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The Obama myth is that he is a reasonable man being blocked by unreasonable Republicans at every turn. There are plenty of things wrong with that myth, but the biggest one is that Obama isn’t being handicapped by Republican obstructionism. He seeks out and cultivates Republican opposition.

The ideas of the left don’t just fail because they’re bad. They also fail because the left is more energized by hostilities than by any of the progressive programs that its leaders claim to be passionate about.

Obama isn’t a reluctant warrior. He’s a happy warrior. He cares far more about fighting Republicans than about winning amnesty for illegal aliens, gay marriage or ObamaCare—all things that he introduced haphazardly to win elections.

Obama’s Competent Incompetence

NYC Muslim Plotter: “Look in the Eyes when Talking to Whites. If You Want to Kill Them, You Need Allah’s Help”

Meet Israel’s Cutest Attack Animal: Release the Rock Hyrax!


“In Somalia, there’s this belief that hyenas can see everything including the thing that causes mental illnesses,” says Habeeb.

“Two hyenas were brought from the bushes and brought to Mogadishu. Patients were locked in a room with the hyena with the belief that when the thing that caused the mental problem sees the hyena it would leave the body of the patient and the patient would be fine after that.”

This treatment is not cheap – the cost can be around $560

World Health Organization: 1 in 3 Somalis are Insane


In his book, King’s Counsel, Jack O’Connell, a close advisor to King Hussein of Jordan, describes Kissinger meeting with Egypt’s National Security Advisor and telling him that, “If you want us to intervene with Israel, you’ll have to create a crisis. We only deal in crisis management. You’ll have to ‘spill some blood.’”

Kissinger then tried to keep President Nixon out of the loop, delaying notifying him that the war had started and trying to keep him from returning to Washington. Nixon had told Kissinger from the start that he had to “squeeze the old woman” (Golda Meir) because “we can’t have a hundred million Arabs hating us.” But Kissinger was going far beyond anything Nixon wanted.

The arms shipment that helped stabilize the Israeli counterattack was delayed by Kissinger, but finally pushed through by Alexander Haig while Kissinger was still trying to calculate a “sweet spot” that would prevent Israel from either being destroyed or winning a major victory.

The goal was to beef up the self-esteem of Muslim countries which had lost wars to Israel while using the Jewish State as leverage to force them into a relationship with the United States.

On his fourth day in office, Kissinger told President Ford, “We couldn’t have done better if we had set the scenario.” “Even the heavy Israeli losses helped, didn’t they?” Ford replied.

Lessons from the Yom Kippur War


Not only was it a bad fake. But the US government knew it was a bad fake. So the US knew this was fake, because the Federal government had seized it… for being fake. And gave it to Iran. In exchange for fake offers of peace.

Ancient Artifact Obama Gave Iran is a Fake from 1999


"If the Republican Jihadists, aka the Tea Party, who practice politics as a zero sum game and always threaten suicide attacks, are not checked soon by their diminishing centrist elders, they will transform the Republican Party into a small political sect and either silence and/or drive the centrists out."

Strangely this is not actually meant as a compliment, even though it’s coming from a Saudi publication. And here you might think that the Saudis would appreciate a good “inner struggle”.

Saudi Gazette Calls Republicans “Jihadists”, Carrying Out “Suicide Attacks”

UK Convert to Islam Dreamed of Marrying Man Who Would “Terrorize” Non-Muslims


Al Gore became famous for inventing the internet, also accepting money from China because there was no legal controlling authority and then growing a beard and claiming that he was the real president.

Then he transitioned into a doomsayer claiming that the North Pole would melt unless everyone stopped using oil and paid him a Carbon Tax and then he created a failed copy of MSNBC and sold it to a terrorist oil state.

But Al Gore did have a plan for the internet. And it was the worst plan ever. Al Gore nearly destroyed Twitter and then sold the leftovers to Qatar’s Al Jazeera. Considering how Twitter has come to define the internet, it turns out that Gore never did invent the internet, but came close to destroying it.

Al Gore Nearly Destroyed Twitter, Sold it to Al Jazeera

Australian Doc May Lose License for Refusing to Abort Baby Girl


Half the working-age men in Puerto Rico do not work. Officially, only 46% of those who are not pursuing a degree have formal jobs, compared with a United States average of 76%.

In each of the last six years, Puerto Rico sold hundreds of millions of dollars of new bonds just to meet payments on its older, outstanding bonds — a red flag. It also sold $2.5 billion worth of bonds to raise cash for its troubled pension system — a risky practice — and it sold still more long-term bonds to cover its yearly budget deficits.

Puerto Rico has been effectively shut out of the bond market and is now financing its operations with bank credit and other short-term measures that are unsustainable in the long run.

Puerto Rico May Be the Next Detroit

100,000′s Pro-Amnesty Rally Turns Out to be Only 5,000


Obama, still furious that the Muslim Brotherhood, a group whose members included Osama bin Laden and every other Al Qaeda leader, was forced out of power by popular anger, is once again cutting military aid to Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood, despite being closely linked to terrorist groups, was never denied any heavy weapons. Kerry rejected any thought of refusing Morsi, who prayed for the destruction of Israel, his F-16s.

But the Egyptian military is getting more aid cuts, because it won’t restore the Church-burning Muslim Brotherhood to power.

Obama Cuts Egypt Aid, Demanding Return of Church-Burners to Power

Kenyan Parliament Rethinking Somali Immigration after Bloody Mall Carnage


Considering that the sequester was Obama’s idea and Obama has shown no interest in doing anything like that, Grover Norquist’s idea is only slightly less stupid than eating a Slurpee made out of toxic waste.

Norquist’s real proposal is to keep the same economic disaster moving along and hoping that Obama might want to compromise for no real reason for the first time ever.

All that is hilarious coming from a man who built a brand as a fiscal conservative.

Grover Norquist Discredits Himself Attacking Ted Cruz

Dem Ex-Pennsylvania Gov got 600K from Mobsters to Legalize Gambling


Pew’s headline, “More white evangelicals than American Jews say God gave Israel to the Jewish people” has spawned any number of stories. It’s easy to see why the comparison is blatantly dishonest.

When comparing highly religious groups that believe in biblical literalism, you get similar results. When comparing net populations, you also get similar results.

“For example, twice as many white evangelical Protestants as Jews say that Israel was given to the Jewish people by God (82% vs. 40%)” he writes.

Of the general public, 44 percent believe that as compared to 40 percent of Jews.

84% of Orthodox Jews* believe it as compared to 82% of Evangelical Christians.

What Pew did was dishonestly compare a highly religious group with biblical literalism to a group that had nothing in common except ethnicity.

Pew’s Dishonest Comparison of Jews and Evangelical Christians on Israel


Ray Halbritter is suddenly everywhere, giving interviews denouncing the Washington based team, even though his own base is in New York. He’ll even meet with the NFL to begin the process of pressuring the Redskins into changing their name.

So yes, Ray Halbritter is a representative of the Oneida Indian Nation. But it’s the Oneida Indian Nation Inc. It’s a company with gas stations, a hotel and a casino.

In 1993, the Grand Council of Chiefs removed Mr. Halbritter as the Oneida wolf clan representative and notified the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) that he no longer represented the Oneida people. 

Casino Kingpin and Fake Indian Chief Targets Redskins

“Safeguarding the Debt is of Vital Importance,” China FM. “This is the United States’ Responsibility”


The parkway’s chief ranger, Steve Stinnett, said Park Service managers in Washington directed him to block access to the inn at milepost 408.6 and ensure “people don’t utilize a business that, according to the federal government, is closed.”

The Single Most Insane Government Shutdown Quote


California is truly progressive. It’s so progressive that it has actually progressed beyond biology. Forget such classics of the gay rights movement as “My Mom has Two Dads” and “My Grandpa is Really a Woman”.

We’re going truly post-nuclear here into cold fusion territory.

Why would anyone think that a child having 300 loving parents is an attack on the traditional family? Isn’t it better for a child to have 300 loving parents?

In entirely unrelated news, Jerry Brown was closely involved with the Jim Jones cult which used its political influence to illegally “adopt” children whom it later killed.

Despite this, Jerry Brown is Governor of California and Harvey Milk, who was even more closely involved with Jim Jones, is a gay rights icon.

Gov. Moonbeam Signs Law Allowing California Children to Have More Than 2 Parents


If you were going to divide New York into two cities—one rich, one poor—this would be the poor one: female-headed families living in housing projects or Section 8 apartments with flat-screen TVs and refrigerators stocked with food-stamp plenty, for generation after generation, whose unmotivated kids learn little from bad schools that cost more than almost any other public schools in the country—schools that only the most determined manage to learn enough from to escape the government-financed ghetto, leaving behind the average, ambitionless mass to become the parents of the next generation.

The rich New York would be exactly the opposite: people who get married and mostly stay married, who work hard to give their kids the best educational credentials and enrichment programs they can afford (alas, with a full measure of social-justice ideology and resume-burnishing social-service summer internships), who worship the work ethic, and who pay the taxes that support the other New York.

I don't agree with everything in this City Journal article, but the division is quite obvious. It's not between poor and rich though, so much as it is between those who work for a living and those who don't.

The Trustafarian Occupiers may end up growing up into respectable liberals or they may stay the drug addled activists they are today. who will never work for a living and there are members of the working poor who do their best to give their children a leg up.

The problem is that when liberals talk about the poor and the rich, they mean by the rich, people who work for a living, and by the poor, people who don't.

Working for a living is capitalism. Being rich without working for it is fine. And vice versa. Being poor and not working means you're oppressed. Being poor and working means you're a tool of "the man".


They were addicted to fantasizing about an alternative reality, describing their compulsions in metaphors similar to those used by obsessive gamblers and drug addicts. They likened them to "worms" (duda in Arabic) burrowing into their brains and driving them to seek not another game of cards or a fix, but dead Israelis, Americans, Europeans, or anyone else they considered infidels. They did not try to resist their compulsions or consider that their actions might be wrong, because they felt completely controlled and manipulated by the concept of jihad, which dictated their behavior in every sphere of life.

From an interesting article at IPT on the Addiction of Jihad.


One reason I watched these turkeys (and also many of their bigger-budget parents), and never will again, is to see how directors and screenwriters deal with emergency ethics, which is what all these films deal with. How those ethics are dramatized is a reflection on the state of reason in the culture as a driving force. Which, at least from a moral standpoint, is virtually nil.

Emergency ethics entails problem solving. Reason apparently played no role in either the decisions to make these turkeys or in imbuing their characters with reason. Rational problem solving, in turn, entails the weighing of values, one's own values, not the values expressed by a consensus, a majority, a group, or by "mankind."

A "turkey" in my cinematic lexicon can be defined as: A low-budget, independently financed and produced film cranked out to cater to filmgoers or couch potatoes obsessed with natural or manmade "environmental" disasters, apocalypses, the price of fooling with or "raping" the "ecosystem," ends of civilization, ends of the world, science fiction dystopias, and any other theme that blames man for his particular perilous circumstance or for his hubris or arrogance or for his mere existence. 

Edward Cline braves Netflix's Turkey Farm

The latest chapter of his novel, A Crimson Overture, A Detective Story of the 1930s, can be found on Amazon.


Kale Chips are the philosopher’s stone of kale. They prove that the depravity of vegans can always, ALWAYS, make a vegetable worse and more expensive at the same time. You may well have seen these “chips” hanging in their foil coffins from J-hooks in the stores. They currently retail at around $5.00 a bag for about an ounce. Yes, five bucks for one ounce. For all those who skipped multiplication, that’s $80.00 a pound for ...... kale! A jaw-dropping price that says, at least to me, that the owner of said store wants to keep all his kale chips in his private collection.

On the other hand, it might be better, in light of the downside to kale that transcends its vile nature and threatens your liver, your planet, and your little lambs, to locate the growers and producers of this green harbinger of tomorrow’s turd today and burn them out. Much like one once burned out witches. Tied to a stake with a bunch of dry kale chips at their feet they’d make a fine beginning to an old fashioned barbecue. 

Another edition of American Digest's American Studies.


One of the major problems for Islam is that the Koran is largely unintelligible even to those fluent in Arabic. Moreover this has always been the case, the problem is not any evolution of the Arabic language but that the language of the Qur’an is not really pure Arabic. The Qur’an contains vocabulary and usages from several different Semitic languages, Syro-Aramaic significant among them...

he fact that sections of the Qur’an are reflective of earlier Christian apocrypha and devotional liturgies should not really surprise anyone familiar with the claims of Islamic tradition to continuity with and extension of existing Judeo-Christian belief and revelation…

But comparison of the earliest texts with prior Christian devotional literature reveals that the similarities go beyond subject matter. Careful study reveals that the original language of the Qur’an was a mixture of Semitic languages in which many specific religious terms are borrowed by transliteration from their Syro-Aramaic origins.

The persistent failure to recognize the original meanings of these terms has lead to extensive revisions of their meanings as later Koranic authorities limited entirely to Arabic resorted to invention to cover their simple ignorance. Pressburg has the misfortune of stretching this point to cover clearly Arabic terms that are similar to terms found in other Semitic languages, ignoring the principle that where an existing Arabic term was in known usage it should be preferred, which strains the argument but cannot abolish it, for in many instances it is quite evident that the term in question is a pure transliteration of a novel non-Arabic term which has had a convenient meaning invented by later commentators.

A Dymphna review from Gates of Vienna


  1. Anonymous11/10/13

    knish, what is your opinion please: is it wrong to name a football team the "redskins"?

    -- spanky

  2. There is a core meanness to the guy. When he is out speech making he never shows more pleasure than when he is running somebody down.

  3. "It's not between poor and rich though, so much as it is between those who work for a living and those who don't."

    Exactly, and thank you, DG, for saying so. Look at any Leftist diatribe on the gap between the rich and the poor and you will find not a single sentence, not even a single word, devoted to 'Why?'

    As subjectivists, Leftists hate all facts, but they particularly hate the reality that in order to have something good, you have to work for it.

    The Left's approach? You don't have to lift a finger, other than to depress the vote lever for Democrats. The government will grab the good stuff for you at gun point.

    How did people like Gates, Buffet, etc. get to be rich? They earned it.

    It's not a 'rich-poor' gap. It's a huge 'work ethic' gap between those who succeed and those who vote the 'something for nothing' platform of the Left.


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