Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - We Regret to Inform You That Free Lunch Has Been Cancelled
Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - We Regret to Inform You That Free Lunch Has Been Cancelled

Friday Afternoon Roundup - We Regret to Inform You That Free Lunch Has Been Cancelled


Bacon was at $3.60 a lb under Bush. It’s now up to $5.60 a lb under Obama. The price of a whole frozen Thanksgiving turkey was at $1.32 a lb under Bush. It’s up to $1.81 under Obama giving Americans that much less to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

The price of a frozen pizza went up by 33% under Obama. Now due to his trans fat ban, it will increase even more and taste worse.

The FDA’s food policing powers do not give it the right to ban unhealthy foods. If they did, the FDA could outlaw every kind of junk food. And it has begun doing that with its argument that trans fats are unsafe because they are unhealthy; building up plaque in arteries and increasing the risk of heart attacks.

If You Like Your Food, You Can Keep Your Food


As compensation first 100 camels were required – not in the desert, but in the middle of the metropolis of Berlin.

During the talks on reparations Yatkin was put under pressure: “We do not want to threaten you, but if you’re on the road, we can not guarantee your life.”

Yatkin protested. “I do not accept Sharia. We live in Germany. My son has been acquitted by a court of law.” However, the argument did not impress the Imam.

Islamic Sharia Court in Berlin Demands Defendant Pay 100 Camels

THIS IS WHY YOUR PILOT IS SCREAMING ALLAH AKBAR - Obama Inc. Wants Libyans to Come to US, Work in “Aviation Maintenance” and “Nuclear Fields”


Christie says that he tripled the black vote. But he neglects to mention that he went from 9 percent to 21 percent. That’s not technically tripling. It’s more like doubling.

But if the GOP is in the market for a Liberal Republican who can break the 20 percent mark on the Black vote… while running against a Black candidate… they can look toward…

… New York City Mayor Bloomberg who scored 23% of the black vote in 2009 while running against a black opponent. He also got 43 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Chris Christie Claims He Can Deliver the Black Vote


Members of Federally recognized Indian tribes are exempt from the individual mandate subject to verification of Indian status. Now you may be saying to yourself, “But, I’m not an Indian. Sure I’ve got a distant family legend about a Cherokee ancestor. But that’s about it.”

Well joining a tribe, like getting on disability, is not that hard and it doesn’t actually require all that much. Some tribes are eager for more members and have fairly low entrance requirements. Some may require 1/4 parentage, so you’re probably out there. But some go for 1/16th.

If you can fiddle around with some genealogy, you can probably go Cherokee. There’s no blood quantum requirement. But Cherokees with a  written genealogy aren’t your best bet.

What you want is a tribe with a few dozen members looking to boost its numbers, that has few genealogical records worth mentioning and will nod if you say that your great-grandmother was 1/4 something or other.

Escape ObamaCare by Joining an Indian Tribe

Outrage as Aussie PM Abolishes “Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee”


Have you ever visited ObamaCare.gov? It doesn’t even exist. That’s a trick question. But you’re still an enrollee.

Did you have a nightmare in which you were chased down a long hallway by the disembodied head of Kathleen Sebelius screaming about how hard it is to code a website?

Have you been in the United States at any point in the last 40 years? Can you name a state capital? Do you know what a state capital is? Are you operating heavy machinery under the influence of illegal narcotics?

Congratulations. You’re an ObamaCare enrollee.

“My Attackers Flung More Acid on My Back While they Yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’.


In 1963, a few years before it backed a Muslim war of extermination against Israel, the USSR published Judaism Without Embellishment. The book was indistinguishable from Nazi literature, blending attacks on Israel with attacks on Judaism and the Jewish people.

“Taking advantage of the legends of the Old Testament, the Jewish capitalists and their ideological parasites—the Zionists—together with the rabbis in Israel, kindle religious-nationalistic passions, and incite the Jews against other peoples who inhabit Palestine.”

A year later, the USSR realized that it had gone too far by revealing that its hostility to Israel was rooted in a hatred for Jews. And so the book was withdrawn. And yet today that passage would not only seem mild compared to Blumenthal’s rhetoric in Goliath, but, slightly reworded it could easily be dropped into a New York Times or Time Magazine article about Israel.

How Much Hatred of Israel Is Too Much?


The evening of that day, he gave the green light to start an operation  to lower inflation. The first objective of this ” economic offensive ” was Daka , a chain of appliance stores with five locations across the country, one in Boleíta . Its goods were confiscated and immediately put on sale with discounts of 50 % to 70 % from its original price of sale.

After the occupation of one of these establishments, Army Gen. Herbert Garcia Plaza, head of the newly created Superior Body for Popular Economics, delivered a speech of victory that was televised . In it, he remembered that he too had been a poor boy who got frustrated without a television.

These experiences inspired him , he said, to support the measures of “inspection” of businesses ordered by Maduro. ” We must ensure that all Venezuelans have a plasma TV ,” said the president.

Socialist President of Venezuela Guarantees Everyone a Plasma Television

France: “Obama Willing to Concede Too Much Too Soon”


When Tariq Ramadan talks about “democratizing”, he really means allowing a fundamentally undemocratic Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, to take over, in pursuit of its agenda of Islamizing, not Democratizing, the Middle East.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a totalitarian organization dedicated to taking away everyone’s civil rights while manipulating language. Its self-description as the Freedom and Justice Party turns out to mean slavery and injustice.

So the George Orwell Annual Lecture presented a properly Orwellian lecture while being too stupid to realize what it was doing, thereby proving that Orwell really is dead.

Orwellian Islamist Tariq Ramadan Delivers Annual George Orwell Lecture

“On Benefits and Proud” is the TV Show of the Welfare Generation


If Richard Pryor was the aggrieved party in 1975′s Word Association, lashing out with racism and then menace in response to racism, and winning with menace, there’s no more violence in 2006′s Just Because I’m Black.

The menace is now entirely political. Nicole Randall Johnson’s character may be insane, but she’s carries with her the confidence of entitlement. And her confidence is entirely justified. Her white interviewer isn’t concealing racism anymore, he carries around with him a tired recognition that racial identity is power– just not his.

She carries with her a black privilege that comes from skin color and nothing else. Completely incapable of even sanity, she still gets the job because the system is obsessed with racism.

Comedy, Race Relations and Word Associations


The Moriah Fund also supports the militantly anti-Israel 972 magazine, Breaking the Silence, which accuses Israeli soldiers of war crimes, Sikkuy and B’Tselem, whose leaders and board members have accused Israel of Apartheid and urged sanctions against the Jewish State.

(Moriah also helps fund Peter Beinart’s Open Zion blog, Peace Now, La Raza, Jewish Funds for Justice (aka Bend the Arc) and the Tides Center.)

The Fohs Foundation is another case of left-wing hijacking. The Foundation had been explicitly set up to be pro-Israel and involved figures like Louis Brandeis,  it now partners with various left-wing Anti-Israel groups, including the New Israel Fund and Sikkuy.

...but wait... there's more

WOW’s director, Lesley Sachs was the executive director of the Israel Religious Action Center. Its chairwoman Anat Hoffman is the executive director of the Israel Religious Action Center.

When an organization is run by the directors of another organization, it’s reasonable to question whether they aren’t really the same organization.

Women of the Wall solicits local donations to “Women of the Wall, P. O. Box 31936, Jerusalem, 91319, Israel”

The Israel Religious Action Center solicits donations to “Israel Religious Action Center P.O.B. 31936 Jerusalem, 91319 Israel”

It would appear that not only is Women of the Wall run by IRAC leaders, but that they share a post office box.

Is Women of the Wall a Front Group?


And if you think that The Nation means “messenger” in the sense of inevitable consequences arising from a natural order… nope. They mean it in the religious sense.

"Is it a coincidence, ask some people who are not exactly religious, that both Pablo and Yolanda arrived at the time of the global climate negotiations?"

Can we have a separation of Green Church and State? The Warmist Cult of Global Warming is really violating that separation with its insistence that the planet is alive and sending typhoons at us because it wants banks to cash in on Carbon Credit taxation.

The Nation Claims Typhoon was “Message” from Mother Nature


In a strange bygone era, you went to a doctor when you got sick, then you paid the doctor. But this unfairly allowed more healthy people to spend less money on doctors than less healthy people.

And what right did healthy people who were part of some sort of healthy genetic master race have to spend less money on health care?

They didn’t. So Obama fixed that. Punishing the healthy for their health and creating a new fairer society where everyone pays more for health care, but they all pay the same amount.

ObamaCare Architect: Being Healthy Discriminates Against the Unhealthy

ObamaCare Girl Has No Plans to Sign Up for ObamaCare


Dr. Faten Abdel-Rahman Khorshid is responsible for one of the Kingdom’s greatest national achievements in the field of science for her work which began with the urine of camels and concluded in a potential cure for cancer.

This treatment is not an invention, but rather, taken from our Prophet’s legacy,” she remarked. A Hadith claims that some people came to Madina and fell ill with bloated abdomens. The Prophet (pbuh) told them to combine the milk and urine of a camel and drink that.

Dr. Fatan fails to mention that Mohammed then had them killed.

Muhammad then ordered to cut off their hands and feet (and it was done), and as well their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron rods. They were put in ‘Al-Harrah’ and when they asked for water; no water was given to them”, till they died of extreme thirst!

And that ended the first clinical trial of camel urine.

Saudi Science Discovers Cancer Cure in Camel Urine Nano-Particles


Marriage equality is truly transforming the world. First men marrying men. Then women marrying bridges. And men marrying trees. The sky is the limit… no wait, you can marry the sky too.

Environmentalist Hugs Tree, Then Marries It


All-but-out-the-door NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly probably wouldn’t have stuck around even if Bill de Blasio wanted him to. “The reality is the Democratic primary is controlled by extreme elements of the party. The candidates know that, so they have to go to extremes themselves,” Kelly tells Playboy in the December issue.

NYPD Commissioner Blasts Bill de Blasio, Warns of Dem Party Extremism

Obama Judge Saves Brutal Killer from Death Row Over Prosecutor’s Subconscious Racism


I’m starting to have the uncomfortable feeling that a lot of liberal Warmists now believe that weather began around the same time as the internal combustion engine and the smokestack and that if we just get rid of them, the gods of Global Warming will be appeased and the terrible winds and torrential rains will cease.

Hulk Actor Claims Oil Causes Typhoons

No Muslim Country Wants to Take in Syrian Refugees


Gary Yourofsky spends a lot of time thinking about raping women… because he really cares about animals. Yourofsky was sponsored by PETA to give animal rights talks in school classes.

In an interview in 2006, Yourofsky said that those who wore fur deserved to be brutally raped. “Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever,” he said.

What Gary Yourofsky saw when the circus came to town set him on the path of an animal rights activist. Twenty years ago, his stepfather was a volunteer clown in the Shrine Circus, which raised funds for children injured in fires.

This is probably the worst way someone tried to subconsciously get back at his circus clown stepfather.

PETA Activist Really Enthusiastic About Raping Women


If Americans are too stupid to know what's good for them, then you have to lie to them and lie to them some more. When they lose their plans and get outraged, tell them that their plans were bad substandard scam plans.

Progressives lie casually because they don't view the people whom they are lying to as being advanced enough and evolved enough to be worthy of the truth.

The left doesn't feel bad about lying, because it doesn't view the people it is lying to as having the same degree of personhood, intelligence and legal rights as they do.

If You Don't Trust Americans to Choose Their Own Health Insurance...


The twin towers loomed over everything, thought of, if they were thought of at all, as an irritation in that they blocked off so much of the sky. It was 1975 and, Vietnam not withstanding, America was just about at the midway point between two world wars. Of course, we didn't know that at the time. The only war we knew of was the Second World War and the background humm of the Cold War. It was a summer Sunday and we were in the midst of what now can be seen as "The Long Peace."

In front of the lawns at Battery Park was a monument that caught my attention. It was formed of an immense stone eagle and two parallel rows of granite monoliths about 20 feet wide, 20 feet tall and 3 feet thick. From a distance you could see that they had words carved into them from top to bottom. There was also a lot of shade between them so I took my hot dog and my coke and wheeled my bike over, sitting down at random among the monoliths.

I remember that the stone was cool against my back as I sat there looking at the stone across from me on that warm afternoon. As I looked up it dawned on me that the words cut into the stones were all names. Just names. The names of soldiers, sailors and airmen who had met their death in the north Atlantic in WWII. I was to learn later that there were 4,601 names. All lost in the frigid waters, all without any marker for their graves -- except those in the hearts of those they left behind, and their names carved into these stones that rose up around me.

That's from Gerard's essay at American Digest.

One of the things that strikes me personally about that area is the "evolution" of memorials. The WW2 memorial is traditional and grand with its fiercely dangerous art deco eagle. By the time we get to memorializing the Korean War, there's just a crude cutout of a missing soldier to indicate lives lost.

The notion of valor has vanished. Like the footprints of the towers not too far away, the memorial only memorializes absences. The sacrifice comes to seem worthless because all that is remember is mortality, not transcendence.

In the water near the ferries there is a memorial to the Merchant Marine. It's traditional, representational and though it shows men suffering, it commemorates them far more meaningfully than another empty space.


My grandmother, who lived in a Moravian village and still knew everything through her own experience: how bread is baked, how a house is built, how a pig is slaughtered and the meat smoked, what quilts are made of, what the priest and the schoolteacher think about the world; she met the whole village every day and knew how many murders were committed in the country over the last ten years; she had, so to speak, personal control over reality, and nobody could fool her by maintaining that Moravian agriculture was thriving when people at home had nothing to eat.

My Paris neighbor spends his time an an office, where he sits for eight hours facing an office colleague, then he sits in his car and drives home, turns on the TV, and when the announcer informs him that in the latest public opinion poll the majority of Frenchmen voted their country the safest in Europe (I recently read such a report), he is overjoyed and opens a bottle of champagne without ever learning that three thefts and two murders were committed on his street that very day.

...from a quote on the Neo-Neocon blog


  1. thor4216/11/13

    On Chris Christie - I used to like him, especially when he gave the greedy NJ teachers a smackdown. However, I then found out that Christie is a real *Islam-lover*. He is almost as bad as traitor Cameron in the UK (and that is *very* bad).
    So - if you dislike Islam, do NOT vote for Christie.

  2. In a world of bad news ... that a Muslim was selected to give the George Orwell Lecture is grindingly depressing.

  3. "Bacon was at $3.60 a lb under Bush. It’s now up to $5.60 a lb under Obama. The price of a whole frozen Thanksgiving turkey was at $1.32 a lb under Bush. It’s up to $1.81 under Obama giving Americans that much less to be thankful for this Thanksgiving."

    For years and years my wife and I paid $0.49 or .59/lb for our T-Day bird, now it's .89 up to 1.39. 93% lean hamburger was $1.69, anytime, for the longest time; now it's $3.00 on sale every couple weeks. And we live in a metro area with five major grocery chains (Safeway, Kroger, Albertsons, Bashas, Winco ) plus Walmart Superstores, so there's a lot of competition.

    The CPI is bogus; here is the EVERYDAY price index, which doesn't really measure INFLATION (i.e., money supply), just everyday prices. https://www.aier.org/epi


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