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Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Voices They Hear

Progressives Summarized


There is no Obama administration. There is an Obama campaign. And that campaign is part of an organization built around a single figure; Obama Inc.

Obama Inc. has more in common with the type of organization built around a celebrity like Beyonce than a conventional political organization. It can handle everything from fundraising, branding to viral marketing, but like the inner circles of top celebrities, the most influential person in the organization is the one who can soothe, pamper and cater to the celebrity’s mercurial personality.

Valerie Jarrett’s role as CEO of Obama Inc. confuses those who expect a more conventional arrangement. Jarrett is less Dick Cheney and more Colonel Parker or Helen Kushnick; a powerful enigmatic figure ruthlessly dedicated to her star whose power comes from his dependency.

Valerie Jarrett, the CEO of Obama Inc.

Muslims: Halal Lunches in School are a Constitutional Right


Car salesmen get to stay on the lot. Obama has become a door-to-door insurance salesman. His appearance on "Between Two Ferns" was humiliating not because the leader of the free world was taking part in a lame comedy routine, but because Obama was doing it to sell a product. Presidents have gone on Leno, Letterman and Saturday Night Live, but they have never sat awkwardly cracking jokes in the hopes that a few young people would stop by their website and bail them out by buying some of what they're selling.

The Insurance Salesman-in-Chief

“F___ you, Mr. President, you piece of s___t used-car salesman.  From my heart and soul, f___ you.”

ObamaCare Defender Forced to Try ObamaCare.


Only 1% want her because she would be “good for the common people”. 2% fantasize that she’ll help with the economy.  1% hope she’ll “end the wars”.

Only 5% of Americans Want Hillary as the “Best Choice” for President

New York Times on Mitt Romney: “Just Plain Bossy”

American Power Under Obama in 1 Photo

Minneapolis Lesbian Police Chief Dons Hijab for “Hijab Day”


Phelps did more than anyone to make opposition to homosexuality seem as toxic as possible by picketing the funerals of soldiers with anti-gay slogans. There probably wasn’t a more inspired way to make anti-gay sentiments seem as unacceptable as possible.

If the Phelps clan had deliberately set out to implement gay marriage in America, they could not have chosen a better method and who is to say that they didn’t.

Fred Phelps: The Unsung Hero of the Gay Rights Movement

Ukraine Asks for Military Aid, Obama Offers MREs


Last spring, Oberlin College canceled classes after claims that someone dressed in a KKK robe was seen walking outside. It apparently turned out to be a woman in a blanket.

Oberlin College has published an official document on triggers, advising faculty members to “be aware of racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, and other issues of privilege and oppression,”

But Oberlin, which is affiliated with CAIR, does overlook some far more serious threats when they come from Muslims.

During a 45-minute tirade, Yedes told An that “in his culture, he could have had the female department chair killed because of his perceived mistreatment by her in postponing his tenure,” the lawsuit claims.

Oberlin College Allows Muslim Prof to Violently Threaten Female Professors


Seven men from different parts of the city brawled in a third-floor suite that houses the city’s Office of Neighborhood Safety around 12:30 p.m. Friday, department director Devone Boggan said.

He said all of the men involved in the melee are enrolled in the office’s “Operation Peacemaker” fellowship and happened to show up at the office at Richmond’s Civic Center at the same time unexpectedly.

The ONS director said he sees the unarmed brawl as a sign of progress, since the young men involved all have a history of gun violence.

City with 36% Unemployment Rate Now has Highest Minimum Wage in California


McKee-Umar appear to have had the classic abusive relationship. And the relationship between a Muslim illegal settler and a UK official seems to mirror the abusive relationship between Muslim immigrants and the UK.

UK Immigration Judge Who Let Illegal Criminals Stay was in Abusive Relationship w/Illegal


JFK won Macomb County, Michigan in 1960 by 75 percent. In 1980, Reagan won it by 66 percent. This heart of ‘Reagan Democrat’ country was closely split by Gore and Bush and Bush and Kerry… until Obama won it 53 to 45 in 2008 and by 51 to 47 in 2012. 

The Republican Party’s fate in 2016 will be decided in places like Macomb County. It will be decided by white men and women earning $20,000 to $50,000 a year. It will be decided by working families struggling to get by and searching for answers from a government that keeps betraying them.

Too many Senate Republicans act like members of a globalist party who legislate while detached from the concerns of ordinary working Americans. McCain, the GOP candidate in 2008, and the most aggressive GOP proponent for amnesty in the Senate, whose daughter has made a career of “outreach” to her own class of hip young wealthy people, represents the opposite of what the GOP should be doing.

Choosing American Workers over Amnesty


Syrian Muslims can’t even get along with each other, how will they get along with non-Muslim space aliens? 
Syria Takes Time Out from Mass Murder to Launch Space Program


The effort for a food studies minor began with nine faculty members applying for and receiving a Mellon grant, White told me. After expected approval at the April curriculum committee meeting, courses should be available in the fall semester in several departments, including economics. A biologist and Chinese language expert will jointly offer a course that explores the development of Chinese cuisine, and the role of lactose intolerance. In the English department a course will investigate food imagery in Toni Morrison’s novels.

Ice Cream Social Justice: “Critical Food Studies” Comes to College


“Wood may be one of the world’s oldest building materials, but it is now also one of the most advanced,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “Building stronger markets for innovative new wood products supports sustainable forestry, helps buffer reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and puts rural America at the forefront of an emerging industry.”

An emerging industry of… wood. I’m pretty sure carpentry has been around for a while. I don’t know how much time you have to spend in Washington to believe that building things out of wood is an emerging industry.

...from the comments

liz •

It's an "emerging" technology because it has just now emerged in their stunted brains. The other obvious stuff - like flammability, etc., still hasn't emerged into their highly intelligent and perceptive grey cells yet.

Daniel Greenfield   •

They haven't discovered fire yet. It's a technology still to emerge.

Alphamail •

“The White House launched a new campaign to sell its global warming agenda to rural America: “sustainable” buildings…..made out of wood to lower carbon dioxide emissions.”

We can’t wait for this new WH campaign out here in rural America because in between clinging to our guns and obsessing over our Bibles it never occurred to us we could actually make barns and homes and fences and casks and…well…most
anything out of wood.

Now all us dumb ass rednecks can tear down those old cast iron houses and stop burning plastic in our fireplaces…oh, and those nasty aluminum toothpicks.

I wonder if we’ll be using the same trees as he thinks money comes from?

Daniel Greenfield  •

But wait... this is advanced wood. It's innovative and emerging. It's probably made with special advanced Fair Trade technology.

It doesn't come from a tree. It's produced by an organic 3D printer lovingly programmed with extracts from Joe Biden's biography and Neil Young's music.

Obama Spending $1 Million to Fight Global Warming with Wooden Skyscrapers

American Jewish Congress VP: Hillary’s Israel Speech Full of Lies


In his letter, Kamal wrote of his desire to exterminate Americans. “My restless aspiration is to murder as many of them as possible, and I have decided to strike at their own den in New York, and at the very Empire State Building in particular.”

So obviously the Empire State Building’s security people are entirely within their rights to be concerned when Muslims begin behaving strangely.

Empire State Building Denies Muslim $5 Mil Shakedown Attempt

Obama Dispatches Biden to Poland to “Send Message” to Putin - I hope he didn’t give it to Biden or it’s lost forever.


More damningly, “Wahl did not return several voice and text messages sent to her cellphone.” A woman didn’t return Max Blumenthal’s voice and text messages? She must be one of those evil Cold War neo-conservatives!

Max Blumenthal Now Shilling for Putin


Obama dismissed the notion that Putin was acting “out of strength,” telling the San Diego station the annexation of Crimea was an action taken “out of weakness.”

Let’s recap.

Putin conquers countries out of weakness. Obama is unable to stop him out of strength.

Obama Says Putin is Weak, Agrees to Let Him Conquer Ukraine

Kerry: “We Hope President Putin will Recognize that None of What We’re Saying is Meant as a Threat”


Again, Andrew O’Hehir clearly knows nothing about the draft riots which were…

A. Very much an issue of class since one of the core issue was the ability of the wealthy to pay to avoid the draft.

B. Was a German-Irish series of staged riots by the Democratic Party for political purposes targeting Republicans

C. Not remotely an attempt to get in good with the Anglo-Protestant, but were targeting Anglo-Protestant Republicans who were seen as preferring Black Protestants to white Catholics

Crazy Salon Racist Rant: “How Did Irish-Americans Get So Disgusting”


  1. Common 'tater22/3/14

    RE: Obama sends Biden to Poland----Did he take his wife's side by side double barreled shotgun to shoot in the air? Wonder how helpful that is against a tank or a cruise missile?

  2. Anonymous23/3/14

    Max Blumenthal--isn't he the same guy that brought a video crew into a TA pub after Obama was first elected and interviewed a bunch of drunk Anglo college kids about Obama and Israel? Drunk college kids being drunk college kids they said a lot of stupid, racist stuff that Max twisted around. He made it sound like Israelis were racists.

    I remember him and that awful video.


  3. Anonymous23/3/14

    More regarding RT:

    Tender toes when it comes to my favorite station LOL :) But seriously, Liz Wahl is an excellent reporter. I can't imagine anyone bashing journalistic skills. I swear, if RT loses Max Keiser that network will completely fold.

    Alyona Minkovski leaving was bad enough, losing Max will tank RT. Sure, I'll watch online but it's not the same.


    Shavua tov


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