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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Noose Around Israel's Neck

Israel is being hanged on a public gallows erected on the grounds of the United Nations with yards of rope gleefully supplied by the Muslim world. But the hangmen are mostly Westerners who still think that the Muslim lynch mob at their doorstep can be pacified with the death of a single victim.

There are three things you can do when you are about to be hanged. You can walk proudly, recite a glorious line or two to embed your martyrdom in historical memory, and then allow yourself to be hanged. Jews have an extensive body of experience with that brand of martyrdom.

Alternatively you can plead your case all the way to the gallows, arguing that a mistake has been made, that your case has been improperly reviewed, begging for someone to listen and do something. This way also ends in a hanging. But it's the hanging of a slave without even a shred of dignity attached to it. A man that dies pleading with his murderers, and puts his fate in the honesty of the liars and hypocrites whose own crimes makes the worst of his look like virtues, is a craven fool.

Because there is really only one thing you can do when the noose is being placed around your neck. Resist. A noose works by tightening around your neck and cutting off your air or breaking your neck. If you resist the tightening of the noose, you may actually survive. On the other hand if you follow through all the procedures, if you allow your hands to be tied behind your back, and the noose to be fastened around your neck while trusting in the system to do right by you-- your death is inevitable.

For seventeen years Israel has been walking toward the gallows. Its leaders have led it there by the nose ring of international assurances. Its people have been led there by refusing to see what is waiting ahead for them, even while the blood was being cleaned off the streets. Every attempt to reach a peaceful solution, every concession and show of good faith, has only tightened the bonds around its hands and the noose around its neck.

That is because every concession Israel has made, has further restricted not only its ability to defend itself, but even its ability to do basic things such as build residential housing in the capital of its own nation. Every gesture and agreement Israel has signed has bound it to ever more restrictive terms. And none of them have brought any peace. All they have ever done is set the bar higher for the next round of concessions demanded by the enemy and its aiders and abettors in the next phase of negotiations.

This is not a peace process, and it has never been one. It is a public lynching. It is the lynching of a country whose only real crime is that its existence offends the religious fanaticism and prejudices of a billion Muslims, who control much of the world's oil, and whose followers are willing to riot and kill in the streets of nearly every major city in the world at the slightest offense.

The lynching began as a trial where the murderer wore a fine suit and his victim sat in an orange jumpsuit in the dock. Every day during the trial, the murderer would be allowed to leave the courtroom to kill again. And every afternoon he would return to the courtroom with bloody hands that the judge and jurors would pretend not to see. And if the victim dared to call attention to those bloody hands, he would be silenced and told that those murders too were his fault. Hadn't he after all provoked the murderer into committing them?

Now the trial is coming to a close. The farce that the proceedings ever had anything to do with peace is unraveling. And we can thank Hamas and Obama for that. The endgame is all too clear. The undoing of that "mistake" which allowed the oldest and most persecuted minority in the Middle East to briefly reclaim their homeland from the tyranny of Muslim Caliphs and Sultans. To serve as a homeland for their persecuted brethren from the east and the west. From the south and the north. That mistake.

Every time Israel tries to be accommodating, it instead takes a step closer to the gallows. It allows the noose to be tightened around its neck. And every time that happens, it has to fight harder for air. Eventually if things keep going this way, there will be no air at all. Only a sad forlorn figure swinging in the hot eastern wind from the desert. And cries of Ibtach al Yahood among the rubble of cities and gardens of Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Ariel.

Israel cannot survive by accommodating a lynch mob. Only by having the courage to defy it. When the international community at the behest of the Muslim lynch mob dictates the parameters of Israel's survival, it must expand those parameters by pushing through them to the other side. If they want to recognize terrorists, then kill those terrorists. If they want to unilaterally create a Palestinian state, then annex those territories. Accommodation is a noose. Defiance is the air of freedom. Every time Israel retreats, it is condemned for it. When it advances, it is condemned for it also, but its freedom of action expands.

The world will always condemn Israel regardless of its intentions. But like any form of name-calling, those condemnations only gain power when Israel allows its actions to be dictated by them. Israel is not condemned because of what Israel does. It is condemned because of a diseased pattern of Islamic bigotry, left wing radicalism and international dhimmism converging in one place. This is a pattern of hate that cannot be undone. It can only be ignored.

When you listen to the threats and taunts of those who hate you, you give them power over yourself. If you try to accommodate your behavior to gain their favor, their outpouring of hate for you will only grow. For it is not your behavior they hate, it is you. By showing weakness, you invite attack. By giving your enemies power over you, all that you accomplish is to drive them into a feeding frenzy at your vulnerability. If you go on this way, you will either be a slave or a corpse. A slave if they have any use for you alive. A corpse if they don't. Either way you have put your head into the noose they made for you.

Israel cannot go on this way. No country could for long. Yet it does, marching on toward the gallows, protesting that there has been a terrible mistake here. But there is no mistake here. None at all. The executioners nod sympathetically and promise to look into it, as they bind his hands behind his back. It's a farce and everyone except the dumbest among the lynch mob, and the condemned knows it.

But like the condemned man refusing a blindfold in the anecdote who's scheduled to be executed, Israel keeps being warned not to make trouble. Go quietly. Breathe deeply. Soon it will all be over. What will the world say, if Israel resists? Exactly what the world says now.  The troublemakers that are the cause of all the troubles of the otherwise peaceful nations of the Middle East. The worm in the lovely healthy apple otherwise covered with Muslim tyrannies.

Every threat that has been made has come about when Israel made concessions, not because it refused to. Every time Israel has chosen the high road, its enemies have ambushed it from the low road. It's past time to wake up and start learning some lessons. The noose is drawn. And the nation is gasping for air. That breath of air was Jerusalem. The next one will be the Galilee. And then what? How many more breaths are left after that?

Before Oslo, Israel was threatened with terror if it did not comply. It complied and the terror increased manifold. And if did not negotiate further, it was threatened with international isolation. It negotiated. It gave. And it was isolated anyway. It was threatened with boycotts, and it gave, and the boycotts came anyway. Now they threaten the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state. Followed by a One State Solution. Followed by international intervention. Noose, gallows and all. And does anyone think that all these will not come about anyway if Israel gives Abbas and his terrorist cronies their own official state with a capital in Jerusalem?

No compromise has worked until now. Which means no compromise will work. A process in which one side repeatedly compromises and the other side repeatedly threatens and takes, is not a process, but a holdup. If a man threatens you with a gun, then you might think that you can buy him off. Until he returns again and again. And then it is no longer a threat, it is a process. Israel is in that process, or rather it is being processed. At the end of the process is death. If you pay attention only to the gun, and not the pattern of threats, you may keep giving in, until you have given up your home, your wife and your children, and you have nothing left but your life. And then you will lose that as well. That is the nature of the process. To survive, you must not see the gun alone, but the process it is part of.

When Israel withdrew from Gaza, allowed Hamas to control it, and did nothing but prevent Hamas from having outside access, the world howled as if Israel had filled the country with graves from end to end, as Sudan or Iran or some of the other members and former members of the UN Human Rights Commission have. That is not justice. That is a lynch mob. And what does Netanyahu do in response? Like nearly every Israeli government before him, he backs off. Because given that tidbit the lynch mob will be appeased. It will, won't it. Won't it?

We are no longer talking about negotiations. Or any serious discussion of a state. We are talking about the world rising up in one voice to defend the rights of a genocidal organization whose charter includes the words; "The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him." The pretense is over and done with. This is not about anything resembling peace. This is about death. This is a lynch mob. Some come willingly. Others think that they have no choice. That a single murder will buy them the tolerance of the Dar Al Islam.

This is what a noose looks like. These are the gallows. As its hands are bound, Israel loses the ability to defend itself. As the noose tightens, Israel dies. Only by resisting the noose, can it survive. Only by fighting to free its hands, can it resist. The way of surrender is the way of death. And after Israel dies, its own hangmen will be next. Because the lynch mob has only begun. Its appetite is whetted by death. Its hunger will only be sharpened by blood, not sated by it. And it will cover the world in blood, if it is not stopped. But now the noose draws tight. Only a little more air is left. What will Israel do with that air? Appeal for justice, or fight with all its strength to rip the noose away. For now the choice is still hers. When the noose has done it work, it no longer will be.


  1. Anonymous26/11/12

    Mr. Knish,

    You have hit it squarely on the head. Israel has capitulated at every level, which you so brilliantly layed out. Unfortunately, I believe the Israeli political class and the electorate are nothing but sheep waiting for the slaughter. The impulse to live as a Jewish state has been quashed by leftest liberal self delusion.

    Israel is lost. I do not think she will lift a finger to save herself. Perhaps Hashem will protect these helpless appeasers.....I am not counting on the Israelis.

    You Daniel, are my Guru when it comes to insightful thought and wisdom.


  2. Anonymous27/11/12

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  3. The political pressures behind the scenes applied on Israel by their western "allies"must be of such magnitude that even an extremely strong leader like the late Jitzhak Shamir did not manage to resist and came to the first Madrid, "peace" conference starting it's road to the gallows.
    Israel, even though it has, thanks to the enterprising innovative attitude an enormously strong economy can with a population of only 7 million and a peoples army not afford to fight a billion hostiles, on whose oil the world depends, into surrender, even if cease fires and peace treaties would not have been imposed grabbing it's war victories away time on time again.

  4. "Same old kill ratio" is only the EFFECT. Trolls and provocateurs may scream, pretend or insinuate whatever, but still they cannot obscure the CAUSE, which is "Israelis try hard to protect their people" and "Terrorists try hard to expose and increase death toll among their people in order to blame Israel".

  5. Anonymous27/11/12

    Thank you for telling it as it really is. We can only hope that there will come one leader in Israel who sees the reality and lives on that basis. Israel must look to it's young to find that one leader.
    Dave S

  6. 'It(ISRAEL)allows the noose to be tightened around its neck'

    Israel had a choice ,*Obey God or chase after a bright, powerful, gleaming idol and it's Road Map to Sheol for peace and security.
    Israel made the wrong choice and continues to make the wrong choice because secular Jewish rule has proven a failure.
    The idol worshipers have no where else to turn because they have forsaken life and the God of life FOR LIES. They have rejected the truth and have chosen delusion which comes with a noose.

    *Exodus 23:27-33
    "You shall make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. They shall not dwell in your land, lest they make you sin against Me. For if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare to you."

  7. Anonymous27/11/12

    Sharon gave up Gaza and look what happen to him.

  8. Earlybird27/11/12

    Another stellar essay Daniel. Thank you so much. ~Earl

  9. Rest assured, if Israel falls, that is one less distraction for the Cult of Hate. They will be able to focus on the USA 100%. Israel is the gate keeper to the West.

  10. So what is the endgame? Even American Jews--to say nothing of many of their Israeli counterparts--now seem ambivalent to Israel's survival. Are they simply reacting to the apparent hopelessness? Their leftist buddies and minority comrades openly support anti-Israeli forces. Muslims aren't going away. The Arab Spring portends nothing good. The failure of anyone to articulate a path to survival is the problem that needs to be addressed. Resistance implies victory at some point; otherwise it's pointless.

  11. Daniel: One of the finest essays on the futility and peril of compromising one's principles, and even one's existence, for the sake of a pragmatic purchase of time from one's uncompromising enemies.

  12. You forget Israel's own ruling elite, who willingly embarked upon this process. They did not do so because they expected peace. They did so because their goal is to exterminate the dati leumi. They will stop at nothing to achieve this goal, even if it destroys the country to do so. After all, the days of chiloni rule are numbered. They are shrinking, the dati population is growing. If the chilonim do not destroy the dati leumi, whom they hate far more than they hate any Arab, the country they love will disappear. The real cause of the problems facing Israel is not the effort to solve the eternal conflict between the Jew and the Moslem. It is the effort to win the confrontation between the Israeli and the Jew.

  13. I think I have seen this essay before. But this time here is your answer:

    Zohar VaYeira 119a: (In the year (57)73): Then all the nations of the world shall combine together against the daughter (or house) of Ya'akov in order to drive her from the world. It is of that time that it is written: "And it is a time of trouble unto Ya'akov, but out of it he shall be saved" (Jeremiah 30:7) At that time all the souls in the Heavenly storehouse of souls will be used up, and will need to be re-created (that is the gilgulim of the 6 million Jews from the Shoah will be alive in Eretz Yisrael)...And in the year (57)73 all the kngs of the world will assemble in the Great City of Rome, Maryland?? (to accomplish the above), and the Holy One Blessed Be He will shower on them fire, hail, and meteorites until they are all destroyed, with the exception of those who will not yet have arrived there yet (that is those who were not so eager to come.) You see Daniel, there is nothing to fear this time. G-d has the entire situation under control.

  14. And it is really B'itah this time. So the events of 5773 will not be postponed. G-d bless you, Daniel. time to come back home. As Rev. Wright said, "G-d d-mn America." And in Obama's 2nd term, Rev. Wright's prayer may very well be answered. Let us be honest. Americans voted for this to happen, and they were not fooled the 2nd time around. They knew exactly what they were voting for this time.

  15. That noose is getting tighter and tighter by the day.

  16. Today it's one reason, yesterday was another and tomorrow will be yet another. We say so in the Hagaddah: "That in every generation they seek to destroy us."

    Get over it because those Gentiles with that agenda will NEVER get over it.

    Do what's expected of you and trust in Hashem and it will work out for the best. In fact, concerning yourselves of this agenda IS what actually gives that evil element its lifeblood.

  17. Stella Barbut27/11/12

    This article in Joshua Pundit " Breaking: Gaza ceasefire to take effect tonight (And the Back Story ) by Rob Miller, should help to tone down the criticism of the Prime Minister.
    I first read it in the American Thinker. Some people thought it was too far fetched and the article has been removed. But is it?
    What President Clinton did to friendless little Serbia is despicable. He made backroom deals with the Bosnian Muslims in order to create a situation that would enable him to send NATO to do the humanitarian bombing
    of Serbia. Richard Holbrooke was the slimy reptile he sent to slither around the Bosnian cesspit doing the scheming.
    I can still see Jamie Shea the NATO spokesman lying through his teeth and choking on his lies as he tried to pretend that they had not deliberately bombed a civilian train crossing a bridge.
    The Muslim hatred of Jews is the same Gentile European hatred of Jews that started about two thousand years ago. The Muslims didn't invent it, they just copied it.
    Since the Gentile Europeans and Americans are holding the rope around Israels neck and yanking on it, is it too far fetched to think that at some point in time they may feel constrained to call for humanitarian NATO bombing of Israel if she becomes too aggressive in defending herself?
    That is what happened to the Serbs. After being murdered, chopped up, beheaded, their eyes gouged out, impaled through the eyes, hung up on meat hooks, women raped, babies and children tortured and murdered, and their vital organs cut out and sold to organ hungry transplant organizations, the Serbs began to defend themselves, so Clinton and NATO did the humanitarian bombing and rescued the Muslims.
    Can it happen to Israel? Is there goodness in countries whose citizens still scream >Death to the Jews. Jews to the Gas" ?

  18. I feel that Israel let this all go far too long and allowed opinion by far too many outside Israel to influence things.
    Decisive action should have been taken long ago beginning even with Moshe Dayan's horrible hand over of the har habayit to the Arabs.
    From 1967 onward Israel should have been unmovable.
    It is never too late though.

  19. Dov, if you wish to d--m America , EY will not be far behind that.

  20. Anonymous27/11/12

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  21. Chana: I have never said G-d d-mn America. (I endorsed Romney on my blog and begged American Jews to vote for him.) It was said by Obama's preacher for 20 years. Obamanation sat in his pews and listened to the Reverend spout hatred for the country for which he would become the leader of...twice. As Joseph Farrah commented on World Net Daily the day after November 6th, American has damned itself by voting for this monster a 2nd time. Or as Mr. Farrah put it. "America has pronounced judgement on itself."

    But with regards to your second point, G-d will protect the nascent portion of His redemptive process in the Land of Israel whether America is around or not.

  22. And even earlier in the Republican primaries, I endorsed Rick Santorum. I even wrote a post about him called St. Iram or Aluf Iram, the 11th prince of Edom, who would have brought the US into the Messianic Era whole. The US has made its own bed. As a Jew I would leave the US, the land that was your home away from home, very soon.

    As for Canada, well at least your PM Stephen Harper is a righteous gentile. G-d bless him.

  23. So many times it's clear to see American blackmail going on behind the screen. If only there were some way to expose it, which would help remove its power.

  24. Anonymous27/11/12

    It does no good to be overcome by pessimism.
    Think of the bright side.
    Morsi has to govern a state where the poor do not have enough to eat which will lead to a second revolution for sure.
    Hamas took a good licking with no Israelis put in harms way except by terrorist tactics which as time goes by, even better techniques to combat them will arise.
    The world including hezbollah has noted the effectiveness of Iron Dome & perhaps that technology could be worked into the American anti-icbm system.
    The world is beginning to note the barbarism of islam which could very well effect Middleast policy in the west.
    Insofar as oil is concerned,a deal requires both a willing buyer and seller. Let them drown in their oil. There is plenty of oil in Canada,Usa& Mexico. What is required is the right kind of government. Allen West was my hope.Maybe another will come along.

  25. Daniel, You are getting a ton of spam advertisers on this post alone.

  26. Anonymous27/11/12

    Sure you did Dov. You said it may well come true. You lend your weight to it.

  27. "Zohar VaYeira 119a"
    Witch doctor Mumbo Jumbo won't solve real problems for anyone.

  28. Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have given up. Who blackmails him? And with what? Or is he simply tired of so many ennemies even within Israel?

    While I find your writings absolutely fascinating and am adicted to them, each time I come away from them a little sadder.

    And: as an Australian resident I need to say this:

    SHAME ON AUSTRALIA, who let herself be used as a whore by those who wanted a seat on the ghastly UN security counsel, namely our anti-semitic new Foreign Minister, Bob Carr. Our Labor Government is dominated by the virulently jew-hating Greens Party and so it came that they "decided" to not vote with Israel in the upcoming farce mounted by the Palesteeeeenians at the UN. Again: SHAME ON AUSTRALIA. I hope that next years election here will bring in our conservatives who stand WITH ISRAEL!

  29. Anonymous28/11/12

    It is far past time that Western nations stopped allowing Muslims to immigrate. Stop Muslim immigration now!

  30. Actually, for all the doom and gloom of the talkbackers, we have a glimmer of hope. Feiglin just won the #14 slot on the Likud list. Baruch Hashem, the nightmare of chiloni rule is disintegrating ever faster. Even Bibi's desperate alliance with Liberman and his million secular voters is not going to save Bibi, it will only buy him time.

    Bibi will fail. Liberman will be PM. Liberman will fail. Feiglin will be PM. And if Feiglin should, Heaven forbid, fail too, then Dr. Ben-Ari will be PM and, B'zrat Hashem, the nightmare will be finally, irrevocably over.

  31. Elisandra29/11/12

    God is supposed to save Israel with miracles for the glory of His name, and He wouldn't need to if all of this insanity wasn't going on. So the way I look at it, it's all playing out according to God's plan. I sure hope so anyway.

  32. Jewish supporter29/11/12

    And yet a significant majority of Jews voted for Obama, and often despise those on the Christian right, who fight most strongly for them.

    Mosche: you have it right.

  33. Naftali Bennett is brilliant. He will play a significant role in ending the nightmare here. But it is all from G-d that it is all happening now. not years from now.

  34. yehuda30/11/12

    The majority of us in Israel feel a great sense of betrayal from a man and party that won on its promise to fight for us when the time came. Despite what the press say this will be seen in January. The far right will be in charge whether Bibi keeps his seat of not. If he does, one vote of no confidence will send our collective feet into his ass. Your article is right on. As one living in the south of Israel I am grateful for it.

  35. Domus Canus.30/11/12

    An elegantly written article but also a frightening one. I have no comprehension why the people of Israel continue to walk toward their doom as they currently do at the invitation of those who seek their death. An even bigger mystery for me is why American Jews voted for Barak Huessein Obama as clearly in his first 4 years he demonstrated how pro muslim he was and could barely contain his disrespect for Israel. There is no more wiggle room left, so it's fight or flight time but I still place my money on Israel and her people. Good luck to them.

  36. Len Witt30/11/12

    Yehuda, tell America why it should fight for you?
    You have your own military. Why can you not fight your own battles?

  37. Len,

    Yehuda is talking about Netanyahu and the Likud Party.

    The United States has never fought for Israel. It has fought for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

  38. Anonymous30/11/12

    The USA sends money for Israel defense and weapons to be fair.



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