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The Working Class and the Government Class

Forget all the talk about whether we will or won't go over the fiscal cliff. We ourselves are the fiscal cliff and have been for some time now. The real fiscal cliff is not the point at which we run out of money, our credit rating sinks lower than Enron and or everyone is fighting over jars of cat food at Wal-Mart. The real fiscal cliff is when even the dumbest person in the country is no longer able to deny what the packs of robbers and thieves he appointed to steal for him have perpetrated for their own benefit in his name. And that fiscal cliff may never come.

Soviet leaders used to promise their people that one day they would live under true Communism. Under our hybrid system, many Americans already live under Communism. And the rest of the country pays for it. As the number of people living under Communism grows and the number of people subsidizing Communism shrinks, the fiscal cliffs begin coming in faster than Wile E. Coyote on jet-powered rocket skates.

Our class warfare is not determined by paycheck size. The United States has only two classes. The working class and the government class.

The working class extends through the lower class, the middle class and the upper class, and everyone of every income level who derives their income from gainful employment. The government class similarly extends from the poor to the middle class to the rich, and consists of those whose chief source of income is the government; whether it's welfare checks, government jobs or crony capitalism.

Not everyone in the working class is a saint and not everyone in the government class is a parasite. There are plenty of corporations who care only about short term profit and create social problems that the rest of the country has to live with. Immigration is a classic example. And there are also plenty of government employees who perform vital and even heroic functions. Your local firefighter and member of the armed services are obvious examples.

The government class is dependent on the working class, deriving its income from their income. The government class turns from the symbiotic to the parasitic to the extent that its demands on the working class become unsustainable and exploitative, that its functions grow bloated, its spending programs reek of corruption and its government contracts emerge out of backdoor deals with friendly politicians.

The government class can never be productive, because it is not a creative force, it only provides secondary non-innovative services to the working class, but it is legitimate to the extent that it performs vital functions on behalf of the working class with their consent and in an economically sustainable fashion. When it violates these principles, then it becomes a parasite sucking the life out of the working class.

It is not just the government employee who is a member of the government class. The welfare class is a subgroup of the government class. And the welfare class is not only parasitic, it is the axis around which an entire parasitic constellation of the government class revolves around.

The classic welfare family has become the income generating center of the government class. They are the "wealth creators" for an entire infrastructure of social services built around them from the government officials who process their aid forms to the social workers who provide them with benefit counseling to the employees of those clinics who provide them with health care, and the extra teachers hired to help raise standards at their perpetually failing schools, the drug counselors who help them get clean and the police officers who break up their fights.

All or almost all of these people are members of unions. Those unions have their own employees. Those union employees have their own politicians. The politicians provide grants to the community social welfare infrastructure and generous benefits for union contracts. All this money and influence spins around the welfare family, but they only benefit from a minute fraction of it.

Around their dungheap, fly community groups and a horde of other private non-profits, "advocating" for them while operating on government grants. The buildings they live in are affordable housing projects built for them by the government, and cleaned, managed and repaired for them by government employees.

When they go to the supermarket, they buy food with money from the government. When they go to the pharmacy, they get free medication from the government. The web of clinics, supermarkets and pharmacies are not part of the working class, they are subsidized by government money and prosper by feeding off that government class.

The seven members of the classic welfare family, Grandma, Ma and her five kids, are the axis around which thousands of government professionals revolve. Their dysfunctional state keeps an entire state of government employees, employed. And it is in the interest of those government employees to seek out and create such dysfunctional families by championing social policies that break up families and keep them down, under the pretense of helping them because those families are the cash cows of the government class.

Communism, at least conceptually, argued for shifting power from those who perform intellectual labor to those who perform manual labor. Modern liberalism exists only to shift wealth from workers to non-workers, taking from the working class on behalf of the non-working class and pocketing the money for the employees of the government class.

In a hybrid economy, the differences between the government class and the working class aren’t always as obvious. There are any number of businesses, large and small, that are members of the government class, and derive the bulk of their income from the government.

The fundamental difference between the government class business and the working class business is that the government class business is an instrument of government policy. While its owner may derive value from it, the government class business only exists because it fulfills an objective of government policy. And that makes the government class business indistinguishable from the policy it represents.

As the government class expands, the number of individuals and businesses in the government class grows because joining the government class, whether as a welfare recipient, government employee or crony capitalist company is a better strategy than staying in the working class. Planned economies are easier to profit from in the short term, whether it's by getting free stuff, early retirement or contracts on generous terms, because their centralization makes them predictable and influence-able. The only problem is that they have no future.

American society has been reshaped to seek short cuts, whether it's through lottery tickets, credit cards or corporate mergers, at the expense of long-term profits through hard work. Corporations don't look past the next quarter and many people don't look past the next interest payment. And joining the government class is the ultimate shortcut. It wrecks families, trashes the economy and robs the country of its future, while providing limited short-term benefits to members of the government class.

Cities and towns are going bankrupt because government class unions asked for and got financially unsustainable benefit packages. Those small implosions are a metaphor for the tremendous harm that the government class is inflicting on the working class, and also, in the long term, on itself. In the long run, parasitism is not sustainable. In the short term, there's a great party. In the long term, the parasite dies.

The major development of the last decade has been the government's class disinterest in the economic sustainability of its demands. Call it the Californization of America under a government class that is both determined and doomed.

Obama has emerged as the champion of the government class, his complete disregard for the fiscal consequences of his actions, allows him to act as the champion of a predatory government class that lies and bludgeons its way through all obstacles like a horde of Black Friday shoppers, grabbing everything in sight, without caring about what will happen tomorrow.

Some might call this a cunning strategy, but it's not as if the government class has anywhere to advance to. Pulling the same trick in 1932 might have led to government control of industry and agriculture, but in 2012, this is a country that lives off service industries, not manufacturing. Going Full Communist is not an option, because there is hardly any manufacturing sector left and national agriculture is already so government controlled that there might as well be actual Commissars in charge of it.

Trying to nationalize chain stores, dot coms and the rest of the modern economy is not only hopeless, but it won't produce any income worth mentioning from an economy that is based more on marketing and price cutting, than on production. There are already plenty of government class businesses turning out government subsidized windmills and solar panels. There's no point to nationalizing them because they already serve as instruments of government policy, their owners are politically connected and they are already failing nearly as fast as they would if the government were running them.

The government class needs the working class. But it is acting as if it doesn't. Like a dumb predator, it keeps eating and eating on instinct, swallowing up its ideological enemies in the hopes of gaining a total control that it would not know what to do with.

The parasite has gotten so big that it believes that it is the host and that the host is the parasite. It is completely sincere about its attacks on the host and that makes it even more dangerous. Under the influence of its own propaganda, the government class has come to think of itself as productive and creative, and of the working class as a parasitic blot, holding on to the money that rightfully belongs to the government class. But just as parasites cannot survive without hosts, governments cannot survive without people to do the actual work.

The government class has shown that it is unwilling and unable to make the responsible decisions that need to be made. It is being led by liars and fools who see it as a lever for upending and taking over a working class society, and replacing it with a parasite's paradise of academics making laws, unions setting their own terms and a government that is always expanding and never contracting.

A host and a parasite of equal size cannot both survive for long. Either both the host and the parasite will die. Or the parasite will die and the host will live.


  1. Anonymous1/12/12

    Very good satire

  2. Vunderkint2/12/12

    You nailed it Daniel!

  3. Brilliant.I've put up a link to it over at Crusader Rabbit. (where we don't tolerate anonymous clowns like the one above making idiot comments).

  4. Back in 2009, I called the cliff the tipping point. I provide a snippet here because I think it illustrates the absurdity of those who think they will somehow convince their neighbor to vote against self-interest:

    "The personal tipping point is when you tire of the rat race, the grindstone, the taxes, the burdens of providing to the common purse, and go in for a sweet and secure bit of survival: a city/county/state/federal job or even just a non-profit museum job supported by government grants. Maybe you do vital security work or invaluable infrastructure work, or maybe you are just one of five supervisors watching one man dig a ditch. Either way, you have moved across the line into a procurer from the common purse.

    Whatever the intangible worth of your existence, you are mathematically a political entity at odds with diligent oversight of the common weal.

    None of this makes anyone a bad person. It’s just a political reality that when we cross the line in numbers great enough, when a politician can secure enough constituents either by outright welfare or government jobs and charitable grants, there is NO WAY that the providers and wealth-generators and small businesses can remove the self-interested from their own sense of survival. The house will divide against itself in the most crucial way, and will fall."


    Secondly, the rest of the world's so-called "robust" Socialism depended largely on the economic engine of the U.S., our war machine, and our certain economic vigilance around the world. We are watching the parasitic collapse all around us. It's happening rapidly now for them and if we do not stop the madness on our own, the entropy will do the deed for us.

    It ain't the cliff, it's the sudden, and violent, stop at the bottom. Nobody wants to clean up that crime scene.

  5. Anonymous2/12/12

    One of DG's most brilliant of all his brilliant posts. Every paragraph is a gem.

    DG puts words to my inchoate thoughts about what I intuit. DG's insights bring a light of hope.

    Joan of Argghh made a good point.

  6. Anonymous2/12/12

    KG said: "(where we don't tolerate anonymous clowns like the one above making idiot comments)."
    We are certain you do not. Sites like that only permit rubber stamping of their opinions rather than a free flow of dialog and debate.


  7. One of your best essays, Daniel. Will send its link to others. However, the proper term for a "hybrid economy" is a "mixed economy."

  8. Kid Richie2/12/12

    Nothing that Obama does makes any sense if you judge his actions as those of a President "interested" in the welfare of America and its citizens!

    However, if one steps away from using "Denial" and judges all he has done to America and its citizens as efforts on his part to destroy the America as was founded, then they do make sense. He is and never has been FOR America. He is a Marxist and has openly stated that he seeks to change America "fundamentally". Why won't people 'listen' to him? He works to destroy Capitalism and the opportunity it offers for individual prosperity and upward mobility. He believes in the "collective" and dependency on the State. He talks of "helping the Middle Class". Nothing is further from the truth.

  9. Anonymous2/12/12

    "Communism, at least conceptually, argued for shifting power from those who perform intellectual labor to those who perform manual labor. Modern liberalism exists only to shift wealth from workers to non-workers, taking from the working class on behalf of the non-working class and pocketing the money for the employees of the government class."

    The thing is that communism in the Soviet Union was different than what is going on in the US. In America, even communism is decadent. Communists were not interested in welfare or the "noble savage" concept. For communists the goal was full empoyment, those who did not work were called "parasites", and industry jobs were more important than services jobs. They were in favor of heavy industry, nuclear power, etc. They tried for example to eradicate the nomadic lifestyle of gypsies, and program them into working people living in the cities. They were against gays, beggars, drug addicts, etc. the so called "parasites on the working class". They were not interested in post-human environmentalism or Gaia theories. For communists, the human was the Crown of Nature, and communist art often depicted factories and infrastructure "conquering" Nature.

    1. Anonymous12/12/21

      Great comment. I would add that the Soviet Union was forced to industrialize in order to survive against her enemy attackers. In an already fully industrialized country, the dynamic would be different. The objective would still be to produce for human need not for profit, to get rid of what we don't need and keep what we do need (capitalism is anarchic and creates waste). Workers councils would be set up in every work place and the workers themselves would run the business. There would be no parasitic boss who exploits the employees. With the current situation of the destruction of the environment, communists would greatly reduce military spending, there would be no wars of aggression, and implement a strategy of de-growth. Marxism-Leninism is a science that applies itself to the unique needs of the present situation. Every country has its own unique circumstances.

  10. Carmen Lane2/12/12

    "Too many fleas on the dog and the dog dies"... is a favorite saying of my dad. Thought-provoking post.

  11. Earlybird2/12/12

    "Call it the Californization of America . . ."

    As Californians are fleeing their self designed and self implemented utopia to relocate to other states such as my own, they are bringing their ruinous ideas with them. Rather than referring to this politely as Californization, I have seen a bumper sticker that said simply "Stop Californication". That one letter difference says volumes. We are getting Californicated.

    Thanks Daniel. ~Earl

  12. Anonymous2/12/12

    Somewhere somebody just said BINGO!

  13. "Cities and towns are going bankrupt because government class unions asked for and got financially unsustainable benefit packages."

    This is certainly the case where I live. One mayor actually made an agreement to give cops a full day's pay if they donated blood.

    They call it "blood days" off from work.

  14. To anonymous The Communist party is still the same. They are simply using the welfare system tactic because it is one of the newest strategies, by Cloward & Piven. They will kill off all of the welfare people after they have secured their goal fully, when there are no viable threats against them.

  15. M Thompson, my site exists for "a free flow of dialog and debate" among conservatives, which is why deadhead anonymous leftard commenters are not welcome. When one side of politics behaves no better than trolls, contributes nothing to a discussion and merely insults the host who owns the site, then they will continue to be banned.
    I've yet to meet a leftist who is genuinely interested in the free flow of dialog and debate, hence our comments policy.

  16. Anonymous2/12/12

    KG you paint with a wide thick brush. I feel it is more because you are afraid of debate and alternative ideas.

    M. Thompson

  17. "They call it "blood days" off from work.
    And they get paid for donating as well. The mayor must have money to burn!

    By the way Keli, your comments are not working lately. I think because of the captcha? Not sure but won't let me comment for a long while now.

  18. In the same way in the 3CP everyone was some kind of doctor in a country where the life expectancy was 55 or an engineer in a country that couldn't build a car or a washing machine, we're beat over the head with the Obama clarion call that the fix for everything is to hire 5 million teachers, cops and firefighters.

    Well no, actually. We don't need millions of more teachers. If class size were half what it is today across the board, it would make little difference. We don't need millions more cops. There's already enough speeding tickets and bogus pot busts. We don't need millions more firefighters, maybe a few but not more than can be equipped to put fires out.

    We don't need of cadre of unformed and semi uniformed civil servants who's sole role appears to be to demonstrate to the rest of us we're something less than full citizens, thank you.

  19. TY lemon. I think the problem is that I stll have two blogs running. I must be logging into the wrong one.

    Let me log in correctly, click on my user name here, and try to leave a message. I don't think I am using word verification.

  20. Try clicling on my user name now, it should work.


    Re Blood Days...a former mayor sold his soul so to speak to the PBA

  21. "A host and a parasite of equal size cannot both survive for long. Either both the host and the parasite will die. Or the parasite will die and the host will live."

    Probably so. Right now, based on GDP, the ratio is 25/75. If you add the other members of the government class like lawyers, large sections of Wall Street, etc., the gap narrows.

    We do see, in Europe, larger ratios that have not (yet) caused the death of their hosts. Greece is very close, with the Golden Dawn ascending in popularity, and becoming de facto law enforcement. But you also have Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, et. al. Call me in 2030, and they may not look so optimistic with a 3rd Islamic Class in the picture. And they do have slower growth and poorer populations right now, as the price of their taker classes. But they survive.

    On a far grimmer note, even Argentina, with a real ratio that's much higher when confiscations are added in, survives.

    Of course, when we say "slower growth," contemplate the idea of "slower than WHAT?" Well, slower than catching up countries is Eastern Europe and Asia, and the USA. Now, remove the USA as a faster competitor. There's a hit to their economies, but not a fatal one. And their only real direct comparable looks just as bad now.

    So the elites get rich, the government class leadership gets rich, society gets poorer. Major advances happening now in biotechnology ensure that this elite really is NOT like the rest of us, which providing enough trickle-down hope and conditional rewards to keep the system lurching forward. Those who do get rich are almost always the politically connected. Once connected sufficiently, you are above the law, and your life is worth notably more than the perpetually denigrated villeins of the modern Serf Class. Surveillance and structures of control are pervasive, and the media is part of that structure via direct edict, or through class interest & court snobbery.

    This is just the way it is: soft fascism as the pervasive global political dynamic, shading into harder fascism in China, and probably (given its culture) taking a hard form in the USA as well.

    Look at this picture, and ask yourself how much of this is already in place, or moving rapidly into place.

    Can it survive? It probably can. Aside from the pervasive apotheosis of the surveillance state sitting underneath it all, it looks like much of humanity's miserable history. Which has been proven to last for a long time, despite the misery produced.

    Internal revolt? Doubtful. With an effective system of surveillance and control underneath, and a biotech-based set of exceptional rewards as incentives, Daniel's concept of "Permanent Occupation" can indeed become a reality. Which means the general misery of the slave class will last until a superior competitor comes along.

    This Oceania/ Eurasia/ Eastasia doesn't have an obvious candidate, since all major players are bought into what's broadly the same system. So it will last until the disconnected elites turn their greed, at the last, upon each other, and prudence is overstepped. In a world that knows how to bring a star's very fire to earth, and will soon learn how to build worse, this doesn't end well.

    Barring great courage and unexpected fortune, this probably describes the future your children and grandchildren will live in.

    How much courage do you have in you, in order to keep this future from becoming true?

  22. How much courage do you have in you, in order to keep this future from becoming true?

    Lacking the courage to educate our own children for the last two generations, I'd say it's pretty unlikely that we'll shoot our neighbors when it all comes apart. We'll comply, comply, comply.

  23. VA_Rancher3/12/12


    Spot On Ma'am...

    Be well.

  24. Russ Nariman3/12/12

    Joan: You think its better to shoot your neighbor than to comply?

  25. Brilliant! Linked here: http://bobagard.blogspot.com/2012/12/shortcuts-working-class-and-government.html


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