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The Brotherhood’s Currency of Blood

Like all terrorist organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood has only one commodity to trade in. Blood. In the war of ideas for the future of Egypt, the Brotherhood had nothing to offer but the blood of its followers and victims. It has no new ideas. It has no record of accomplishments. It has no vision for the future except the same old corruption and authoritarianism cloaked in a deceptive Islamist garb.

The outcome of any interaction with the Brotherhood could have been predicted from its motto; “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

In the streets of Egyptian cities, Muslim Brotherhood activists achieved their highest hope. They died in their Jihad against the liberal opposition and the military, fighting against human rights for women and Christians, against multi-party rule, freedom of speech, museums, libraries and the future in the way that the armies of Allah have died for over a thousand years. Some died trying to kill Egyptian soldiers and police officers. Others were killed by their own people in order to maximize the death toll and spread shock and horror through the international community.

Like their Hamas outlet in Gaza, like their Syrian brigades who have wrecked entire cities and filled them with corpses, and like Al Qaeda, whose leaders have always been Muslim Brotherhood members; the Brotherhood does not care whose blood it spills.

When your highest hope is dying for Allah, then everything else is a detail. The Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders, men like Morsi and Khairat el-Shater, are far less eager to die for Allah. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Brotherhood’s mad genocidal preacher, is still hiding out in Qatar and spewing calls for violence from under the skirts of the equally cowardly Qatari Emir, who finances the Brotherhood’s wave of death and terror in the region while living it up in his palaces and hoping that Morsi climbs back into power and signs another favorable natural gas import deal with Qatar so he can add on a few more palaces.

In his final speech, Morsi boasted of his willingness to sacrifice his blood for power. The Brotherhood’s preacher of hate, Qaradawi urged Jihadists from around the world to come and be martyred in Egypt.

For the wealthy titans of the Brotherhood, their followers are pawns to be disposed of, human shields for their political ambitions. The Muslim Brotherhood spent their blood generously during the clashes with Egyptian police the same way that Hamas and Hezbollah spill the blood of their own people.

What it bought with their blood is the outrage of the world. Terrorist organizations are one-trick ponies. They unleash horrifying violence, blame it on the brutality of the authorities and wait for the world to step in and apply pressure on whatever government they are trying to overthrow.

The Brotherhood’s leaders knew that. Their speeches amping up their followers for a deadly struggle created the tension that exploded into brutal violence. In the streets, the men who flocked to the terror camps of the Brotherhood and the women who came to be their human shields, wanted to kill and die. They sought to erase their own sinful existence in a tide of blood. That is the true secret meaning of Jihad. The fanatic who despairs of changing himself into a better man can explode all his repressions in one burst of violence, finding absolution from his mortal crimes in the Jihadist immortality of murder and death. That perverted impulse is at the heart of Islamic terrorism.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders followed the oldest traditions of Islam by offering their followers paradise and atonement in exchange for unleashing their darkest passions. That the unleashing should have ended in hundreds of deaths is not at all unprecedented in the many wars and conflicts of Islam.

What any normal person would consider a massacre; the Muslim Brotherhood considers an opportunity. Its tactic, like those of most terrorist groups, is to commit atrocities that bait the authorities into a seeming overreaction and then to use that to attract international attention and play the victim.

The Muslim Brotherhood used the blood of its followers as currency to buy international outrage that will be used to pressure Egypt into releasing Brotherhood leaders like Morsi and and Khairat el-Shater . It wanted the clashes to be as ugly and bloody as possible. It wanted to outrage the world because it knew that was the speediest way of getting its leaders out of their prison cells and back into power.

These murderous tactics would be useless if the United States and Europe weren’t full of useful idiots and fellow travelers, in and out of the media, gasping at the carnage and demanding an immediate halt to the violence. There is only one way to halt the violence and that is to crush the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt has only had peace by suppressing the Muslim Brotherhood. It will only have peace when the Muslim Brotherhood is suppressed once again. The last two years have shown that there can be no peace with the Muslim Brotherhood. In or out of power, the Brotherhood is murderous, intolerant and ruthlessly bent on absolute power.

Responding to the carnage with new calls for an end to foreign aid is an explicit form of collaboration in the Muslim Brotherhood’s atrocities and the surest way to ensure that they will be repeated. Egypt may deserve to lose its foreign aid, but issuing such calls now is handing a victory to the world’s worst terrorist organization and giving it every incentive to up the body count next time around.

The calls for Brotherhood participation in an Egyptian government are senseless insanity. Is there room for a movement that seeks nothing but death in the ranks of any government? Should murderous madness on such a scale really be the currency that purchases power? Should the burners of churches and the torturers of peaceful protesters be rewarded with power a second time?

Western governments fear escalation in Egypt. And that fear is the secret weapon of every terrorist group. The terrorist groups always escalate, spending their currency of blood cheaply to break the will of their enemies. The only way to break that cycle is to out-escalate them by showing that their currency of blood is worthless because the people and governments they are terrorizing will not be bent under its terrible weight.

Wars aren’t won through de-escalation, but through escalation. America lost in Afghanistan because it wasn’t willing to fight harder and bloodier than the Taliban. The Egyptian government has shown that it is willing to match the Muslim Brotherhood’s ruthlessness without backing down.

To reward the courage of the Egyptian soldiers and police who fought the Muslim Brotherhood in the streets by forcing their government to stand down and surrender to the terrorists who nearly turned Egypt into a second Iran is an unmitigated crime. It is a crime whose consequences will not only be felt by the women and Christians of Egypt, but by all of us.


  1. Anonymous18/8/13

    Thank you Daniel!
    People from around the world MUST open their eyes to the cruelty and lies of Islam!
    Every man and woman who want to live in a free world, must fight agains thic cancer of the world!

  2. Thank you for speaking the truth. So many in this country would rather bury their heads in the sand and not see.

  3. Anonymous18/8/13

    America and its allies didn't lose Afghanistan, Afghanistan lost Afghanistan. "People" looking from the outside or believe everything reported by the news media is true, are sheltered amidst what's going on in the world, the real world. In regards to religion, every religion since the beginning of time has had its darkside, its violent side, the side we fail every generation to learn from and prevent this from happening.

  4. I wrote to CBS and complained about their false stories claiming this was a military coup and the Muslim Brotherhood are champions of democracy. That's treason as far as I'm concerned. It seems like they have totally ignored that the majority of the Egyptian people demanded the Brotherhood be cast out. But according to CBS, they are heroes in a fight for democracy. CBS should have its executives jailed for treason.

  5. DenisO18/8/13

    Excellent justification for continuing the military aid to Egypt. You changed my mind. Here is an excerpt from Jonah Goldberg's article that suggests that even the idealistic Left may be thinking "To hell with them" too. I find it hard to believe they could defy history and be rational, but one can dream. Denis

    "...The understandable — if not necessarily laudable — response from many pro-defense conservatives was, “To hell with them.” They don’t want our help and, besides, we can’t help them when we try. If they attack us, we will attack back, but beyond that, they’re on their own.

    That attitude is back with a vengeance, and not just among self-described hawks. There’s even a version of that attitude among doves. Though they probably wouldn't say, “To hell with them,” they share a similar attitude that there’s little the U.S. can do for the Arab and Muslim world. Indeed, this exasperation is something of a boon for segments of the anti-American Left, who’ve always seen U.S. power as a force for ill in the world. President Obama offered the Muslim world a grandiose do-over, promising to be, in effect, an anti-Bush president. He’s now less popular among Arabs and Muslims than Bush was in 2008.

    The “to hell with them” attitude is no doubt prevalent among Americans who dislike Muslims, but having animus in one’s heart is not a prerequisite for exhaustion and exasperation with large swaths of the Middle East. All you need to do is read the headlines coming out of the Middle East and feel like, “I’ve seen this movie before.” And thanks to fracking and other technological boons, the fact that we’re becoming less and less reliant on Middle Eastern oil only serves to undermine arguments that we need regional stability at any cost.


  6. Anonymous18/8/13

    There is 1 detail that we shouldn't overlook or ignore.

    WHAT IF the electorate of Egypt actually DID choose the Muslim Brotherhood, even if it was by a slight majority. This wouldn't make these monsters less odious in my eyes. However, if it reflects the will of Egyptian voters, then I say "let them rule and let them ruin Egypt".

    Never-the less, I would support any effort to overthrow them if:

    (1) The MB cancelled subsequent scheduled elections.

    (2) If there was evidence that subsequent elections were rigged.

    (3) If the elected government used unconstitutional methods to enact and enforce law or broke international laws by persecuting minority groups (assuming this is illegal).

    I might be swimming against the tide here, but I believe citizens of any nation, INCLUDING Egypt, have the right to elect raving lunatics, incompetent fools, or deceiving liars. It's not as though this never happened before - in fact I live in a nation that voted this way to some degree in 2008, and again in 2012.

  7. Anonymous18/8/13

    The elections in Egypt were conducted on Soros-built voting machines, I understand.

    The elections in the USA were fraudulent because of the lack of proper ID and illegals voting in many states and the intent of Obama voters to vote multiple times.

    Fraud is the means by which Democrat communist community organizerss and Muslim Brotherhood stole both elections.

    Sibyl S.

  8. Anonymous18/8/13

    "WHAT IF the electorate of Egypt actually DID choose the Muslim Brotherhood"

    i seem to remember a faction that went "underground" in order look good for voting purposes - i think they called it the Freedom and Justice Party - but, hey, i ain't no researcher

    obtw - excellent work yet again, Mr. Greenfield

  9. Anonymous19/8/13

    Slight majorities do not cut it in a democracy when the government is that odious to such a large part of the population. You can not say well it was a significant slight majority so now the government can strip you of your rights, the meaning of your vote in the future and turn your country into a terrorist base. This is not a military coup. Military coups are meant to support minority run governments. This is the military filling a void created by the hostile actions of MB and Morsi against other Egyptians. That is perfectly legitimate and prevents bloodshed, starvation, etc.

    Sad that we have a president in place that needs a set up from a hack journalist to show that he was supposedly strong against terrorism when it is oh so clear he is in support of Morsi. No need for a Candy Crowley to tell us he supports the ousted Egyptian government. How disgusting.

  10. Anonymous21/8/13

    Pamela Geller has an article about the Muslim Brotherhood, reminding us that murder, rape, terrorism, racism, barbarism have been their Modus Operandi for many decades and cites an earlier wholesale burning of Cairo in the 40s or 50s. I can't link it because her website seems to be having connection problems.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a deadly plague against civilization and humanity.

    Sibyl S.


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