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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Briefly Speaking

The family member mentioned in previous roundups has come home from the hospital, but there is still a road ahead. It hasn't been an easy few weeks and I appreciate the understanding and support.

While I was distracted, I was apparently attacked by Paul Krugman, of all people.

Paul Krugman, who has done for economics what Erich Von Daniken did for space exploration, decided to attack me for the article while failing as badly at reading comprehension as he does at comprehending the existence of money.

Writing tongue-in-cheek, I mentioned that Bloomberg’s transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, the granddaughter of a Muslim Imam who worked with Hitler’s Mufti teaching SS men had, “In partial revenge… made many New York streets nearly as impassable as those of her grandfather’s wartime Dresden.”

You would have to be an idiot to take that at face value. Or Paul Krugman who headlined it as Nazi Islamic Bikes From Hell and called it “a wonderful window into the conservative psyche”.

When I was mentioned on Rush, I got emails telling me about it. But apparently no one around here reads Paul Krugman... which is a good thing.


Is it really amnesty or Obamnesty? I have made the argument that it's really all about Obama.

Obama backed what he called “comprehensive immigration reform” back in 2010. In a speech at American University, he laid out the same exact talking points of the current “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” plan, including the claim that the legal immigration system is broken, the promise that a comprehensive plan will begin by addressing border security and the fiction that illegal aliens will be “punished” by being forced to pay back taxes. The whole plan concluded with a path to citizenship.

That plan was loosely based on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009, whose real authors were at the Center for American Progress, which Time Magazine described as Obama’s “idea factory”.

The plan that Pro-Amnesty Republicans have been touting was Obama’s plan all along, word for word. It’s even being sold in exactly the same way and Gang of 8 members often find themselves repeating lines from Obama’s American University speech. Every time you hear a Senate Republican pitch amnesty by saying that the legal immigration system is broken, you are hearing echoes of an old Obama speech.

Obamnesty - How Obama controls the push for illegal alien amnesty


News that the National Constitution Center is awarding Hillary Clinton the Liberty Medal sounds impressive, but just remember that Hillary is getting an award that Gorbachev got in 2008, Spielberg got the year before and Hamid Karzai got in 2004.

Here's the award justification from the NCC.

"As the 67th Secretary of State, Clinton broke national and global barriers. She was the first First Lady to serve in a presidential Cabinet. She traveled to more countries than any other Secretary of State. She used social media to engage citizens in the workings of diplomacy, and she paid an official visit to Burma, making her the highest U.S. representative to do so in half a century."

Hillary is getting a medal for being the first First Lady to serve in a cabinet and for visiting a lot of countries… and using social media?

Hillary Clinton to Receive “Liberty Medal” for Spreading Islamist Tyranny


This morning this button said, “Farber Home Insurance.” But now it wears Hillary’s face. Ready, it says in red letters. Telling, not asking. The toaster now only makes bread with Hillary’s pixel printed face on it. The television keeps showing staticky reruns of Hillary’s campaign speeches. And the dog’s barks have begun to sound curiously like her.

I opened all the envelopes, but they were blank except for a sheer of paper with READY printed on it in red. The phone no longer works. Instead of a dial tone, I hear the whisper of old Hillary talk show appearances hissing over the lines.

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will look into their mirrors and see Hillary’s face looking back at them. “Ready?” she will whisper.

Ready for Hillary’s 3 Creepiest Items Will Give You Nightmares


Bloomberg tended to take that to a whole new level, mixing his private donations and the city’s public donations for a potent combination of political influence that bought him support from some troubling places, including the Newman cult, and pushed his agenda. And most people still didn’t pay much attention.

But Mayors Against Illegal Guns takes that to a whole new level. Bloomberg has created his own private Anti-NRA group using city resources and backed by his own personal fortune.

The precedent is troubling because cities and states generally did this kind of lobbying as secondhand support, passing along money to non-profits that did the actual campaigning. But instead of plowing money into an anti-gun group disguised as gun violence prevention grants, Bloomberg is just running his own national organization out of New York City government.

Bloomberg’s Political Abuse of New York City Resources


"Arming cadets with knowledge on the topics of gender and violence isn’t just the right thing to do, he said. It’s good for their careers."

Yes, gender theory is very vital for anyone in the Air Force. How are you going to fly a plane if you don’t know gender theory and fail to recognize the gender stereotypes in your fuselage? How?

Air Force Academy Adds Male Bashing Gender Theory “Male and Masculinity” Course


Obama has failed to fix the economy or win the war in Afghanistan, but give him an imaginary problem and he’s on it like Michelle on a glazed poundcake.

Obama Announces Plan to Save the Earth from a Problem That Doesn’t Exist


Kerry is obviously channeling Baghdad Bob here. And you can see why since they do have some things in common. There are plenty of Saudi fighters on the ground. They are being armed by the Saudi and Qatari governments. But they just aren’t officially part of the Saudi military.

Kerry Channels Baghdad Bob, Claims No Saudis Fighting in Syria


The District of Columbia Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety has approved a bill that would allow anatomical males and females who have letters signed by a health professional indicating that they have “undergone a gender transition” to legally change the sex listed on their birth certificate. 

DC’s JaParker Deoni Jones Birth Certificate Equality Amendment Act to Legalize Time Travel


Bill Clinton is always on the right side of every issue. The right side being the one that makes him popular. If he’s not, wait for the next poll and he will be.

Clinton only formally turned on DOMA this year. He did it for the same reason that he signed it into law. He was running for re-election then. Now his wife is running for office.

Bill has been claiming that he signed DOMA reluctantly. This is how reluctantly he did it.

The 60-second spot says President Clinton signed a bill defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman and “wants a complete ban on late-term abortions.”

After boasting about Clinton signing the anti-gay DOMA, the ad concludes with the line: “President Clinton has fought for our values and America is better for it.”

Bill Clinton Celebrates Supreme Court Overturning Marriage Law He Signed


Obama Inc Finds Way to Waste $250 Mil on UN and Palestinians at the Same Time

100 Afghan Diplomats Defect to Avoid Going Back to Afghanistan

One of the biggest perks of being a diplomat from Afghanistan (as opposed to a diplomat in Afghanistan) is not having to be in Afghanistan. But the bottom line is that the writing on the wall has been read. Obama’s pullout means a Taliban takeover. And the diplomats, like all forms of the rat, are the first to jump overboard.

 Obama Bringing Mother-in-Law Along on $100 Mil African Vacation

 100% of Tea Party Groups Targeted by the IRS


“We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society,” Obama said. “Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it’s not going to protect you from the coming storm.”

The Flat Earth Society however objects to being depicted as being skeptical of Global Warming. As devotees of imaginary science, the Flat Earth Society, like Obama, earnestly believes that cow flatulence is endangering the flat planet.

The Flat Earth Society is a real group, and its president says he believes climate change is real.

Flat Earth Society, Like Obama, Believes in Global Warming


  1. I applaud your attempt to bring some sense to all the madness. I fear for my country. The bad part is that half the people couldn't tell you where their home state is on the map. They just don't care what happens as the constitution is erased before our eyes.

  2. If humour and irony were your suit, Mr. Knish, then the comment that provoked the reaction from Krugman was a failure of both. I read your words and they did not induce a smile nor did I get any "irony" from the gratuitous insertion of Janette Sadik-Khan's morally-dubious lineage (except an eagerness to make this fact known, not for ironic reasons).

    For irony to work it ought to be understated, insidious and sly. It ought to make people think in a new way about a given configuration of facts. There can be an ironic analogy but for that to work it has to be inclusive and compassionate. I'm sorry to say this is a shabby performance from you. The Left is not the only political segment whose ironic/humorous savvy is often disabled.

  3. Anonymous29/6/13

    "While I was distracted, I was apparently attacked by Paul Krugman, of all people."

    you ever play marbles - remember who to flick your shooter?

    "Bloomberg’s Political Abuse of New York City Resources"

    where's the Mayors Against the Illegal Use of Public Servers ?

    "Air Force Academy Adds Male Bashing Gender Theory “Male and Masculinity” Course"

    do they have to open their heartsssss and open their mindsssss professor derrick...?

    jes wondern


    The left's destruction of the US Military is proceeding as planned.


    What better way to eliminate all official recognition of reality?

    The obvious question is "what can they be thinking? Do they actually believe that any society built upon such 'shifting sand' can last?

    The obvious answer, clearly too terrible to contemplate for most Americans... is that the left is counting on America collapsing. It's not a bug, it's a feature.


  5. Paul Krugman, who has done for economics what Erich Von Daniken did for space exploration, decided to attack me for the article while failing as badly at reading comprehension as he does at comprehending the existence of money -

    It's sad, but sarcasm, along with subtlety of any sort, is dead, murdered brutally in one of the left's many attacks on language and serious thought of any sort.

  6. Anonymous30/6/13

    Please tell me that's not Clinton's real logo. I was watching 1984 on You Tube and Hillary's face/logo combo looks like Big Brother


  7. it's a handbag her site is selling


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