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Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Words Don't Matter


“Don’t tell me words don’t matter,” Obama once said, while insisting that they meant the opposite of what we thought they meant. The left believes that words matter because they allow people to communicate the wrong sort of ideas. Change the words and you change the ideas.

Islamism is one of those ideas. The idea is that people ought to live under Islam. This was thought to be a bad idea, back in those dark days before we learned that Islamism is as American as Mom, Other Mom and Apple Pie.

Now we know that Islamism is actually the best defense against Islamism so long as it’s the good kind of Islamism that involves terrorist groups winning elections and shooting their people in the streets instead of the bad kind of Islamism which involves terrorist groups shooting people in the streets without first running for office.

None Dare Call It Islamism


Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry mumbled something about refusing to accept North Korea as a nuclear state.

“The United States will do what is necessary to defend ourselves and defend our allies, Korea and Japan, “ Kerry said at a joint press conference with the South Korean foreign minister. “We are fully prepared and capable of doing so, and I think the DPRK understands that.”

But that’s exactly the trouble. North Korea doesn’t understand it. Not when its threats were followed by feverish attempts at retreat from Obama Inc.

President Theodore Roosevelt advised speaking softly and carrying a big stick. Instead Obama speaks loudly and carries a toothpick. Obama and Kerry bluster and then punk out when their bluff is called. Obama’s foreign policy of empty threats and incompetent policies has ushered in a Post-American world order.

Obama's Foreign Policy of Bluffs and Retreats


Ahmed Daqamseh, a Jordanian soldier opened fire at a large group of Israeli schoolgirls from the AMIT Fuerst School in Beit Shemesh who were on a class field trip, killing seven of them and injuring six others.

Speaking on Al Jazeera in May 2001, Ahmed Daqamseh’s mother said, “I am proud of my son, and I hold my head high. My son did a heroic deed and has pleased Allah and his own conscience."

An overwhelming 110 members of the Jordanian House of Representatives signed a petition demanding a pardon for Daqamseh.

The parliamentary memo described Dagamseh as a “hero,” calling for a special pardon to release him.

Maxims added by the MPs themselves included “We are all Ahmed Daqamseh”, “pardon based on justice” and “freedom for the soldier hero.”

Vast Majority of Jordanian Parliament Calls for Release of Man Who Murdered 7 Israeli Schoolgirls


And where do we get the $14.8 billion? By taxing so-called “impervious surfaces,” anything that prevents rain water from seeping into the earth (roofs, driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc.) thereby causing stormwater run off. In other words, a rain tax.

Well, you ask, “How on earth can the government know how much impervious surface I own?” Answer: It’s not on earth, it’s in the sky. Thanks to satellite imagery and geographic information systems, Big Brother can measure your roof and driveway.

This is life now. Advanced technology in the service of medieval insanity.


“For years, an argument in Washington has raged between reducing our deficits at all costs, and making the investments we need to grow the economy," Obama said. "My budget puts that argument to rest.  Because we don’t have to choose between these goals – we can do both.  After all, as we saw in the 1990s, nothing reduces deficits faster than a growing economy.”

Sally, come in here for a minute. This is fantastic. I just found out that we don’t have to choose between spending money and not spending money. We can do both. Because nothing reduces our spending faster than spending more money.

Obama hits a new record of spending 4 trillion in one year while making 4.5 trillion in spending cuts. Math has finally been defeated. Numbers are all imaginary now. And money comes from a magic tree in the backyard that Obama bought when he traded the treasury for some magical social justice beans.

Obama Claims He’s Cutting the Deficit, Hits New 4 Trillion Spending Record in One Year


The ACLU took in 63 million dollars in 2011. It has net assets of almost 300 million dollars. Anthony Romero, its Exec Director, takes in 342,858 dollars.

And like most bullies, the ACLU picked a target its own size, Barronelle Stutzman, a 70-year-old woman who runs a flower shop. For those who think that gay marriage can be folded on, the case of Arlene’s Flowers provides another sobering wake-up call.

The American Civil Liberties Union also stepped into the fray, sending Stutzman a letter announcing it would file a separate civil suit for damages on behalf of the engaged couple unless she agrees to provide flowers without discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, publish a letter of apology in the newspaper and donate $5,000 to a local youth center, in lieu of attorneys’ fees.

ACLU Sues 70-Year-Old Christian Flower Shop Owner for Refusing to Participate in Gay Wedding


The term “Arab Spring” has to be retired. There is nothing springlike going on,” Friedman says. “It’s best we now speak of the “Arab Decade” or the “Arab Quarter Century”

Why not the Arab millennium or the Arab trillion years. Like the guy who keeps predicting the world will end, it’s safest to set your dates as far as possible. And 10-25 years later, no one will remember what Friedman predicted let alone that he even existed.

When your predictions don’t succeed, just postpone them as far as possible. The people who promised us a positive transformation are now promising us a Thirty Years War.

Thomas Friedman Finally Admits the Arab Spring is a Disaster


There was a committee which looked at it and said that if we went on as we are then by the end of the century there would be four million people of the new Commonwealth or Pakistan here.

Now, that is an awful lot and I think it means that people are really rather afraid that this country might be rather swamped by people with a different culture and, you know, the British character has done so much for democracy, for law and done so much throughout the world that if there is any fear that it might be swamped people are going to react and be rather hostile to those coming in.

Now, I was brought up in a small town, 25,000. That would be two new towns a year and that is quite a lot. So, we do have to hold out the prospect of an end to immigration except, of course, for compassionate cases.

Margaret Thatcher on Immigration: “We Do Have to Hold Out the Prospect of an End to Immigration”


If Weiner pushes ahead, he will be going into a primary against the front-running lesbian, Christine Quinn,  Bill de Blasio, who is slightly to the left of Joseph Stalin, and John Liu, who may be an agent of Communist China and may be headed to jail over campaign finance fraud– the investigation is still running.

Most of the bloggers writing angry pieces about Bloomberg don’t understand that he won 3 terms because the alternatives were so much worse. The Bloomberg effect is why Weiner may have a shot. Sure he’s bad, but it keeps Bill be Blasio from declaring the People’s Republic of Manhattazlan and prevents John Liu from putting the entire treasury into a briefcase and flying off to Dubai.

Anthony “Huma” Weiner Preparing to Run for Mayor


Chelsea Clinton has a bunch of degrees from prestigious academic institutions that she didn’t do anything with. Most of her degrees are useless outside the political world. In real life, having degrees in history, international relations and public health makes you mostly unemployable outside the political sector.

Since then she’s worked at a consulting firm, sat on a board and was given a job at NBC reporting positive life affirming stories. Her performance was terrible, but she was kept on for obvious reasons. After marrying the spawn of another Democratic politician, there’s only one thing ahead for her and that’s running for public office… somewhere.

 Chelsea Clinton Threatens To Go Into Politics


When in 1872 the Turkish Governor asked an assembly of notables to stop this nuisance, there arose an old doctor of Muslim law and explained that this stone-throwing at Jews was an age-old custom (in Arabic ‘Ada) and therefore it was unlawful to forbid it.”

The Muslim Custom of Throwing Stones at Jews


“From June to December 1942 the authorities instituted even more anti-Jewish decrees. Jews were not allowed to make real-estate deals with “Aryan” Italians or with Muslims.”

The Story of a Holocaust Survivor from Benghazi


Illegals Taunt Border Patrol Agents: “Obama’s Gonna Let Me Go” 

Department of Justice Spent $100 Mil on Conferences in One Year

Chavez Successor Threatens Venezuelans Who Don’t Vote for Him With Ancient Curse

Obama’s “Muslim Self-Esteem” NASA in Complete Disarray

Gay Infertility” is the New Mandatory Health Insurance Frontier

Disability is the 11th Largest State in America

Hollywood Promotes Communist Terrorist Angela Davis

Obama’s Cousin Loses Presidential Election, Supporters Riot


To the extent that there ever was an American Jewish consensus, it’s collapsing into the same partisan divide as the rest of the country, with left-wing Jews on one side and right-wing Jews on another.

The American Jewish vote is breaking down into polar opposites. The middle ground is vanishing and is being replaced by Jewish voters who are still actively engaged, but dislike ‘moderate’ politicians and prefer strongly partisan stands.

The American Jewish vote is starting to look like the rest of America. The process will take a while for generational reasons, but by 2025, it’s likely to be nearly complete.

Grassroots Jewish Republicans Moving to the Right


Apparently America has too many jobs so Obama will be spending taxpayer money to support Russia’s defense industry on behalf of Afghanistan. And he’s doing so over the bipartisan objections of Congress from both the right and left and a ban on buying them written into the NDAA.

Aside from throwing almost $700 million to a company owned by the Russian government at a time when Obama has taken a chainsaw to the United States military, subsidizing the Russian defense industry helps it develop more weapons that will be sold to America’s enemies.

That money will help fund R&D for the next generation of weapons that an American military dismantled by Obama will be facing on the battlefield.

Obama Overrides Congress to Buy $690 Million Worth of Russian Choppers for Afghan Air Force


It’s not clear if the Israelis entirely understood how close the Americans were to Arafat and his outfit. For instance, Israel long believed that Arafat’s intelligence chief Ali Hassan Salameh, one of the masterminds of the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic games, was a CIA asset. The truth is that the so-called Red Prince meant much more to the U.S.-Arafat relationship, serving as one of their key intermediaries and a symbol of the nature of their relationship.

The cables show that two years after Munich, the American ambassador to Beirut, George McMurtrie Godley, met with Salameh—described in the cables as Arafat’s “security adviser”—to negotiate the size of the entourage that Arafat would take to the U.N. General Assembly meeting and how many of them would be allowed to carry guns.

As Ambassador Godley cabled after the May 1974 Maalot massacre, in which members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestinian killed 25 Israeli hostages, 22 of them children: “long-term implications of Maalot tragedy on Fedayeen movement and Israeli-Arab relations are even more upsetting than loss of young lives and anguish of Israeli nation.”

The situation is much the same today with the Muslim Brotherhood standing in for Arafat.


We were a generation forever unable to perceive, understand, or tolerate the slightest gap between desire and gratification. We were a generation whose elite's utter deriliction of duty would be forgiven by the most moist and waffling of our weak Presidents, Jimmy Carter. It was like having the all the worse sins of your youth forgiven and expunged by Alvin the Chipmunk. We grew up learning, time after time, that radical actions have few radical consequences. Accordingly, in an effort to improve our progeny as we had been improved, we taught our own children that their actions, no matter how awful, would have no consequences whatsoever. It would turn out to be the toughest thing they would ever have to unlearn and very few had any success doing so. Unwilling, as always, to set a good example we didn't even try. 

from Gerard Van der Leun at American Digest

I could one day try to write a requiem for Generation X, but it would be just as easy to reprint one of the comprehensive books on the Obama years that is sure to eventually come out.


How do we get there? Simple:  You didn’t succeed because of you, you did it because of teachers, roads, and other public workers/works/loans/etc.  Your business–indeed your money, thus, “belongs” to the state, for without the state, it would not exist.  Your own role is dismissed as inconsequential because anyone can get lucky in business (so says our fearless Dear Leader), anyone can do what you did because it was really done by the community, the collective, the village.  Likewise, you, yourself, are a subject of and product of the state, anything you produce–be it a business, profit, or a child–belongs to the state.  Simple, right?  No man, woman, or child is an island, and the collectivist bell tolls for thee.  And thine.

Big Government Is Everyone’s Parent . . . Including Your Child’s


Alleged Professor Harris-Perry is either a Communist or unspeakably ignorant, because her bill of particulars bears an uncanny resemblance to the Soviet Union's Constitution of 1936, which guarantees the rights of the people including:

    ...Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to work, that is, are guaranteed the right to employment and payment for their work in accordance With its quantity and quality...

    ARTICLE 119. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to rest and leisure...

    ARTICLE 120. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to maintenance in old age and also in case of sickness or loss of capacity to work...

    ARTICLE 121. Citizens of the U.S.S.R. have the right to education...

    ARTICLE 122. Women in the U.S.S.R. are accorded equal rights with men in all spheres [including] prematernity and maternity leave with full pay, and the provision of a wide network of maternity homes, nurseries and kindergartens...

.... Melissa Harris-Perry will succeed where Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot failed


Students could find themselves refused graduation certificates if they did not join a militant “fedayeen” group. For instance: an  UNRWA vocational training school at Siblin, near Sidon in Lebanon, awarded qualifications only to members of  Arafat’s own fedayeen group, Fatah.

One room in the school was reserved as an office for Arafat. His portrait hung on the wall above a swastika. On the upper storey were the classrooms, and there teaching materials were stored; among them quantities of PLO propaganda, and – in 1982 – poems praising the assassins of Anwar Sadat – the Egyptian leader who had gone to Jerusalem to make a peace agreement with the Israelis.The lower story was used as an arms store. Katyusha rockets, rocket propelled grenades, hand grenades, mines, and Kalashnikov sub-machine guns were stacked – under the students.

UNRWA, nursery of terrorism, resents being attacked


To be “bloodthirsty” and a “warmonger” implies intent so evil that one has turned from God altogether. To be “bloodthirsty” is to lust after murder and violence. It is mind-boggling to me that anyone could think that of my friend Rick Santorum, a faithful Catholic father of seven, including little Bella, whose life clearly reflects Humanae Vitae.

I’m sure that if people were to “come out” as “bloodthirsters,” we could expect Mark to say it’s perfectly OKAY for people to lust for violence, provided that they don’t personally actually kill anyone.

Mark Shea Calls Rick Santorum a ‘Bloodthirsty Warmonger’ and ‘Torture Fan’


  1. Anonymous12/4/13

    No need for you to write a requiem on Generation X because of future books about the Obama reign??

    Obama is absolutely a Baby Boomer. One of the last ones born. Don't even THINK of ascribing him to Generation X. He needs to be remembered as the pinnacle of the Boomer age. Their permanent poster-boy. All Boomers inescapably own him as one of their own.

    Gen Xer's may have voted for Obama, but they didn't create him.

  2. Obama sort of ends up in the Baby Boomer category, but he's really a transition to Generation X and unfortunately reflects many of my generation's bad qualities.



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