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Refusing to be Terrorized

Two out of three governments agree that dealing with terrorism is all about having the right attitude. That, "Yes, we've been bombed, but we're ready to pick ourselves up and get on with our lives without drawing any conclusions from what happened" attitude that politicians patriotically advocate as soon as the carnage is over.

 "Americans refuse to be terrorized. Ultimately, that's what we'll remember from this week," Obama said in his radio address.

But of course Americans were terrorized. Obama's message is that in response to the terrorism, Bostonians won't spend the rest of their lives locked in their homes, at least not until the next time there's a terrorist on the loose. But then again neither are Rwandans or Sudanese. This isn't so much an inspirational message as a pat on the back from a government that once again failed in its duty to keep Americans from being terrorized.

If America had refused to be terrorized, the Tsarnaevs would not have been admitted to this country or would have been shown the door once they started adding terrorist videos to their playlist. Instead Tamerlan Tsarnaev was free to slap around his girlfriend while his brother Dzhokhar was adding classic hits to his YouTube playlist like "We Will Dedicate Our Lives to the Jihad."

That ditty, from the hit-master behind “Hey, Shahid”, “The Holy Jihad (Rise Muslim)” and “Insallah, We are Waiting for Paradise” contains lyrics like "Paradise’s rivers softly chime/The 72 virgins lovingly whisper" and "Infidels rule the earth/for the faithful life is torture".

But while infidels might still rule the United States, though there are serious questions to be raised about who is ruling Michigan or New Jersey, life was hardly torture for the Tsarnaevs who drove luxury cars, attended good schools and got good media coverage. The good media coverage continued even after their bout of mass murder as the New York Times feature story on them was headlined, "Far From War-Torn Homeland, Trying to Fit In." And who can blame them for trying to fit by practicing some of their native customs of mass murder.

At some point refusing to be terrorized looks a lot like refusing to pay attention to what terrorism is. After September 11 the government encouraged everyone to get back out there and shop. The message now is take in an interfaith service and then visit your local mosque for a sanitized tour that explains how peaceful Islam really is. There's a lot of talk about finishing the marathon and MoveOn.orging on our way past the unpleasantness.

But there are two standards on being terrorized. When a mentally ill man shoots up a school, then everyone is obligated to be terrorized all the time. Children can be seized for chewing a pop tart the wrong way and the leading leaders tow around selected parents of victims to demand that the pesky Bill of Rights take a back seat to a special moral superiority vote from a former Democratic member of congress whose great achievement in life was getting shot in the head by another mental patient.

The next Adam Lanza is just around the corner. But the next Tamerlan Tsarnaev isn't worth bothering with. Gun control is an urgent issue, but mass immigration from terrorist countries isn't.

Talk of refusing to be terrorized smacks of governments handing out coping mechanisms for preventable acts of terror. And once we start going down that road, it's worth remembering that the timeless coping mechanism for that sort of thing is Stockholm Syndrome. Indeed the old Stockholm cure is popular in the media which is already beginning to disgorge explanations of alienation that will show that Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev didn't kill on their own, we made them killers by not showing them enough love.

It's not the role of governments to tell people how to get over a terrorist attack. Nor is it the role of government to violate the Bill of Rights using the act of a lone madman as a pretext. But it is the role of government to stop an international campaign of terror by a fanatical ideology from reaching these shores using the blunt tool of immigration.

Refusing to be terrorized is as simple as refusing to accept more immigrants from Muslim countries. It's not the least repressive measure ever, but it beats interfering with the civil rights of hundreds of millions of Americans who are not members of terrorist groups.

The difference between refusing to accept terrorism and refusing to feel bad about terrorism is the difference between refusing to be terrorized and refusing to pay attention to terrorism.

There is no need for Obama to play Therapist-in-Chief. It's not his job, even if he is better at it than he is at his real job. His job isn't to praise the attitudes of the people his administration put in danger by refusing to give Tamerlan the boot even after warnings had come in that he was involved with Islamic terrorism. It's to refuse to accept the presence of terrorists in this country.

Obama obviously won't do that job. But neither did Bush. Unlike empty paeans to courage by politicians with none of their own, that topic is not even on the table. The terrorists will keep on coming and after each new act of terror, the politicians who keep the door wide open for them will praise the indomitable spirit of whichever city got targeted this time around.

Americans don't need to be told that they have courage. It's a nice topic for a speech, but an even better topic for a speech is, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation Deporting Amateur Jihadists Who Claim Life Under Infidel Rule is Torture." One is an empty compliment. The other is a practical task.

A refusal to be terrorized should not be the task of the civilian population. It only becomes the task of the civilian population when the government is unwilling or unable to keep them safe. And then come the speeches that say, but don't say, "The bad news is you're going to be blown up, but the good news is you're going to be a good soldier about it."

Muslim terrorism doesn't just happen. It's not random. It's not inevitable. It's a known entity and it has a vector. When bird flu breaks out, flights from affected countries are suspended, but when Islamism breaks out in a country, then the planes keep flying and the refugees get resettled and the infection spreads.

America will refuse to be terrorized when it refuses to admit terrorists or potential terrorists into the country and when it begins aggressively deporting terrorist sympathizers from its cities. Americans will refuse to be terrorized when they demand a government that closes the door to terrorists, instead of praising everyone for their courage once the acts of terror happen.

Terrorism is a function of immigration. Terrorists do not come to this country on parachutes or sneak in by boat. For the most part they arrive here legally. They come through a door that our government opened and keeps open as widely as it can because its allied institutions profit from the traffic. It is more important for the government to keep colleges in the Middle East student business and to keep Democrats in the new minorities business than it is to refuse to allow this country to be terrorized.

We refused to be terrorized after September 11. We went shopping. We got back in the stock market. We fought two wars whose prime purposes was to get two Muslim countries to be able to vote for their leaders. And here we are again facing the same thing all over again. Except this time we get to trade Iraq for Syria and Boston for New York.

While we refuse to be terrorized, those who insist on terrorizing us continue swarming into this country. A hundred Muslim nations have sent their progeny to live their tortured lives here, until they grow tired of infidel rule and decide to do what they do back home. Kill. And then we once again can refuse to be terrorized at an interfaith service in which the clergy of the murderers stand side by side with the clergy of the murdered.

The day may come when we finally refuse to be terrorized. They will not do it by going back to do their part for the next shopping season, the next interfaith service and the next healing speech. They will refuse to be terrorized by closing the door on terrorism for good.


  1. If Obama had a brother he would perhaps look and talk like Deval Patrick. On April 18th, while the pictures of the other two relevant brothers were not yet released this highly competent Governor said the following:

    "We will recover and repair. We will grieve our losses and heal. We will rise, and we will endure. We will have accountability without vengeance. Vigilance without fear. And we will remember, I hope and pray, long after the buzz of Boylston Street is back and the media has turned its attention elsewhere, that the grace this tragedy exposed is the best of who we are.”

    While I noted the whole paragraph at the time for the reasons similar to those expressed by Daniel, I paid particular attention to the "accountability without vengeance" part because it told me without a shadow of a doubt that he knew at that time that the terrorist was a Muslim and not some right-winger (which of course was pretty likely to begin with). He of course knew that Obama who was right there would very much want to extract at least political vengeance had some Tea Party member committed the atrocities, and so the only other possibility became reality for me at the time because, as everyone knows, Obama does not want vengeance on Muslims.

    We once again have to ask ourselves "Why?". Why is it that our President is so forgiving of this whole class of people? Everyone reading this blog has obviously thought of that, and undoubtedly if a member of the more supportive group has a couple of pet answers. If he or she is less supportive he would probably dismiss the question as either offensive or irrelevant or both, or at least attribute it the commitment our beloved President has to equality and to prejudging others, a commitment he so eloquently expressed in his televised address.

    But I am also familiar with how quickly he assigned responsibility in the Trayvon Martin case, but not being familiar with Deval Patrick's views on that subject, I decided to check. And guess what, he was also quite a bit quicker in assigning responsibility in that case than in this recent one, even though it was far away geographically from his jurisdiction.

    So we have to ask ourselves why is it that people who are very quick to assign blame and seek retribution in some cases or so phenomenally forgiving in others? Could it be that their commitment to equality is a complete sham? Could it be that they play healers in chief and consolers in chief not because it's their second nature but because they are deliberately protecting Muslims? We can all answer this question as we see fit. I can guess how most readers of this blog would answer it.

  2. @IgorR The point is not only about the "Stupid in Chief" of the entire western world referring not only the US but all of the once enlightened western world, but who behind them have politically pushed and financed the stream of Muslim immigrants to the west. I do more and more, also in the light of occasionally seeing presidents in more intimate meetings where often one of the guest-speakers happens to be an extremely wealthy Saudi business man, close friend of the president or PM and important contributor to his campaign, believe that indeed one of the 1973 deals with Opec to have the oil flowing again must have been immigration freedom for unlimited quantities of uneducated Muslims to slowly but surely hollow out our way of life.
    btw your president has half brother(s) and they very much use his name to gain influence in Kenya.

  3. Great column, but I'm afraid it's too late unless we start a great purge and rid the country of its terrorist cells. From things I've read yesterday, people just don't understand that terrorist cells can blend in, and fool others. Someone should go to jail over the Boston Bombing. They knew these brothers had terrorist ties and let them exist anyway. And where did they get their weapons and explosives? Before it's over, the Liberals will have the NRA as the main fault of their corruption. Liberals dance their nation to the grave just to get their way.

  4. Daniel such great points. You really do have a way of taking issues and making them so simple to grasp. A gift, truly.

    The Obama Administration told us Al-Qaeda was decimated, OBL is dead now the war is over. We've packed up and left Iraq, and we're rolling up the Humvee's in Afghanistan. Rather than calling terrorism what it is in Benghazi on 9/11 or Texas at a military base, or in California at the recruiting station we call it work place violence, a loan wolf, or some other euphemism to lull us into a false sense of security. It worked, the first bomb was dropped at the feet of a man in Boston who lost his two legs and his son lost a leg. He explained that a man dropped his backpack down on the ground and two minutes later it blew up.

    The police and citizenry fell asleep at the wheel or believed the government propaganda. The FBI allowed themselves to have all their records expunged of data that would have alerted them of the signs of an Islamic Jihadist by CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.
    The politicians are elected by the people but they allowed themselves to be lulled into a sense of false security by a media who have become nothing more then stenographers for a corrupt government. A subset of people who protect themselves and their friends and could care less about the rest of us.

    How many more people have to die before the American people wake up to a corrupt media?! I fear that answer more than I do a terrorist.

    Finally, how many Bostonians wished they had a gun in their home this week?

  5. "the old Stockholm cure is popular in the media which is already beginning to disgorge explanations of alienation that will show that Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev didn't kill on their own, we made them killers by not showing them enough love."

    Our tax-payer funded media outlets - who want to emulate the Jew-hating, Islamist-loving BBC, this was expected. But now even the "low-brow" conservative media outlet have caught the disease: this morning, in full half hour where the subject was the Boston Bombin, not one (not ONE) mention was made of the victims. The blonde bimbo, reading from the auto cue I suspect described the islamists bombers as "MARGINALISED YOUNG BOYS" and repeated that at least 3 or 4 times. And the whole media (here in Australia) is really volunteering for the Stockholm syndrome...they make me sick!

    Thank you for your continued fight against this contagious cancer that is islam and leftist dhimmitude

  6. Despite the evidence, the talking heads are already trying to justify #2 as being a dupe of his older brother. The PCers, MSM and otherwise have been desperately down playing the Islamist Jihad connection to this. Indeed, the first 24 hours + had the left claiming that this was a right wing terrorist event. My solution; Jihad against the lying, biased MSM and their enablers.

  7. The sheep are being tranquilized before they are slaughtered.
    Seriously ,I see such a clear comparison to the Jews of Germany during the rise of the Third Reich and the Jews and Christian's of America today,right now.
    They refused to heed any warnings and 'it can't happen here' is the same thing their ancestors said to Jeremiah when he came to them with the truth,bad news ,reality of what God was sending on them because of their perversity and wickedness. They would not let go of their fantasy.
    Today the majority of Jews and Christians in America wallow and live happily in America's decadent,evil,perverse culture.
    The brainwashed,lie loving (Obama) Jews of America today are under the same spell that will lead to their slaughter here in America.They (the vast majority) completely ignore the truth and love the lies they have built their houses on.
    It's going to come crashing down on you again and chew on this ; The very high percentage of Jews in America who helped elect their very own destroyer.
    No matter how wicked he reveals himself to be they love him because they hate God.
    That's scary,but I've learned to fear God and love the truth and that's why nobody's listening to the warnings.
    If you lived Tanach and listened to the LORD instead of your blind Rabbi's leading the blind into the ditch you could clearly see what is coming here.
    The Holy One of Israel always has a small remnant who love and listen to Him.
    For the rest of you, it's going to get unbelievably ugly.

  8. If the Obama admin. had instituted Muslim Ideological Profiling (MIP), the Boston Marathon Massacre would never have happened. Instead, he sells us out to global Islam as far as he can get away with every day, the worst thing being to open our gates to Muslim immigration. We need a whole new leadership in the U.S. that's on the right team, the team that wants to preserve and protect the Constitution, don't we? Only I run an eagle's eyrie blog that gives the eagle's view over the herd of ostriches, the Historyscoper's Islam Watch Blog. Who will read it long and hard enough to rise to a leadership position in the years to come?

  9. @mindRider

    There are several alleged half-brothers and I am well aware of them, but tend to discount their genetic relatedness to El pResidente..

    And you are right, SOMETHING is going on that's maintaining the special status that Muslims enjoy, and it seems highly probably that that something is related to the Saudi money.

  10. Anonymous21/4/13

    Don't speak of Terror, speak of Islam, the ideology and cause and source of modern terror.

    The mourners of the victims of Islam will be just as non-violent, just as meek, just as clueless on the day when they bury the last non-muslim and when they speak their own last words before their own death at the hands of Islam as they are today when they mouth their sanctimonious, "holier than thou" stupidities over the bodies of the first victims of Islam.

    Our politicians today are the smug, self sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, morally superior, they are true members of the "Camp of the Saints".

    They think themselves oh so morally superior because they "love their enemies", renounce violence and revenge and espouse forgiveness and non-violence.

    A wise man once said:
    "Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live."

    "Talk of refusing to be terrorized smacks of governments handing out coping mechanisms for preventable acts of terror."

    If only Obama could hand out actual tranquilizer pills to the victims of Islamic Terror.
    Terrorize, tranquilize, off - is that Obama's plan?

    You ask "So we have to ask ourselves why is it that people who are very quick to assign blame and seek retribution in some cases are so phenomenally forgiving in others?"
    Obama has a chip on his shoulder, he's known all his life that he's rejected by White America and that he doesn't fit in and so he hates America.
    He has an agenda.
    He intends to destroy traditional America and to create his new Islamo-Communist America.
    That will be his revenge.
    The deal in 1973 to flood the West with Muslims is clearly spelled out in "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis" by Bat Ye'or.
    This is when the EU sold it's soul to the Devil and betrayed the citizens of Western Civilization.
    Obama sacrificed Osama bin Laden to deceive America into thinking that the war against Islam was over, so that Islam could continue to tunnel under our defensive walls.

  11. Anonymous21/4/13

    There are now generations of Muslims who are born into the US whose parents and grandparents immigrated decades ago. There are mixed marriages with white or black non-Muslim parents. There are also American converts to Islam. So focusing on immigration may be one part of dealing with it but will not end Islamic terrorism.

  12. It will cut off reinforcements and make continued Saudi reprogramming difficult

    and who knows whether Islam will be able to perpetuate itself too well with sixth or seventh generation immigrants

    it certainly is a good place to start

  13. I have to wonder if the FBI interrogation of one or both of these nice friendly boys 2 years ago will be made public. They were asked by the Russians specifically to look into these two for reasons I suspect have little to do with illegal Mexican immigration, homophobia, turnstyle jumping and such.

    I also have to wonder if the information surrounding the Saudi student questioned on day one, hence secretly deported for national security reasons will ever be made public.

    I think not and while we're treated on a daily basis to libels and hate speech about how 'the Jews' secretly own and operate America, it's increasingly obvious that Saudi influence over America is hardwired. In 20 or 30 years when the oil runs out I have to guess that the Saudi government will be airlifted whole to Washington and given a chair or two at the key policy seats in the White House.

  14. Anonymous21/4/13

    The gov't drops the ball, spoon feeds the media nonsense, the media spoon feeds the hungry public and the public is lulled to sleep or at least into a minor state of euphoria. We captured this particular terrorist.

    Everything is over, we're all safe now. Return to normal programming.

    Meanwhile...we can watch memorials to the victims. How many memorials to the victims of terrorism will there be until our communities become little more than memorials to themselves?

    I'm sorry. I wasn't glued to the TV during all of this. Boston Strong/I Love New York/ etc. We need cheerleading?

    We need to express resolve to prevent such attacks from happening in the first place not cheers before a hockey game.

    Immigration reform is what we need and yes, racial/religious profiling.


  15. Just to demonstrated how the liberal mind works: When this happened, two of my co-workers insisted that the terrorists must be NRA white supremacists. When it was revealed that they were muslims, their response was, now we must protect the poor muslims in this country from the NRA white supremacists. They are truly sick people.

  16. right left up two three four?

    Is there really a right or left, or how anyone as intelligent as Daniel can still believe in a God?

    Nobody is right or left everybody is an individual that can make their own minds up?

  17. Si Daniels blog is only what Daniel has to say?

  18. Anonymous21/4/13

    Um, Drudgery. . . And your point is?

    When men turn away from the good, then they lose their reason, and burble nonsense. Just like you're doing, now.


  19. Bitchier than usual. Your dismissal of Gabriel Giffords negated your whole essay.

  20. blind loyalty is nonsense?

  21. my point is bloody obvious, me in honey?

  22. Sarah Palin...quits political life, goes on about life.

    Barbie Brain Giffords quits political life and cries about how life is unfair and inanimate objects are the downfall of this country.

    There's nothing to dismiss about Giffords, she dismissed herself.

  23. "... for the Tsarnaevs who drove luxury cars, attended good schools ..."

    So where did they get their funding? Is the family independently wealthy?

    Those two were absolutely not the last.

  24. Anonymous21/4/13

    The left wing has allied itself to Islamists because they have the same goals of deconstruction. Moslems in the last election are 75% democrat or greater. The Left will flood every nation with their allies whenever they can get away with it. Go to a naturalization ceremony and they are mostly moslem. There is no hope of getting democrats to slow immigration of moslems. The real question is why republicans (bush, rubio, mccain?) are in favor of it.

    Andy Texan

  25. Martin Equis21/4/13

    Refuse to be terrorized:
    That is how it is done.

  26. Anonymous21/4/13

    "So where did they get their funding? Is the family independently wealthy?"
    From the US government.

  27. Anonymous26/4/13

    Remember this folks; all muslims are prone to spontaneous fits of islam. When this happens, Americans (aka infidels) get hurt. Wake up America.


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