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Kafa’ah, equality in marriage, is used to establish that both sides are free from the “taint” of slave blood. The blood of Takruni, West African slaves, or Mawalid, slaves who gained their freedom by converting to Islam, is kept out of the Saudi master race through genealogical records that can be presented at need.

Challenges to the Kafa’ah of a marriage occur when tribal members uncover African descent in the husband or the wife after the marriage has already occurred. The racially inferior party is ordered to present “proof of equality” in the form of family trees and witnesses. If the couple is judged unequal, the Saudi Gazette reported, “Children’s custody is usually given to the ‘racially superior’ parent.”

These Saudi efforts at preventing their former slaves from intermarrying with them have only accelerated their incestuous inbreeding. In parts of Saudi Arabia, the percentage of marriages among blood relatives can go as high as 70%.

Saudi Arabia: The Middle East’s Real Apartheid State


Patricia Hewitt was listed as a Communist sympathizer by MI5. Despite that she served in a number of cabinet positions, including as Secretary of State for Health under Blair in 2007. That means she ran the NHS which US Socialized Medicine advocates draw their inspiration from.

A National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) press release quoted in The Sun issued in Miss Hewitt’s sole name in Mach 1976 read: “NCCL proposes that the age of consent should be lowered to 14, with special provision for situations where the partners are close in age or where the consent of a child over ten can be proved.”

The document, which relates to an NCCL report on sexual law reformed continues: “The report argues that the crime of incest should be abolished.

Miss Hewitt, who was general secretary of the NCCL from 1974 to 1983 said: “I take responsibility for the mistakes we made."

Ex-Head of UK Socialized Medicine Claims Trying to Legalize Raping 10-Year-Olds was “Mistake”


One of the list’s members defined a rogue state as “a fierce and dangerous animal, like an elephant, that separates itself from its herd,” and labeled the United States “the world’s number one rogue.” Another called former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez “a great leader.” A third wrote a paper in which he praised the “particular model of socialism pioneered by the Soviet Union” and wrote;

"Only socialism can assure everyone material comfort, individual security, and a guaranteed opportunity to participate in productive labor, without some exploiting others. Only socialism can build a society based upon the better aspects of human nature, rather than its baser aspects, and finally enable people to become the real masters of their fate."

White House Cites Economist Who Praised “Model of Socialism Pioneered by the Soviet Union”


More conservatives than liberals know that the earth revolves around the sun, that astrology isn’t real and that neither is man-made Global Warming.

In a new poll, the majority of Americans sensibly rejected the man-made Global Warming hoax, while only 46% continued to believe in the discredited theory.

Democrats, who in another poll were shown as 20% less likely than Republicans to know that the earth revolves around the sun, were also credulous enough to believe in man-made Global Warming by 66% to 25%.

An earlier poll had also shown that 49% of Democrats believed that astrology was scientific and only 48% knew that the earth revolves around the sun.

Majority of Americans Reject Myth of “Man-Made Global Warming”

Dartmouth Leftists Demand 47% Minority Quota for Post-Doctoral Students - “Departments that do not have womyn or people of color will be considered in crisis.”


Daniel is a moralist as well as a prose stylist. This becomes immediately apparent when you begin reading “Getting the Point,” a collection of some of his representative essays. These essays simmer with outrage—at a U.S. President who presides at once over the “transformation” and decline of our country; who has lied about everything from Obamacare to Benghazi; who proposes gun control while smiling at the shame of our homicidal cities where he and his parties reign supreme. (“Obama won every major city in the election except for Jacksonville and Salt Lake City,” Daniel writes. “The higher the death rate the bigger the victory.”)

...from the kind introduction to Getting Point, the Freedom Center's Best of 2013 ebook of my articles

*note. (Anyone who has donated to the Freedom Center and failed to get their copy of Getting the Point, please email me to let me know you're having problems.)


The great battle against the Innocence of Muslims trailer has finally been won thanks to a ruling by “Cow Sex” Chief Judge Kozinski.

Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals got in trouble for putting up “a photo of naked women on all fours painted to look like cows and a video of a half-dressed man cavorting with a sexually aroused farm animal” on his website, but the moral judge drew the line at videos that offend Muslims writing an absurd opinion that has no basis in copyright law.

“But if shooting a single amateur film amounts to the regular business of filmmaking, every schmuck with a videocamera becomes a movie mogul,” Kozinski writes trying to claim that amateur filmmakers should have different rules than professional ones.

“Cow Sex” Pervert Judge Orders YouTube to Remove “Innocence of Muslims” Trailer

Daughter of Muslim Group Director Demands Ban of Man Who Called Her Che T-Shirt Terrorist

Anti-Israel Blogger Praised by Media Goes on Crazy Racist Rant Over Pro-Israel Black Woman


Has Bill really thought this analogy through? Ukraine was technically a case of a legislature tossing out a president after popular protests.

If America worked that way, Obama would have been out in 2010.

Clinton focuses a lot on the idea of the Ukranian president privatizing the White House and making off with the paintings.

That’s interesting considering what happened when the Clintons had to temporarily leave the White House.

President Clinton and his wife started shipping White House furniture to the Clintons’ newly purchased home in New York more than a year ago, despite questions at the time by the White House chief usher about whether they were entitled to remove the items.

Bill Clinton Urges Americans to be like the Ukrainians

“The Makeup Girls Suffered the Worst”: Piers Morgan’s Staff Speaks


This is Spike Lee’s $32 million Manhattan townhouse bought with resentment money. Known as Hatch House, it was owned by William Vanderbilt, Gypsy Rose Lee and a host of other famous names.

Lee, who turns resentment into money faster than even Jesse Jackson and Don Rickles, returned from obscurity to complain about white people taking over Fort Greene and gentrifying it and whatnot.

Lee, who was addressing an audience at Pratt Institute during a Black History Month event on Tuesday night, became irate when an audience member said there were benefits to gentrification.
Nah. You can’t do that. You can’t just come in the neighborhood and start bogarting and say, like you’re motherfuckin’ Columbus and kill off the Native Americans.
“They just move in the neighborhood… You’ve got to have some respect you just can’t come in to where people have a culture… and you come in and knock {expletive} down and change because you’re here? Get out of here. You can’t do that.”

I’m sure the former residents of Brooklyn neighborhoods that went Ghetto felt the same way.

Spike Lee Lives in $32 Mil Manhattan Townhouse, Complains about White People Gentrifying Brooklyn

Premiums for 2/3 of Small Business Employees to Increase Under ObamaCare


In a recent article in The State newspaper, the 73 year old, seven-term congressman claims there are “barriers” in South Carolina that prevent black candidates from winning statewide office;

One of them, he said, is the state law that requires a candidate to win 50 percent plus one of the votes cast in a primary election.

Congressional Black Caucus Member Says Requiring Black Candidates to Win 50% of the Vote is Racist


An Arab farmer tells Edwin Black how social justice groups deliberately plant olives in a nature preserve and then stage confrontations for the cameras when the authorities tear up the trees.

“Why do they do it?” he asks rhetorically. “They are encouraged to make trouble.”

Sheikh Zaid al-Jabari of Hebron, a city that has become a favorite target of social justice activists looking to shoot viral videos targeting Israeli soldiers and residents, says, “Millions of dollars are given to these organizations, and they say it is for peace… instead of putting water on the fire, they are fanning the flames.”

Soros and Saudi Arabia Finance a Non-Profit War in Israel

RFK Jr: Locking Up Pro-Terrorist Drug Driving Sis Will Endanger Ugandan Gays


“This generation that thinks it’s so hip could be the real lost generation,” Steinbeck said in one of his final interviews. “The proof will be in what they produce and what kind of next generation they produce. We thought we had it bad in the thirties, but I’ve never seen a time when the country was so confused as to where it’s headed.”

“It is historically true that a nation whose people take out more than they put in will collapse and disappear.”

Steinbeck: “Socialism is Just Another Form of Religion and Thus Delusional.”

Court of Appeals Allows Schools to Ban US Flag Shirts to Avoid Racist Mexican Violence


No one in this country should be sent to jail for a year because their religious beliefs prevent them from participating in a gay ceremony.

Protecting religious freedom is not Jim Crow. It’s the right of people to opt out of a religious ceremony whose premise their religion does not accept. The United States has Separation of Church and State, something that liberals insist upon. It ought to have a separation of Unitarian Church and State as well.

No, Arizona Protecting Religious Freedom is Not “Jim Crow”

No $$$ for Benghazi Security, but State Department Insures $200 Mil in “Art”

Obama’s Green Energy: Electricity Prices Increased 33%, Electricity Production Fell


If we’re going to treat basic human biology as a matter of self-identification, why not treat race, which is much more of a construct, the same way?

What exactly is to stop a white woman from self-identifying as black and demanding a promotion based on affirmative action?

But they can. All they have to do is self-identify as black females… and then finally everyone will be equal. And questioning anyone’s self-identification or economic policies will be considered a hate crime.

Ontario Gov Limits Promotion to Employees who “Self-Identify as Black Females”


Anti-Israel activist Peter Beinart ,who apparently instigated the invite, wrote, “What does it say about the administrators at Ramaz that after immersing their high school students in a passionately Zionist environment for years and years, they lack the self-confidence to expose them to one lecture from a Palestinian?”

How many Reform or Conservative schools would invite a JDL member to provide a “balanced perspective” and “open dialogue”.

Are black colleges expected to host KKK members to get a balanced perspective? If not, then why is Ramaz supposed to host Rashid Khalidi?

Let’s put this balance nonsense to rest right now. The people calling for balance want to open up Jewish forums to anti-Jewish speakers like Khalidi, but they don’t reciprocate. This isn’t about a dialogue, it’s about a sustained assault on Israel.

Rashid Khalidi, Ramaz and Peter Beinart’s Double Standard - Ramaz Pro-Khalidi Petition Gains Support from Ahmadinejad, Arafat and Hitler

Syrian Refugee Blasts BDS Movement - "What would the detractors of such aid have a wounded Syrian do? Bleed to death."


Its top “Rabbi” for 2013 was Sharon Brous who delivered the inauguration prayer for Obama. Its no. 2 was David Saperstein, whom Newsweek described as “Obama’s Rabbi”.

Its no. 6 was Rick Jacobs, another of Obama’s inauguration “Rabbis” involved with the anti-Israel New Israel Fund.

Its No. 9 was Julie Schonfeld, the third Obama inauguration “Rabbi”.

Newsweek Finally Scrapping its Top 50 Leftist Rabbis List

ObamaCare May Put 40% of Home Health Care Providers Out of Business


Also the panicked freakout apparently consists of two mainstream Jewish institutions canceling appearances by liars and bigots. When Nation approved activists cause the cancellation of an event, they celebrate, and Michelle Goldberg calls it a victory, not a freakout.

When BDS hysteria leads to a popular musician canceling a tour in Israel because she doesn’t want to deal with death threats on Facebook, Goldberg calls that a win, not a loss. So why is the cancellation of two events involving anti-Jewish extremists considered a freakout by the activist Jewish community?

Goldberg mentions the Avi Goldwasser documentary taking on J Street, “The J Street Challenge: The Seductive Allure of Peace in Our Time” and claims it “smears the liberal pro-Israel, pro-peace group J Street as dupes of crazed anti-Semites.”

Smears, dupes, crazed. It sounds like Michelle Goldberg is the one panicking and freaking out.

Michelle Goldberg’s Anti-Israel Freakout

Samantha Power Delivers Lecture: “The War on Truth (and what we must do to win it)”


But the bigger question is why is so little of the hardware made in the United States? Reich was Labor Secretary during a huge outsourcing boom. Instead of more empty babble about income inequality, maybe he would like to discuss why so much manufacturing went overseas. Or maybe he would like to talk about NAFTA that allows Microsoft to assemble its hardware south of the border?

It was Reich’s boss, Bill Clinton who hold working people that the jobs weren’t coming back and that they needed to head to college. This is what an economy of college jobs looks like.

It was Bill Clinton who helped make the current nightmare possible with his pro-China economic policies. And the Clintons were big investors in outsourcing to India. If Robert Reich wants to know where those jobs went, he can ask his bosses, Bill and Hillary. Or he can ask himself.

Robert Reich Doesn’t Understand WhatsApp or the Internet


Terrorism however is a tactic. Al Qaeda is not conflicted about whether it’s a terrorist group the way that Western pundits are. It sees itself as a classic Jihadist fighting group which uses terrorism and more conventional armed warfare as ways to achieve its religious goals.

Whether Al Qaeda engages in terrorism or armed insurgency depends on context, not identity or philosophy. Al Qaeda doesn’t yet have the manpower and firepower to engage in an insurgency in the UK or the US, so it engages in terrorism. It does have the manpower in Iraq, Syria and Yemen so it engages in something closer to armed warfare.

The term terrorism carries special meaning for the West, but true Muslim armies don’t observe any human rights and commit atrocities regardless of whether they are setting off bombs while pretending to be civilians or moving in bands and beheading civilians. That’s the legacy of Mohammed’s murderous conquests.

Al Qaeda is a Terrorist Group… and a Guerrilla Group



I knew Goldstein. He was my friend. He was also a doctor. A very good one. He treated both Arabs and Jews. His trauma treatment was legendary in Israeli medical circles. His on-the-spot diagnoses were, after weeks of hospital tests, found to be 100% on the mark.

He was also the only on-duty doctor in Kiryat Arba, just about 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During the first intifada, following drive-by shootings and terror attacks, he was frequently the first medical person at the scene. As such, he witnessed horrible sights. It is said that he would sleep at night with earphones in his ears, allowing him to hear reports of attacks, without disturbing his wife’s’ sleep.

When journalists ask me about our reaction to Baruch Goldstein, after replying, I inquire as to whether they ask my Arab neighbors what they think about Yahya Ayyash. About 99% of them don’t know who I’m talking about. Ayyash was nicknamed ‘the engineer.’ Bombs he assembled killed more than 70 Israelis in numerous terror attacks in the 1990s. He trained his successors to follow in his footsteps after his death at the hands of Israeli intelligence. At his funeral, attended by well over 100,000 people, Arafat called him a saint. (Two days after Goldstein’s attack, Yitzhak Rabin, in the Knesset, said, “I am ashamed to be a Jew.”)

How many Jews have committed such acts? Five, six, maybe seven. How many Arabs? Between 1989 and 2008, more than 800 Arab suicide-homicide killers have murdered Jews.

Who is the only one remembered? Baruch Goldstein.

 David Wilder: I Was Baruch Goldstein’s Friend


Here in Brussels, Belgium news of the passage of a controversial law allowing young children to commit suicide was greeted with little surprise and few objections by the European Union. The EU has no qualms about allowing children as young as 10 or 11 to decide their lives are no longer worth living and that suicide by lethal injection is a humane option.

Ironically, children under the age of 18 are still not allowed to enter into legally binding contracts without a parent or guardian signature. They are not considered old enough to understand financial or other cases but now they will be able to decide whether to terminate their own life. They cannot marry, run for office, enlist in the service, drink a beer, smoke cigarettes, or any number of other activities on their own, but they can decide that lethal injection is right for them.

The EU prevents execution and torture in its constitution and has passed a boycott against states who produce one of the main drugs used to give lethal injections. Pentobarbital was commonly used as part of a three drug cocktail for lethal injection cases in the United States. Since there are no US pharmaceutical companies who still produce the drug, prisons had to look outside the US for purchase options. In 2011, the EU placed a ban on the sale of Pentobarbital and effectively ended the former lethal combination from being used for capital punishment.

EU OK’s lethal injections for Children but objects to US Capital Punishment


The “I shouldn’t have to bow to their religious/moral/fashion views” idea doesn’t fly either, because no 5 star rated restaurant is going to seat me in torn up jeans and flip flops because “I shouldn’t have to wear a dress to eat a 5 star meal.”

They don’t care, that’s their rule and I can go screw myself (that’s an approximate translation of the facial expression the maître d’ would have on his face if I said that) if I think they are going to change because I don’t think their rule is fair.

It’s their business and they don’t want my money enough to change the type of clientele they cater to. There is an all night diner down the street that would take my money if I insisted on eating with a paper bag on my head.

Different strokes for different folks as they say.

Now I might be annoyed at the rules in any of the establishments I mentioned, but I’m hardly going to sue them over it, because, after all, they have the right to refuse service if they want too. It’s their business and I don’t have a right to their service, just because I have money.

from The Snark Who Hunts Back


Ben-Ami is up front. He wishes to dismantle organized Jewry entirely and replace all structures with J Street. And J Street wants America to dictate to Israel the terms of surrender. Ben-Ami comforts the cowardly and the assimilated, he supports liberalism as if it were orthodox Judaism; cleverly, he says “we make a mistake when we tell (our) children that they have to check their Jewish values at the door of Zionism”—as if Zionism is not a Jewish value or as if it opposes Jewish values.

That's from Dr. Chesler's review of the new documentary the J Street Challenge.

Finally, Primordial Slack unveils Obama's new flag of the People's Socialist Republic of Obamerica


  1. Well, Chofer de Bus, plus apparently, he kissed up a lot to Chavez. Some people have a natural brilliance and they overcome their resume. Unfortunately for Venezuela Maduro is pretty much what you would expect him to be given his background.

  2. Newsweek? There's a Newsweek?

  3. Re Robert Reich & WhatsApp....wasn't it Robert Reich that introduced the term "symbolic analysts?" (googles) Yes, it was. When did he do that? (googles again) Looks it was in 1992...with exquisite timing, that was just at the beginning of the Internet wave that made the outsourcing of the jobs of many "symbolic analysts" very easy. It is far easier to transport "symbols"--a spreadsheet or a document needing legal review or a medical image--over long distances than it is to do the same with a physical product.

    Also, I don't think Reich had (or has) the slightest comprehension of what a product development cycle looks like in real life and what are the problems and costs of separating design from manufacturing by thousands of miles.

  4. Also related to the Robert Reich item, see my post Faux Manufacturing Nostalgia, which is about the recent glamorization of manufacturing by members of the Complaining Classes who have over recent decades done it so much harm:



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