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The Bad Apple President

Turn on your television. Keep flipping the channels past the infomercials, the reality shows and the music videos and you'll hear it.

The problem only affects a small (millions large) sliver of the population. The plans being cancelled were substandard. Health plans aren't lost; they're transitioning to new health opportunities. The private marketplace was an unregulated Wild Wild West where villainous deductibles went around with guns blazing through the office of the town sawbones.

The insurers decided to cancel the plans for reasons having nothing to do with the government. These were "bad apple plans" that the insurers didn't even want to sell anymore. They couldn't sell the plans anymore because they had changed too much. (Such as increasing the co-pay by 5 bucks.)

Leave the television on CNN, MSNBC or your local news and between weather and sports, you'll hear these lies peddled by Obama, his advisors and staffers, and assorted Democratic Party figures  reciting the same talking points about the Wild Wild West where Bad Apple plans roamed the frontier

And every word of it is a lie.

The people losing their plans didn't have substandard plans. They had a wide variety of plans from light to bulletproof. The insurance marketplace wasn't unregulated. There is no such thing as an unregulated marketplace except when your neighbor's kid start selling lemonade from a box crate; and even then the local authorities have been known to come by and demand a business license.

It isn't a small sliver of the population that's affected; even assuming that the population of a European country could be classified as a small sliver. Once the employer-based plans are affected, nearly 100 million people will lose their health plans. Or in Obamaspeak, will be transitioned to a new opportunity with higher premiums and deductibles for less coverage. 

The forced cancellation of health plans for nearly 100 million people is not routine marketplace churn. It's the result of regulations written for ObamaCare by Obama's bureaucracy which are calculated to disqualify as many grandfathered plans as possible.

Obama's new caveat to his infamous promise, "If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan", but "only if it hadn't changed since the law passed" neglects to mention that his people made it so that even the mildest and most meaningless of changes will kill a plan and dump another victim into the ObamaCare mess.

Repeat the same process nearly 100 million times and you have the opening round of ObamaCare; the law we had to pass to find out just how terrible it was. While the spokesmen spin the tragedy to make it seem as if the millions losing their health plans now will be the last ones, a small sliver, they're only the first of many.

100 million people aren't even a small sliver of China or India... let alone the United States of America. It's far more than the number of people who voted for Obama. It's twenty times the size of his margin of victory. If that's a small sliver of the population that can be disregarded when their insurance plans are taken out back and shot, then they can also be disregarded when they voted for Obama.

The problem is not that there were nearly 100 million bad apple insurance plans out there. The people complaining about losing their plans didn't have bad apple plans... they had a bad apple president.

The man in the White House was a substandard model who relied on a Wild Wild West of unregulated executive power to set up an illegal law, tamper with it freely and then dump it on the country, while protecting a small sliver of allies in key unions and the government from what he had done to the rest of the country.

The insurers weren't angels, but they had no interest in screwing up health care for almost 100 million people. Businesses don't think that big. Governments do.

American health care has grown worse with each government intervention. Doctors are accused of playing G-d, but it's really the government bureaucrats, the politicians and the professional medical ethicists who have never treated a patient but insist on drawing up lists of who should live and who should die and which people are the biggest burden on health care, which do. 

In 2012, voters had the opportunity to exchange their bad apple president for a better model. They chose to stick with their substandard model which lacked experience and ethics, was known to pull all sorts of bad apple scams and acted like it was the Wild Wild West when it came to following the law.

Now the bad apple president has screwed up their health care in a big way and is blaming anyone and everyone except his bad apple self.

His spokesmen have blamed insurers, patients, Republicans, the internet and a solar eclipse for the chain of disasters that began with the ObamaCare website deploying like a parachute tied to an anvil and concluding with the Halloween Massacre of health care plans followed by rate hikes and empty promises of subsidies.

President Truman had a sign on his desk that said, "The buck stops here." Barack Obama has a rug that reads, “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself”, “No Problem of Human Destiny is Beyond Human Beings”, “The Welfare of Each of Us is Dependent Fundamentally Upon the Welfare of All of Us” and “The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Towards Justice”

There is nothing in any of those vaguely inspiring collectivist quotes about responsibility or accountability. They assume that government is an unrestricted good whose purpose is only fulfilled through social justice.

Taken together they encourage action without contemplation. Fear is not the only thing that government should fear. It should also fear to destroy the fragile social compact between the people and their government that makes freedom possible. It should fear that its actions will cause more harm than good. It should also fear that it is not nearly as wise as it thinks it is.

The empty grandiosity of the rug across which the bad apple president walks flatters his ego. It is a long way from the memento mori of the Roman general whose servant would interject into displays of grandiosity the warning, "Remember thou art mortal."

The grandiose rug is the reflection of a bad apple president who lies like a much cheaper rug. To every setback, he offers another lie, another talking point and another villain. Every time one of his grandiose rug-inspired plans collapses, he rejects the implication of mortality with another barrel of bad apple lies.

Health plan cancellations become opportunities, old plans become substandard plans, the over-regulated insurance becomes the Wild Wild West and the lost plans are bad apples.

If Obama had any humility, his rug would read simply, "Memento Mori"; an acknowledgement that life is fragile, death is inevitable and human capabilities limited in the face of their own mortality. It's not that we shouldn't resist death and fight to extend life, but that we must do so knowing that the power to temporarily give life or take it away does not make us immortal or infallible.

Ethics come from humility. The recognition of our own mortality teaches us our limitations. The worst tyrants and monsters, like Joseph Stalin, did not believe that they would die. The USSR's persecution of doctors was motivated by its leader's faith in his own immortality.

Obama has no humility and therefore no ethics. He does not believe in his own immortality, but  in his invincibility; political and otherwise. He really does believe that the only thing to fear is fear itself. And 100 million Americans will lose their health insurance plans because their bad apple president was too arrogant to question his own bad judgement.

That is why Healthcare.gov does not work. It's why ObamaCare is such a disaster.

A standard model president understands risks and consequences. A substandard model like Obama does not. A good apple president apologizes when he chops down a cherry tree. A bad apple president blames Bush, the cherry tree, the axe and Global Warming.

The American people are being lied to every day by a bad apple president who covers up one lie with another lie and pastes an even crazier lie on top.

Unfortunately their opportunity to trade in their bad apple president for a fully regulated model that is compliant with the United States Constitution and all subsidiary documents will not come again until the next presidential open enrollment period.


  1. Anonymous10/11/13

    To add another astounding fact to what you've already stated, have you noticed that all the "heads" of Obama's agencies have been promoted and rewarded after having refused to comply with Congress' so called "investigations." These empty headed idiots have "no knowlege" of any truthful facts when replying to simple direct questions. I never thought I'd ever see the day where such outlandish corruption exists throughout the entire United States Government. What comes next? Apparently there's nothing that decent people can do. Don't say, "get out and vote"...we already do that... and then we find out that the voting process has been corrupted to the hilt! Any advice??

  2. Every day brings fresh opportunities.

  3. "Unfortunately their opportunity to trade in their bad apple president for a fully regulated model that is compliant with the United States Constitution and all subsidiary documents will not come again until the next presidential open enrollment period." And that's when we'll have to deal with all those state "voter exchanges," those polling places policed by the New Black Panthers and "Voter Navigators" and crowded with illegal aliens and the Voting Walking Dead from a variety of cemeteries who also vote early and often and come to the voting exchanges clutching fistfuls of ballots. However, I think you cut Obama too much slack, Daniel. His incompetence is feigned, it's a dog-and-pony show, and his "apology" for the confusion is about a genuine and sincere as Stalin wringing his hands over the millions he starved and slaved to death. He really does know what he's doing, he learned the ropes as a "community organizer," and so, as an Alinsky-taught pupil of targeting, isolating and destroying, he's very competent. You've got to look his evil in the eye and concede that we're not dealing with a bumbling fool, but a vehicle of malignity.

  4. Anonymous10/11/13

    As much as I enjoyed your article and all of your writings, I have reached a point were I can no longer believe as you do, that this is all the accidental fall-out of an empty-headed, egotistical man. These things that are being done and are happening are not by accident or lack of oversight, they are on purpose. Everything from Healthcare.gov to all the regulations in Obama-care are working perfectly and doing exactly what their designers and Obama want them to do. All those short sighted, greedy insurance company execs who "got on-board" and helped push Obama-care are just now realizing that they are the first in line for the Obama-care firing squad. Whats going to happen when the insurance companies loose the majority of the their regular paying customer base due to regulations and the only people willing to sign up for the Obama-care "gold", "silver", "brass" plated turd policies are the extremely ill (and expensive), while huge swaths of the "healthy population" decide to wing it and pay the fine (which goes into government coffers)? The private insurance industry is going to go under faster than the Titanic.
    The next in line for the Obama-care firing squad are doctors and hospitals. As they are realizing now, they cannot provide care to a majority of patients on Obama-care or medicare/medicaid and stay in business. That's why you see so many not taking new 'government subsidized' patients. Very soon that will not be an option for them and still practice medicine in the USA.
    In both cases, the Federal Government will swoop in to 'save the day'. The insurance companies will probably get a bail-out, with their chief execs getting golden parachutes, but make no mistake, from that day forward, the insurance companies will be nothing more than a bureaucratic arm of HHS. The doctors and hospitals will be forced by regulation to take on these new patients until they quit or go broke and in time they will all be reduced to salaried employees of the Federal Government.
    All those people presently loosing their insurance and all of those people that will loose their insurance next year, along with all the people that will die because they hold off going to the doctor until their conditions are to severe to ignore anymore, or die because they can't see a specialist in time or get an MRI, they are just eggs, and you know you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. And this is one huge omelet Obama and his cronies are making.
    This is what is happening, this is the thought process of the administration and this is why I stopped believing that Obama is incompetent. From his perspective, everything is going exactly as planned and has been since the first day he stepped foot into the Oval Office.

    -GKC jr

  5. Talking about mortality, why is it that more of these evil tyrants don't drop dead at some reasonable age? I've known quite a few fine people who didn't make it to 52, Obama's age today (while taking better care of themselves than this cokehead). Why is Hillary so sure that she will live to be 69 to run for Pres. in 2016? Why is her "husband" still going strong (with his multiple bypasses)?

    Hitler was sure that he had Divine protection which saved him from the July 1944 assassination attempt. Do these jerks have some pact with the devil also?

  6. Anonymous10/11/13

    Well, once again we have to go back to the original sinners. That this incompetent, lazybones president would be a failure was entirely predictable if voters had been given some idea of his background before the state media carried him on their shoulders into the White House. He never did anything of consequence except enjoy the affirmative action bounce from one expensive school after another, finally ending up at Harvard Law. His successor as editor/president of the law review, the first woman in the school's history as Obama was the first black, said he was seldom seen. Unlike previous editors, Obama never published a scholarly article. Then it was on to the Chicago law firm where his lack of legal skills and poor work habits and even grammar was remarked on. Then on to the state senate where he voted "present" to create the blank slate on which low-information voters cast their white-guilt fantasies. Then onto the White House with a record behind him of absolutely nothing if you don't count community organizing, a hazy sort of thing that apparently consists mostly of looking and seeming cool. His lack of experience and ability has cost the country dearly in his presidency. He has sharpened racial divisions (the influence of S. Alinsky), gummed up the economy so that job creation is far lower than any recovery in the past and is not even keeping up with population growth, and has made a shambles of our foreign policy. For all of these things and many more we can thank the state media. They carried him in to office and protected him in his first term. If they are starting to get a little chippy now, it is because they are already turning their eyes to their next project, electing Hillary.

    1. Anonymous10/11/13

      You are exactly right.

  7. JD's Handsome Son10/11/13

    I am still betting that regardless of the present and future horrors of Obamacare, he will emerge unscathed and that the GOP will be left holding another bag. I predict that at precisely the moment Obama is ready to concede defeat and as his party is on the verge of electoral annihilation, the GOP leadership will step in and rescue him. I don't know the specifics, but I would bet everything I hold dear that my general prediction will play out.

  8. Anonymous10/11/13

    "Unfortunately their opportunity to trade in their bad apple president for a fully regulated model that is compliant with the United States Constitution and all subsidiary documents will not come again until the next presidential open enrollment period."

    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any good apples the people can choose. At least there hasn't been for decades. The Constitution, as far as Obama, Democrats and RINO's believe, is a tool used to grow the power of the political class while stripping away all of its guarantees and clear meanings.

    The people who voted for Obama, Democrats and the RINO's WANT TO BE SLAVES OF THE STATE. There is no other logical explanation. They want their lives to be micromanaged by not only the elected princes, but the unelected and unaccountable slew of "experts" who all know exactly what is best for every one of us.

    Obamacare is simply the logical step a society intent on destroying all liberty and free choice takes to become the slaves they adamantly desire to be. We only need to look to Western Europe to see how easy it has been for modern tyrants to convince the people they want a master.


  9. Anonymous10/11/13

    "In 2012, voters had the opportunity to exchange their bad apple president for a better model." If only that had been true. Numb-N_ts Mitt, a one-term governor, is just another ambitious guy with no principles.

  10. Re: the last paragraph. Opportunity is exactly the word. That's all it is, and it's not very good one either. On the one hand, what's the chances Republicans run a conservative or another Democrat? Since they've run two in a row and actively attack conservatives within their own party my bet is they run another Democrat. Democrats, of course, will run a far left, I don't care who it is they are all extremist. Finding a 'moderate' Democrat is like trying to find a 'moderate' muslim, they don't really exist. Early money is on Hillary. What's the difference between Hill and Obama? Hill has balls. She, all likely Dem candidates, and the party itself now know exactly what they can get away with and will push the envelope even further next time around. F&F, Benghazi, NSA, IRS, etc., etc., are just the tip of the iceberg NOW, in the future it's Snowball Earth. To think I lived long enough to see the end of the Republic where people were so heavily propagandized that they willingly gave up their freedom. Diversity means Segregation. Diversity means Believe what I believe or you are a bigot, anti-science, racist, homophobic .. party like it's 1984 ..

  11. DenisO10/11/13

    It really encourages me to see the level of depression and the confidence that Obama is an evil genius that penetrated our Country's defenses. It is so universal that it has to be wrong. When everyone thinks the same way, everyone is wrong; that is a proven truth.
    Obama IS an idiot, and is following a dogma he has never questioned. Getting the majority for two years, gave the radical Left the dream world they always longed for, where they could change the rules and get their failed-everywhere-policies installed. Now, they see what a mess they have created; at least, the wise ones see. Just in time for the election, they have disturbed the sleeping fools that helped elect them, and those fools are going to be unhappy and want revenge.
    Reed and Pelosi see it, and know Zero will never admit a mistake, and they don't know what to do. They are hoping the Republicans will pull defeat from the jaws of victory, once more, and save them. The Republicans have stupidly offered to put off the "individual mandate" for a year, which would save their bacon, but Obama stubbornly refused the "gift". The economy will feel the consequences of ObamaCare soon, and the Recession will deepen.
    The "pain", I predicted was necessary before America woke-up, is beginning, and the Democrats should be left to take the consequences of their stupid ideology.

    Obama has demonstrated no ability to do anything but lie with a straight face; He has accomplished nothing; even Osama bin Laden's death was a failure, because they wanted him on trial in NYC, but the Seals killed him because they didn't trust their Government not to make him a Saint. Evil geniuses don't screw-up everything. Stop whining and watch the movie! Relax and let them stew in their policy "victory".

  12. reminds me of that one guns and roses song, "One bad apple spoils the whole damn bunch"

  13. Anonymous10/11/13

    Only in a broken America could a small time chisler like this Chicago thug have become President. He just happened to be at the right place at the right time like that famous little mustashioed corporal and failed artist who, taking advantage of his country's chaos and total disintegration almost destroyed the civilized world. Is it possible to dig ourselves out of this abyss without an America to save us. For the sake of my children and grandchildren I would like to think that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and once again this country can be that "shining city on the hill".

  14. Anonymous10/11/13

    There is the smell of the demonic about this man. I don't think that incompetence can account for it. Even incompetents get it right sometimes. This guy? Never. He's also a lying sack. That can't be said too often.

  15. Anonymous10/11/13

    No, he was not just in the right place at the right time. He was selected and groomed over the years for this. This was not accidental or fortuitous.

  16. Quartermaster10/11/13

    Articles of impeachment could be voted and the Senate could convict, but considering who is line to takeover if Zer0 were kicked to the curb, it doesn't really matter much. The characters in line are about as bad as Zer0 in their own way.

  17. Anonymous10/11/13

    Obama is a mirror of his time. He's what you get when Democracy succeeds.

    For his coalition, a democratic majority has instituted a socialist looter state that will re-distribute wealth from the middle class to the elite rent seekers and their underclass.

    For the white middle class, Democracy = FAIL on a massive scale.

    We were all fed the melting pot mythology for so long and it tasted soooo good. Believed in the exceptionalism, the precious "I have a dream" monologues, elected perverts to high offices and then re-elected them. Allowed the faceless to debase our currency. Permitted "newcomers" to replace us...

    Let's understand something-- what is happening isn't an historical aberration. It was inevitable. The seeds of the current debasement and humiliation were inherent in the system long before what has happened, happened. It wasn't sabotage-- or at least sabotage in the sense that we didn't know on some level what was happening. We went along with it every step of the way for whatever reasons. But we knew.

    Now, there's only one rational act to take. America as an idea must be mourned and buried. The fundamental inconsistencies that compromised it must be examined and understood so that they can never be allowed to occur again. Then a new system must be built on the legacy-- it is the only proper task left for a once great world power.

  18. I don't care about bad apples, I care about the 100 million worms.

  19. Nothing should be surprising to those of us who've been paying attention......http://www.israpundit.com/archives/63591477

  20. GKC jr:

    I don't get the impression that Daniel thinks that Obama is just incompetent; he knows that he is evil and his actions are by design. This article just focused on the incompetent side of him.


  21. The fundamental inconsistencies that compromised it must be examined and understood so that they can never be allowed to occur again.

    Well, for starters, it seems to me that if the authors of the Constitution were serious about creating a limited Federal govt., they should have limited the power of amendment to technical details and excluded expansions of power (income tax, Prohibition, etc.) The Fourteenth Amendment, while perhaps well-intentioned, ended up being a Federal takeover of the states. Along the same lines, they should have explicitly put the power of review of Federal law for constitutionality in the hands of state legislatures. Maybe with these precautions, things wouldn't have gotten quite so bad.

  22. incompetence and malice can and often do exist side by side

  23. spiaggi11/11/13

    Obama is what you get when you allow imbeciles and the illiterate to vote.
    Okay, here's my prediction: Obama wants to win back the House and keep the Senate so he can render the 22nd amendment null and void, so he can run again. If that fails, he'll render it null and void through an executive order and declare himself king. Sound nuts? stay tuned, folks.

  24. Anonymous11/11/13

    159 reasons why it's OK to laugh at anyone who thought Obamacare was a good idea: http://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/obamacare-59/

  25. He is a Geo. Soros Puppet. When Geo. heard how good a speaker he was, He coached and groomed him. His true Hippie worthless background was hidden. I think Jarrett is his " Keeper." These progressives have slowly been put in Key Gov. positions ready to bring down this Country. They want or Nat. Resources and fertile Land.


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