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The Progressive Psychoracialists of McRacism

Chris Matthews, MSNBC's own Wise Latina, began his latest attack by denouncing Ted Cruz's racism against "Browns".

Cruz had told a San Antonio audience that it was good to leave D.C. and come back to America.

"This isn’t a casual reference," Matthews declared. Like Freudian psychoanalysts, MSNBC psychoracialists know that there are no such things as casual references. A misplaced comma can reveal unspeakable hidden depths of racism and does every time Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes run short of material.

The Freudian psychoanalyst assumed that if you had a dream about a duck or the Orient Express, you were harboring a secret desire for your grandfather. The MSNBC psychoracialist knows that if you don't like Obama, you're a racist. All that's left is finding the comma that proves it.

"This 'We’re Americans, we white people out here in Texas, as opposed to people who live in the big cities: the ethnics, the blacks, the browns," Matthews sputtered. "'Those people in Washington, those liberals, they’re not Americans.'”

Chris Matthews had clearly never been to San Antonio which is twice the size of Washington D.C. and one of the largest cities in America. It's also fairly diverse. And Ted Cruz is more ethnic and ‘browner’ than Chris Matthews. Though in all fairness so is a stick of chalk.

It might be more racist to refer to the "Browns" of D.C. than to name San Antonio the real America. But progressive psychoracialists never denounce themselves. They're too busy drawing racist inkblots of Ted Cruz. And if you disagree with them, you probably harbor desires for your great-grandfather... and are a racist.

“This is McCarthyism writ large. Disagree with this guy and be prepared for the accusations,” Matthews said, demonstrating that he also has less self-awareness than a stick of chalk.

Oddly enough he wasn't talking about himself, but psychoracialists, like psychoanalysts, always find the dirty pictures and the racial slurs in someone else’s Rorschach inkblot.

McCarthyism was overrated. If it hadn't affected Hollywood, which never stops making movies about its own reflection in the mirror, we would probably have all forgotten about it; the way that Hollywood forgot about the Gulags, the Khmer Rogue, the Great Chinese Famine and Mike Farrell. But unlike McCarthyism, McRacism never seems to go away.

McRacism is the mass production of an ersatz racism for mass consumption. A cheap fake substitute for the real thing.

Thanks to McRacism, there is now more racism than ever before. We’re making less of everything except racism. There is somehow more racism to be found by dedicated progressive psychoracialists in a single Republican sneeze than there was in the entire first two centuries of American history.

The old racism was about slave plantations. The new racism is found in projecting your own distaste for "Blacks" and "Browns" onto a "Brown", who in a feat of Zimmermanian proportions, heads up the new Confederacy operating out of San Antonio; a city with more Latinos than the MSNBC janitorial staff (unlike its on-air staff.)

The liberal talking point of the government shutdown was that the Confederacy was back under the leadership of General Robert E. Cruz. The "South" was starting another civil war after having relocated to San Antonio and Michele Bachmann’s Minnesota. The Latino/Minnesotan Confederacy had managed to take Washington and the only thing keeping it at bay was MSNBC's dedicated staff of critical race theorists carefully analyzing Cruz's sneezes for explosive racial content.

Progressive accusations of racism start with the conclusion and work backward toward the accusation. Ted Cruz's racism is a given considering that he's not only a Republican (boo! hiss!) but also a conservative (boo! boo!) and in cahoots with the Tea Party (%^&@!). It's just a matter of proving what is already known by taking any random thing he says and shouting, "Racism!"

Racism is the accusation that proves itself. There are certain kinds of people who can be racist and certain kinds who can't. Ted Cruz, who likes San Antonio better than Washington D.C., is always a racist. Chris Matthews, who relishes occasionally seeing "Browns" in Washington D.C. from the window of his limo, isn't.

Racism, like race, is an inescapable part of a person. It doesn't relate to the content of his character, but whether he likes America better than he likes Washington D.C.

Chris Matthews who likes Washington D.C. better than America can never be a racist no matter how much he blathers on about the blacks and browns of the city. Ted Cruz, who doesn't like D.C., is a racist no matter if he's classified as White Hispanic, Brown Hispanic or Green Hispanic.

The real race of racism isn't skin color or genes. It's government. If you hate government, you're a racist.

It's one of those subliminal things, like an Oedipus or Electra complex. If you dream of a penny whistle and a lamppost, you must be harboring illicit desires for your great-great-grandmother. If you dream of restoring the Constitution and giving the bureaucracy the boot, you must be harboring illicit racial fantasies involving San Antonio.

And who better to explore the territory of subliminal racism with its illicit fantasies of abusing minorities than the progressives who have built an entire political system around that?

MSNBC racism requires a deep meditative state. The accuser spends some time floating in a sensory deprivation tank filled with Media Matters talking points. By the time he sits down in front of a camera, he is no longer aware that Ted Cruz is Cuban-American. Any facts extraneous to the organic process of calling a Republican racist have dissolved away along with his common sense.

Chris Matthews, the political hack’s hack, who last had a new idea around the same time Dan Rostenkowski was stealing stamps, fills the empty space with globs of McRacism. The thing that really offends this professional of government isn’t racial slurs… it’s government slurs.

But there’s no such thing as anti-government racism or anti-government hate crimes.

Not only isn’t hating Washington a crime, it’s practically a citizenship test. Despising the entire mess of politicians, aides, bureaucrats, lobbyists, union bosses and bartenders who make the government go round is the one bigotry that everyone can agree on.

The only way for government to get its own hate crime is by dressing up in blackface. Every time Chris Matthews cries “Racism”, he’s dressing up government in blackface. That’s what the selection of Obama was really about. It made race equivalent to government.

Chris Matthews’ government minstrel act is McRacism. Like other McRacist psychoracialists, he plumbs the depths of his own psychotic psyche to explain why government haters are racists to manufacture a cheap and offensive government substitute for racism that protects the abuses of career politicians and bureaucrats by teaching them to wear blackface and shout about racism.

McRacism is a blackface routine that makes hating government into the ultimate hate crime. Like McDonald’s, you slap something that looks like a patty on something that looks like a bun. And don't ask too many questions about what's inside. You can't make 7 billion burgers a year or 7 trillion accusations of racism an hour on MSNBC without cutting a few corners.

McDonald's doesn't really make burgers and the Democratic Party's McRacism doesn't really fight racism. There aren't enough cows or bigots to go around for the purposes of either establishment. McDonald's has to make do with greasy cardboard cut into the shape of a patty. McRacism has to build narratives around any random comment criticizing the government.

The burger place is offering a cheap meal. The liberal place is offering cheap triumphs against fake racism. And both are seductive in their own way.

In the twilight of American history, with the frontier shut down and the military denigrated, the last "great" period of history held up by Baby Boomer academics and media personalities is the Civil Rights movement. But there's only so many times you can battle dogs and fire hoses or march from Selma unless you start churning out cheap McRacism imitations of civil rights and claiming that defending government authority at all costs is the real legacy of the Civil Rights movement.

Liberal McRacism is to Martin Luther King as a McDonald's burger is to a black Angus with caramel glaze on a hearth baked three-seed bun. It may be cheap, it may be fake but it is widely available.

MSNBC is the McDonald's of McRacism. It makes it cheaply and distributes it to everyone. And in a society where pervasive racism has become a distant memory, it's easier to convince a gullible generation that the greasy McRacism burger sticking out of Matthews' mouth is the real thing.


  1. MLK was the ultimate whiner and racist. A known communist sympathizer and anti white agitator.

    The only reason he "won" is because the north east establishment wanted the same thing he did as evidenced by his all white, communist "advisors." Sound like someone we know?

    Non violence only works when the government, or a significant faction, is ad idem with the agitators.

    MLK is the perfect hero for a society of fakers and narcissists who, owing to their lack of physician and moral courage, can't really wage war. Narcissism has prevailed and has turned frauds and hucksters into heroes, and had redefined war waged by the establishment into a heroic war against the same.

    Democracy is a joke, and we are the punchline

    1. Anonymous23/10/13

      Having grown up in the waning years of the old segregationist South, I can authoritatively judge you as completely fu of the end product male bovine digestive processes. I'd rebut point by point, but your post is nothing more than one big fail, rendering a detailed response tedious. Go back to your AN compound, or whatever rock you slithered out from under.

  2. The reasons I despise politicians, TV, and fast food perfectly stated.

  3. Anonymous23/10/13

    My objection to Obama is his policies, practices and ideology, not the color of his skin.

    Obama's the pluperfect, perfect storm racist - his racism, by virtue of alignment with Islam (racist hate of Jews and tendency toward genocide and butchery, vengeance and conquest of non-muslims), with the Black Supremacists/Black Muslims/Black Liberation (vengeance, racist hatred of whites), with the Pansexualists (vengeance, hatred of heterosexuals, anyone who disagrees with them), with the global warming crowd (yes, some of them have advocating killing those who dare to disbelieve the climate change myth) and with the Communists/totalitarians (who tend to kill, malign those who dissent) movements is a depth of racism on so many levels it is cannot be topped.

    Obama's multi-faceted, in-depth, hard core racism makes the KKK look like the Kiwanis club.

    Sibyl S.

  4. Anonymous23/10/13

    I loved everything about the article except for the slur against bartenders. Their product is genuine and if politicians need a drink to help them lie and stead that is not the bartenders fault.

  5. Hope you don't get sued by McDonalds!

    Great article, though. The satire writes itself these days...

  6. "...makes hating government into the ultimate hate crime.

    It's true. But I love liberty. And justice for all, starting with politicians.

  7. Anonymous23/10/13

    Cruz's line that San Antonio is the "real America" is an old cliche that has been used by thousands of politicians when they speak in their home districts. It's such a common cliche, Matthews is an idiot if he doesn't know this. The line has been used by both Republicans and Democrats. The idea is populist not racist. The idea is that Washington is filled with bureaucrats and lobbyists that cater to the elite and special interests. Anybody who pays attention to congressional campaigns has heard this line many times.

  8. LFMayor23/10/13

    I enjoy your articles Daniel, but surely you realize it's futile to point out their double standards? This "debate" that never ends only ends in one logical conclusion. A fight. They will not be reasoned with, persuaded, convinced or in any way shape or form moved from their beliefs or their course of action.
    I grow weary of all the banter and I find myself eager for the fight. Just to get it over with and done and fixed once and for all.

  9. Anon, the bartenders keep the whole thing going. If they just cut the politicians off, we'd have a real government shutdown.

    Anon 2, sure it's a dishonest cliche. Every politician says it. But no doubt there was a black comma somewhere in there.

    LFMayor, unless you're ready for a civil war, then we're still doing battle with ideas and exposing the enemy's propaganda tactics.

  10. Anonymous23/10/13

    What I find most interesting is the morphing of Democrats as slavery proponents to today's "everyone else is a racist" Democrat.

    It was really Kennedy who figured out the Democrats had to embrace the civil rights movement to succeed politically and he (just barely) got elected with a solid minority block vote.

    Who remembers this "kind" description - Southern Democrat? We all knew -- wink, wink -- what that really meant, didn't we? Post-Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson saw that stealing Kennedy's thunder wound up being his legacy, not Kennedy's, even though those who knew Johnson knew the dirty little secret that he was as racist as racist gets but, like Kennedy, was a pragmatist.

    At the end of the day, I've given up on the likes of Matthews and the other barking moonbats that seem to be speaking to themselves (if you look at their ratings).

    To mention them and their nonsense only widens their potential audience. I'd just as soon see them fall to market forces. Let their advertisers figure out no one watches them.

  11. Missed the bartender slur the first time through. Yes, that was totally uncalled for, Daniel. Which reminds me, last time I watched the hysterical has-been, I did form the impression his schtick was fueled by pharmaceutical abuse.

  12. "We are witnesses today to an exuberant proliferation of non-European crowds, but nowhere do any new, yellow, brown, or black civilizations arise." (Don Colacho)

  13. Anonymous23/10/13

    I long ago stopped caring whether my views caused people to call me a racist. Most of those hypocrites who like to throw that epithet around are usually tiresome and boring and their opinions are meaningless.

    What angers me is that this cult of Political Correctness by muzzling free speech, has managed to create a society of " Stepford Wives" or "Pod People", where spontaneous expression of ideas and artistic creativity have been so compromised and society's values so vulgarized that we now live in a veritable cultural dark ages. After the likes of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, etc. etc., we will need a new Renaissance before a Shakespeare once again appears on the horizon.

  14. Anonymous23/10/13

    Daniel, I have started reading your articles a few months ago, and am refreshed by your reasoned arguments, as well as your way with words --weaving humor into it. The banshees screaming Racissssttt do sound like some sort of variety of snakes. I agree with the sentiments of the commenter who just wants to start the "fight" and get it over with... I have to agree, as I too am so sick of being called a racist, a tea-b***r, a right wing moron, etc, that I have lost all patience with trying to be civil and present an alternate view from what most of these pathetic souls think is the truth. But, it would not be a 3 hour fight, like they thought the War Between the States was would amount to. (Ha!) It truly will be an epic battle. At this point, I am thinking and praying for a Divine Intervention. I don't think anything short of that will get anyone's attention.

  15. Anonymous23/10/13

    It is amazing Chris can speak at all with the amount of horseshit
    that exists there already.
    All I can do is laugh, what a putz.

  16. Similarly the fauxrage that erupted when Cruz called Obamacare a Nigerian email scam. You would have to be in a coma for the last 15 years or functionally retarded to think there was anything 'racist' about that. If he called it a Ponzi scheme would the Italians boil into the street screaming he's an Italophobe? These people are angry morons plain and simple.

  17. I love everything you write. This one is the very best.

  18. Redefining words to turn them into weapons is nothing new. Wars have been launched on less. Repurposing the word ‘racist’ to mean ‘opposing government’ is particularly diabolical and telling. Psychological warfare is adept at using feelings and shame, wielding words like swords to threaten and silence all opposition. If a truth is uttered, they can simply slap it down with newspeak. However, if they lie and then, when caught red-handed, they thumb their noses and respond, “So what? What are you going to do about it?”

    That those already in power use these tactics to remain in power signals that the fears of the Founding Fathers have come to full realization. We are in the last gasps of the end of this democracy. But those who are determined, in great self-righteousness, to vilify others who stand for the original fundamental rights and individual liberties, including right to free speech (and thought), are sinking the ship and, no doubt, will take themselves down as well. That’s the only upside.

    “Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society.” John Adams

  19. Dave Stone24/10/13

    I seem to recall reading about Jean Paul Marat, the fiery orator and supporter of the French Revolution, as being somewhat of a socially disagreeable fellow who thought it is duty to confront and harangue citizens where ever he went about his political opponents, so much so that few could tolerate him. He would approach people in restaurants and start fights with them, accusing them of not being pure enough, etc. Apparently he was alleged to have some serious skin disorders which made him also physically repulsive and hid out in the sewers of Paris. I guess Chris Mathews is channeling Marat's ghost today as he is equally as disgusting. It's going to be fun to watch him if Obama's administration does start to unravel because of his many failures so far, and the ones that are sure to come.

  20. Anonymous24/10/13

    Another one from the Sultan.. as Dan Jenkins would say "Dead solid perfect" No wonder the left hates Mr Greenfield.. He has their number, SS# address, email etc etc..:o) Thanks for the great work!

  21. Pity Jamie Glazov doesn't have the exposure Chris Matthews does!

  22. Anonymous25/10/13

    The ugly reality is that these psychos keep gaining ground, power, and influence. Even though their failures are plain to see, they have moved us farther and farther into the burning fires of hell on earth. The political psychos may lose a battle here and there but their counterparts in academia, the media, social services, the courts and far too many churches move without much resistance. And they are really the more important forces of evil than the political class because they influence the mind and punish those who dare resist them.


  23. The Left can be quite inventive when it comes to seeing imaginary racial strife. I once wrote a blog post, with a picture of Clinton and Obama, which I described as Obama looking like "a little kid waiting patiently for a cookie", to which, a certain demented Leftist (but I repeat myself) replied, "How dare you call President Obama "boy"?

  24. Anonymous25/10/13

    This is a brilliant article and covers the full breadth of the issues being compounded by our current administration, it also has enough irony and reducto ad absurdium to entertain all the way to the finish. Thank you for your keen insights.

  25. " The Latino/Minnesotan Confederacy had managed to take Washington and the only thing keeping it at bay was MSNBC's dedicated staff of critical race theorists carefully analyzing Cruz's sneezes for explosive racial content. "

    Thanks, Daniel, I so needed that. Out of work, got my insurance cancellation notice last week - things look worse every day. But when I realize that I have people on my side like you with such enormous gifts, it gives me hope. The hacks have grown so corrupt and lazy that most of them have lost any talent they might've had. Look at the MSM, Hollywood, academia. They don't have to compete so they don't even try, yet pat themselves on the back, constantly telling themselves how superior they are.

    We may likely go down in ruins but I want to see, hear and speak the truth as I go. I appreciate your incredible talent and I'm thankful you've put it to this use.


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