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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - How You Can Help an American Family Get Back Their Home

Friday Afternoon Roundup - How You Can Help an American Family Get Back Their Home


You've probably seen this story already...

Upon returning to their Colorado home after eight months, the Donovans were shocked to find another family living in their Littleton home.

“Last August the Donovans moved to Indiana to pursue a job opportunity. They winterized their home on South Mabre Court and left for the Midwest for eight months. To their surprise, when they returned, a new family was living in their home, claiming they had a legal right to do so,”

But let me draw your attention to something...

The Donovans and their two young daughters have been staying in the basement of a relative's house in Greeley, about 65 miles away. They say they can't afford an attorney and have struggled to come up with $500 in court filing fees and gas for driving to the clerk's office throughout the legal process.  

However Fernandez-Beleta and Levya-Caraveo who are stealing the homes that Americans won't steal... seem to have no problem getting very good legal advice.

However, Donovan and her husband were ordered to stay 100 yards away from their home after Fernandez-Beleta and Levya-Caraveo requested temporary restraining orders. The orders were issued on July 3.

However, Fernandez-Beleta filed for bankruptcy on July 20, which the Donovans learned about just hours before the scheduled eviction was to take place last week. 

Where is that legal advice coming from?


I naturally assumed that Fernandez-Beleta and Levya-Caraveo were getting help from a liberal legal aid clinic. If that were the case, nothing we say or do would have an impact. But the Donovans are  being kept out of their home by the Colorado Christian Defense Counsel.

The CCDF appears to be a Conservative Christian organization and claims to be affiliated with the Alliance Defense Fund. The question then is why are they persecuting the Donovans?

The Colorado Christian Defense Counsel looks like a typical liberal Latino legal aid clinic, mostly white lawyers and a Latino leadership and staff. Its allegiances however are evangelical and its website is sprinkled with scriptural quotes. It has a pastor on staff. It also appears to be the legal site of Douglas J. Romero, the lawyer for the squatters.

One of the quotes on the CCDC Romero site is...

"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked" Psalm 82

In this case it would appear that the Donovans need rescuing from the hands of Romero and the CCDC.

Fernandez-Beleta and Levya-Caraveo have no claim whatsoever to a house that does not belong to them. If the Colorado Christian Defense Counsel though their case was at all defensible, it would have made a public statement. Romero passed up the chance to do that.

The good news is that this isn't a liberal legal aid clinic. It's a legal group affiliated with mainstream conservative organizations. That means you can tell them to back off and ask them why a group that is supposed to be fighting for America, is instead keeping the Donovans and their children living in a basement while strangers live in their home.

The Donovans who were already behind on their mortgage are locked out of their home and had to pay a thousand dollars to move the furniture of the squatters out, only to have more legal tricks keep them out of their home. They're living in a basement and don't have many options left. The longer that Douglas Romero and the CCDC drag this out, the more likely it is that they will lose their home one way or another.

A Donovan family member has described the CCDC as "An Army of Satan's Demons" and while I take no position on that assertion, it's a safe bet that there is no point in emailing or trying to reasoning with the CCDC. But the CCDC is a member of the Alliance Defense Fund and affiliated with the American Center for Law and Justice.

The Alliance Defense Fund is supposed to be protecting religious freedom. It is not supposed to be stealing homes or persecuting Christian families like the Donovans. This is their motto.

Since its founding in 1994, Alliance Defending Freedom has made a significant impact for God’s Kingdom through its winning legal efforts to preserve religious freedom for people of faith.

The ADF is very likely not aware of what the Colorado Christian Defense Counsel is doing or the damage that the CCDF is doing to the good name of the Alliance Defense Fund.

The contact information for the Alliance Defense Fund can be found here. Their phone number is 800-835-5233. You can contact them via Twitter at AllianceDefends or on their Facebook page. Considering that the CCDF cites them to give it credibility, either the ADF needs to convince the Colorado Christian Defense Counsel to do the right thing by the Donovans or end any affiliation that they have with them.

The American Center for Law and Justice leadership is easily accessible on Twitter. Jay Sekulow can be found here on Twitter and Jordan Sekulow can be found here. Other social media contact info can be found on their site at the bottom.

Neither of these groups control Douglas Romeo or the CCDC, but he cites his affiliation with them as a credential. These groups should be encouraged to help the Donovans by ending the legal siege that they have been subjected to by a group that claims to be affiliated with them. If they can't do that, then they should at least cut their ties with the CCDC. If not, then they have to bear responsibility for what the CCDC is doing to the Donovans.

It's best to be polite and civil. These are organizations who have participated in good causes. They can't be expected to keep close tabs on everything that the CCDC is doing. But once they have been made aware of it, they should be encouraged to do the right thing.

We get in on a lot of big causes, but this is a small picture cause. It's about one home and one family. It's the type of story that we read about in the news and then think that we can't do anything about. And maybe we can't... but we won't know until we try. This isn't some liberal legal aid clinic doing it, this is an organization that claims to work our side of the street. That means that we bear some responsibility for it and that we have a shot of bringing about a good outcome.


In yet another common pattern of mega mosques, the Stockholm mega mosque was funded primarily by Sheikh Zayed, the ruler of the United Arab Emirates. The Cologne mega mosque was primarily funded by Turkey’s Islamist government.  The Marseille mega mosque is being funded by a number of foreign Muslim governments.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has said, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” The foreign funding of mega mosques has raised the question of whether Muslim governments aren’t constructing their own barracks and armies in the middle of European cities.

The Copenhagen mega mosque’s Imam is Mohammed Mahdi Khademi who ran the ideology department of the Revolutionary Guard militia, an arm of the theocratic regime, which was designated a foreign terrorist organization by the United States.  It would be hard to imagine a more explicit example of mega mosque militarization than a regime that sponsors acts of worldwide terror funding a mega mosque headed by the former Islamist political commissar of its terrorist wing.

... that's an excerpt from my Front Page article... The Mega Mosques Boom


"'Honor Muslim ideals," says al-Qaida figure (UPI)

‎Western nations can live in peace so long as they respect the regional aspirations of the Muslim people, the brother of Ayman al-Zawahiri said.

And where exactly do those "regional aspirations" end? At the Med or beyond?


Mark Twain credited cartoonish Thomas Nast with winning the election for Grant, not so much by promoting Grant as by destroying Horace Greeley, a man whom Twain acknowledged was a good man, but the wrong man.

Nast is often praised as a genius, but with his Harper's 1872 cartoons he lapsed into work that would only be equaled by Soviet cartoonists generations later. He drew Greeley as a monster and a lunatic, a bitter demented figure. There was Greeley cavorting with the Irish (whom the Republicans of the day took a dim view of), with the Tweed Gang and of course, Greeley, who had been a prominent abolitionist, was accused of murdering black people in this cartoon.

The theme is rather contemporary. Greeley is accused of racism for wanting to roll back Federal troops from the South. If you think this theme debuted in 1972. Try 1872.

But that's not the ugliest cartoon that Nash drew of Greeley. That would be this one.

Here Greeley is paying homage to the ghost of John Wilkes Booth over the grave of Abraham Lincoln. And because Nash was nothing if not subtle, Lincoln's tombstone reads, "The Manner of His Death Is Known to All".

And since Nash still thought that Harper's readers might by some chance fail to grasp the meaning of a cartoon in which Greeley is clasping the hand of Lincoln's killer over a grave with that message, he also inserted a pamphlet into Greeley's pocket titled, "What I Know about Wilkes Booth", which accuses a Presidential candidate of serving as an accessory to the murder of Abraham Lincoln.

This demented propaganda appeared in an important magazine, not in a leaflet, and it puts Newsweek depicting Romney as a wimp or a dancing Mormon into context. I don't know if any major American cartoonist depicted Nixon shaking hands with Lee Harvey Oswald. It would be nice to think that no major publication ran such a cartoon, even if it existed, even if that is naive.

Still there is this present day classic from David Fitzsimmons who brings Godwin's Law to a budget debate.

The good news is the cartoon doesn't show the Tea Party shaking hands with Hitler. Though apparently because of the time traveling Tea Party budget bill, Nazi zeppelins conquered America in 1942. Which was truly an impressive achievement. I'm not sure how the Germans pulled enough troops from the Eastern Front, and then managed to conquer the Eastern Seaboard when they couldn't conquer England across the Channel, but at least there are no ghosts in this one. Just the hate. 


In 1994, Marseille was where the Christmas Hijacking of Air France Flight 8969 came to its bloody end. Muslim terrorists from the Armed Islamic Group had hijacked the plane on Christmas Eve shouting “Allah Akbar” and informing the passengers that this particular deity had chosen them to wage war in his name. The terrorists forced the stewardesses to veil themselves with cabin blankets, recited verses from the Koran and murdered a number of passengers.

But the Armed Islamic Group had bigger plans than a few burkas and a few murders. Their plan was to ram Air France Flight 8969 directly into the Eiffel Tower. Marseille was supposed to be a refueling stopover before a final fatal flight to Paris, but with no sign of the extra fuel that would allow them to inflict maximum damage, the terrorists tried to kill a member of the crew who had told them he was an atheist. Instead French authorities took down the terrorists and prevented an earlier French version of September 11.

...that's an except from my Front Page article on the current state of Marseille


Are you drunk, crazy or otherwise unemployable? Have you taken so many steroids that they have actually changed the genetic composition of your DNA? Are you a liberal Republican committed to bipartisanship and bong hits? Then the Schwarzenegger Institute may be for you.

No, no this isn't a joke. Jokes are funny and there's nothing funny about the University of Southern California's "Schwarzenegger Institute on State and Global Policy".

The Schwarzenegger Institute will focus on bipartisan solutions to steroid abuse and illegitimate children. And by steroid abuse and illegitimate children, I mean "local and state issues".

The USC Schwarzenegger Institute will focus on the responsibility of policymakers to transcend partisanship to implement policies that most benefit the people they serve, with five priority areas: education, energy and environment, fiscal and economic policy, health and human wellness, and political reform. Guiding principles include: science and evidence as an important role to play when finding solutions to policy and social issues; local solutions are often the best means to solve global problems and, future leaders, including students and young people, must help shape the solutions for our future.

So essentially this will promote global warming, health care reform and higher taxes.

Somehow institutes that focus on bipartisan solutions are just code for getting liberal Republicans on board with taxing the hell out of everyone. Somehow there are no bipartisan solution institutes looking to get liberals on board with universal gun ownership and outlawing the personal income tax.

But no the best part is coming...

Schwarzenegger will chair the Board of Advisors and serve as inaugural holder of the Governor Downey Professor of State and Global Policy at USC, named after a former California governor and co-founder of USC.

I don't claim to be an expert on academia, but did USC just make Arnold Schwarzenegger a professor?

"One of the great lessons I learned as governor of California was that the best solutions to common problems could only be found when each side was willing to engage thoughtfully and respectfully with each other," Schwarzenegger said. "This institute is dedicated to promoting a new era of post-partisanship, where solutions are the result of intelligent and civil discussion between people with deeply held principles who understand the need to work through their disagreements to achieve real solutions."

Okay now it's funny.


Barack Hussein Obama’s policy toward the Jewish State seems to have been crafted by Hamas, The PLO, Islamic Jihad, the Ayatollahs, Obama’s spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright or Obama’s good friend, terrorist spokesman Rashid Khalidi.

Holocaust denial. Temple denial. And now Jerusalem denial. It all boils down to the same thing: a denial of Jewish history that is, ipso facto, a repudiation of Jewish sovereignty over the land of Israel.

...from Seraphic Secret


The most forbidden act in modern public life is to be caught in the possession of a decryption pad. To understand actual intent is a greater crime than going along with a lie.

Belmont Club via American Digest

Speaking of all sorts of codes...

Former Vice President Al Gore warned of the dangers of the "extremist fringe" of the Republican Party winning control of Congress and the White House. 

Is there such a thing as a mainstream fringe? But meanwhile from the Chicago Sun Times,

The NRA claims to speak for the Second Amendment — guns are an American right — but there are necessary limitations on all constitutional rights. As a media company, the Chicago Sun-Times holds precious the free speech provisions of the First Amendment, but we sure do agree you can’t shout “fire” in a crowded theater.

So is there any one of the Bill of Rights that the ChiSunTsu really believes fully in?

Of course extremism is quite a mobius loop. In the latest news on the Russian experts on combating extremism...

Authorities in the Russian Central Republic of Chuvashia opened a criminal case against ten Jehovah's Witnesses for “establishing an extremist community,” the local investigation department said.

According to investigators, the church opened a branch in Cheboksary, the capital of the republic, as well as in the towns of Novocheboksarsk, Kanash and Alatyr, where its members “distributed among the local residents banned printed materials…containing propaganda of exclusivity and the superiority of Jehovah's Witnesses over followers of other religions.”
All animals are equals. But some animals are more equal than others. Extremism is the belief that words, like the Bill of Rights, mean what they say.


In 2002, five years before journalist Chauncey Bailey was murdered by members of Your Black Muslim Bakery, a woman identified only as Jane Doe No. 1 stepped forward to report decades of sexual abuse, welfare fraud and violence by the bakery's leader, Yusuf Bey Sr.

She was prepared to hand over to Oakland police DNA from her three children -- evidence that Bey had impregnated her, the first time when she was 12. This was a risky move, but the woman had powerful motivation: Her daughter, then 18, alerted her that Bey was trying to abuse her -- his own child.

Now a devout Christian, Jane Doe No. 1 has decided she no longer wants to be nameless. Her name is Kowana Banks and she is the first of Bey's victims to speak publicly. 

This is actually one of the more disturbing stories about the impact of Islam in America which has gotten surprisingly little press. And if you think authentic Islam is bad, the Nation of Islam flavor is the equivalent of Christian Identity, it's as explicitly racial as anything you would run into in Nazi Germany. Despite that Farrakhan has plenty of urban allies among mayors who wouldn't dream of entering a Chick-Fil-A and our current White House Resident acted as an organizer for his march while his wife was photographed with Mrs. Farrakhan.

Here's a sample of this doctrine straight from the Nation of Islam site.

For instance, the Acts 17:26, shows Mr. Yakub must have made or grafted his people (white man) from the Black, for Allah Himself created all nations of one blood. Of course, these nations are the Brown, Red and Yellow.  The fifth parties are not really a Nation, but a "race", a group of 400,000,000 people-beast racing with time!  In the same verse it shows that, as the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said, these Yakub grafted devils were doomed, or limited from the day they were grafted.  The bounds of their habitation on our planet earth was 6,000, and we bear witness he is some 50 years overdue, and only Allah is the best knower! 

Suddenly the Reverend Wright doesn't look nearly as racist by comparison. What do you do when you believe that you are plagued with a whole bunch of white "Beast People", devils whose time on earth is about to expire?

You do the same thing that the original Nazis did. You start killing them.

 The first victims in San Francisco were a couple named Richard and Quita Hague. The Hagues were out for an after dinner walk when they were abducted at gunpoint and forced into a van. They were bound and Richard was beaten over the head with a lug wrench and knocked unconscious. Quita was sexually molested and hacked with a machete. While begging for her life she was decapitated. Before leaving, the attackers hacked at the face of the still unconscious man. Miraculously, he survived and was able to give valuable information to the police.

Brutality and a lack of remorse on the part of the criminals mark the attacks. Vincent Wollin was shot in the back and killed on his 69th birthday. Mildred Hosler, an obese, older woman was shot while frantically trying to get away from her younger, faster attacker. Ilario Bertucci, a 135-pound, 81-year-old man, was killed while walking home from work. Marietta DiGirolamo, a 5’1" white woman was shot and killed on her way to a neighborhood bar. In none of these cases did the victims do anything to provoke the murderers. They simply had white skin and were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There were even some high profile victims. Art Agnos, who would later go on to become mayor of San Francisco, was shot and almost killed by the Death Angels. A member of the California Commission on Aging, Agnos was attending a community meeting in a black neighborhood to discuss building a government funded health clinic in the area. In the same neighborhood the killers were hunting for whites. As the meeting let out, Agnos stopped to talk with two women. One of the killers came up behind him and shot him twice in the back. The bullets ripped apart his lungs, spleen and kidneys. Bystanders called an ambulance and Agnos barely survived.

The full total of the Zebra Murders was 71 dead.

The Zodiac Killer killed 5 people, John Wayne Gacy killed 33 people,  Ted Bundy killed 30 and everyone knows their names. But can you name a single one of the Zebra killers?


"Coptic-Muslim clashes erupt in Egypt‎" (BBC News)

"Rohingya Muslims "persecuted" after Myanmar crackdown"  (Reuters)

When Muslims in a majority Muslim country attack Christians, then there are "Coptic-Muslim Clashes", but when there's violence between Buddhists and Muslims, after Muslims rape a Buddhist girl, then the Muslims are being persecuted.

Muslims can't lose.

The Nation has upgraded the situation in Burma to genocide. No sorry, "Unabated Genocide".

Must the Rohingya continue to perish in one of the worst cases of ethnic cleansing, putting to shame the concentration camps run by the Nazis to exterminate Jews or the killing sprees of the Mongol hordes, while the world watches cold-heartedly? 

Really? One of the worst cases?

Are we talking worse than what Turkey has done to Cypriots and Kurds? Worse than what Sudan has done to Africans? Worse than what Egyptian Muslims are doing to Copts? Worse than what the Indonesians are doing in New Guinea and what they did in East Timor?

But no those are all "Clashes". It's only genocide when a Muslim breaks a fingernail killing non-Muslims. Then the media rushes to talk about Muslim genocide, not Muslim committing genocide, but Muslim suffering.

Meanwhile the Christian Science Monitor... "Pakistan's extremists whip up frenzy over Burma's Muslims"

But on the streets of Pakistan, the rhetoric runs much hotter with protesters claiming "thousands" of Rohingyas are being slaughtered in western Myanmar (also known as Burma). Online, meanwhile, a series of doctored and misidentified photographs are circulating widely in Pakistani social media and beyond that purport to show violence against Rohingyas.

Investigations by social media watchdogs, and the respected Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune, have proven that most of these claims are exaggerated or entirely false.

... it's happening on the Extremist Media Street too.


“In all my interactions with the imam, he has attempted to be a force for good in his community, in our state with law enforcement, with those of us who have gotten to know him over the years... I will judge people based upon their relationships with me and the way I observe them conduct themselves, and while there may be other issues at play and I will certainly consider those if other facts come in, I will tell you the folks who are my friends will continue to be my friends as long as they continue to conduct themselves with integrity and honesty and faith in common values and the things that make our state a better place.” 

That's Governor Christie on an Imam who is a confessed member of a terrorist group. And shockingly Christie is still bashing the NYPD for "spying" on terrorists.

But the favorite viral video star of the GOP is an easy mark. Not just for Muslim terrorists.
Two convicted felons drove around in a red pickup bearing the names of first responders who died on 9/11 and collected tens of thousands of dollars in donations for family members that they kept for themselves, state authorities have charged. They even got Gov. Chris Christie to pose for a photo.
In a speech Christie assured Jewish groups that he stands with Israel. Except you know, when he stands with Hamas.


Raphael Luzon, a former Libyan Jew, returned to the UK safely on Sunday after security forces in Benghazi imprisoned and interrogated him for several days.
But Ralphael is lucky. If he didn't have European citizenship or if he had been black, he might be dead right now.

According to Lara Friedman at Open Zion, which is swiftly becoming an Anti-Semitic hate site, Jews are not allowed to talk about Jewish refugees.

"But is the term “refugee”—and all that it implies emotionally and politically—an intellectually honest way to describe Jews from Arab countries living in Israel? " Lara asks.

Is refugee a term that we can use to describe people evicted from their homes and stripped of their belongings?

The following narrative from an Egyptian site would suggest that yes it is.

During his teenage years, Somekh was a promising young poet who hung out in Baghdad’s vibrant literary salons and managed to get some of his poetry published. But his youthful dreams of a glittering literary career in his homeland were rudely interrupted by history and the shifting tectonic plates of geopolitics.

Iraqi Jewish refugees in Israel were, like the Palestinians, settled in makeshift camps, a huge step down for the Somekhs from the comfort and prestige they had enjoyed in Baghdad. But eventually the family got back on its feet, and the young Sasson Somekh refused to give up on his literary dreams. “Literature is literature. Politics does not enter into it”, he told me with disarming simplicity.

Those last few sentences makes all the difference between Jewish refugees and Arab refugees.


"Headscarf-wearing Muslim women are making strides" (Reuters)


Pamela Geller has written about the refusal of the upper echelons of the conservative blogsphere to cover the Jihad and the Counterjihad. BigFurHat at IOTW and Robert Spencer have also joined in with their own commentary.

I don't claim to be an expert on the pulse of the blogsphere, but my own impression is that the upper conservative blogsphere reflects the upper sections of the Republican Party. The higher you go, the blander it gets, not stylistically where being self-consciously abrasive and generating memes makes you more valuable, but in terms of the positions that you take.

The affinity of that slice of the blogsphere for dealing with Islamic terrorism was political. Post 9/11 the Republican Party was the party of counter-terrorism. To the extent that they dealt with it, it was because it was aligned with the party agenda. After opinion on the Iraq War turned, they began leaving the subject behind because it stopped being a winning subject.

Sections of the liberal wing of the counterjihad blogsphere, e.g. Andrew Sullivan, Charles Johnson, switched sides with a vengeance. The more middle-of-the-road gang tried to be the Drudge Report. They're not so much for anything, except traffic, as they are against Obama. Expecting them to take a stand on a controversial issue is like expecting ostriches to fly. When the momentum is there, they will report on it. When the issue picks up enough steam, like the Ground Zero Mosque, they will get out front and talk about it. So long as it feels safe. But they won't take any risks.

This is not an attack on any specific site, because I really don't spend that much time on the linkfarms so I can't even offer anything except a helicopter assessment of the field. What I see are a lot of sites trying to turn themselves into portals and hubs, offering entertainment news along with actual news from four hours ago and links to viral videos. That's not a bad thing because they help keep alive an alternative media, and in an e-world where Buzzfeed is a news site that's ridiculous but true.

Change doesn't come from the top down. The Tea Party made small government into a priority for a big government party. The people actually reporting on Islamic terrorism, breaking stories and engaging in activism will continue pushing the Counterjihad up to the point where it can't be ignored. And then the ostriches will report on it.

There are thousands of great blogs dealing with Islamic terrorism. Some of the best ones are segmented by country. There are sites doing the hard work of collating the material together. These sites are our "alternative media" who are the alternative to the upper echelon gatekeepers whose only job is to spread memes and tell everyone to vote Republican.


It has come to a point at which a certain question should probably be asked: Have the activists for homosexual so-called "marriage" who have been leading the calls for a boycott of the solidly traditional Christian fast-food establishment Chick-fil-A actually all along been on the payroll of Chick-fil-A?

Adam Taxin at the Examiner.


"Celebrations of Fast-Breaking Unite Muslims and Non-Muslims" (New York Times)

"Christian Nurses poisoned to Punish drinking tea during Muslims Ramadan in Pakistan" (Pakistan Post)

...I can see why the non-Muslims are celebrating. Ramadan's end decreases the probably of them being poisoned.


We would compare this hope-filled media treatment to the vicious coverage of George Bush when the unemployment rate was similar ... but it never got that high under his administration. In fact, for eight years it never went above 6.8 pct -- until Obama was elected.

But we're grading the economy on a curve... just like school discipline.


My article Invaders From Outer Space has been nominated for a Watcher's Council Award and my other article, Israel's War of Words, has appeared in the Hevel Havalim Roundup by Esser Agarot.

Olympics and Anti-Semitism at the Huffington Post

Pig heads, pig heads, rolly polly pig heads

Some events just script themselves...

A day before the Tal Law is set to expire, activists demanding a universal IDF draft arrived in Bnei Brak on Tuesday to give out flowers and leaflets urging the ultra-Orthodox sector to shoulder the burden of army service.

Response to the activists' efforts was unenthusiastic; some residents of the predominantly haredi central Israeli city tore the faux draft summons and threw the flowers away.

"Why did you come here?" one haredi youth asked the protesters. "To provoke us?"

When the protest turned tumultuous, the activists, who belong to the Suckers Camp movement, had to double back.

"Where did you serve?" a young ultra-Orthodox man, Moshe, asked Idan Miller, a leader of the protest movement. When the latter answered that he served at Army Radio, Moshe sneered at him.


  1. Josh3/8/12

    Alot of people have drifted away from counter jihad as they focus more on the upcoming elections.

    Blogs tend to post articles that are the most popular .So i guess you should blame the readers as much as the owners.

    No one has forgotten or changed their opinions,they aren't living safe,gone soft or any of the multitude of accusations being tossed around.

    How many stories can you read about murder,mutilation and muslim horrors in the ME and Africa ,that you can do absolutely nothing about? How much helpless frustration and outrage are people supposed to live with ?

    At least we can try to defeat Obama in the hope of improving our country and dire personal situations from unemployment.

    Is caring about the US and our own lives that offense to counterjihad people ? Are people supposed to be activists while homeless to satisfy the "alternative media."

    Criticizing and demeaning blogs affects every person that follows that blog.

  2. One reason you might be seeing a "lot of sites trying to turn themselves into portals and hubs" is that "curation" is a big trend in places like the Warrior Special Offers Forum, teaching people how to emulate sites like Drudge and others (they often use a screenshot of Drudge in their offers to pitch their courses and software).

    For myself (and my little blog), I just figured that since I'm not going to be able to stop myself from sampling as many conservative news sources every single day as I can squeeze into my schedule (even when I had pneumonia, asthma, whatever), I might as well just throw the most interesting stuff into a blog post for others to see instead of just wasting it. So I have a small following who, I guess, are interested in the same topics as me and I feel like I'm at least doing my little part in the revolution :-)

  3. Those are barrage balloons, not zepplins, you silly man.
    Otherwise, you still rock.

  4. Those are barrage balloons, not zepplins, you silly man.
    Otherwise, you still rock.

  5. about 1942 thing, the Lend-Lease was immensely important for both England and USSR. Without American supplies, the USSR might well have fallen in 1941 (pushed over the Urals at the least), and Britain too. Then, all bets were off. Balancing the budget was something the isolationists would have approved of, I'm sure. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that going over the budget with the lend lease by Roosevelt was an actual accusation hurled against him by the America First crowds.

    And, pulling back the union armies from the South in 1872 was indeed tantamount to murder. There was wide spread campaign of anti-Black terror in the South for many years after the war ended, and withdrawing protection couldn't have ended very nicely.

  6. Lend Lease was important, but it wouldn't have led to Nazis seizing Washington in 1942.

    There was violence on both sides and the troops had to be withdrawn sooner or later, because a permanent occupation was untenable, and once they were withdrawn the status quo resumed.

  7. Anonymous4/8/12

    ""Coptic-Muslim clashes erupt in Egypt‎" (BBC News)

    "Rohingya Muslims "persecuted" after Myanmar crackdown" (Reuters)"

    Same in India. 1,000 years of Hindu genocide and invasion by Muslims, partition of Indian into TWO Islamic states and India, minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh being truly persecuted and suffering a real genocide, yet the Muslims are always the victims and no where near slammed as Hindus. Why is the white left world wide supportive of Muslims over Hindus, Buddhists, and every other non-Muslim religion? Over and over again Muslims even when they are the cause are portrayed as the victim by the White press and white left? But there is nothing that the Muslims agree with the White left. They look down upon Western feminism, hate gays, and don't tolerate multiculturism - only islamic culture. Why why why does the white left and press side with the Muslims?

  8. because the left is a destructive force destroying societies and so are Muslims

    same reason Communists once allied with Nazis

    common short term goals make them overlook temporarily their different long term goals

  9. Where are all the readers to stand with that poor family?

  10. I wonder how the various people in my ulpan would view this case

    Progressive Israeli Ulpan teacher:

    We must give peace a chance! The Beleta’s are human too! Let the Beleta’s have autonomy over the areas they are currently living in. Such as the upstairs bedroom and the garage. We can also enact a sharing arrangement with the kitchen! Do the Donovan’s really even have a right to live in the house they bought? In time, the Beleta’s will see how wonderful and loving the Donovan’s are and will come to love them too!

    Pasty white stringy English chick with an Israeli boyfriend:

    The Beleta’s have a far longer cultural history of living in Belistine than these uncivilized Je- I mean Donovans. This occupation by the Donavan state of the Belestinian people is both uncivilized and cruel. As a pasty white stringy English chick with a local boyfriend I look down my snotty nose at these uncultured bourgeois who recklessly turn to brutality. I frequently go over to the houses of my Belestinian friends which shows what an open minded, brave and wonderful pasty white stringy English chick I am.

    Leftist Modern orthodox spanish guy who wants to break into politics:

    Honor and justice are just lies spoken by the ruling class to dominate the masses. Everything and everybody is for sale. What the Donovan’s need to do is to create a sharing arrangement with the Beleta’s, supported by both hefty “gifts” to the Beleta’s as well as the occasional punishment when the Beleta’s get too greedy for more living space and money. In the meantime, the Beleta’s can create a few extra-legal rackets on their side of the house which can be used to kick back money to the Donovans. It will be a win-win for everybody!

    Cute Italian chick:

    I do not understand why you two are always fighting. Why can you not see how wonderful you both are?

    Soft spoken young Muslim man (who gets more passionate when he speaks):

    The holiest site in the Belestine is the toilet they erected in the master bedroom to which they display their rear ends five times a day. Five hundred years ago Jose’ Beletta flew on his 57’ Chevrolet to Belestine and tied it up by the window facing out of that master bedroom. Ever since then the Belestinians have lived there. They, their parents, their grandparents. They are refugees and oppressed peoples! They show the genocidal nazi Donovan’s nothing but love, yet the Donovans always have the cruelty to oppressively go to court against them!

  11. dude, true, hilarious and depressing at the same time

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Tell me about it.

    The pasty white english chick seriously gets on my nerves man. But lately its a toss up between her and the mo leftist from spain who wants to break into politics.

    Ironically, the only person I genuinly like is the soft spoken Muslim who probably wants to see me dead, but has too much good sense to admit it openly.

  14. AllianceDefendingFreedom6/8/12

    Regarding your first article - Alliance Defending Freedom is not representing any party in this difficult matter, and Mr. Romero (a private attorney who volunteers his time to work on specific cases involving religious freedom, the right to life, and the defense of marriage) is not engaged in the case on our behalf. We are continuing to look into the matter, but rest assured that Alliance Defending Freedom is not supporting the wrongful possession of anyone's house.


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