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The Peace Process is the Process of Blaming Israel

Big lies don't always start out big. They don't even always start out as lies. They only grow big in the cover-up when the truth has to be beaten off with a stick made out of even bigger lies.

A brief read of the daily newspapers, a quick flick through the cable news networks and an ear
cocked to the drive time news minute might give you the idea that Israel is isolated and besieged. Israel is indeed a small country. It's always been isolated in a Muslim region that is willing to kill even fellow Arab Christians and fellow Arab Shiites over differences of religion.

But contrary to the Peace Lobby sloganeering, Israel isn't morally bankrupt, the intellectual premises of Zionism aren't shattered and it's not a failed state on the verge of destruction.

It's the Peace Lobby that is frantically struggling to keep its big lie together. Its attacks on Israel are not a show of strength, but a desperate cover-up. From the high chambers where John Kerry suggests Israel is going to be an Apartheid State to the low chambers of failed boycotts against academics and soda companies, the purveyors of the big lie are coming apart at the seams.

The big peace lie started out small. Both sides would shake hands and make peace. And white doves would fly from Jerusalem to Ramallah. To some it wasn't even a lie; just blind idealism and wishful thinking. It was only when the lie was tried and failed that it truly became a lie and then there were no more idealists, only desperate liars covering up one lie with another.

The entire peace process rested on the lie that the PLO wanted to make peace. Israel had successfully reached peace agreements, including territorial compromises, with its enemies. Its credibility was never in question. The PLO's credibility was the big question mark and when its willingness to make peace was put to the test and it failed, again and again, the big lie began.

Israel can’t do anything right in the peace process and the PLO can’t do anything wrong. When Abbas blatantly violated existing agreements by going to the UN, Secretary of State John Kerry took a seat in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and blamed Israel.

Then Abbas made a unity deal with Hamas, which is committed to destroying Israel, and Kerry told the Trilateral Commission that Israel was on the path to becoming an Apartheid state.

Kerry may be notorious for his terrorist sympathies, but he was following the grand tradition of his predecessors and of the entire Peace Lobby by blaming the peace partner with the most credibility instead of the one with the least credibility because the credibility of the peace process depends on its weakest link. And that is the Palestinian Authority’s Abbas and his PLO terrorists.

If you were trying to negotiate the sale of a home from a seller acting in good faith to a buyer acting in bad faith, you would blame the seller because once you admit that the buyer is acting in bad faith, the credibility of the sale vanishes into thin air. The smart thing for the seller to do is to walk away, but unfortunately Israeli leaders have become convinced that they can prove their good faith by eagerly showing up to negotiate.

What they don't understand is that blaming Israel is a structural part of the peace process.

If the Peace Lobby admits that the PLO is not credible, that Abbas is a manipulative crook, that his henchmen are waiting for his death to begin offing each other, not to continue the great struggle for the nationhood of a nation that never existed, but for the chance to dip their golden buckets in the river of foreign aid that flows from Brussels, Washington and Tokyo, the peace process would collapse.

The only way to keep the peace process going is to blame Israel. The Jewish State can never prove its good faith and the PLO can never demonstrate its bad faith. It took almost a decade of peace terrorism to discredit Arafat. The cagier Abbas has yet to be discredited despite eliminating elections, engaging in terrorism and lining his own pockets just like Arafat. And if Abbas is finally discredited, another figure will step into his place and the dance will begin all over again.

Arafat and Abbas as individuals may be sacrificed for the sake of the peace process, but the Peace Lobby will never turn its back on fighting for the credibility of the PLO. And since Arafat and Abbas represent the consensus of the PLO, rather than that of the voters, the cycle can never end.

The worse the PLO behaves, the harsher the Peace Lobby attacks on Israel become.

If Abbas goes to the UN, Kerry bashes Israel in the Senate. If Abbas goes to Hamas, Kerry calls Israel an Apartheid State. In the Peace Lobby's version of The Untouchables, if Abbas brings a knife, Kerry shoots Israel in the head.

It makes no moral sense, but it's an entirely pragmatic response if you're covering up a big lie by escalating its size and scope. Kerry isn't a peace negotiator; he's Peacegate's cover-up man.

The big lie was that the PLO was willing to make peace. When it became clear that it wasn't, then the big lie became that Israel was the obstacle to the peace process. The more the PLO sabotages any prospect of peace, the louder the peace liars have to yell that Israel is the real problem to divert attention from the rotten terrorist core of their peace apple.

The tragedy of the Peace Lobby is that by tying peace to the PLO, they made peace impossible. Among all the other obstacles that made the peace process unworkable, the big lie became the most decisive. When the PLO realized that it couldn't lose and Israel couldn't win, it escalated its demands.

The more the Peace Lobby covered up for the PLO, the more the PLO felt free to act in ways that made the cover-ups necessary and peace impossible. The big liars escalated the problem they were lying about with their lies. The more they lied to protect the peace process, the more the peace process drew out of reach. Their own lies about the PLO in support of the peace process killed peace.

Now all that's left is the dirty business of the cover-up. And the cover-up of the biggest Western diplomatic failure of the last two decades may still destroy Israel.

Too many governments and public figures have invested too much in the big lie. Like so many other big lies, the big peace lie has become too big to fail. Lying about the PLO and Israel is the only way to salvage the reputations of everyone involved.

If politicians from around the world and across the political spectrum were to admit that they trusted a terrorist group to reform only to see the whole thing blow up in their faces, they would look like idiots. Like John Kerry and Miley Cyrus, they can't stop. The whole thing has gone on for too long and the longer it goes on, the worse admitting the truth would make them look.

And so the big lie keeps gaining momentum. Its dimensions are swiftly becoming universal as the Peace Lobby claims that all the terrorism in the world and all the instability in the Middle East will be put to rest once the peace process is completed. Before too long, the peace process will offer the cure to cancer, lost socks and global warming. Like every bubble, the only way to prevent it from bursting is by blowing it up even bigger. And when it does burst, it will take a lot more with it.

Israel can't escape being the fall guy for the failure, but it can exit on its own terms or go on tearing itself apart trying to prove its willingness to make peace to a Peace Lobby whose reputations would be destroyed by that proof.

You can't prove your innocence to a politician trying to frame you for his own misdeeds or a corporate executive trying to finger you for his own embezzlement. All you can do is tell the truth and walk away.

The truth is that the PLO doesn't want to make peace, can't afford to make peace and has been given no reason to make peace by the Peace Lobby which never holds it accountable for anything. The Peace Lobby allowed the PLO to take the peace process hostage and once that happened any hope for peace became hopeless.

The big peace lie killed the peace it was lying about. And now all that's left is protecting the lie, no longer for the sake of peace, but for the sake of the liars.


  1. Anonymous1/5/14

    What's missing is the homosexual hatred of Israel and their intimate connection to Obama who has ran around the world extolling gay marriage and threatening any country unwilling to defile itself like we have here in the U.S. Natural enemies of the ones who brought religion to the world the suddenly very powerful gays are not only want Israel destroyed or discredited they have also set this country on a collision course with their other enemy, anti gay Russia...when are people going to wake up and connect the dots before its too late? Its been said that the gay is an arch deceiver and an arch villain (rabbi's interpretation) so when you speak of the big lie then you are talking about gay lies...at least consider the relationships of religion and homosexuality and also the sudden rift with anti gay Russia...and Obama's zealousness in promoting gay rights...consider....

  2. My word! Dan, you are as dangerously thorough in your thinking as you are in writing. In the brief time I have known this blog, nothing has clarified Israeli - Palestinian conflict any better. Clearly spoken truth can be dangerous I'm sure.

  3. "The entire peace process rested on the lie that the PLO wanted to make peace."

    Well said.

    The PLO is malevolent and authoritarian. Because there is respect for freedom and individual rights in Israel, everyone of any importance in the PLO hates and fears Israel and seeks to destroy that country.

    And because Obama and company, including Kerry, are socialists and nihilists, they will do everything they can get away with to help the PLO accomplish that goal.

  4. Anonymous1/5/14

    A contrarian's view: Seems to me, Daniel, that the so-called Peace Process is a ruse to get Arabists to send money to American media and politicians.

    Invite an anti-Israel speaker to graduation, open a new Said center to study Islam, or give your newspaper over to rants from NYU's Palestinian Students Union, and the cash will flow your way.

    Problem for the various money-masters is, they never see any effects on the ground from all their spendiing. As NBC's logo suggests, media are good at putting flourescent feathers on a drab turkey to distract from its warted waddle and caked dag. But that's all it can do. In the end, despite trillions spent on hand-shakes, photo-ops and manufacturing "dissent," all you've got is the same drab turkey.

    I've concluded that, despite the ire we feel when a John Kerry kicks Israel's earnest government, the Peace Process has always been a way to con anti-Israeli Arabs, European rabble-rousers and their puppet NGO's out of their money. In this racket, muslim oil-sheiks, American racialist agitators and their flush enablers are the marks, not Israel. And today, better than 30 years into the gambol, they have nothing to show for it!

    Which leaves one question: what will those who live by the sword do when they figure out they've been swindled by such mediocre confidence-men as a John Kerry, a Richard Holbrook, or a Columbia University regent?

    Me? I can't wait to find out!

  5. Kol Bo Gary1/5/14

    Thank you, Dan. Too bad the "west" will never learn the lessons of history.

  6. DenisO1/5/14

    Sultan, you make it appear as if Israel is mindlessly going along with the nonsense of a "peace" negotiation. They know very well, even their Leftists, that the whole process is a sham. I thought that they had recently said there was no future or point in wasting time with the Kerry image game, and weren't interested in participating any longer. Maybe I was reading between the lines?
    It's becoming so obvious that this latest dramatic production has lost all credibility to all but the people who are acting in it. The "players" look more and more pathetic, and embarrassingly incompetent puppets where the World sees the strings being worked.
    They "gays" get angry and strike out at the last person that "offends" them, like a child being picked-on in the schoolyard. Do they think the Palestinians and Muslims will give them more security and comfort than Israel?
    Silly children.

  7. Anonymous1/5/14

    All too true, sadly. I keep wondering when Israel will realize that to play at all is to play a losing game, & just walk away, to concentrate on survival & ignore the nattering of fools, dupes, & criminals, but it keeps on not happening.
    As an aside, when I glanced at the first pic, I thought, "Obumble CAN'T be poking Bebe in the chest!?" Looking closer, I realized BO must just be pointing. BN, like his brothers, was a member of Sayeret Matkal: if BO poked a finger into his chest, Bebe might just rip it off & shove it up his socialist fundament (no, Netanyahu is too savvy to do that, but he could, & oh, how I'd love to see it!).
    Steve, you forgot one group--the American liberal Jews who, for some unfathomable (to me) reason, blame Israel for the continuing lack of peace in the Middle East; much like the Americans for whom America can do no right, no matter whom among the revolving door of its "victims."
    --Tennessee Budd

  8. I don't think America can see truth in much anymore. Good is bad and bad is now good.
    But America's vision is perfect when it comes to expediency.

  9. Anonymous2/5/14

    not one comment on the rise of the sodomite and the sudden pressure on Israel and Russia...not one word....despite the brilliance rendered by our beloved Daniel this website and its Jewish followers should at least try to connect some dots..., research these organizations for sodomites...A Jewish name but a homosexual lifestyle means anti Israel in most cases...is J street infiltrated by the lesbian or the sodomite? The news media and Hollywood certainly are...and pressure and lies originate there...when you find an anti Israeli bias there you will find the hidden hand of the sodomite or lesbian...why do I go on with this angle? Because the study of Torah led me there long ago and I've monitored them closely and its true...the Jew is in a life and death struggle with his natural enemy the sodomite...so when you read an article research the author or his or her connections...

  10. Anonymous2/5/14

    God I love your stuff Daniel it's already what I believe, you just express it so damn well.
    But it's getting harder to find you, your pieces stopped coming in my email and when I search you I usually get misdirected elsewhere just letting you know all the best RD

  11. PubliusII3/5/14

    The Peace Process (so-called) has little to do with finding a peaceful solution to the area's problems. The reason is sinple: if the peace process were to actually succeed, the Palestinians, their enablers and supporters and hangers-on would all lose money, power, and influence overnight.

    What's "peace" got to offer that will benefit them? Answer: nothing at all — so the whole dismal raindance continues and will do so ad infinitum.

    The reason this stalemate will never be broken is because the Muslim world is unable to go beyond its ancestral tribal social structure and customs. The lack of civilizational creativity displayed the Muslim world for the past thousand years is another result of that inability. As civilizations go, it's extremely brittle, and can't conceive of (or reach) any accommodation with those societies that are different.

    What Israel is doing — turning its back (so far as is safe) on the whole Muslim world — is exactly the right thing to do. Geography puts Israel at east end of the Mediterranean Sea, but that's no reason to get sucked into the Muslim world's miasmas.


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