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A Bloody Endless Peace

"War is peace," entered our cultural vocabulary some sixty-four years ago. Around the same time that Orwell's masterpiece was being printed up, an armistice was being negotiated between Israel and the Arab invading armies. That armistice began the long peaceful war or the warring peace.

The entire charade did not properly enter the realm of the Orwellian until the peace process began. The peace process between Israel and the terrorist militias funded by the countries of those invading armies has gone on for longer than most actual wars. It has also taken more lives than most actual wars.

War has an endpoint. Peace does not. A peace in which you are constantly at war can go on forever because while the enthusiasts of war eventually exhaust their patriotism, the enthusiasts of peace never give up on their peacemaking.

Warmongers may stop after a few thousand dead, but Peacemongers will pirouette over a million corpses.

As you read this, Obama is probably stumbling through some ceremony or speech in Israel. The speeches all say the usual things, but there really is only one purpose to the visit. There really ever only is one purpose to these visits. The revisiting of the endless peace war.

Two decades after the peace process has failed in every way imaginable. Two decades after cemeteries on both sides are full of the casualties of peace. Two decades which have created two abortive Palestinian states at war with one another and with Israel.

Two decades later, it's still time for peace.

Peace time means that it’s time to ring up some more Israeli concessions in the hopes of getting the terrorists and their quarreling states back to the negotiating table for another photo op in the glorious album of peacemakers. And if the photos are properly posed, perhaps there will even be another Nobel Peace Prize in it for all the participants.

It would be nice to think that the peace disease was one of those viruses carried only in the bloodstream of liberals. But it's not.

Every so often I am asked about a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab-Muslim conflict and the interrogators are baffled when I tell them that there is no solution. "No solution at all? But there has to be a solution. What of all the moderate voices of goodwill? What of all the mothers who only want to raise their children to sing happy songs about peace? What about all the old soldiers who are tired of war? What if we get them all in a room to shake hands and pose for photos? Then won't there be peace?"

As society has become more progressive, it has become progressively more difficult to explain even even to intelligent people that the world simply does not work that way.

For two Cold War generations it was nearly impossible to communicate that there really would be no peace with the Soviet Union other than the cold kind maintained by a mutual balance of power. Their children and grand-children appear equally unequipped to understand that most serious wars end with either one side definitively losing and fundamentally changing as a result of that defeat or both sides maintaining a cold peace that will last only as long as neither side believes that it can squash the other with a surprise attack.

Israel did have peace until it began peace negotiations. It wasn't a perfect peace, but aside from the minor problems of the Intifada, a comparative pinprick set against the violence that began after that infamous Rose Garden handshake, it was a good time whose like was then not seen again until Israel stopped playing peace process with the terrorists and learned to keep them away instead.

But the relative absence of violence, according to the amateur peacemakers, isn't peace. A wartime peace isn't what they want. What they want is a peacetime war. Let there be handshakes and suicide bombings. Let there be bloody bodies scraped off the sidewalk, but let there also be children's choirs singing about peace. Let a thousand tombstones rise, so long as everyone can believe that peace is at hand.

This vulgar worship of peace as a religion, a creed that restores the faith of faithless men and women in humanity is a combination of empty sentimentality and calculated ignorance.

We must have peace in our time, the peacemakers say. And Israel must provide it. More territorial concessions must be put on the table. More goodwill must be shown. More ends must be bent over backward so that the peacemakers can stare at their televisions and sigh, their faith in the goodness of every man, woman, child and suicide bomber restored once again.

Who will Israel make peace with? President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, who hasn't run for office since Hamas won the elections, doesn't want to negotiate. Hamas only wants to negotiate a short-term pause in its campaign to destroy Israel. When he isn't warring with Hamas, Abbas is declaring that he shares the same view on terrorism as Hamas. 

Hamas or Abbas, whichever the peacemaker chooses will surely make him an ass.

But peacemakers don't fancy details. They like the big picture. And the big picture is that there must be an answer. Tens of thousands demanded it in London before the war and Chamberlain delivered it to them. Peace arrived in our time, shortly before the Nazi bombers. Thousands more demanded it of every American president who faced a Communist thug across a negotiating table. And they got it.

There were nuclear treaties that meant nothing to the Soviets and that did not bring peace, but that made all the amateur peacemakers feel better about themselves. And then instead of peace coming across a negotiating table, the Soviet Union collapsed because a persnickety cowboy wouldn't give up a missile defense program that every Harvard graduate knew could never work. And now, as another Harvard graduate proudly tries to take credit for Israel's Iron Dome, they still know it can't work.

Reagan didn't end the Cold War with treaties; he ended it by doggedly pursuing superior firepower.  And that is why in the name of peace, the Harvard grad looking over Iron Dome on his visit to Israel, has shown Russia his peaceful flexibility by abandoning the final stage of missile defense. Every Harvard grad knows that missile defense doesn't bring peace. But what could anyone expect from Reagan? The poor dummy went to Eureka College. How could he know that defeating the USSR wouldn't work?

Obama wants the same thing from Israel that he's trying to get by selling out Poland on missile defense. Peace. While the only times Israel had any measure of peace is in the aftermath of a war, Harvard grads and the people who listen to them know that peace only comes about at the tail end of a long string of concessions and appeasement. And then when you have finally given your tormentor your house keys, your car keys and your lucky 2-dollar-bill, then having rifled through your empty pockets, he will finally nod grudgingly and agree to peace at last.
That is if he doesn't actually want to kill you.

And that is the trouble with peacemakers; they don't really take into account how to make peace with killers. Most countries lock up violent murderers when they kill a dozen people for fun. But when they kill a dozen people in order to liberate other killers or lay claim to a piece of land, then they are worth negotiating with. And the only outcome of the negotiations is establishing murder as a negotiating tactic.

Peace leads to war because peacemaking rewards the warmakers. It rewards the obstinate killers who refuse to stop killing. And the more it rewards them, the more they kill.

That is why Israel has been decades late in delivering the peace that all the amateur peacemakers want. Every time it phones Terrorism Inc. to place an order for peace with extra brotherhood on top, a suicide bomber pulls up to its front door. And so for two decades, in a pesky reality of peacemaking that none of the peacemakers care to hear about... peace has meant war.

Every time a new phase of the endless peace process is launched, more people die. More people die during the negotiations than otherwise. The peacemakers explain this by saying that the terrorists who aren't at the negotiating table are trying to sabotage the terrorists who are at the negotiating table. The dead are sacrifices for peace and if Israel fights back against either group of terrorists, then it is guilty of obstructing the peace process which was otherwise going well.

So here we are with Obama t-shirts on sale to liberal American Jewish tourists in Jerusalem kiosks, a city whose Jewishness the man on the t-shirts will not recognize because it would harm the prospects for peace. And the question on their minds is how are we finally going to make peace happen.

The rational response is that peace simply isn't going to happen. The two terrorist groups in their two states were set up for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. They are funded and supported by those countries that were attacking Israeli farmsteads with tanks around the time that Orwell was putting his final touches on "War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom and Ignorance is Strength."

They are not going to stop trying to destroy Israel because it's all they know and it's their only reason for existence. And if that weren't enough, they have spent generations teaching their children to hate and there is no sign whatsoever of them putting the brakes on the hate machine which expresses more clearly than anything else that they do not intend to stop fighting now or even twenty years from now.

Not when their educational system is busy training the suicide bomber of tomorrow.

But ignorance is a particular strength of peacemakers. They don't want reasons why it can't happen. Nor do they want to hear that the best kind of peace with people whose religion tells them that they will go to heaven if they die while cutting your throat is the heavily armed peace of cold iron and steel.

 War is their peace and ignorance is their strength.


  1. While the peace makers talk.
    "Two rockets slam into Sderot during Obama visit......"
    Thanks for nothing Hamas for proving the point of Daniel's column.

  2. Anonymous21/3/13

    The so-called 'peace process' is just one of the tactics in the 'Jujitsu War' of Islam against 'Dar al Harb'.
    The Germans invented the LIGHTNING war, the blitzkrieg, and Islam invented the SLOW war, the 'Jujitsu War', the slow, grinding, insidious, undermining of it's victims.

    Islam has stated openly that it will conquer it's enemies by using their own morality against them.
    This is part of their tactic of 'total selective enforcement' of every rule that their victims live by, where the victims rules and morality are applied to the victim but never to Islam.

    The West loves life, and Islam loves death.
    Islam uses the enormous force of the desire for life and peace on the part of the West against them, to slowly break off pieces of it's intended victims as step by step concessions by the West in their eternal delusional belief that everyone sees peace as their highest priority.
    The West never learns that some see not peace, but conquest and victory as their highest priority.
    In the end, death comes to the victims of Islam just the same, whether it's by the brute force of a Blitzkreig war, or by the slow speading infection of the Jujitsu War of Islam.

  3. The endless stream of Washington political pimps of no peace and their craft of deception and 24/7 lies should be exposed instead of tolerated by us.
    What Obama is saying in Ramallah today is;
    'Yes ,I will help the greedy Arabs steal Israel's land'

    This is not about land for peace ,it's about Islam's never ending plan to wipe out Israel because they will never allow 'infidels' to control 1 millimeter of land once under their domination.
    The Palestinians do not hide their agenda of wiping out all of Israel as seen in their 'Israel Removed' map on the left which they openly publish everywhere.
    The evil destroyer Obama and those in control of America ,democrats and republicans are all aware of the Arab Islamic end game related to the Jews.
    It's not ignorance on the part of the US,EU,UN, it's evil that motivates and leads them.
    They know their peace scam is Israel extermination in carefully planned stages as we saw with the Islamic take over of Gaza after President Bush forced Israel to retreat and surrender to his demonic jihad partners.
    They are as guilty as the Nazi's for what they have planned under the deception of peace!

    'And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.'
    Daniel 8:25

  4. Ironboomer21/3/13

    Perhaps Ariel University could offer outreach to Arab women, who would become the first teachers of their children,not to mention shaking things up in their nighborhoods.

  5. War and Peace was written by Tolstoy, not Orwell.

  6. The world is governed by the aggressive use of force or threat to use it that are credible, but liberals want to pretend that it's governed by the aggressive use of words. But liberals are no strangers to unreality in general, so why should this be different?

  7. "They are not going to stop trying to destroy Israel because it's all they know and it's their only reason for existence. And if that weren't enough, they have spent generations teaching their children to hate" whoa... so true, another excellent article by Greenfield

  8. Velvetglove21/3/13

    So what do you propose?

  9. If all these academics truly involved logic, facts and reason when creating their grand plans, it would be so obvious to them that their only logical solution is a One State Solution. Now, which One State?

    Well they could either choose Palestine and turn the whole thing into one big Ramallah full of terrorists, impoverished and the like. Essentially making it a lot like the rest of the totalitarian warmongering Middle East.

    Or they could go with the one state that does not condone female servitude, racial and religious discrimination, indiscriminate murder, discrimination of Homosexuals, and shooting young school girls in the head for going to school. But that would be Israel. And pay no attention to the fact that Israel is clearly the rightful and indigenous people of that country.

    As Dr Bostom said at my Shull last night, The Western Left is in deep with Islam. Islam is totalitarian and Socialist by nature, and so is the left. Tiffany Gabbey put a more poignant way as well as she said, "The Western Left sees Islam as a Crocodile. They just hope the Crocodile eats them last."

  10. So what do you propose?

    Israel has ignored God's never changing perfect plan and obeyed every lying peace hustler and thinks the short cut that has failed every day since September 1993 will bring peace ? Now thats really,really stupid people.

    For I will deliver the inhabitants of the land into your hand, and you shall drive them out before you. 32 You shall make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. 33 They shall not dwell in your land, lest they make you sin against Me.
    Exodus 23

    Have you noticed who always comes to the rescue of Israel's enemies just as Israel preps to defeat them as we saw during the 2nd Lebanon war and the two Hamas wars ?
    Hillary flew in on her broom a few months ago as the poodle dithered about sending the IDF into Gaza and Netanyahu fell under her spell and folded immediately. I guess the well trained lap dog didn't have a green light from his master.

    How easily the weak,servile secular Jewish rulers capitulate before the god they have chosen to serve, to bring peace and to save them from Iran.
    This national idol worship is going to get many people killed and they you're going to wake up !

  11. Anonymous21/3/13

    Israel should direct their attacks at the long succession of Israeli governments that allow this to happen rather than Obama and the USA. The only strong response was "Cast Lead", which was stopped long before it destroyed the aggressors- which meant that after losing our precious soldiers, it started all over again after a few months. Until we get better governments and leaders,
    don't expect anything significantly better.

  12. Anonymous21/3/13


    You are truly a gifted writer.

    How about an article that focuses/changes the argument from "Let's Have Peace" to "Recognizing Israel's Right to Exist".

    After all it's the latter that is necessary before pursuing to former.


  13. Anonymous21/3/13

    I didn't read anything about Obama's trip to Israel aside from the headline mindRider mentioned. Slightly confused when a media outlet said this was Obama's first trip to Israel.

    Did they forget his first 3 a.m. trip to Jerusalem? The note in the kotel and how it was leaked to the media? Or about how spoke about never dividing Jerusalem and then caving in the next day after Hamas objected? Then there was that strange speech he gave in Germany the day after his trip to Israel when he said, "People of Germany, people of the world, this is our moment?"

    I doubt I'll ever forget that quote and how he made the speech in Germany after his trip to Jerusalem. Why in the world is the media making out like this was Obama's first trip to Israel? Do they think people forgot the first one?

    Bibi should be telling Obama and company to STFU and Americans should be asking more questions on why Obama sent his daughter, 12 of her friends, and 25 Secret Service agents on a Spring Break trip to Mexico.

    What 13-year old goes on Spring Break? Never mind the cost.


  14. Anonymous21/3/13

    IMO the only solution is a one state solution--an Israeli state. Israel needs an effective policy when it comes to homeland security. That would require a refusal to negotiate with terrorists and terrorist sympathizers, including the heads of foreign nations if necessary.

    Trying to coerce Israel into negotiating with terrorists knowing what the bloody results will be is right up there with denying the Shoah.

    It's that serious.

    Hamas hasn't changed its charter.

    Arab nations do not want peace with Israel so why speak of a peace process? Security is critical. When Israel is secure then Israelis can live in peace.


  15. From 10,000 years ago when the first villages were formed to about 1400 AD every town had a wall. The wall worked quite well to keep the bandits out, mostly, and to control entry and exit to the town. The wall had to be well maintained and guarded for it to work. The hostile neighbors did not like walls as Nehemiah found when he and his guys had to rebuild Jerusalem's wall with chisles in one hand and swords in the other.

    Now Israel has proven again that walls work. They act to make it too hard to bother attacking. They allow those who enter and exit to be checked and if necessary turned away. Again Israel has reinvented a very valuable and relatively cheap strategy.

    Think of this. If the US had built walls around each town and village in Afghanistan, and armed the villagers with a few AK-47's so they could defend and control their own walls, would Afghanistan be the mess it is now?

    The biggest problem for ordinary people in Afghanistan is that once the Marines have left the Taliban creep back in at night and behead anyone who collaborated with them. But if they had a wall like the Israelis have built they would be able to keep the Taliban out. Even if they turned up with heavy weapons they could defend long enough for the Afghan Army to respond.

    People forget old methods for sake of new sexy ones. But conflict has a brutal way of recalling that which worked then can again work this time too.

  16. Anonymous22/3/13

    I love the silliness of it all. Left is right, up is down, night is day, hot is cold, good is evil, wet is dry, fast is slow, poor is rich, high is low, loud is quiet, etc, etc. War really is peace and the UN is useless!

  17. Anonymous22/3/13

    Because humans never learn from historical reality and reject the one, true God, there can and will never be peace on earth.

    The Bible not only gives us all of the tools and information we need to live individual holy lives which requires living the truth, but instructs us on the past, present and future. Tragically, the majority of humans in history have rejected the truth and listened to the wiles of the devil, serving him rather than God.

    Without knowing, loving and worshipping the one true God, and striving to live a life based on his revealed truths, man simply repeats the same mistakes over and over and cannot rise above barbarianism and totalitarianism.

    Modern man is no different than any other age of man. The evidence is in the daily stories in the news and the daily interaction with people in your own family and community. Hate, murder, and ignorance exist just as they always have. The only difference between today and the past is man claims to be enlightened and educated while the reality is, he is living in the dark and more ignorant about what truly matters than the Neandrathal.


  18. Anonymous22/3/13

    vladtepes2: I disagree with you that the West loves life. Drug use, gangs, obesity, abortion, assisted suicide, the decimation of the traditional family, placing sodomy on par with natural sex, discarding and destroying order which is necessary to prevent civil wars and chaos, and a corrupt, greedy, ineffective and useless political class as well as a push to totalitarianism is the common nature of the West today.

    Every Western institution including the clergy is filled with corruption and the powerlust. Humanity itself is under attack from groups that are now mainstream.

    The only difference, in my opinion, between the Islamics and Western rulers and influencers is the Islamics are fanatic about their false god while the Western rulers and influencers are fanatic about Satan.


  19. Anonymous26/3/13


    Daniel never once mentioned Tolstoy's book.
    It IS Orwell's book where the quote 'war is peace' is from.
    Do your research before trying to be intelligent and failing miserably.


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