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How Diplomats, Reporters and Human Rights Activists Saved Hamas

As Israeli airstrikes hit Hamas targets and Hamas rockets fall on Israeli towns, some wonder how did Gaza come to run by Hamas terrorists. The answer is that the world forced Israel to let them in.

In the early 90s, Nissim Toledano, a border police sergeant, was kidnapped by terrorists on the way to work. After an extended search, he was found dead in a roadside ditch.

In response to that attack and numerous other atrocities committed by Hamas, including a planned massive car bombing, Israel made the decision to deport 400 Hamas terrorists. Among them were the past and present day leaders of Hamas.

You might assume that the story ends there. And you would be wrong.

The United Nations issued a unanimous resolution condemning Israel's deportation of "civilians" and demanding that Israel immediately bring them back, or face sanctions. The United States voted for that resolution, along with three others condemning Israel. Thomas R. Pickering, the American delegate warned that the deportations of Hamas terrorists "do not contribute to current efforts for peace."

Lebanon refused to officially accept the terrorists. The Red Cross brought them tents and blankets and the media swarmed to take photos of them "shivering from the cold" while drinking coffee outside their tents. Newsweek accused Israel of "Deporting the Hope for Peace". The LA Times ran a tearful interview with the wife of Mohammed Taamari, a future member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, who was terribly lonely without her husband. Much as after the flotilla raid, the Israeli media condemned the clumsy mishandling of the deportations.

Finally after enough browbeating by James Baker and Warren Christopher, Rabin agreed to take the Hamas terrorists back. In a bizarre charade that would serve as a tragic foretelling of events to come, Rabin agreed to return 100 terrorists immediately, and to take the remainder back in a year.. Now the Hamas terrorists that Rabin took back control all of Gaza, and have been responsible for an untold number of murders.

The terrorists that Israel was forced to accept included current Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh and Hamas' religious figurehead, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

They included Mahmoud al-Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas, who last year proclaimed; "They have legitimised the killing of their people all over the world by killing our people". They included Mohammed Taha, another co-founder of Hamas. They also included Abdel-Aziz Rantisi, another Hamas co-founder, who was responsible for numerous murders of Israelis, who would proclaim, "By Allah, we will not leave one Jew in Palestine".

 They included his son Ayman Taha, who commanded the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, which carried out numerous attacks on Israel, including the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit.

And that is how a failure to drive out those responsible for the kidnapping and murder of one Israeli sergeant led to the capture of an Israeli corporal in 2006. It is also the story of why Gaza was turned over to Hamas in the name of "peace." It is the story of how the United Nations, the UK and two US administrations pressured Israel into accepting the leaders of Hamas in the name of peace.

It is also the story of how the media conducted a propaganda war on behalf of an Islamist terrorist organization, not just today when it publishes false stories about starvation in Gaza, but when the only people supposedly starving were adult male Hamas terrorists.

The world insisted that Israel take back the Hamas leadership, and Israel did. The world insisted that Israel had no business being in Gaza, and Israel withdrew from there, which allowed the very same Hamas terrorists that the world insisted Israel take back, take over. Now the world is insisting that Israel has no right to blockade those same Hamas terrorists in Gaza. People who are shocked by this development shouldn't be since Israel wasn't even allowed to throw the same terrorists out of the country.

One of the more cynical left wing talking points is that Israel was responsible for Hamas. Looking back to when the current Hamas leadership were sitting outside their Red Cross tents in Lebanon and the left was pounding on Israel's door, demanding that they be let back in-- it is all too clear who was and is responsible for Hamas.

The people who saved Hamas then are responsible for it today. The media and the diplomats who  were claiming that deporting Hamas would somehow "radicalize" the Palestinian Arabs ensured that the Hamas leaders would return to radicalize all of Gaza and the West Bank.

After the deportation of the Hamas terrorists, Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin delivered a speech in the Knesset in which he said;

"I have no pity in my heart, nor do I shed tears (for the Hamas terrorists). I see the media whining their hypocritical speeches - and I think instead of Nissim Toledano's orphaned children, the widow of Shmuel Biran, and the bereaved parents of Shmuel Geresh."

Rabbi Shmuel Biran was a schoolteacher in Kfar Darom, an Israeli village in Gaza. He was murdered by Hamas terrorists while crossing a two lane highway. The UN did not condemn the murder of Rabbi Biran. Newsweek did not write any piteous pieces about how much his widow missed him. Instead they called Kfar Darom a settlement, even though it was part of a history going back over 2000 years, and the land it was on had been bought and paid for, fair and square.

The same diplomats and reporters who wailed for the lonely Hamas terrorists in Lebanon, did not pity the family of Rabbi Biran. Instead they demanded his family and all the Jews of Kfar Darom be expelled from their homes.

Kfar Darom being burned by its new occupants
Eventually they got their wish. The families of Kfar Darom were dragged out of their homes. Today Kfar Darom is used by Hamas terrorists to launch rockets deeper into Israel, at other towns and villages. The murderers have inherited the land of their victims. And yet there is no peace. Never any peace.

Now the vultures keep on circling. Once they said there would be peace if only Israel let the Hamas terrorists back in. Then they said, there would be peace if only Israel ethnically cleansed Jewish communities in land claimed by the terrorists. Now if only Israel will lift the blockade and give Hamas access to unlimited weapons-- perhaps then there will be peace.

After his death, it has become fashionable to selectively quote some of Rabin's speeches. But this speech is rarely quoted. And you don't have to work too hard to understand why.

Our struggle against murderous Islamic terror is also meant to awaken the world which is lying in slumber. We call on all nations and all people to devote their attention to the great danger inherent in Islamic fundamentalism. That is the real and serious danger which threatens the peace of the world in the forthcoming years.

Two weeks after Rabin agreed to take back the Hamas terrorists-- the World Trade Center was bombed by a group led by the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, under Omar Abdel Rahman, the "Blind Sheikh" who led al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, which like both Al Queda and Hamas, emerged out of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rahman's message to Muslims was very simple; "Cut the transportation of their countries, tear it apart, destroy their economy, burn their companies, eliminate their interests, sink their ships, shoot down their planes, kill them on the sea, air, or land."

And that was exactly what they went on to do.

The World Trade Center bombing in 1993, set the stage for the more successful attacks of 2001. Just as the Hamas atrocities of  the nineties set the stage for the bigger and more horrifying attacks to come.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan UN aid convoys were being ambushed and massacred. Tourists were being murdered in Egypt. Hamas killed two traffic cops in Tel Aviv. But no one worried. Peace just was just on the horizon. And so Israel was forced to submit to Islamic terrorism.

Hamas' path to victory was paved by two US administrations and a press corp always eager to turn terrorists into victims, but never interested in hearing from the victims of the terrorists.

Islamic terrorism had won not on its own terms, but with the unified support of the United Nations standing behind it.

That is how Islamic terrorism always wins. That is the template behind its victory. And Rabin's speech which warned the West of what was to come, was ignored. Today Rabin is remembered as the man who compromised with terrorism. It is the only thing he is remembered for .But compromising with terrorism did not bring peace. Not in Somalia, where US troops were brutally murdered next year. Not in Afghanistan, where the Taliban slaughtered aid convoys. Not in Indonesia or New York or Paris or Egypt. And certainly not in Gaza.

Muslim terrorists had won a battle with the backing of the US and the UN. They have won many more since then. Now they are trying to win the war.

(Spanish language translation at REFLEXIONES SOBRE MEDIO ORIENTE Y EL MUNDO)


  1. It isn't only Islam that inculcates an anti-life, anti-value, and anti-Israel psychosis (and it's a psychosis its carriers choose to inhabit them) that perpetuates Islam's atrocities, homicidal record, and belligerence , but the whole Western multicultural, subjective, anti-value psychosis, as well, one which its carriers choose to submit to it and leads to the absurd conclusion that terrorists are "victims" of those trying to preserve values, such as Israel's very existence. From my perspective, the psychosis doesn't let the Islamic supremacists or our diplomats and news media off the hook. They're all equally culpable and should be held to account. The terrorists should be shot out of hand (no trials in NYC or elsewhere), and the diplomats, policymakers, and press corps excoriated. The West has for the last half century demanded that Israel submit to the irrational, to the evil, which can only mean its immediate or eventual extinction. The supremacists know this and had broadcast that repeatedly. But Western diplomats and politicians and the news media know it down deeply but don't dare confess it publicly or to themselves. A pox on them all.

  2. StanleyTee13/7/14

    Great post as always, Daniel. Just one thing: what about the fact that just a couple of months ago, the world was insisting that Hamas terrorists are now "peace partners" with Israel, as part of a "technocratic" government and are now being funded by the US and the EU.

  3. Anonymous13/7/14

    Dan,the problems & possible solutions are so massive that I don't know where to begin,but I will try!
    The opinions I am about to give may be wrong but they are my best shots,so here goes!
    1)I started to see what the real picture was when I began to read the financial blogs of analysts(analist anyone?) who were truly free from possible control by the financial elites.These people are successful financial speculators & investors who made fortunes in the financial markets &,unlike the newspaper scribblers known as "Journalists",were financially independent .They could say what they wanted,They were loaded & did not fear retribution!
    When I combined the financial punditry & the political punditry a whole new window was opened to me.I realized that the MSM,Which did not go near the real financial powers behind the curtain,was deceiving me by omission.They were deceiving me by leading me on a wild goose chase,going after the small fry(the political puppets) & not even acknowledging the existence of these financial kingpins who own the politicians(as well as the media & almost everything else they can buy)!
    2) A key to this is the deliberate misinformation they encouraged by implication as to who the political left is.The newspapers & network media encouraged the false Idea that the left were Communist,Bolsheviks & revolutionaries working out of the Kremlin!this could not be further from the truth!The Communists,as a force in the world,went down with the fall of the Soviet Union.
    The real present day leftist are the Fabian Socialists in western Europe(EU),They are statists as are the Communists,But at this point they start to diverge!
    The Communists wanted to conquer the world & set up their own New World Order,they failed!The Fabian Socialists (EU) want to set up their Statist Order by buying the world!This is a vital piece in the puzzle.The Fabians are not wild eyed revolutionaries,they are the super wealthy elite in the western world,they own the supposedly elected politicians & tell them what to do! These Fabians are the Central Bankers,Corporate Oligarchs,& Financial Powers who own the world's wealth & hence the world's nations.These Fabians are the direct heirs of the landed Aristocracy in Europe who started to fade away with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.In rigid class structured Europe the peasants morphed into workers & the Aristocracy became Bankers,Captains of Industry,& Robber Barons.They are todays aristocratic elites in societies ruled by "great men"
    3) What,you may ask,has this to do with Israel & the Jews?Everything. Europe & Western societies are ruled by elite statists who believe that they are the "Great Men"who should rule the world.Israel & the Jews are a particularist nation which is ruled by "Laws", not "Great Men".If Israel is successful they will be a "Beacon to the common people of the World".They will be an alternative to the Fabian Statists & if this idea filtered down to the general public they would rebel against these Elites!
    naturally these Elitist are against the Jews & want to destroy Israel,before Jewish ideas undermine their world hegemony!
    P.S. the Arabs are no threat to Israel by themselves,they are tools used by western Elites to destroy Israel & the Jews.The EU & certain elements in Washington,& perhaps Russia & China, are the driving force behind the Arab attacks on Israel.They are the muscle that drive the Moslem onslaught against the Jews,without their help the otherwise primitive Arab efforts would collapse.
    P.S.S I was asked why the Southeast Asian nations,excluding Moslem states, were generally not Anti-Semitic & anti-Israel.I replied that this was because these countries never had a Vatican
    Thanks for listening to me!

  4. Anonymous13/7/14

    Thank you. I would love to read your thoughts on the links between Hamas and the Central American gangs, the orchestrated border crisis and the m.o. of using children as their human shields.

  5. Anonymous13/7/14

    The fight for Israel is not a fight for land; but, rather, it is a fight for survival. And not only is it a fight for the survival of the Jewish people, but it is a fight for modernity, for survival of the West, and a survival of democracy and personal freedoms and a fight for the right to the pursuit of happiness. That the Left in the West cannot see this is appalling. I am at the point now where I believe the Left is dominant in terms of controlling our culture. And what is more, I think the only way to fight the Left is to show them how their philosophy undermines their own goals. That is to say, if they want women's rights and homosexual rights, then supporting Islam is most certainly not the way to go about securing personal freedoms. I am a science teacher at a public high school and I argue often with our social studies teachers (who, by the way, blurt out at staff meetings such libtards as, "There is no entity on the planet that is more terrorist than the United States", "Free Mumia", "ICE is out of control", etc.) that Israel is the only democracy in that entire region. "Where", I ask, "do you think homosexuals would have the most freedom--Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, or Israel?" That ends the argument. They have no reply. What can they say? I have argued with these same teachers who compare Islam with Christianity. They posit that Christianity was once at a stage that Islam is today. I tell them that is a poor analogy. There has never been anything wrong or violent about the teachings of Christianity. It was the Church itself that needed reformation, not Christianity. But in Islam, it is the religion that is bad. I am Catholic. I spent three years in seminary. One of our tasks was to read the Koran. I read it from cover to cover, and let me say, in a nutshell, that Islam is most definitely NOT a religion of peace. (That is another thing I have said to the aforementioned teachers, "If you think Islam is a religion of peace, just read the Koran. Or, I can give you just a few passages that should make you reconsider: 9:15, 9:123, 8:12 & 5:51 to name a few.") What I think must be said to the Left is that Jews will never find peace, modernity and the West will never find peace, the entire planet will never find peace--even among Muslims themselves--until Islam itself is debunked and defeated. The Left has a "tend and friend" attitude towards Islam. It is sort of like the Stockholm Syndrome. They are like Neville Chamberlain when what we really need is a Winston Churchill. I believe the Jewish people and Judaism gave rise to the peace and prosperity we currently see in the developed countries. Judaism led to our sense of democracy and our political, economic and scientific advances. Without Judaism, we would not have modernity, basically. Mankind owes much to the Jews. Don't let us down now. Israel must defeat Islam. "Fight them on the beaches, fight them on the landing grounds, fight them on the fields and in the streets, fight them in the hills, never surrender, go on to the end”, to paraphrase. Just like Nazi philosophy had to be eliminated, so Islam must be eliminated as well. The “one-state” solution is the only solution.

    King Western Man

  6. Anonymous13/7/14

    Taking back the Hamas terrorists, Oslo/allowing Arafat back into the country and releasing terrorists for hostages are mistakes for which the Israeli politicians also have to take responsibility. In the end the leadership of the country has to refuse to be forced into making suicidal deals.

  7. Anonymous13/7/14

    As an individual, I find it impossible to believe that Any Westerner would find anything to support in Islamic extremism. The frustration in Daniel's article and in the responses is palpable..
    The crisis on our border shows much the same dynamic; 'victims' vs. the powerful, is a classic story throughout history, and culture. There is much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth until the average person looks around and realizes they are now perceived as the enemy, and in fact, they have become victims themselves.
    Maybe as a poster above implied, it's as simple as 'follow the money.' and watch where the true power lives.


  8. Yes, flow the money. Always.


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