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End the War on Racism

We've all but given up on the War on Drugs and embraced pot brownies and fourth graders reselling their grandparents' legal stash on the playground. The War on Terror has been scaled down to a few drones occasionally taking out a gang of Jihadis in Pakistan or Yemen.

Even the original kind of non-metaphorical war has been slashed to the bone with the military barely having enough metal left to scare off a flock of crows.

But the War on Racism has never ended. And it will never end.

The left has claimed that the War on Terror and the War on Drugs and even every real war were pretexts by the military-industrial complex, the prison industry, the policing industry and all the other industries to seize power by manufacturing a crisis.

But they are the ones who maintain a state of racial emergency long after the crisis has passed.

According to them, terrorism and crime are imaginary crises. Racism is the real threat. We have been fighting the War on Racism for over a century and even though the United States is less racist and more tolerant than most of the world, including Latin America, Asia and Africa, they are determined to keep the war going.

The Sterling case is only the latest production of racial outrage theater in which a minor incident that usually involves someone privately or semi-privately expressing a politically incorrect opinion that most people disagree with, but that they have the right to express, is blown up into a crisis worthy of a serial killer’s rampage with non-stop media coverage, political pressure and a ritual beheading.

These cases are not about punishing the powerful. Donald Sterling might be a wealthy and powerful man, but Justine Sacco wasn't. The purges are opportunistic. Sterling dodged a racial bullet for years until his private conversation was taped and publicized. The next Sterling or Sacco might be anyone.

And that's the larger message. It's not about tolerance; it's about a wave of political terror.

The War on Racism has deprived Americans of more civil rights than any military conflict, including the Civil War, WW1, WW2, the Cold War and the War on Terror. Whatever crisis in race relations once existed has gone away. Slavery was abolished. Segregation was outlawed. Discrimination is easy to litigate. Every company and branch of government has employees dedicated to investigating claims of racial intolerance and even rewarding other employees based on their skin color.

Individuals will go on being only human and privately holding racist views, but it's not the job of government to relentlessly purge thoughtcrimes. At least it’s not the job of our government.

A privatized Oceania with a crowdsourced Ministry of Truth pursuing violators across social media is in its own way every bit as putrid. Denunciations and purges polarize a society, destroy dissent and invariably lead to tyranny because witch hunters have a vested interest in manufacturing witches.

A nation run by witch hunters will always keep finding more old women to burn at the stake and a society dominated by social justice warriors will always find ways to aggravate racial tensions.

Like the good people of Salem, we have allowed bitter and unhinged demagogues to bully us into empowering them. Our good intentions, our aspirations for a tolerant and post-racial society, have been exploited to drag us into an endless war that we do not want or need

In the name of good, we have empowered evil. And we cannot accomplish good ends through evil means. We cannot end racial hatred through more racial hatred. We cannot fight racial discrimination through more racial discrimination. We can't protect civil rights by violating civil rights.

And we cannot learn to love each other by spreading hate.

A paranoid society perpetually at war with itself has no future. Healthy societies debate issues. They don't destroy people who disagree with them. And they don't reward demagogues who spend all their time calling for the heads of their enemies on social media and MSNBC.

This isn't about racism. It's about the kind of society we want.

Do we want a liberal society, in the original sense, that is tolerant because it allows for a range of views, or do we want a fascist society that claims to be both liberal and tolerant while maintaining the atmosphere of France's Reign of Terror and Salem's witch trials?

The War on Racism has had its good days, but those days are long gone. Instead the War on Racism generates most of the racism around us.

The stories about racism that crowd into our eyes and ears are manufactured outrages aimed at individuals. These are not stories about the problems that black people face, but a political civil war between mostly white elites who use the suffering of black people as weapons.

The racial grievance industry perpetuates racism for the sake of power. It manufactures racism, distributes racism and then demands racial remedies for the problems that it creates. Racism has become a false flag operation that is being kept going by the race warriors who claim to be fighting it tooth and nail.

The mandate of the grievance industry isn't healing, it's outrage. It is open about seeking a perpetual state of racial conflict.

Operating under radical left wing views that would have disgusted the civil rights leaders of the past, they insist that racism is a collective racial crime, that white people are racist by birth, that black people are incapable of racism and that a racist society cannot be healed, only destroyed.

If they can't find actual racism, they seek out "micro-aggressions" expanding the scope of things that they take offense at to perpetuate their state of political privilege.

All this amounts to a justification for perpetual war and unlimited power.

Do we need an endless War on Racism that violates our civil rights and promotes the very thing that it claims to be fighting against? Is racism today such a grave threat that we should accept the endless militarization of our society to fight against it?

The Supreme Court over the decades has stepped down the legal basis for the War on Racism concluding that race is no longer a major crisis that justifies the violation of civil rights. But the race warriors ignore the progress that has been made and demand even more extreme measures that were not even contemplated when fighting against actual segregation.

Having been thwarted at the legal level, they are launching social attacks or ignoring the law. Under Holder, the Department of Justice has begun making and enforcing its own laws without regard to the judiciary and to the cheers of the race warriors. This state of authoritarian lawlessness has fascist overtones and it's a warning sign of worse things to come.

Instead of escalating the War on Racism, it's time to end it.

The War on Racism has gone on too long. So long that like all wars it has become self-perpetuating. The strategies of the War on Racism do not serve reconciliation or healing. They do not teach us to live with one another.  Like all wars, they teach only conflict.

Obama's election was supposed to promote racial healing. Instead he and his cronies chose to use it to further racial divides for their own power. And that is the final lesson of the War on Racism.

A post-racial society can never emerge under the leadership of men and women whose power comes from the exploitation of racism. If we are going to move beyond racism, it will not be through rewarding those who profit from racial conflict.

Once we step out of their shadow, we can begin tackling the problems of black communities instead of using them as weapons against each other. We can deal with black unemployment and the black family. We can deal with the real problems that are keeping people down.

Peace in the War on Racism begins with letting go of anger. It ends when we stop giving power to those who divide us with their pursuit of racial warfare in the name of grievance, outrage, anger, power and profit. Racism will only end when the War on Racism does.


  1. Shawn McEwen15/5/14

    I just started on this one and had to stop at this paragraph:

    "The left has claimed that the War on Terror and the War on Drugs and even every real war were pretexts by the military-industrial complex, the prison industry, the policing industry and all the other industries to seize power by manufacturing a crisis."

    They do psychologically project themselves don't they? I just think it's funny how the left doesn't see themselves in this statement.

    Ok, reading on...

  2. Anonymous15/5/14

    the hypocrisy of the racial hucksters is a great evil...and its time to stand up to them and their ilk...you cannot pet a lion hoping he will eat you last...

  3. Anonymous15/5/14

    I just don't get it Daniel. "Peace in the War on Racism begins with letting go of anger." When who lets go of anger? I don't have anger unless someone gets in my face or does something to me. I don't like the welfare system but many people abuse that one even if some real needy people do get some assistance.

    But the real ailment is the heart of man, in this case, the black man. Even while the war on poverty and racism was on, blacks as a group decided to "self-segregate." They wanted their own language, Ebonics. They chose to name their children quasi-African sounding names to snub their noses at the white man. They wanted their own version of a nation rather than join the United States of America. And when Lyndon Johnson offered an easy way out, they took it hook, line and sinker. Most of them that is, and that is why someone like Obama garners a 90% plus black vote. To me, that says something about the entire group. No one is thinking. They are only hoping. No one is doing, only wishing while hating.

    Like the rest of America, they knew nothing about this guy and yet they were swayed by the color of his skin, by the promise of more goodies for the "hood." Well, I guess the chickens have come home to roost on that one, if you consider all the economic indicators for blacks in America since Obama took office.

    The most accurate word you use to describe this whole clusterf**k is "industry." It is just that, an industry. And a very profitable one at that. Until the CEO's of this industry are ousted and new leadership is found that is respected by the black communities in America, the hustling will continue because it is now a multi-generational way of life.

    Although this "industry" has not improved the lives of blacks one iota, in my view, the industry keeps on truck'in because the politicians around the country and corporate business leaders capitulate to the idle threats of these charlatans. They pay off rather than fight because it is easier. Is that the American way? I say call "BS" when you see "BS." Fight BS with truth. Their claims are largely contrived or fabricated and could be shown as idiotic if the light was shined on it. But for inconvenience or some added cost to protect their reputation, they would rather buy their protection until the next time the mattress needs a little more padding. Disgusting. What happened when men had balls? Now we have the lawyers and cost accountants doing cost-benefit analysis of everything except for doing the right thing.

    Didn't Spike Lee have a movie with the title "Do the Right Thing?" Like the movie, even when someone serves a community well for a long time, eventually, demands come to "conform" to ideals of the majority. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Mankind. What a joke. Sometimes I feel such a misanthrope.

  4. Anonymous15/5/14

    We have all belonged to groups that suffer from being painted with a very broad brush. Due to my glaringly obvious Irish maiden name, I remember being teased that my family must be a tribe of drinkers, and my mother probably took in laundry.

    Those were the stereotypes of my youth, others, from different backgrounds have different, but equally sad memories.

    No one thinks all Blacks are violent gang members and on welfare, but given our current crime rates in the inner city, people who don't have to live in the neighborhoods where such conditions exist, don't seek housing there either.
    Does avoiding taking up residence on the South Side of Chicago make one a racist, or is that avoidance just common sense ?
    Did the children who asked if my father was a drunk catch him drinking his single weekly Saturday beer after cutting the grass, or were they 'racist'?

    My mother's frequent admonishment that I would 'be known by the company I kept', turned out to be pretty much true. Was she a racist ?

    Are all Muslims terrorists ? Of course not, but then why don't the majority of them speak up?

    Taking up the cause of racism used to be a worthy action, now it more compares to saving string to make a ball, the ball keeps getting bigger even though the individual strings keep getting smaller, and it will be impossible to unravel.
    Being overlooked, disliked, or slighted, is a universal experience, now it has become institutionalized to garner special status, when there is nothing special about it.


  5. DenisO15/5/14

    Belaboring the obvious in just under 1400 words. Why? Who is Daniel preaching to? My gut tells me he is appealing to the Jewish community in NYC that cannot understand the evil they support. Most grown-ups see that it's all about "power", and as long as it allows the powerful to stay, they'll keep doing the same thing, over and over until it no longer works.
    It's hurting the blacks more than any other group, IMO, and they will have to hear it from a black that they respect, to believe it. They're comfortable with tribalism, which is the basis of racism, and since their voting majority has little use for education, they have to learn the hard way. Their insecurity and anger will be played by the Demorat race-baiters until some of them begin to figure out that hate always hurts the hater more, in the end.
    We are powerless to do anything about it, and attempting to show them the truth will just generate more welcome hate-whitey emotions.
    Usually, fools over-play their hands, and that's all I can hope for; otherwise, preaching to the choir is a waste of time, but maybe that NYC bastion of feel-good liberals will pay attention. Gonna take more than words, IMO..

  6. Wanna see bigotry then ride a Harley or be a Vietnam veteran or both in my case. Been run out of town for nothing more than stopping to buy a burger on a road trip. Escorted out of a Fortune 500 corp by armed security as I was filling out the employment packet and going to work that day. But the BIG boss was "not gonna have any drugged up baby killers" working for him...this was in 1996 and had just said yes to a 6 figure job in upper management!

    Daniel is right in everything he wrote!

  7. Anonymous15/5/14

    "Even the original kind of non-metaphorical war has been slashed to the bone with the military barely having enough metal left to scare off a flock of crows."

    Daniel, you are a gifted writer and I usually agree with much of what you say. However, when you make statements like the one above, you lose a lot of credibility. I know that many on the right do the same thing, the neocons and so forth. But, I was hoping I could expect better of you.

    The pronounced tendancy of too many on the right to grossly overstate the decrepitude of the U.S. military is shamefully dishonest. This dishonesty in turn undermines the credibility of the right on many other issues. Lying is not a good way to attract voters.

    Please stop claiming the American military has been slashed to the extent that they can't scare a flock of birds. That is so wildly innacurate, it can and does undermine anything else you might have to say about anything. The fact of the matter is simple. The U.S. retains the most powerful and effective military force in the world. By far. It helps not a bit to claim otherwise.

  8. Bill in AZ15/5/14

    " Racism has become a false flag operation that is being kept going by the race warriors who claim to be fighting it tooth and nail."

    THis reminds me of the statement so 20 odd years ago by Alfredo Gutierrez, at the time a Phoenix, AZ based Latino 'activist'.

    “We call things racism just to get attention. We reduce complicated problems to racism, not because it is racism, but because it works.”

  9. Denis, it was aimed at Americans in general, not Jews specifically.

    Anonymous, you're taking the line " with the military barely having enough metal left to scare off a flock of crows" a bit too literally. It doesn't actually mean that the military is incapable of scaring off crows.

    It means that the cuts have been deep and severe.

  10. Unknown, it's tragic what the left has done

  11. Sorry to post this here Daniel as it does not connect to this article but is from Arutz7 that published it while the other media all ignored it: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/180688#.U3Wqa8QayK0

  12. DenisO16/5/14

    I still maintain that "white Americans" understand the race industry, and don't need to be told to stop the race war, since they are the ones under attack. Demorats are rewarded at the polls for saying Blacks are victims of white discrimination and oppression. They think that more unwed mothers, who can't control their children, produce more Demorat voters. I doubt that very many vote, but still black children's lives are destroyed, literally and figuratively, by the race rhetoric.
    Bill O'Reilly spoke out about it on his very popular evening TV show, asking the Administration and the Media to answer why they ignore the destruction of the black family in America. Well said, IMO:


  13. I'm not a racist. I dislike everyone equally. So everyone starts on equal footing with me. There are good people and bad people of all races. I like good people and hate bad people. I don't care if you are green or pin-striped. Now, you are not allowed to dislike people you don't like for whatever reason and you are not allowed to not hang around with people you may not like. Yep, that will fix all the problems. Psychos run this country, absolute psychos.


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