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Gun Culture and Gun Control Culture

Hardly had the blood been scrubbed off the floors in Newtown than everyone who was anyone had begun shifting the blame from Adam Lanza to some intangible social failure.

Back in 2002, Michael Moore trundled his bulk over to Colorado to exploit the Columbine massacre for a general rant about gun culture, American foreign policy and how hard it was to find a shop selling bacon grease by the ton at two in the morning.

In his film, which won an Oscar for Best Documentary, Moore gave his audience what they wanted, lots of scenes of "hicks and hillbillies" buying, selling and giving away guns all over the place to illustrate the murderous ravages of American gun culture. Some of those scenes were staged, but it didn't matter since Moore was catering to an audience that had nothing but contempt for working class Americans and would believe any awful thing about them.

What did gun culture have to do with a plot by two disgruntled dorks upset over being called "Faggots" a few times too many? About as much as gun culture has to do with Adam Lanza, another award winning product of the, "Maybe some people deserve to get beaten up" club.

Your average school shooter is unhappy and angry, irreligious, incapable of fitting into a community and filled with rage that he exercises through violent fantasies. His culture isn’t gun culture. It’s loner culture. Video games do not cause him to kill, but they are how he entertains himself until he can get a taste of the real thing.

Adam Lanza, Dylan Kleibold, Eric Harris, Seung-Hui Cho, James Holmes, One L. Goh and Jared Loughner had as much in common with what the Michael Moore Fan Club thinks of as "gun culture" as Michael Moore does with the working class. Whatever gun culture they had was not the American Scots-Irish culture of the hunter, the rancher and the militia member, but the urban posse of emasculated men of no worth that brandishes weapons as a way to get respect.

The gun culture of the school shooter is the lobby scene in The Matrix, the frag or be fragged multiplayer gaming culture of Halo and Doom, and the Joker killing his way across Gotham. None of these products of mass entertainment make one a killer, but they are also far more illustrative of the type of gun culture that defines school shooters, than anything that Michael Moore and the MSNBC talking heads mean by gun culture.

For most Americans there is no gun culture, only the ownership of guns. To the extent that any gun culture has developed it was in response to a gun control culture that sought to demonize the ownership of firearms. The traditional and religious culture of the American gun owner has little in common with the power fantasies of the school shooter. To the gun owner, a firearm is a necessary tool. To the school shooter, it is a way to stop feeling powerless, a way to get beyond the ersatz joys of killing bots and avatars, of watching Keanu Reeves spin through the air while filling a mob of policemen full of lead, with the joy of the real kill. 

But that has not stopped anyone and everyone from opining on the great malady of American gun culture. Jim Boeheim, the Syracuse basketball coach, took the time out to blather on about it for ten minutes. A Washington Post writer named Max Fisher claimed that American gun culture was "unique" because Americans own a lot of guns. That is roughly the level of fact-based discourse on gun culture that you can expect from gun-control culture which asserts that ownership is identity.

The Battle Creek Enquirer ran an editorial which asserted that "The gun culture in this country is insane" and then failed to define what that gun culture consisted of except to say that, "The insanity of America’s gun culture is that in the face of staggering evidence to the contrary, the gun lobby successfully peddles the lie that we are safer when we ease access to firearms."

The definition of gun culture insanity then is believing that when a dork who has seen the Matrix or The Dark Knight or blood splatter on his monitor a few times too many comes bearing lead, it is better to be able to defend yourself than to be a target. It's absurd, of course, we are told by gun control culturalists, to believe that ordinary civilians can do anything in such a crisis except wet their pants and hope that the SWAT team doesn't get stuck in traffic.

But in 1966, during the Texas Tower Massacre, a Co-Op manager named Allen Crum grabbed a rifle and accompanied three Austin police officers up into the tower and helped give them cover while they took down the sniper. But that was in 1966. Today Crum would have been shot for picking up the rifle and Officer Martinez, who picked up a shotgun and fired into the shooter's prone body after he had already been severely wounded, would have been dismissed from the force, put on trial and would have spent the next decade dodging civil suits and doing infomercials to raise money.

And that's why we're so much safer today, than we were then, on our Zero Tolerance campuses and in our Gun-Free Zones, where no one is allowed to have so much as a pocket knife and no one can do a thing when a shooter arrives except lie on the floor and hope that the killer picks another victim.

At Salon, which is like Slate, if Slate were a failure, Amanda Marcotte urges that we attack "not the guns themselves, but gun culture". Amanda, mainly known for getting the Duke case wrong and being fired from the Edwards campaign, means that we should ban gun ads in newspapers.

"A lot of liberals aren’t tuned into this, because they live in their own enclaves and absorb media that doesn’t really cater to the gun crowd, but gun advertising is common in many markets," Amanda breathlessly reports to those organic pastry shoppers of San Francisco and the Off-Broadway crowd taking in the latest transsexual cabaret spectacular.  While she never does get around to defining what the dreaded gun culture is, she does mention that, "Americans simply don’t like giving up perceived rights."

If only they spent more time in organic pastry shops and transsexual cabarets they might realize that they are only giving up their perceived Bill of Rights for the real right to free birth control in the best bargain since Esau traded his birthright for a mess of organic free trade pottage.

Finally Jessica Pieklo, writing at a site whose menu is limited to "Animals", "Women", "Politics", "Food", "LGBT" and "Global Development", in that order, informs us that gun culture and rape culture are a product of "white masculinity". An hour ago I just passed a non-white driver whose car had 9MM decals on his windows and was blasting a song where the word "hoes" came up a lot, but there are topics that just can't be discussed even for a site that covers everything from LGBT to Animals.

For all the loose talk about American gun culture, no one really seems to be able to define what it is. Defining gun culture by the entertainment industry drifts too far into Hollywood and Detroit, and away from the rural culture that is the real target of gun control culture. And that just leaves gun controllers grasping at gun ads and gun ownership, and the omnipresent white devil who never stops buying Manhattan for a bottle of whiskey and objectifying things in ways that males of no other race do.

Instead there are a thousand articles written in children's blood crying out, "We can't just do nothing." Something must be done. Now. Last week. If only we ban more weapons, we can be as safe as Norway, home of the worst shooting spree of all, or Connecticut, which already has an assault weapons ban. And after those screeds come calls from politicians to "set aside the rhetoric" and have a serious conversation about taking the Bill of Rights out back and putting a bullet in its head. For the children who had no one to protect them when a gunman came to their school and will still have no one to protect them when gun control culture gets its way.

After these come a torrent of armchair psychology analyses of America's gun culture, which are only slightly more elegant versions of Jessica Pieklo's thesis about Freud and Michael Moore's thesis about rural America. And those are what gun culture is really about. After all how can you be confident of your own superiority unless you have a documentary and a hundred articles affirming it for you by the traditional method of putting down the people at the bottom of the ladder.

What liberals think of as gun culture is really shorthand for rural America. It's what liberals won't say, but it's what they mean. Americans are still sentimental about the village, so, for now, the number of movies that portray the rural community as ideal, rather than a hive of small-minded bigots, is still rather high. But there are backdoor ways of getting at the same topic and talking about gun culture is one of them.

When liberals talk about "gun culture", they mean the same thing that Barack Obama did when he told his San Francisco fundraiser friends about the people out there who still cling to their bibles and their guns. It isn't about the guns really, though gun control culture is worried about having that much personal autonomy in the hands of people who don't share their values and like their independence, it's about rural America. And rural America, like guns, is another symbol that stands in for traditional America.

The left cannot talk about how much it hates this country. Gun culture is one of its dog whistles. A way to talk about how much it hates America without actually saying it out loud where everyone can hear. Talking about gun culture not only allows the left to publicly vent its hatred for America, gun control, like racism, is another way that the left teaches Americans to hate America.

But the truth about gun culture is that the left has a great deal more in common with Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Adam Lanza and Jared Loughner. Far more than those shooters had with any phantom conservative gun culture.

The American left, like any high school shooter, is bitter, angry and filled with contempt for the rest of the country. Stuck in a country made of flyover country that thinks of leftists the way Columbine students thought of Klebold and Harris, the left treats Americans to their own Columbine Massacre every time it defends criminals and terrorists, every time it wrecks American manufacturing and laughs all the way to the bank as it bankrupts Americans.

For all the crocodile tears that the left spills, after all the children's blood that it pumps into a syringe and then spill out on paper, the left culturally identifies with the shooters and the shooters culturally identify with the left. They are both odd men out in a place that they don't belong, dressing up their inner ugliness in a false sense of superiority. The shooters believe that they are superior intellects victimized by the mediocre people around them who are unable to appreciate their genius. That is the cursory bio of every leftist who troops down to New York, San Francisco or Portland.

And both the left and the shooters agree that the people you are shooting at should not have guns.


  1. Daniel, all the digital ink can spilled on all computer screens can not explain why a well educated person like Lanza's mom who recognized her son's dangerous streak by even alleged having said "don't turn your back on him", did nothing to both getting him on psychotonica and not only absolutely not taking him to a firing range but prevent him in any and all ways of getting to fire-arms, hers or others.
    Criminals shall always manage to get to guns and that is why responsible individuals in society who want, after having been tested and screened on stability should get permits to carry in public places, like in a fair amount of individuals have in Judea & Samaria in Israel. Further more schools in general, again like in Israel and the Jewish schools in Europe, should employ armed guards because apparently the instable bent on murder and rampage often choose these locations as weak targets.

  2. Anonymous19/12/12

    I am from the Netherlands and I am very happy that in my country it is extremely difficult to buy a gun or get a permit for a gun, let alone an automatic gun you can kill a lot of people with. I am not a leftist or a liberal.

  3. Gun culture? Hmm. It makes me think of the inner city and thugs with illegal guns killing each other off.

    The scary thing about Lanza is that his mother warned his babysitter not to turn his back on him. Wasn't the mother also a "prepper"? Those people scare me.

    OT: It's this preppers and their stockpiling of oral antibiotics that is making it next to impossible to purchase fish antibiotics in pet stores. The current fish antibiotics are great for large tanks. Dosing for smaller tanks is much easier with tablets but sadly there's talk of banning fish antibiotics (oral tablets).

    OT 2: Most of the illegal guns coming into Buffalo are from Ohio. Should we ban travel to Ohio?? Everything is going to be banned eventually.

  4. clarification of OT: the preppers are buying fish antibiotic tablets online.

  5. "Both the left and the shooters agree that the people should not have guns".

    Maybe it's because both the left and the shooters prefer their human targets defenseless.

    Also, take a wild guess, which of these two lines would make a preferred headline for both:

    1 - Heavily armed shooter opens fire at school, kills many children and teachers

    2 - Heavily armed shooter opens fire at school, instantly killed by armed teacher

    Incidentally, line 2 describes the outcome which 100% parents of those children would prefer.

  6. @Anonymous from the Netherlands

    Maybe you are not leftist or liberal, but for some reason you side with them in opinion that people should not have guns. Stay happy.

  7. Anonymous19/12/12

    According to the left, all cultures are equal. They really do believe this, don't they? If they do then why do they have a problem with gun culture?

  8. BREAKING NEWS [Fox]: Obama to Announce Gun Control Task Force

    Tyrant Control Task Force, anyone?

  9. This line is truly priceless: The left culturally identifies with the shooters and the shooters culturally identify with the left.

    Something for people of future post-apocaliptic world to wonder "which part of it they morons did not understand".

  10. Guns provide an adequate instant protection from crazed maniacs, criminals and rabid dogs.

    Even the best police is always a few minutes away, when seconds count.

    Gun control laws can only disarm decent law abiding citizens, can make them defenseless.

    Gun control does not stop crazed maniacs and criminals. Never did. Never will.

    For any coherent sane common-sense American, all of the above is pretty much like 2+2=4

    For self-appointed masters and overlords on the left, it is not.

  11. @Anonymous said...
    According to the left, all cultures are equal. They really do believe this, don't they? If they do then why do they have a problem with gun culture?

    Apparently, some cultures are more equal than others. But wait, I guess I already heard that before, somewhere ...


  12. Officer Martinez, who picked up a shotgun and fired into the shooter's prone body after he had already been severely wounded

    Who had been wounded, Officer Martinez or the shooter? (I'm guessing you meant the officer, but if so, the pronoun is ambiguous.)

  13. We have more restrictions today on gun ownership and still have high statistics of gun violence. This stigma that society has placed on guns makes the average bad guy realize that the odds of him encountering an armed citizen are slim to none. Will more guns or easier access solve the problem? Not exactly, but restoring the idea that anyone around you could have a gun on them will. This is just common sense. Weather you are honest enough to admit it or not, your senses are heightened when you drive into that infamous "bad neighborhood". You are more aware of your surroundings, and you are more mindful of your actions. And so is the bad guy.

  14. Anonymous19/12/12

    There has been a staggering increase in motorcyle related deaths in the past 10 years. It is a culture that has become prominent with the increase in the number of liberals who seek the thrill of wind blowing through their hair. It is a national epidemic. Please join me in my efforts to have Joe Biden include this phenomenal epidemic in the study of assault weapons. Here's the statistics. In 2008, motor vehicle crash-related deaths involving cars and light trucks reached an all-time low in the United States. At the same time, however, motorcyclist deaths reached an all-time high, more than doubling between 1999 and 2008.

  15. Anonymous19/12/12

    The end game for the left now is to completely take every gun off of all law abiding folk.The 2nd amendment is on life support and the weak Republicans will not support it. Never let a crisis go to waste.


  16. "I am from the Netherlands and I am very happy that in my country it is extremely difficult to buy a gun or get a permit for a gun, let alone an automatic gun you can kill a lot of people with"

    There are several points that need to be addressed, which may be the answer to why you think the way you do.

    First in the United States it requires a Class III firearms license to acquire an "Automatic" gun. People with little knowledge of firearms just do not seem to grasp the difference between Semi Automatic & Automatic.
    When you pull the trigger with an Automatic firearm, you can unload an entire clip without releasing the trigger. This makes it hard to attain accurate fire, heat the barrel, and wastes ammo.
    A Semi Automatic fires a round every time you pull the trigger. you can aim and hit the target much easier as well.

    Besides the Class III firearms license which is hard to obtain, the cost of an Automatic firearm is obscenely expensive.

    I think another issue has to do with the looks or aesthetics of the firearm.
    I own a civilian version of the US Military M14. When I bought it it had a wooden stock, and looked like what most consider a "hunting rifle".
    I paid over a thousand dollars for it at the time. The rifle is about 40 years old, which is about 5 years older than myself. It only shoots one round when you pull the trigger hence the semi automatic nomenclature.

    This is a picture of what it looks like guy from Holland.
    This is what it looks like now after I changed the way it looks.


    The differences are cosmetic.
    Since you are in Holland I do not expect you to understand the differences. Yet I see way too much ignorance in the media and other Americans. My point is that it is the same gun. It looks like a hunting rifle and now with some mods it "looks" like it could win a war. Please if you are going to make claims then you should know the subject. Otherwise sadly you just look dumb.
    Perhaps that is why I do not talk about wine or floral arrangements, because I do not know shit about either one.

  17. Anonymous19/12/12

    Knish, you are EN FUEGO with this post. Outstanding work, sir. Well said.

  18. George J.19/12/12

    The gun control crowd (Brady Bunch, Obama & Co., international socialists, bleeding heart progressives, anti-Westerners, etc.) will not listen to factual/logical arguments, nor even emotional ones that don't fit their "narrative". They don't even care if they are right or not. This isn't about saving lives, to them it's about taking away guns because they simply despise people having the ability to control their own destiny without the state's approval.
    Make no mistake though, they do not fear the guns/objects themselves - they have no problem with CCW permits and guns being carried by themselves, their bodyguards, agents of the state like the police, the military, and even a handful of non-state actors such as the seurity guards who transport their money to and from the bank branch. What they deeply fear is that some lowly peasant can have the same rights that they demand for themselves and the state they are suckling at the teat of.
    Danial, up here in Canada we've been having the same dynamics going on as you. Tragedy -> exploit for political agenda -> push restrictions on individual rights -> enhance state power. And you are spot on about the use if the phrase "Gun Culture" as a euphemism for rural/traditional America. You should see how the Canadian media elites have busted a collective nut over the opportunity to ridicule and blame "American Gun Culture" for everything they can possibly think of. (Crapping on Americans is a part of Canadian culture, unfortunately).
    It's ironic, since guns have been banished from modern urban culture (which is where most shooting happen, not so coincidentally), except of course in Hollywood movies, video games, music lyrics and videos. And Hollywood/Big Entertainment then predictably gets on its high horse to preach against violence and the 2nd Amendment.
    At one time, American culture actually included a mature and healthy approach to firearms. Before the progressive shift, law-abiding citizens in every state could own all the "evil Assault weapons" they wanted. Now, they cannot, but since this does not stop criminals, it has only balanced the equation in favour of those who do not follow laws (criminals).
    Congratulations, progressives, you have succeeded in changing the former status quo, where decent, free citizens could protect themselves, to your own new enlightened status quo, where they cannot, and must rely on the benevolent power of the state to do so on their behalf.

  19. Anonymous19/12/12

    Daniel, you have so many incredible commentaries, on all you write on. Here is an article of likely weighty, perhaps momentous importance, regarding behavioral and socialization, stability, and mentally oriented problems behind most shootings and other homocides. Check it out here:


    Observations indicate around 90% of similar shootings are involved with SSRI's and other similar medications.

    Perhaps, a certain subgroup of users exposed to these drugs, with certain DNA makeups, in a manner similar to the well known horrendous damage statins do to around 15% of users with a certain DNA makeup, to muscles, and kidneys.

    Or perhaps some other mechanism or condition is involved to turn a small percentage of users of such psychotropic medications into cold homocidal maniacs, that show minimal signs, if any, before they trigger to act. Perhaps the psychiatrist at UC, and the ones seeing Adam, and so many others could shed useful light. Something dramatically more than any thought to gun control is needed, because many more weapons than guns are involved, including knives, autos, and much more. None of the many gun control laws worked, nor could any have worked, as many, many were broken, not the least of which is Adam was too young to buy a pistol in CT, along with his murdering his mother and stealing her guns.

    All real criminals with serious and long records do not obey any gun law, but often seek places that do have gun laws to go after miniminally armed naive law abiding innocent people, to increase their chances of successful crimes.


  20. Anonymous19/12/12

    It is difficult in commenting to not sing a repeating paean to Daniel, who correctly sees the left's, like the shooters' goal: one nation under lockdown. The dishonesty of the political 'dialogue' is unbearable. The same people who perform ritualistic, exhibitionistic pantomimes of their desire to protect the children, are the very ones who have already consigned them to be wage slaves for a substantial portion of their lives. Years of work equal years of life. Evil individuals steal years of life from children by killing them with implements. Evil politicians steal years of the lives of many more children with ink - through law - by burdening them with indebtedness whose repayment will consume years of their lives. This is nothing more than a sophisticated form of fractional slavery that is lethal to the human spirit.

    BTW, the Netherlands ought to consider banning scimitars before it is too late. Come to think of it, this is an irrelevant thought since that country is well along the road to demographic suicide anyway.

    Civil Westman

  21. Anonymous19/12/12

    While scrolling through the guide looking for movies on cable, I notice that, most often, there are at least two movies available at any one time whose protagonists are assassins. Those, along with HBO's Dexter (weapon of choice=knife), are most always portrayed sympathetically. Perhaps some of the Hollywood types who perpetrate such entertainment ought to look in the mirror instead of implicating the so-called 'gun culture,' and suggesting, as several already have, that NRA members should be shot. No problem portraying the 'human side' of serial killers? That must be art for art's sake.

  22. I wonder if TBS will air its A Christmas Story marathon this year? A kid who spends the entire movie begging for a BB rifle, and gets one.

  23. Bill Owen19/12/12

    @ Keligata:
    No reason they shouldn't. Life goes on as it should and must.
    The world does not stop.

  24. Anonymous19/12/12

    I would say en flagrante

  25. LadyMoonlight19/12/12

    When I read the article on the website I am posting, I was gobsmacked! I thought at first that it was somebody sick joke, that no one could possibly believe it. When I realised that the person who wrote it actually beleived it, as do those who commented, I just shook my head in disbelief. I don't know what else to say about it.


  26. Anonymous19/12/12

    Keliata, beware of Boy Scouts, they are always prepping, for whatever! Just like preppers and gun owners, who don't trust to your government, since a gun or any weapon in hand is quicker than calling that hired gun on the phone, the cop, every time.

  27. Anonymous19/12/12

    @LadyMoonlight - This is yet another modern parallel - a crescendo in the US, Europe and in the UN - to what it was like in Germany in the 1930's.

  28. Anonymous19/12/12

    Gun grabbing is a third rail of American politics. Any pol who votes with gun grabbers will regret it on election day.

    Andy Texan

  29. I've been reading a lot of responses on different sites. I have yet to see this question asked and answered. When was the last time there was a mass shooting at a gun show? Really, I would like to know.

  30. Good points Jack.

    I am very aware of the threats around me and my view is anything can become a weapon. I have a baseball bat at work and anything at home can be used to fend off an intruder out to harm me.

    I also scan the environment when I am out and about. It's something cops do when they're on patrol.

  31. I guess the preppers can stockpile stuff for when/if the SHTF and I'll support them sort of if the gov't actually does try to ban fish antibiotics:)

    My bettas get sick I can't take them to a vet

  32. I learned from Sandy that preparing for emergencies is the right thing to do. EVERYONE should be prepared, even FEMA agrees with that.
    I went days without power and without water. If it hadnt been for the Red Cross I don't know what I would have done. They gave me blankets and water.
    But now I am preparing for whatever might occur storm wise, etc.
    And I have a bug out bag packed at all times now.

  33. Reginald Worthington20/12/12

    Nice new header to the site, eh what old man?
    Good show.

  34. Anonymous20/12/12

    Why do the Employees (Government Elected Officials) of the American Taxpayer have Armed Security, and those Employees are screaming the Taxpayer can not be trusted?
    The Gun is not the Problem, its the people who use them for doing Immoral and Unlawful things.
    Fast and Furious ? Arming the Syrian Rebels (Radical Islamic Terrorists)

  35. For obvious reasons beyond their control, on most crime scenes the police officers are only second responders. And people in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene automatically become first responders. Those people by virtue of being physically present there can and must act immediately, when seconds count, and police is minutes away. And yes, that includes using deadly force against deadly force of the killer. To understand what exactly those who peddle "gun control" really want to achieve, look no further than potential first responders stripped of their ability to act as first responders and life savers.

  36. Only one public policy has ever been shown to reduce the death rate from such crimes: concealed-carry laws. ... Someone planning to commit a single murder in a concealed-carry state only has to weigh the odds of one person being armed. But a criminal planning to commit murder in a public place has to worry that anyone in the entire area might have a gun. ... Mass killers may be crazy, but they’re not stupid. Ann Coulter | We Know How to Stop School Shootings | Dec 20, 2012

  37. Any pol who votes with gun grabbers will regret it on election day.

    With respect, Andy Texan, that isn't 100% correct. I live in the People's Republic of Maryland. We're so liberal in this state, it's amazing that we haven't fallen into the Atlantic by now. Both of my Senators are coming out for new gun restrictions and people will still vote for them.

  38. Anonymous20/12/12

    I can think of a weapon/rifle that has a proven track record of killing more people than all of the civilian owned "assault weapons" and military looking weapons combined. One user of this weapon earned the name: White Death. Several people were able to shoot hunderds of people with it. The weapon I am refering to is a bolt action, 5 round capacity rifle: the Mosin Nagant. It is long, heavy and fires an out of date round, 7.62x54R. This is all about who has the power to control who and the means to enforce it.

  39. Anonymous20/12/12

    So it's Daniels blog so whatever he says must be right yeah?, sheep like mentality in here, there's two sides to this argument and somewhere inbetween you'll find the middle ground, just because you champion stricter gun control shouldn't automatically label you a liberal leftie, its easy to point the finger at Norway and say sure it happens everywhere doesn't it?, no it doesn't, the fact is most mass shootings happen in the United States, lax gun control or just an unfortunate coincidence?, what's sickening is many of these shootings are copycat killings by individuals craving notoriety.

  40. of the top 5 mass shootings, 4 happened outside the US and none were carried out by an American

  41. Anonymous20/12/12

    The body count is immaterial Daniel as they still count as individual incidents.
    Check out the link below, note 14 of the 24 mass shootings occured in the United States.


  42. the body count is rather material since we are discussing a ban on weapons with more firepower, rather than on firearms in general

  43. Anonymous20/12/12

    America has the highest rate of gun related deaths in the world, no coincidence that Brazil with similar lax gun laws has the 2nd highest gun related deaths, Mexico with very strict gun laws is armed to the teeth because of the easy availibility of every weapon you can imagine across the border in the states.
    Something just doesn't quite fit for those who continue to argue to the contrary?. Unfortunately because of these lax gun laws the criminals have also armed themselves to the teeth.

  44. If only we had stringent gun laws then surely no one would ever die again.

  45. Anonymous20/12/12

    I think many are advocating control on automatic weapons rather than all guns.

  46. Parson Brown20/12/12

    Only Eric Holder and Oliver North can have guns and ship them to bad guys. That is the law.

  47. Anonymous20/12/12

    "The gun control crowd (Brady Bunch, )"

    Brady got shot in the Reagan assassination attempt and was brutally wounded you moron.
    Of course he is anti guns.

  48. "The shooters believe that they are superior intellects victimized by the mediocre people around them who are unable to appreciate their genius. That is the cursory bio of every leftist who troops down to New York, San Francisco or Portland."

    It is more and more becoming the bio of every Republican who has spent more than one term in Congress, and the leadership of the RNC.

  49. Anonymous23/12/12

    Sultan Knish you should be beating the drumbs on SWPL white urban liberals and their hatred for rural white conservatives.

    Google "SWPL white liberal" and enjoy the show. These people are sick. Traitors to their own nation because of status games. They also typically are rich and because of that can affford segregation due to expensive housing prices and private schools.

  50. Anonymous11/2/13

    Get a grip, there is a difference between “gun culture” and “culture”.

    To reduce gun violence, the “social culture” has to change notthe "gun culture". Banning semi-automatic guns and new gun control legislation will not change anything; changing the “culture” will. Watching recent debates showed me the fact that most people seem to forget that there is clear connection between gun behavior, culture, and social control. Just look at young adults in Washington and Chicago which are subject to strict gun control, but no social control, and they commit a staggering amount of armed crime. Young adults in Switzerland on the other hand are subject to minimal gun control, but strict social control, and they commit almost no crime.

  51. Anonymous18/3/13

    Everyone in this post is executing their right according to the 1st Amendment, even the gun -banners.
    Why are the gun-banners trying to prevent gun-owners from executing their right to bear arms derived from the 2nd Amendment??

    The US does not have a gun culture, we have a Constitution culture, and thanks to the Forefathers, no liberal-democratic-republican effing Democracy/Tyranny, yet.

    But that may change real soon, the bread is in the oven.....

    Wake up!


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