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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Never Look Back


Due to the Passover holiday and family medical issues, blogging has been lighter as usual, comment moderation has taken longer than usual. I haven't been able to answer many emails, tweets, etc.. My apologies.


Desmond Tutu has been busy lately. Two weeks ago he wrote an editorial calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons. A week later he joined an international anti-tobacco campaign. Last month he condemned American drones for killing Muslim terrorists. Last summer he denounced a military-themed NBC Reality Show.

A grinning and giggling social butterfly, Tutu is always going somewhere and expressing his opinion on something. One minute he’s in Myanmar and the next minute he’s weighing in on Bradley Manning. Wait a little longer and there will be a Tutu column, video or letter on climate change, the death penalty or the price of tea in China.

Last week, while Tutu was joining his campaign against tobacco, a 7-year-old girl who had been sent to deliver a set of keys by her grandmother was raped to death in South Africa. Her story ended on a dirty street, but it is not an unusual story in a country where 1 in 3 girls will be sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday, where 13.6% of the African population is HIV positive and raping children is believed by many to be a cure for AIDS.

Desmond Tutu: Godfather of Hell


The last time Jim Carrey starred in a live action hit movie was 2003 with Bruce Almighty. The closest thing to that since was Yes Man in 2008 which didn’t even cross the 100 million dollar mark at the American box office. Fun With Dick and Jane barely made it across the domestic 100 million mark and that was back in 2005.

Jim Carrey skipped the sequel to Bruce Almighty, his biggest hit, and the job was handed over to Steve Carell. Now instead of Steve Carell taking Jim Carrey’s leftovers, it’s the other way around, with Carrey appearing in a supporting role in Steve Carell’s The Amazing Burt Wonderstone. And that bombed too.

So if you want to understand why Jim Carrey is arguing about you with gun control on Twitter, it’s because his career and personal life have been in decline for a while and he’s looking for attention.

The Decline and Fall of Jim Carrey


Warren Buffett has a piece of the rail business, but doesn’t have a piece of the pipeline. And he has a very big piece of Obama Inc.

So Western Minnesota gets a 30,000 gallon oil spill and Obama Inc. supporters get to parade around with signs and giant puppets warning about the dangerous of fracking pipelines and polar-bear killing oil.

Obama’s Keystone Pipeline Block Causes Environmental Disaster


Ben was graced with the typical directionless biography that qualified him to do little except express self-righteous anger on a semi-professional basis. He studied religion at Brown and wrote for alternative newspapers. He packed a backpack and went to dangerous parts of the world and wrote self-centered diatribes about the military-industrial complex.

In Haiti, Ben Ehrenreich declared that Obama’s post-earthquake relief effort was “savage and bestial in its lack of concern for human life.” His Post-Katrina article began by suggesting that New Orleans had been deliberately flooded. In Arizona, he compared policing the Mexican border to the war in Vietnam. One can only imagine what the copy would have read like if he had ever made it to Disneyland.

If Ben’s mother had learned to deliberately tamp down her invective in order to be taken seriously, her son went in the other direction, amping up the volume to hysterical levels until every place he set foot in was the worst place on earth.

After plumbing the depth of such atrocities as the relief effort in Haiti, Arizona border patrols and the plot to flood New Orleans, Ben Ehrenreich eventually found his Disneyland in Israel.

A Bad Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Radical Tree


"The beard is a natural sign of manliness and it is a natural sign of distinguishing men from women," Imam Khalid Yassin said, "And among the companions of the Prophet, they used to not even look at a man who shaved his beard for fear they may have desire for him."

Mohammed’s companions only had sexual feelings for men without beards, but not for any men with beards. Muslims growing beards as soon as they were old enough to were putting on “Don’t Rape Me, Prophet” signs.

Imam Says Muslims Must Grow Beards to Avoid Gay Feelings


Want to Claim Racism? There’s a Federal App for That

 America, as everyone and their racist white grandmother knows, is a very racist country. It’s so racist that the sheer density of racism has been  measured by racism scientists to be extremely racist.

That’s why the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which brought you the economic crisis and urban blight, now offers an App to let busy people concerned about racism report racism while on the go.

Are you writing up your Great Unamerican Novel novel about a disgruntled unemployed college grad who can’t find a job at Starbucks when you spot housing discrimination taking place across the street? There’s a Gov App for that.

Post Birth Abortion: Planned Parenthood Rep Claims Right to Kill Babies After Birth

Soros Donates $1 Mil to NAACP to Promote Voter Fraud

Palestinian Authority Locks Up Second Man for Mocking its President on Facebook

Islamists Rename Prostitution for Terrorists as “Sexual Jihad”

Muslim Lawyer Proposes Using Cyber-bullying Laws to Outlaw Blasphemy

China’s One Child Policy Has Aborted 1,500 Babies Every Hour

7-Year-Old Girl Raped to Death in South Africa

Study Finds Tea Party Rallies Added 5 Million Republican Votes

Before the GOP establishment runs too far to the left on its evolutionary jog away from its base, it might want to take a look at this AEI study about the impact of the Tea Party on the midterm elections and what could have been if the Republican Party had run a populist 2012 campaign instead of working overtime to be centrist.

The researchers conclude that having a Tea Party protest on Tax Day, April 15, in 2009 increased the number of Republican votes in that area for the 2010 midterm elections and caused their representatives to vote more conservatively.

Study Finds Tea Party Rallies Added 5 Million Republican Votes


Lately you can’t help stumbling across an endless series of newspaper articles denouncing Sri Lanka for “persecuting” its Muslim minority. The latest horrifying act of persecution by the Buddhist country is a proposal to ban various Burka like arguments that oppress women and make any country a paradise for all sorts of criminals who can walk the streets in full body disguises.

Meanwhile when Bangladesh Islamists declare that their aim is a “Hinduless Bangladesh” and attack Hindu temples, no one notices or cares.

In Nigeria, Boko Haram, an Islamist group, has destroyed 50 of the 52 Catholic churches in a single diocese, has openly called for the ethnic cleansing of Christians and has killed thousands, but Obama Inc. has refused to add it to the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations allowing Muslims in America to continue subsidizing its atrocities.

The real question here is why are Muslim lives more important than the lives of everyone else?

Are Muslim Lives Worth More Than Hindu or Christian Lives?


Shortly after midnight, Yael Shahak and her 8-year-old daughter Chen were returning from a family gathering to their home in Beit El. Suddenly, the car in front of them slowed down. At first, Yael did not understand what was happening. She tried to signal to the driver with her lights, to no avail. The mysterious vehicle stopped in front of her, blocking her way. Yael tried to reverse her car, but the other car also shifted into reverse and drove after her. She tried to go to the right, but the car blocked her again. Four young men, their heads covered with hats and scarves, got out of the car and signaled to Yael to open her car door. When she refused, they began smashing the car windows with metal rods. Shards of broken glass fell on Chen, who had been sleeping.

 Muslim Terrorists Attempted to Kidnap 8-Year-Old Girl as Hostage


Moody’s Predicts 40% Chance of Egypt Default in 5 Years

UN to Define Pregnancy Without Access to Abortion as “Torture”

UK Suffers Coldest March in 50 Years, Global Warming to Blame


Obama’s arrival in Ramallah began with a really horrible musical rendition of the National Anthem, then it continued with a bad rendition of the terrorist national anthem pledging eternal war against the Jews.

And then just to make matters worse the Palestinian band launches into Polyushko Pole aka Meadowlands.

The lyrics for Polyushko Pole come from Viktor Gusev’s “A Poem about a Komsomol Soldier”. The Komsomol was the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League. The music for Polyushko Pole was composed by Lev Kniper, an NKVD agent, a predecessor of the KGB.

The lyrics include such lines as “The heroes ride over the field/Hey, the heroes of the Red Army” and “Hey, while on the collective farms/The work is efficiently progressing.”

Palestinian Authority Welcomed Obama With Communist Song


So I’m bumbling along in my grad “training” to be a consummate Marxist; this just means that I wrote what was expected:  Marxist crap painted willy-nilly on every thought, word, and deed.  It was so easy, so mindless, that I didn’t even bother with it too much and would slap out a 25-page Marxist lunatic “analysis” in two hours . . . to rave reviews. (Yes, it was really that pathetic.).  It’s hard not to be good at manufacturing/ferreting out “inequality” in even the simplest prose; once you learn the basic premise, you see it everywhere . . . even though it exists exactly nowhere.   It’s like the hypochondriac who reads about the symptoms of a disease and immediately becomes convinced s/he has “it.”

...from a larger essay at Fuzzy Slippers


In 1914 Sir Edward Grey said to a friend one evening just before the outbreak of the First World War, as he watched the lights being lit on the street below his office: "The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."

In that instance, it was the Great War that loomed. Now the Great Forgetting looms and, from time to time, it washes across the world. "Earth Hour" is such a dark moment as millions either choose to, or thanks to their compliant or complacent local governments suffer through, an hour in the dark.

Once upon a time we knew enough to curse the darkness. In the aeons long climb from the muck, we have only had the ability to hold back the dark for a bit over a century. Now millions yearn to embrace it and, should they yearn long enough and hard enough, the darkness will embrace them and hold them for much longer than a brief hour of preening and self-regard.

from American Digest: Earth Hour: Click to Fade


Abu Qatada could be here for life: Judges admit he’s very dangerous but won’t kick him out… as HIS human rights come first

The judges said that while Qatada’s deportation was “long overdue”, his risk to the public was not “a relevant consideration” under human rights laws.

Home Secretary Theresa May will now lodge a last-ditch appeal to the Supreme Court. If that fails, it would raise the prospect of Qatada … Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe – never being deported. He could apply to be freed within days.

...but meanwhile

Iranian Christian applying for asylum in Sweden have been denied their request for asylum even though authorities know these Christians face arrest, torture and death if they were to be forced to return. …

Sweden meanwhile is full of all sorts of refugee rapists from the Muslim world. But the Eurocrats don't want any more Christians. From their point of view they have too many already.


 Naturally, a shameless society will fail.  You can make all the laws you want, but without the social norms and mores that force people to be self-reliant, responsible, and respectful units of society, those individual units will revert to their basic human instinct and decay into shameless and parasitical ones.  However, there is a consequence to society failing.  Specifically, those people who are vested in society and are moral, are going to lose the only thing that matters to them - society.  And while a high percentage of them may still be too intimidated or brainwashed to speak out, bluntly and truthfully, a certain percentage of people will realize the cost is too great and start shaming again.  Specifically, those people who have nothing left to lose.

Understand that the reason most people don't speak out against and shame the social atrocities occurring in the US is because they have too much at risk.  They have a house, they have a family, they have a career. Their entire lives have been built within this system and are thus dependent on it.  And dare they get out of line, and dare they publicly shame the wrong group, the political and social cost for them daring to point out the emperor has no clothes is that they will lose it all.  An HR nazi will be auditing your facebook posts.  Your hiring manager will get a complaint.  An Adria Richards will narc on you.  Careers in America are so fragile and employers so spineless, you dare don't rock the societal boat with shaming.  You watch that recent immigrant use her EBT card at your expense and you shut up and like it.

But what if you're part of a group with nothing left to lose?  What if you're young, endebted by previous generations to the tune of $225,000, facing a lousy job market, and no future?

The Return of Shame from Captain Capitalism

1 + 3 = SICK

When the government becomes the biggest buyer of health care through Medicare and Medicate and then uses that position to dictate lower prices two logical outcomes occur:  hospitals shift costs to the private paying patients raising health care costs, and fewer doctors choose to participate in the government programs.


When companies get tax breaks to buy health care for their employees that the employees do not get at an individual level then there is an incentive to push compensation towards more coverage, generally meaning lower deductibles. We end up being over insured filing claims for small amounts. This drives up administrative costs.  Low deductibles isolate the consumer from the cost provided and reduce that pressure on costs


But the cost issue is better addressed by subsidizing coverage for those unable to afford it- not by inserting control and mandates throughout the system based on an elitist construct and decimating consumer choice.  The health insurance market it too large, too dynamic and too complex to dictate from a central bureaucracy without causing enormous dislocations, higher costs and lower quality.

Health Care Economics


How many Europeans are complicit in their own slavery? A mental slavery that automatically defers to the authority of the state of their individual nations, and then to the authority of the behemoth of the European Union? How many Americans today are complicit in their own slavery? Americans who were not seeking a master and an icon of authority, an authority who fraudulently boasted of possessing the magical means to correct all their problems and satisfy their every want, would never have ever voted for Barack Obama, not the first time, and certainly not a second time, after having available to them ample evidence of the enslaving and destructive consequences of his policies and his multifaceted intention to diminish their freedom.

Like their European counterparts, American slaves may grouse about their masters about promises made and broken, but still obey their masters' commands. They continue to hope for change. And if the "change" is for the worse, they will still obey and follow, and blame the free for the failure.


The slave's notion of a "more perfect Union" is compulsory servitude for all. His notion of "Justice" is an enforced egalitarianism in which no one is "above" anyone else in wealth, income, abilities, or even physical appearance. His notion of "Domestic Tranquility" is not a civil society, but a mutually shared stasis and immobility, with no ripples of dissension permitted that would disturb the calm. And, to a slave, liberty has no blessings.

from Edward Cline's  We the People? Or, We the Slaves?


  1. Anonymous29/3/13

    No worries Daniel. Take care of your family and yourself.

    We are in a tight place in America, a Mitzrayim. But we will work our way out of it, and find the road ahead.

    Thanks for the light of your lamp, to help us see the dark places, and the dangers along the way.

  2. Daniel, best wishes with your family medical problems!


    Due to the Passover holiday and family medical issues, blogging has been lighter as usual, comment moderation has taken longer than usual. I haven't been able to answer many emails, tweets, etc.. My apologies.[/quote]

    Oh, Daniel! I do hope that all is well. Thoughts and prayers, my friend.

  4. Anonymous30/3/13

    G-d bless you Daniel. You and your family member are in my prayers.

    I will also place a prayer in the Kotel online. May Hashem comfort you and give you and your family and bring a speedy healing.

    No need for apologies. Family first.


  5. Anonymous30/3/13

    extra votes from tea party people, huh?


    Patrick Poole ‏@pspoole 29 Mar

    Use #tcot or #teaparty hashtag? You're responsible for violent extremism and white supremicism according to new study http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2013/03/28/fringe_following …

    try that on for size

  6. Sultan what is your opinion on the fact that millions of Republicans simply did not vote in the 2012 election? This would have defeated Obama, had they bothered to vote, even in the face of distorted counts, corrupted processes and the presence of ther Black Panthers at voting booths.

  7. Depends on how you define Republicans...


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