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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Another Brief Roundup

Thank G-d, the medical situation mentioned in earlier weeks is improving. Hopefully this coming week will bring better news. This week was surprisingly all original articles, despite the conditions.

The roundup will still be brief as I am typing this up with not that much time left before I have to head out to the hospital. A place which I hopefully will never have to see for a very long time afterward.


To invade Libya, Obama lied and told the American people that the residents of Benghazi were about to suffer a massacre that would stain “the conscience of the world.” No such massacre had taken place or was ever going to take place. The only innocent people who wound up massacred in Benghazi were the Americans sent there by Hillary Clinton.

This time, swap out Aleppo or Homs for Benghazi as the cities badly in need of American protection. Never mind that the Christians of Aleppo and Homs, the only innocent parties in a religious war between a Shiite government and Sunni terrorist groups, are in far more danger from the Islamist Sunni terrorists that Obama is proposing to arm.

The Free Syrian Army’s Farouq Brigades went door to door expelling Christians in Homs. Of the 160,000 Christians in the city, there are now barely a 1,000.

In Qseir, the city recently recaptured by the Syrian Army from the Sunni militias, whose loss partly triggered the rush to war by the Western allies of the Muslim Brotherhood, most of the Christians had fled a place where they were once 10 percent of the population following Sunni Muslim persecution.

The 10,000 Christians of Qseir were ordered to leave the city by loudspeakers on mosques. If Obama’s intervention helps the Islamist militias retake Qseir; there will soon be no Christians left in the city at all. And the same goes for Homs and Aleppo.

Obama Lies America Into Another War


Israel Spent $126 Billion on Security Due to Palestinian Peace Process

Amnesty to Expand Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid Spending by $512 Billion

70% of Americans Oppose Obama’s Plan to Arm Syrian Terrorists

Obama Inc. Gave Syrians $815 Million in Aid

ObamaCare Could Result in $250 Billion Tax Fraud

Detroit Offering Creditors 10 Cents on the Dollar

Obama Brings 10,000 Syrians to America

Shaunnah Turner


Last year Morsi freed one of the monsters behind the Luxor Massacre. Now he appointed another member of The Islamic Group as the Governor of Luxor. His plans for increasing tourism reportedly involve a massive ad campaign followed by a major massacre.

A survivor of the Luxor massacre remembers that the gunmen “took all the young women, the girls, and disappeared with them. I don’t know where they went with the women, but they hurt them. We could hear screams of pain.”

The foreign dead included 31 Swiss, 10 Japanese, five Germans, four Britons one a child a Bulgarian, a Colombian and a French citizen.

The youngest victim was 5 year old Shaunnah Turner.

Morsi Appoints Member of Al Qaeda Allied Group that Massacred European Tourists in Luxor, Governor of Luxor


What strikes me about this is that Obama is obscenely eager to describe the troubles in Northern Ireland in religious terms, but completely refuses to acknowledge that his Syrian Civil War is a religious conflict.

Conflicts involving Christians can be religious, but not conflicts involving Muslims. Muslims never kill for religious reasons.

Irish Bishop Blasts Obama’s Anti-Catholic Bigotry


The one consistent thing with Obama is that the middle class is always the enemy. The middle class the enemy of the poor. The middle class is the enemy of big government. The middle class is even the enemy of the planet.

Darn that middle class. If only there was some way to tax and regulate it out of existence.

Obama Warns Growing Middle Class is Threatening the Environment


Denmark Refuses to Deport Al Qaeda Soldier Who Raped 10-Year-Old Because He is “Well Integrated”

Taliban Attack Air Base, Kill 4 US Soldiers, After Obama Praises Them for Agreeing to Negotiations

6 Muslims Sentenced to Community Service for Gang Rape of 15 Year Old Swedish Girl

Imam of Largest Sacramento Mosque: “When People Listen to Music, They Ask for Alcohol, Which Will Lead to Adultery”


Marco Rubio is likable. That likability is his chief asset. Even as he champions a wildly unpopular bill among his own base, his numbers remain high. It’s not just magic.

Rubio is everywhere. If you tune in to Univision, you can hear him promising legalization. If you watch FOX News, you’ll hear him express disappointment in his own bill, almost sounding as he might not vote for the very thing that he has staked his entire career on.

There are many Rubios. At times it seems as if there are as many Rubios as there are Obama. A flock of smiling men with neat black hair who can talk Tupac, the American dream and anything in between for as long as you want them too.

The real Rubio isn’t likable. The real Rubio wants to be liked. The real Rubio is desperately insecure and desperate to please everyone at the same time. The real Rubio is in over his head.

Rubio Can't Cut It


Let’s start with the more “intact families” thing. 42 percent of Latino kids are living in single parent homes. That’s better than the number for African-Americans, but much worse than the white 25 percent number. And the Latino broken home numbers have been steadily rising.

Jeb Bush’s Immigrant Fertility Welfare State Solution


I don't really have much time to read or link to things, but I thought that the NR rejection of Amnesty made a very important point.

While there are some persuasive economic arguments in favor of expanding legal immigration, the United States is a nation with an economy, not an economy with a nation.


Obama Official Says White House in Complete Control of Gang of 8

Hillary’s State Department Covered Up Hooker Escapades in Italy, Forced Out Whistleblower

Scottish Police Worry Breakup of 2 Muslim Paedophile Rings Will “Increase Community Tensions”


  1. "The real Rubio is desperately insecure and desperate to please everyone at the same time. The real Rubio is in over his head."

    With all due respect, I don't think so. I suspect Rubio knows exactly what he's doing. His prior comments to 2011 demonstrate complete familiarity with the conservative arguments against amnesty. He's not a dummy and had to know what the conservative reaction to amnesty would be. Yet at every step he's doubled down. This is intentional.

    Since its a political calculation, the only explanation that doesn't result in his political 'Seppuku' is for Rubio to switch parties in 2014-2015. He'll use conservative outrage to declare that the Republican Party has become too extreme.

    What's his end game? The 2016 Democrat Vice Presidential nominee. Where he would be the first Hispanic running with Hillary Clinton, the first WOMAN Presidential nominee. That would have liberals feeling 'a thrill' running up their legs.

    This is speculative of course but if personal advancement is his only real consideration, it's a rational, clear path for Rubio.

  2. Rubio and the whole immigration debate is an orgy of lying unlike anything I have ever seen. During the day, every few minutes brings another revelation of treachery. The sheer magnitude of what's going on dwarfs even the passage of Obamacare or the front page of the old-style Pravda. It must be exciting for the enemies of the United States to hold their rusty knife at the throat of "their" country. Drunk with anticipation, they scream their own Allahu Akbars, the various references to the pathway to citizenship or coming out of the shadow or the border surge, as they prepare to behead the half-dead body a formerly great country. How much to you have to love power to do something like this? Power-hungry dictators killed in the name of power for millenia, but it took a "democracy" for them to have to lie an smile at the same time while doing it. What a tragic parody of what once was!


  3. What strikes me about this is that Obama is obscenely eager to describe the troubles in Northern Ireland in religious terms, but completely refuses to acknowledge that his Syrian Civil War is a religious conflict.

    Why did the Irish allow this troublemaker to speak to their youth? He did the same thing here in Israel a few months ago, and it is a disgrace that he is not universally ridiculed and condemned just for this sleazy move of propagandizing young people rather than seriously addressing his peers?

  4. hope all is well :)

  5. Thank you Daniel for your dedication through this difficult time. Please know I have given your name at minion each night in hopes it will help your situation.


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