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On these shores, Americans commemorated the cold-blooded gleeful murder of thousands of their fellow men and women by bowing their heads and enlisting in one of the free work projects of the National Day of Service listed at Serve.gov, a combination that says all that needs to be said about our present day relationship with our government.

In newly liberated Benghazi, the city that Obama named as his moral imperative for fighting an illegal war against the will of the American people, gunmen opened fire on the American embassy and killed an American security guard. That dead man is the first American casualty in the Libyan War-- a casualty that will be acknowledged and honored around the same time that someone in the media calls the Libyan War, a war, instead of sticking to the shameless lie of a No Fly Zone.

In Cairo, a mob of a thousand climbed the wall, tore down the American flag, tore it to pieces, burned it and tried to replace it with their own flag with the words, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger”. That message was the same one that the murderers of Americans have shouted, written and videotaped themselves chanting in one form or another.

As befits a great power, the US Embassy in Cairo responded by condemning "the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims." The US Embassy's statement was virtually indistinguishable from the one issued by the beleaguered Christian Copts of Egypt. The Christians of Egypt act that way because they live at the merciless mercy of Muslims. Apparently so do we.

When the Prophet-Criers climb our walls and murder us, we apologize for having offended their religious feelings. The same religious feelings that took down the World Trade Center as part of a murderous crusade going back over a thousand years. They kill us and we elect a man with a Muslim background to tour the world and explain to all the angry Muslims that we're really very nice people once you get to know us.

If they want to be ruled by Muslim governments under Islamic law, we'll give that to them. If they want a billion dollars, we'll send it to them. If they want us to apologize for having free speech, we'll do that too.

If they burn a couple more embassies, we'll even do something about that Bill of Rights which does not permit the gendarmes of tolerance to arrest a man for blasphemously calling Mohammed a pedophile and burning a Koran bought and paid for with his own money. Not like our more enlightened European cousins who put a stop to that behavior long ago and are sniffing around the flanks of Sharia law to see which parts of it can fit safely into their tolerant order.

And of course burning a Koran is ridiculous. So what if they burn American flags. So what if they burned 3,000 people, the ones who didn't jump or kill themselves some other way. So what if their great ambition in life is to climb over all our walls and kill most of us and enslave the rest because the Koran, that most holy book which unlike New Yorkers must not be burned, tells them to do it. So what?

They can kill us because someone somewhere insulted their prophet. But when they kill thousands of us, then we must feel eternal shame because we renditioned some of the perpetrators, put them in a room and then, under medical supervision, poured water on them until they eventually told us about all their other plans to kill us.

The answer, you see, is that we are better than they are. And we get plenty of opportunities to show off how much better than them we truly are.

They kill us and we apologize to them. They kill us and we spend a fortune developing drones that will be able to take out the leader who ordered the attack with as little collateral damage as possible. And then when the natives dig up the daughters they murdered last week and the brother-in-law they beat to death last month in a clan feud, and dump them on the smoking vehicle, and the local stringers who have arrangements with Al Qaeda and the Taliban snap away at the wreckage, we will feel bad because after all the billions we spent developing and deploying a weapon meant to kill as few people as possible-- there are the bodies that prove we are terrible people.

And when Karzai, whose prisons are full of raped and mutilated women, yells at us in front of the camera, before taking a hit of coke, and going off to have sex with one of his dancing boys, and tells us that we are terrible people, we will believe it. Because we are better than them and we have a conscience.

This collective conscience does not responds to the mutilated bodies of Americans, in Afghanistan or in New York. It is a conscience deaf to the pain of the thousands of soldiers and their families who died or suffered crippling injuries because the new administration wanted to win the hearts and minds of Muslims, the only people who truly matter, by minimizing civilian casualties. But show that conscience a naked Muslim with women's underwear on his head and it will shriek and clutch its pearls. It will turn that Muslim into the shame of America, while looking away from the Rape Rooms that same Muslim supervised.

After September 11 we could have struck back, the way we struck back at Japan, without mercy or empathy, with no concern for the enemy as anything but a faceless mass that hurt us. We could have leveled their cities, brought their civilization to the ground and done it with no more concern than a government legislator deciding how much money to squeeze out of the taxpayer for this year.

But we didn't do that. We did not come to hurt them, but to save them from themselves and teach them how to be good people like us. We wanted to make them into the kind of kind noble people who only respond with the minimal amount of violence possible to an attack. The kind of people who will let thousands of their own people die rather for the sake of their conscience. Good people like us.

Our experiment at civilizing the savage failed miserably in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will go on failing as often as we keep attempting it. And at the end of the experiment, there will be burning embassies and savages crying, "There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger", the same words that the bearded bandit who was one of the first Muslims and their many times great-grandfather was crying out as he was raping the shamelessly unveiled tribal woman who would become their many times great-grandmother.

"There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger" means that the Muslim need not waste time worrying about his conscience. His conscience is a Koran and that book says that he's entitled to kill any time that an infidel offends Islam by mocking his prophet, walking in front of him or building a skyscraper that is taller than a mosque. The Muslim need not waste time pondering the ethical implications of killing another human being to know that he is better than we are. His little black book assures him that he is better than us, that he has every right to kill us and that if he fails, he will be raping demon virgins who are so anorexic that their bones can be seen through their flesh.

But, we oh what good people we are, we will apologize for having an embassy and for having free speech and for getting our embassy in the way of their mob and our free speech in the way of our religious sensibilities. And we will see about getting all of the above out of their way. After Muslims killed thousands of Americans we did everything we could to learn about their religion, to celebrate it and soothe their ruffled feathers. Like an anxious host, we are still rushing around to see that our Muslim guest has enough coffee and egg rolls while promising to do something about that free speech that offends him.

Like all good people, we are expert at blaming ourselves. Aside from the rabble who claim that there really were no Muslims on those planes and possibly no planes at all, just a vast conspiracy by the people in our own government who were not at all Muslims, there are the other rabble who claim that our foreign policy motivated the attacks. One way or another, we are to blame. That is how we know that we are good people... by blaming ourselves. The more we apologize and ask our murderers to forgive us, the better people we know ourselves to be.

One day, and this is our highest hope, we will look a Muslim terrorist in the eye right as he shoots us and beam into his soul a message of hope and peace, and just as the life bleeds out of our veins, the Muslim will fall at our feet and be filled with the understanding that all life is precious and sacred. And even if we are the last of our kind, our deaths will have been worthwhile if by the final sacrifice of our civilization we can elevate the savage out of his savagery.

We are you see, good people. Not moral people nor sane people. Morality requires values and sanity demands contact with some outpost of the real world outside the simulacrum of outraged noise on all the channels, real and virtual. Morality is hard, goodness is easy. Morality is about right and wrong, but goodness is about condemning those most like you in order to feel better about yourself.

Goodness is childishly easy. Go to a movie theater and wait for people to talk. Then feel good about not being one of the talkers. Goodness is watching thousands of people getting killed and feeling good because unlike those crazy rednecks or the bridge and tunnel crowd, you feel no yearning for vengeance. Goodness is watching Americans die and then picking out a Muslim convenience store and offering him whatever support he needs against all those bigots who are sure to show up with American flags and torches sooner or later, because unlike you, they aren't good people at all.

We are a nation led by immoral people who think they are good, by politicians, professors, priests, rabbis, pundits, crackpots and activists who having no values are determined to excuse all the evil that they do by being relentlessly good people. When they sacrifice something, whether it's a night out or your life, then they will make sure that everyone knows it. And when you protest, they will tell you about all the sacrifices that they are making, because despite all the blood and filth on their hands, they are good people. Good amoral sociopaths who learned everything they know about right and wrong from television and feel-good slogans.

The bigger their hypocrisies, the bigger their sacrifices, and they love nothing so much as sacrificing others. Their conscience is always bothering them and they put it to sleep with showy acts of public goodness. They will not feed a beggar on their street, but they will go around the world to feed an orphan, especially at someone else's expense. And that way they remember that they are good people. Not just good people, but better people than us, the miserable mob waving torches and flags who don't know the value of condescending to an Imam at an Iftar dinner or feeding Bangladeshi orphans on someone else's dime or spending thousands of lives to enable Muslims to be the good people that they must be somewhere underneath all those ugly layers of murder, child-murder and mass murder.

So, no we will not fight back after September 11. Nor will we fight back when our embassies are attacked. The good people running things will take stock of what we have done that could have caused this and apologize for it and remind us to feel good about being such good people who diplomatically apologize to others instead of bombing them from the sky. They will feel worse about a burnt Koran than about a dead American because they are sociopaths with no more understanding of right and wrong than the teleprompters who feed them their lines. All their morality is learned behavior and their teachers were liars, morons and lunatics who passed on their disease to the next generation.

Embassies can burn and so can skyscrapers, but like all amoral people, they will cling to the moral high ground with their fingernails because it is the only thing between them and the abyss. They will tell us that we act the way we do because we, as a nation, are better than they are. We don't lash out, we don't get angry, we don't go to war for revenge. We are not meant to feel anything except for the satisfaction of serving others, whether it's picking up trash outside an inner city school on a National Day of Service, that happens to coincide with something called 9/11, or dodging Taliban bullets so that Afghan schoolgirls can get a proper education.

We are meant to be good people and that is what good people do. They give until it hurts and then die knowing that their giving natures kept them on the moral high ground of being six feet under.

We are good people. Too good to fight. Too good to defend ourselves. Too good to keep our laws and retain our traditions. Too good to be angry when we are killed. Too good to want to do anything but make our killers understand our pain. Too good to respond to our own murder with anything but immediate guilt.

We are better than they are. Not better at survival, but better at rationalizing our own destruction. We are so good that we open up our cities to our own murderers and close our eyes at the airport so as not to make a single one of them feel bad. We could fight back, but we're too good. And if we start defending ourselves, then we will be forced to ask, "What is the difference between us and them?" Once we start killing, we will become murderers and it is better to be murder victims, it is better to mourn in defeat than to celebrate a victory, it is better to serve as Dhimmis than to live as conquerors.

We could fight back, but we are better than they are. That is a decision that our leaders have made and they remind us of it every September 11. They remind us that they are too good for victory. We could object, but they would only remind us that they are better than we are.


  1. Anonymous11/9/12

    Dan climbs into the soul of a liberal again and reports back to civilization...A brave man, thank you

  2. My God. This man says everything I feel. The anger, the disgust, the embarrassment, the sadness for our once moral, proud country. I don't know how we win against this.

  3. I am sick and tired of our H.R. Puffenstuff president! The American hating countries laugh at us and taunt us - we do nothing to to give them reason not to. I am praying for Obama's defeat - he's a nail in the coffin he's turned our country into. Rage!

  4. Anonymous12/9/12

    wow -- what an article!
    you know knish, you really might be better than they are....
    all of them

    shana tova

    -- spanky

  5. Lucky Louie12/9/12

    We are light years better than they are in all ways.

    The 9 11 memorial is a giant black hole.. an inverted Kabaa and its awful.

  6. Thank you Daniel Greenfield, for carrying the fire. May your words burn the goodness out of them.
    I shared this with Joan of Argh:

    A “day of service".
    Sickening. Insipid. Insulting.
    A gesture for hollow empty souls.
    A day for cowardly spirits who will not face the enemy.
    We forgive you.
    Please don’t hit us again.
    Day of service?

    Dies Irae
    Nothing else is fitting.


  7. Anonymous12/9/12

    an exact and precise description of the liberal american jew...shana tova

  8. Anonymous12/9/12

    Lucky Louie,

    "The 9 11 memorial is a giant black hole.. an inverted Kabaa and its awful."

    I didn't think of that, that's very good. Daniel, I bet you wish you'd come up with that one!

  9. Awe-inspiring, unbelievable, and as always, terrifying!

    The plain fact, though, is that if the people who are making the policy felt that they personally or any of the handful of people that that care about were in danger, they couldn't act this way. They only preach their 'goodness' for others.

  10. Anonymous12/9/12

    After I made my escape from Manhattan on 9/11, & in the days following, I was not absorbed into the patriotism or the jingoism. I was paranoid. My nerves were frayed and my gut hurt so bad because I believed another attack was coming. I believed that Manhattan would begin to resemble Beirut. I didn't want revenge. I wanted a total punishing defeat over the perpetrators, their friends, their families and their sympathizers.
    My wife - whom I met on 9/11 - a christtian arab - shares my rage.
    I launched into a blistering attack on a former "friend" - while downtown was still smoldering - had the balls to tell me that my friends and associates and random people died because "we deserved it".
    I will never forget and I will never let anyone tell me different espescially in public.
    11 years later I still seethe with anger.
    Blake was right:

    I will not cease from Mental Fight,
    Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand...

  11. Daniel: The reports say that the American who died in Benghazi was the U.S. Ambassador there, not a security guard. I'm still trying to sift through all the conflicitng reports. Have you anything new? NBC is saying he died of smoke inhalation, though that might be a State Dept. lie to cover up his being killed by "protesters."

  12. Anonymous12/9/12

    Shana Tova, Daniel.
    Thanks for this "last word" on 9/11/01. I stopped consuming the 9/11/01 idiocy in the media. "My 9/11/01" is different from the one portrayed in media. I was there &called to say goodbye to relatives -smelled & felt it. No one can redefine it for me.
    The self congratulatory "goodness" of the brainwashed has taken the place of true morality and patriotism, yes.
    Now that Obama has apologized again to Muslims for burning our embassy we learn that the ambassador, himself was murdered (and others). In a prior time in history we would declare war on Libya. Now our effete pretend commander in chief will say some strong words and then bend over again.
    Thanks again Daniel for your beautiful words. Your preciourewards are a treasure in the rubble that once was our country.

  13. We need to finally melt down the Liberty Bell in a furnace started by all the printed words since the Enlightenment.

  14. What ever happened to the ancient idea that the general rides at the head of his troops, or was that always a myth?

    Why are our 'leaders' protected behind endless hi-tech security barriers while we are left as open targets for the enemy? Maybe if we required them to be in the same boat as the rest of us they would motivated to do something about the situation. (Hmmm, sounds a bit like Obamacare...)

  15. With this american ambassador murdered (on american ground, because that's what embassies are, yes?), Obama, the best friend the Muslim Brotherhood ever had, and Clinton whose friend (with benefits?) is said to be a member of this brotherhood, have blood on their hands.

    Any one who will still vote for Obama will have blood on their hands too.

  16. Mr ED12/9/12

    What was the initial response of the self-appointed saviours of everything to the 9/11 attacks? We need to understand why they hate us was the typical knee-jerk response. Those who see themselves as especially enlightened (narcissists) are already engaged in "prefecting" their own societies and see events like this as opportunities to put to good use (never let a crisis go to waste, so saeth Rahm Emanual) in crushing any opposition to their oh-so enlightened remaking of society to their personal sensabilities. The enemies of that society (religious fanatics, et al) are not necessarily the enemies of the ruling class as much as those in that society who resist the control of the ruling class "enlightened" are.

    In fact, this pretty well sums the mentality of the ruling class of the west in general, whether Libfilth or monied patricians. The essence of this mentality is the primacy of the SELF and the trump card of their own personal, private sense of ethics which is used as a very selective filter to view the world in a way which serves to put themselves at the center of the universe. It is malignant narcissism overlayed with arrogant presumption and utterly self-serving faux concern. The same collectivists who demand that we all "sacrifice" as needed in order to achieve perfect material equality (under their enlightened direction, of course) also insist that THEY are uniquely enlightened beings who have no need to sacrifice or share power because they are so, you know, so special and uniquely enlightened. We must not question or doubt their specialness or we may be called racists or worse. Oh my.

    Bending society to the service of ones own ego and sense of personal grandeur is nothing new, but the ruling class in the western countries have institutionalized the entire process and ingrained those demonstrably false constructs into their societies for their own selfish purposes, and they WILL NOT give up their white-knuckled grip on power for anyone or anything. At least not willingly.

  17. I disagree. I think the apologists don't think they are better people or good people. They acknowledge that the Muslims are superior and beg the forgiveness of them on behalf of all or America. Meanwhile there are some of us that are not on drugs that realize these people are scum. As someone who has spent a lot of time all over the Mideast, I have laughed every time someone replies with the boilerplate "They are not all extremists." or "There are more moderate Muslims than extremists." Ultimately that is nothing more than uneducated bull crap. To follow the teachings of human historical filth like Mohamed is and of it self is extremist. The Cult known as Islam is extreme. I would love to take these apologists one by one in to the nearest Mosque and let them listen to the Imams and Clerics teach their sheeple the murderous teachings of their Prophet of Satan.

  18. Columba12/9/12

    G-d bless you. You've said it all.

    We punish our own soldiers for doing their jobs. We allow our citizens to be killed on our own soil -- including our embassies -- and do nothing in retaliation or defense. Our "leaders" sell us into slavery to the savages and order us to be nice to our new masters.

    I weep for my Nation, for which I fought in a previous war -- a war which our "leaders" also forced us to lose. (Hint: I was in a squadron that participated in the evacuations in 1975.)

    G-d bless you, Daniel. G-d bless you. And may He save us all.

  19. Expat12/9/12

    I ran out of superlatives about 200 Knish blogs ago, but this is possibly the most powerful article I've ever read. By anyone. Ever.


  20. I would love to take these apologists one by one in to the nearest Mosque and let them listen to the Imams and Clerics teach their sheeple the murderous teachings of their Prophet of Satan.

    Better to dump them into a 'moderate' Islamic country like Turkey or Pakistan and see how long they last.

  21. CRYSTAL K.12/9/12

    "When they slap you on the right cheek, turn the other as well..." this was taught as by Jesus Christ in the religion class at primary schools in Italy still in the fifties -maybe still a remnant of the Concordata with Mussolini? No more religion class since.
    In Portugal kingdom of mid 18th c., the great PM Marquis de Pombal banned the Jesuits, who excelled and were the top university educators, there as in Brazil, Asia... and wherever Portugal reigned.
    Generations were and are still affected by christian education.
    Crystal K.

  22. Anonymous12/9/12

    One wonders, however, if Rabbis in all Orthodox, Conservative and Reform synagogues throughout the nation will offer sermons during these Holidays that it is a moral imperative for their congregants to vote to turn out President Obama in November.

  23. Very few Orthodox Rabbis will be giving sermons like those and those that do will not be Orthodox, except in name.

  24. Anonymous12/9/12

    Crystal K: Were you never taught that it was Catholics who saved western civilization from the onslaught of Islamic barbarians in the 7th century? If not for them, only God knows how long humanity would have lasted had the whole world been ruled by the Satanic religion called Islam.

  25. Anonymous12/9/12

    Daniel, they (our "leaders") are better than we are. Well, yes, they have evolved, we haven't. That's what makes them progressives. I was stunned the day I actually heard Hillary Clinton explain thusly what a progressive was, what the term meant. God save us from them. And thank you for your thoughts.


  26. Anonymous12/9/12

    I've heard reports that Hillary Clinton actually tried to shrug off the cheering mob parading the ambassador's corpse through the streets with the lines, "Concerned citizens tried to get the ambassador to a medical facility. Alas, they were too late."

  27. Anonymous12/9/12

    Having a scatological predilection, I must say we have gone from leading from behind to bleeding from behind. That is a result of our hemorrhoidal foreign policy, so well described by Daniel, informed as it is by orifices who think of themselves as oracles.

    Sorry if offense is taken. I must deflect my pessimism with humor, lest I dissolve in despair.

  28. Anonymous12/9/12

    Time for all American Jews to come home and vote and fund for America, our American exceptionalism that allowed them to prosper and be a part of this great country, and leave the Rashid Khalidi and Reverend Wright buddy, and Muslim Brotherhood symp behind. New York Florida, California Pennsylvania we need you! ( Written by a registered democrat)

  29. Anonymous12/9/12

    My heart bleeds. When will this bleeding end? When I stop bleeding and pick up the sword and fight.

  30. Anonymous12/9/12

    The morning of 9/11 I was appauled and mourned for the Amercian people. I had thought that every single Muslim in America would be interned, Bin Larden would be hunted down and shot. Muslim immigration would be stopped worldwide. The America I respected and admired because it's people who stand with their hand on their heart for their anthem and have fought and died for their Country, did nothing. Instead they elected hussain obama who bows to the Arabs, and begs for forgiveness when they shot us in the back. What happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  31. Jewish supporter13/9/12


    That's the angriest writing from you yet.

    We need many more of us to get that angry.

  32. Anonymous13/9/12

    DP111 wrote..

    The only way to defeat an enemy that relies on an ideology for his strength, is to hit them so hard, that they begin to doubt the rightness of their ideology.

    That is what we did to the Germans and the Japanese.

    Islam will collapse if we took out their nations, and their prized possessions - one by one, no stopping for Hudnas, ceasefires or anything. Just relentless destruction.

    Churchill, "The red light of retribution played on the bayonets and the lances, and civilization—elsewhere sympathetic, merciful, tolerant, ready to discuss or to argue, eager to avoid violence, to submit to law, to effect a compromise, here advanced with an expression of inexorable sternness, and rejecting all other courses, offered only the arbitration of the sword."

    The time is coming when we will reject all compromise, and offer only the arbitration of the sword.

  33. Anonymous13/9/12

    DP111 wwrote..

    Crystal K: Were you never taught that it was Catholics who saved western civilization from the onslaught of Islamic barbarians in the 7th century?

    Quite right. And not just the 7th century but Potiers, Gates of Vienna, Malta. Were it not for Christianity, there would be no Western civilisation.

  34. In the same vein but on a lighter note, Robert Frost once observed:

    "A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel."

    You have expanded on that idea most eloquently.

  35. Absolutely brilliant analysis!
    Thank you for sharing!

  36. You're half right. It *is* possible to civilize the savage, but it requires staying power. Once you've beaten the bad guys in a war, you have to stay and *rule* them for 50+ years, teaching the younger generation that what they did was wrong, as we successfully did in Germany and Japan after 1945.

    But until America is willing to make that kind of commitment and stick with it, we should not consider fighting anybody again. To fight for a year or three, then shake the enemy's hand and go home as if we'd achieved something is a total waste of our sons' blood and treasure.

  37. Re: “Good:” Both liberals and muslims are simply masochists. They like slanderously inflicting pain on themselves, to “pre-emptively” prevent their “enemies” from ever successfully attacking them first, same as Muhammad did. They fear that fear causes pain, and that by causing pain, they can avoid the fear of it. (‘You need to give your head a shake!’ = ‘Fear the pain? Then pain the fear!’) But without being able to fear pain, one can never hope to think one’s way past the mistakes that cause the pain in the first place; thus, liberals and muslims are literally ‘psychopathics’ (“thought-killers”) who fear the pain of thinking in themselves and in all others, too, and so seek to end all painful thinking forever! Hence: “Submit – don’t think, just obey – or die!”

    Similarly, why do racist liberals pretend swarthy violence is always the White man’s fault? Same “reason!”

    Simply to maintain the illusion of control: if we caused the violence, we can always change ourselves to control it.

    It’s a form of masochistic slander, attacking one’s self in order to pretend to pre-emptively prevent the “inevitable” attacks of others.

    They also pretend the masochistic “contract” they’ve made with only them SELVES, somehow also always includes their victims: “Since I agreed to attack and inflict pain on my self as much as (and because) I attack you, then you’ve somehow thereby also agreed to let me attack you, too!” (After all, I already “pay” for my crimes against you, BY committing them)!

    Evil parents inflict this on their children: “Since I do some good things for you, I’m also allowed to do some bad things TO you!” As if the mutually-agreed on, contractual consideration actually existed – when in fact of course it doesn’t. This is akin to a kidnapper justifying torturing their victim, by post-facto rationalizing: “Well, I had to pay to feed them, too!”

    This explains that “stoic,” pained expression on so many dirty cops’ faces, as the shame of their crimes are exposed in public. “I decided to ‘wear it’ (the pain of the shame) in advance, knowing I’d feel bad for having committed my crimes, but hey, that’s just how the ends justifying the means works out in real life! Whee!” It’s what’s been historically known as false, Satanic “Pride.”

    And the reason they will also often prefer to pretend to be externally directed is simply an other form of victim-blaming slander: They hold that only everyone else has the responsibility to be right, giving them (as pretended infantile delinquents) the right to be irresponsible. And they’ll rarely if ever give it up, because it’s a generalized, circular tautology at heart:

    “Since you think you’re better than me, then it’s all YOUR fault! And, since it’s all your fault, then none if it’s MY fault, so I’m really still better than you! Whee!”

    They also pretend the ends justify the means, when in reality, in fact the means really only define the end results: If and when you choose to lie, murder and rob others “to get ahead,” then, in the end, you’re not a “great success” – you’re still really only a lying, murdering thief!

    Progressives only ever manage to “progress” from fear to greed, and liberals never liberate anybody else – they only ever endlessly take liberties!

    Both liberals and their moslem brethren believe that Giving Up is a holy virtue, and so Submit to their own fears of pains, rather than investigate the mistakes and problems which cause those pains in the first place. So, having no hope for the future, they “seize the day” and party for today while maybe (hopefully have someone else) pay for it all tomorrow, if tomorrow ever comes!

    Contrast that with conservatives, who DO have hope in faith in the future, and so will work today to pay for tomorrow!

  38. Wow, Uncle Vladdi -- what you said! Made me hafta think. I was afeared it would hurt, an' it did. It hurt good. :-)


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