, teenage boys and girls with large flags and a few old men pass by. The crowd gasps in outrage and like a maddened beast surges toward them.

"Khaybar Khaybar Ya Yahood," cry the Muslims. "Down with Zionist Supremacism," scream the Marxists. "Death to the Jews," shouts everyone else.

The cops push back against them like Greek warriors confronting a ragged barbarian band. Crumpled up pamphlets soar up into the air and fall short. Video is taken documenting police brutality and quickly uploaded to Vimeo. Hipsters cuddle up on the floor, smear fake blood over their noses and scream that they're dying. The cops hustle the pro-Israel protesters away to avoid any more problems.

To the side a small group of befuddled men dressed in what most passerby inaccurately think is Hassidic fashion stand holding signs that they can't read. Once a week they are each paid twenty dollars or euros and bussed from their community to hold signs denouncing Israel. The signs and the website are produced by a small group of Marxist activists funded by Iran.

Their leader, the only one of them who can even read the signs, claims to be a Rabbi, though he's actually an international con artist who owes money to a dozen banks across Europe.

He shouts something into the microphone, but the crowd is restless. A Palestinian slam poet shoves him aside and chants about hate and suffering, blood and oppression. The poet is replaced by a drum circle. The drum circle is replaced by a live phone call from Alice Walker. Alice Walker is replaced by a sign language activist silently delivering her own speech that no one can understand.

In the back of the crowd, they start burning Israeli flags. Bored Yemeni teenagers peel off to throw stones at a synagogue. The Marxists get into an argument over the Fourth International. Someone begins loudly reading their own self-published poetry through an unauthorized megaphone. ISIS sympathizers fly the black flag of the Jihad over the crowd where it tangles with a Hezbollah flag.

Punches and kicks are thrown. Sunnis and Shiites pull each other's beards. "Comrades, comrades," an elderly leftist cries, but no one pays any attention to him. "Revolution," the hipsters yell.

The cops break it up. The crowd turns on the cops. The reporters go home and report none of it except the condemnations of Israel and the police brutality. The Hijabi appears in almost all of the photos where she is described as a Palestinian refugee. The conservative blogs that dig up her Facebook profile and prove that she's a liar are stubbornly ignored by the New York Times, The Daily Mirror and the Sydney Morning Herald.

It's another fine day in the dying West.


  1. Anonymous20/7/14

    Fingers desire to squeeze larynx...

  2. Gifted! The essence and every nuisance. I'm old enough to remember when "peace" was a good thing.

  3. "It's another fine day in the dying West".
    Exactly Daniel, the very essence of what is happening: no more ethics or morals, wrong = right, evil = good. In spirit the west HAS already converted to the complete ungodliness of Islam.

  4. It was never perfect but it was darn good while it lasted.

  5. FYI


  6. Anonymous20/7/14

    Will someone show them the larger picture of ISIS and their bloodbath?

  7. Nailed it beautifully!

  8. Anonymous20/7/14

    Daniel Greenfield has a gift for writing and a gift for thinking – I wish that all journalists at least aspired to Daniel Greenfield’s level of understanding and insight.

    Look at what is happening throughout the Islamic world and ask yourselves if you would want that carnage in America and then ask yourselves why Israel should be subjected to this war and terror for eternity. Nobody acknowledges the fact that if terrorists were to stop firing missiles and end their war against Jews (a war that is demanded of them by their Islamic-based Charters), then nobody would be suffering in Gaza where billions of dollars flow from all over the globe. The problem is not in Israel’s defense of its citizens against repeated wars initiated by Hamas-Fatah; it is terrorist aggression and the terrorists’ bloodthirsty goals.

    All the hatemongers were there at a local protest yesterday where it was 400:0 in terms of pro-terrorists vs. pro-Israel advocates. Jews cannot manage to stand up to this in the diaspora and are urged to do nothing – their activists are not supported and their leaders are more engaged in a war against political conservatives than a war against those who want them dead. Here is what I saw at the protest: Jewish self-haters in the form of hard left Jews and the Neturei Karta (both groups use Islamists, churches, unions, and academics to help them in their quest to eradicate Israel), Communists in the form of a Muslim-Communist woman (try to envision the dichotomy and divisions in that family) and an activist Steelworkers Union boss and his thugs who are always in attendance and sponsoring these events with union dues (I wonder if his members approve?). This particular union boss supports all anti-Israel and anti-Western protests combining old anti-Semitism with new anti-Semitism in one ugly old miserable package. The usual Islamic groups and BDS church groups were there only angrier than usual. One group that pretends to want to stop war (and have that moniker in their title) actually want endless war, like the war of Hamas-Fatah terrorists against Israel and against Jews.

    As Daniel describes the events, they are surreal and bizarre. This represents a combination of the absurd and the ridiculous with dangerous jihad and violence brewing below the surface. These people are fueled and pumped up in Canada by a CBC (financed with 1.1 billion dollars of tax money every year) that is purposely omitting facts, is biased to the extreme, cannot, by order of their bosses, use the word “terrorist” in their reports and is fueling a generation of Canadians who hate their government and fed lies about this and many other issues. It is like having a fifth column against the country, well-financed by our tax dollars. In the US you have an Obama administration that supports Muslim Brotherhood and does all in its power to undermine Israel. That is toxic when combined with a New York Times and other media that behaves in similar ways to our CBC.

  9. Nuke Gaza, Kill the All. Scrape it down to the bedrock and start over with primates this time.

  10. Anonymous20/7/14

    Boggles the mind...

  11. Anonymous20/7/14

    I´m kind of missing the GLBT crew, or in more classical terms the bearded woman, and the circus is complete. Ladies and gentlemen come and see!

  12. Anonymous20/7/14

    ".... duck into a Starbucks, come out with a few cinnamon lattes and then begin screaming again"

    This was a fine piece, but "cinnamon lattes" made it perfect.

  13. Anonymous20/7/14

    Again it happened that Rabban Gamliel, Rabbi Elazar ben Azaria, Rabbi Joshua and Rabbi Akiva went up to Jerusalem. When they reached Mt. Scopus, they tore their garments. When they reached the Temple Mount, they saw a fox emerging from the place of the Holy of Holies. The others started weeping; Rabbi Akiva laughed.

    "As long as Uriah's prophecy had not been fulfilled, I feared that Zechariah's prophecy may not be fulfilled either. But now that Uriah's prophecy has been fulfilled, it is certain that Zechariah's prophecy will be fulfilled."

    We have a feckless Israeli leadership looking to grasp onto any sorry idea as long as it is secular. They would have Barney the Purple Dinosaur speak as an ambassador if they thought the media would approve.

    We have government leaders that are only good at bribing the lowest rabble in their countries and using hidden bureaucrats to collect wealth from the people.

    We have a vacuum that anyone who cares about Torah can step into and bring real results. All of it coming to a head during the three weeks.

    Somehow religion always is able to tell you how to read the world and secularism screams to you to look for a pre=prepared enemy and away from its failures.

    Would that we have the real leader we need. I believe that is coming though. So I laugh too.

  14. Vardit20/7/14

    omg! Everything from beginning to end, witnessed at an anti-Israel rally. These things step by step are difficult to put into words, but KNISH captured it beautifully. I have one complaint... I laughed so hard, I didn't make it to the bathroom on time...

  15. Anonymous20/7/14

    Wow, I think you transmigrated to Boulder and Denver, Colorado. Thanks for the chuckle -- would be funnier if it weren't so sad.

  16. Anonymous20/7/14

    Anon, Bibi is not feckless imo, he is in media made chains, a different state altogether. I remain stunned at his ability to keep his dignity.

  17. Anonymous20/7/14

    I think "goggle preview" ate my comment...as I was saying...your observations beg for the making of a proper mockcumentary. Where is our Christopher Guest and company? We could call it, "In High Dudgeon" (nee Waiting For Guffman). I'm putting $20 in the tip jar for seed money. How bout it?

  18. Anonymous20/7/14

    "When they reached the Temple Mount, they saw a fox emerging from the place of the Holy of Holies. The others started weeping; Rabbi Akiva laughed."

    :) Thank you.


  19. Anonymous20/7/14

    But of course, the title "In High Dudgeon" would refer to the attitude of the Zionist Entity (against which they doth protest).

  20. Anonymous20/7/14

    I loved the sign that read "Jews is terrorists". If the Jew haters can't be factually correct at least they should try to be grammatically correct.

  21. Anonymous20/7/14

    How in the world does one detect the difference between anti Zionists, and anti Semites ? Some claim to be the former, when it is crystal clear they are both.


  22. To hell with the lot of them. My biggest hope is that Bibi will allow the man who inhabited his body and soul thirty years ago to come forward, and do the right thing by his People. We absolutely must stop with this nonsense of warning our enemies of our intentions, as the results of such incredible and unforgivable idiocy of this policy can be seen with the funerals of the 13 fallen Golani.
    The blood of our warriors cannot be cheaper than that of human shields of our mortal enemy, whether those "shields" be there by choice, or by threat.
    ENOUGH! We didn't ask for this, and we cannot end forever the worlds' hatred (Read: jealousy) for us, or hope to put an end to Muslim dreams of our destruction.....but we sure as hell can remind them that NEVER AGAIN is not just some vacuous slogan, and that hypocritically crying to the world won't save them this time.

  23. Anonymous20/7/14

    "I loved the sign that read "Jews is terrorists". If the Jew haters can't be factually correct at least they should try to be grammatically correct."

    LOL. They're special anti-Semites.


  24. Anonymous20/7/14

    You're right, Sophie. It's similar to the way many people will say Never Again when it comes to the Holocaust but support Hamas and its charter when it comes to wiping Israel off the face of the earth.

    Never means never.


  25. Anonymous20/7/14

    I just scrolled up and looked at the picture of the guy holding the genocide picture. These people are messed up. Not only are they flaming anti-Semites they don't seem to particularly care about the civilian Arabs in Gaza (making a distinct between civilians and Hamas soldiers is difficult since Hamas uses them as human shields and so many Gazans voted for Hamas).

    There is a video on YT taken by a Palestinian man showing Hamas shooting up a party in a guy's backyard. Music was playing and people were dancing. It was a wedding! The video was appalling and the person that shot it wanted people to know how outrageous it was.

    Funny how these so-called Pro-Palestinian types ignore the pleas of these Palestinians (or do we call them Gazans or Hamastinians?).

    Also, I made a point a few months ago about how 70-percent of Palestinians voted for Hamas. Someone brought up the question of whether the election was rigged by Hamas. It certainly could have happened but how in the world would we know?

    So many anti-Semites claiming to care for Arabs in Gaza are committed to making them live under a terrorist regime that they'd squelch any efforts to help Palestinians would just might want to live as Israeli Arabs, with Gaza as part of a Jewish state.

    It's frustrating. Most of these protestors are anti-Semitic, not pro-Palestinian. Nobody in his or her right mind would want another human being to live under a terrorist regime, knowing the alternative, life as an Israeli citizen, would be so much better.


  26. Anonymous20/7/14


    Also, I believe the so-called pro-Palestinian activists adopt that stance as a convenient cover for their obvious anti-Semitism. I just wanted to clarify that.

    When I write that Israel needs to fight with all of its force to recapture Gaza I do not for a second rejoice in the destruction of innocent civilians there. B'H if Gaza is recaptured and under Israeli rule these people (at least the ones who are decent and just want to live normal lives) will be able to live in peace.


  27. Anonymous21/7/14

    Unbelievable! I understand that the amusing story above is a composite, but is it all true? Especially the bit about the conman rabbi?

  28. the IDF boys' deaths are a direct result of hamas (their "civilians") being warned in advance of every military move. netanyahu must stop that.
    Daniel, Is there ANYthing regular people can do to help apply pressure against this terrible policy?
    I think you do not believe that necessary measures will be followed through this time, anymore than recent history.
    NO more grass-mowing, I say "pluck up and break down, .. destroy and overthrow.." nothing less will do... SO sad, that it was all planted before and now this. madness.

  29. (sent comment before complete)
    *nothing less than all of gaza being governed by Israel will do.

  30. Anonymous21/7/14

    I'm afraid you're right, 2sloe. While warning civilians is regarded as the moral thing for armies to do, there's no reasoning with Hamas. The tragic reality is that civilians such as the elderly, sick, and children will inevitably die.

    This editorial from the J'lem Post aptly reflects how the IDF deals with civilians versus Hamas:

    "Israel goes to great lengths to do everything it can to protect civilian lives. When Israel targets a terrorists hiding in “civilian” buildings in Gaza, Israel often warns the local populace of an impending defensive strike, sometimes by dropping leaflets or making phone calls to individual Gazans in the zone. At times, before an actual attack, Israel uses the “knock on the roof” tactic (firing small, precise, non-explosive ordinance at a roof) to urge folks to vacate the premises.

    "Hamas, on the other hand, does not value any human life. By all accounts, Hamas urges, and sometimes forces Gazans back into targeted buildings.

    "Some reports say Hamas’ command and control operations are located underneath hospitals and schools. They are willing to cower behind women, children, the elderly and the sick. This is a continuation of longstanding Palestinian policy: provoke Israeli defensive counterattacks that will cause civilian casualties."

    I think the IDF needs to conduct no-knock raids. Terrible in US civilian law enforcement, but not in the ME with Hamas.


  31. Writers must show, not tell, and you did.

    God, it's depressing. Keep writing though. Some of us are reading and spreading the word. It's all we can do.

  32. Anonymous21/7/14

    I may have met the very last, sane "Palestinian" at a FL truck stop late in 2001. A decent, nice little guy with a few brains & (unnatural for a Pally) good sense, he was also a trucker, who had given up on his family/society(?) in Gaza and immigrated legally some years earlier. At the time he was having a very difficult time finding loads because 9-11 was so fresh in everyone's minds.

    He could barely express the DISGUST he had towards his own brother, a man too cowardly to take up arms himself but eagerly inculcating his children with LIES/EVIL/HATRED, and raising them up to become martyrs for the "cause."


  33. Anonymous21/7/14

    You're right, Tom "God, it's depressing. Keep writing though. Some of us are reading and spreading the word. It's all we can do."
    It's all I can do too.
    Keep on keeping on.

  34. Kol Bo Gary21/7/14

    How right you are, Daniel. Jihadwatch.org has a collection of item over the last 2 days about what is happening in individual countries of the West. And in Chicago, leaflets have appeared in a Jewish neighborhood threatening Jews.To this point, history tells us that the "west" will only wake up when something truly horrific happens, as if 9-11 and other attacks, haven't been horrific enough. Will the "west" wake up in time?

  35. Tabs Caplan21/7/14

    Brilliantly written.

    You could be describing the pro Palestinian/Hamas demos here in the UK and, I suspect, in most countries.

    It's become de rigueur to denounce Israel.

  36. denisO21/7/14

    Israel warned because it was aiming to destroy the tunnels and wanted civilians out of the way, as they interfere with quick destruction goals and make conditions less safe for the soldiers trying to deal with them.
    The "demonstrations" are so common they lack news value, as a rule. A great many angry people join groups just so they can go out and demonstrate against America, Israel and any Western entity. It's a yawn, by and large.
    Occupying Gaza might be the soundest solution to terrorism, rather than going in routinely to clean it out after suffering attacks. Or take it back; giving it away was dumb and they got what they expected, more hate, no peace.
    Better enemies hate out of fear than confidence. Punks always growl and turn with their tails between their legs when they are slapped down. They quickly find weaker enemies to quench their lack of confidence and masculinity.
    It's time Israel realized that worrying about World opinion is their biggest mistake.

  37. Anonymous21/7/14

    If the world and the UN were so concerned about the Palestinians in Gaza,why don't they find a home for them in any of the other Arab countries and let the Israel's take back Gaza? That would be the sane thing to do for everybody.

  38. Anonymous21/7/14

    Jordan would be a logical choice, but I don't know if they want an influx of violent extremists that support Hamas as citizens. Besides, I think Jordan has pretty good relations with Israel and might not want to rock the boat by importing trouble into Jordan.



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