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With the next four years at stake, the only topic of conversation is the Race Card. The left plays the Race Card and then accuses the right of playing the Race Card. There are dogwhistles in the air that only white middle-aged pundits can hear and arguments over whose diverse lineup truly represents the philosophy of the future and whose is just shameless tokenism.

The media madhouse insists that a half-black man who went from the Illinois State Senate to the White House in 5 years is proof that we are a racist country and that Southern Europeans whose ancestors moved to this continent are an oppressed racial minority. Arguing with this insanity is a sure way to get called a racist. Ignoring this insanity means being charged with privilege. Privilege being the ungodly power to ignore someone else's assertion that privilege through victimization should begin and end every single discussion on every topic, up to and including the moon landing. 

The Democratic Party and its media affiliates have become a party of trolls who only know how to hijack every discussion with an obsessive insistence that every issue can be boiled down to race and that the difference between the two parties is that one of them is racist and the other has good taste in fonts.

It's hard to know what the Democratic Party stands for anymore. All we know is that it is against racism. Never before has an entire election been run around a single negative issue that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual challenges facing the country. Instead we have the national spectacle of members of minority groups being pitted against each other by two parties to prove which of them is less racist.

There is no precedent for a country facing two major crises, an economic depression and a war at the same time, holding an election that is somehow about race. If we're going to make the 2012 election about race, then we might as well also make it about childhood obesity, green energy and all the other idiocies of a failed administration that can't tie its shoes without a bailout.

For the last three years, the left has responded to every criticism of their candidate, their party and their incompetence by bleating about racism, as if having a black candidate and a large share of the black vote makes them honorary minorities. And as if their bleating had anything to do with real issues like the unsustainable national debt and an economy that still can't get back on its feet.

The left imagines that it is somehow better than the lunatics of the Westboro Baptist Church who randomly show up at funerals screaming about homosexuality. It's not. Not when its members show up randomly brandishing nooses or dressing up as body parts and screaming about racism or sexism. There's no hint of responsible leadership in tactics like that. It's the behavior of a debating club loser who has memorized only one winning point and will shout it no matter what the issue is.

Everyone wants to prove that their ideology, whether it's showing up in the country with 50 cents and becoming successful by building a business or showing up in the country with 50 cents and becoming successful by getting a Ford Foundation grant to community organize the hell out of a local group, is universal and can apply to everyone regardless of skin color, gender, religion or fashion sense. And once we've done that, it still falls to us to deal with problems that depend on math, not race.

The real issue at stake here is whether the working class will end up being squeezed out by the government class. It's an issue that affects the rich, poor and middle class alike, and the Republicans are coming dangerously close to articulating it in between applause breaks. The Democrats would like to avoid this line of conservation as much as possible, because once the debate is fully underway, Americans will start assessing their individual economic stakes in the fight, instead of assuming that their economic interest is joined at the hip to their racial identity, gender or choice of bed partners.

Race is a distraction, but it's more than that. A false argument is like a mask. You can put it on, but after a while you can't take it off. The more time that the left spends immersed in the grammar of racial grievance, the less able it is to speak any other language. The Democrats aren't just cynical, they are also becoming illiterate and unable to articulate ideas that don't revolve around a great split between races, genders or two groups, one oppressed and one oppressing.

The Democratic Party's poverty of ideas is self-inflicted. Snide progressives may sneer at Rand, but what exactly are they packing besides TED talks and trendy books that exist to make their owners feel smart for not reading them? Democrats rarely talk about guiding philosophies now because they don't exist. They have no grand plan to make the country better. Even Alinsky is nothing but a blueprint for consolidating power in a spurt of postmodern multicultural Machiavellianism.

Progressives can rage and sneer, roar grievances and pose as the oppressed, but what do they actually believe in except the evil of their opposite numbers on the right? The Republican Party is no towering wall of ideas, but the Democratic Party has forgotten everything but bigotry. If it has to speak without relying on its racism props, then it mumbles something about marching together to the future, throws in something about families, children, technology, clean energy, environmental challenges and soaks up the applause of its captive audience.

Ask Obama why he should be reelected and he tells you that it's to "finish what we started." Not "he". For once the great ego who uses "I" like the letter is about to be removed from the alphabet resorts to "we", because he is already passing the blame to someone else. What is it that we started? No one knows. There's something about health care reform, the auto industry and killing Bin Laden. Not to mention holding Wall Street accountable in between Wall Street fundraisers and of course, protecting our values, whatever those are.

With the passing of time it becomes difficult to figure out what, if anything, the latest Democrat actually stands for. From JFK onward, there was no longer a legacy, just a strange disastrous mix of incompatible policies and spiraling destruction. The incoherence has only grown worse with time. Bill Clinton was the deregulating draft dodging radical who would occasionally bomb things when the mood suited him. John Kerry was the anti-military military man volunteering for duty to keep our country safe from military solutions. Obama is here to lead us into some vague future with lower tides, drones strikes and racism for everyone.

Obama is running on a program of bank bailouts and bank accountability, an end to wars while winning all the wars, including those he started, and including those he lost. He's running to cut our dependency on foreign oil by killing domestic drilling and make us all better people by confusing the hell out of us. This rigamarole wouldn't have gotten past Stage One in the Democratic Party two generations ago. It's barely passing muster now, only because no one is paying attention, and to make sure no one pays attention, the usual suspects troll everyone by dealing out some race cards.

There is no area of his governance that could survive a detailed 5-minute discussion with anyone who isn't a halfwit. All that's left is trolling the Republicans to cover up the basic weaknesses in an agenda so incoherent that even few of his own supporters would sign on to it. And this isn't new, it's just more shameless than ever.

Progressives have become intellectual illiterates, they have memorized reams of political diagrams and are experts on the sufferings of obscure people in obscure places. They pride themselves on thinking that they know all the secret sufferings of the waitress who brings them their check, but this tawdry New Age empathy does not translate into an ability to help her or to help anyone else. They are forever priding themselves on their willingness to help people and using that pride to justify their own wealth and power. They are always on the verge of helping someone, but they never get done helping anyone except themselves.

Race atones for this sin and for all sins. It answers all objections, it fills in the giant gaps in their knowledge and competence. It is a disguise that they once put on, but can no longer take off. It has become their reason for being. It is the one subject that is so simple and elemental that they can thoroughly control it. Poverty is complicated. So are jobs and wars. Race however is simple. There are bad people and there are good people. The oppressed and the oppressors. And that paradigm, that one talking point that they store up and unleash at every occasion is the sum total of their contribution to every debate under the sun.

Their race card is as big as America now. It is America. There is no longer an America for them, just a collection of race cards that they shuffle and deal and shuffle again, playing solitaire with themselves until the economy goes down. In their America it is always 1963 in Birmingham. It will always be Birmingham, 1963, even for those who have never been to Birmingham and who did not even exist on this planet in 1963.

Birmingham, 1963, is a myth to them. A story that they want to be part of. It is their version of the Warrior's Tale. The one that isn't true, but that inspires the younger members of the tribe to be like the mythical warrior. It is the story that they tell us incessantly because they don't really know who they are or we are anymore. All they know is that the story makes them better than us. They don't know where they are going or where they have been, only that they are marching forward to some bright future. And that the very act of marching forward means that they are progressive and makes them into the children of the future.

And the economy? Who cares about that.


  1. Rob De Witt30/8/12

    Well, first of all, is there anyone over the age of 12 who didn't realize that all this was in the offing the instant Obama showed up in the 2004 Democrat Dog & Pony Show? "Oh look, one of 'em looks black. Here we go." How hard was that?

    Secondly, as we noted this evening, the weakness of that "It's always Birmingham in 1963" shuck is that there are those still alive who were actually there - notably Dr. Condoleeza Rice.

    Those of us born before the Baby Boom have seen all this crap for far too long to be fooled by race hustlers. I don't know why y'all younger folks find it so difficult, but you'll catch ahold of it eventually. If there's still any country left.

  2. To leftist trolls, 1963 Birmingham represents racist America and they're still bitterly clinging to that almost 50 years later.

    But, for most of America, me included, 1963 Birmingham is seered into our memories because those images of firehosing and dog attacks repulsed us and motivated us to stamp out the last vestiges of racial hatred.

    1963 Birmingham didn't prove America was still racist, it proved most of America abhored racism.

  3. Friday's child30/8/12

    There is an appeal and a security about living in the past from the leftie angle. A leftie may not have been there and it's almost certain those who listen to his burblings were never there either. So it's safe and it's 'solid' to lean on for substance because no one can gainsay you.

    Most lefties have hate their reliable figures from the right who they instinctively understand. They know all their hate figures motivations and reasonings because they themselves are 'intellectually superior' and this confers insight into people you never knew and situations you never experienced.

    It helps to be passionate about your left opinions too because shouting and being intense gives automatic credibility to any audience, who have primed to boo on cue. It is all some distant person's fault and we still writhe under that burden.

    Interestingly, the left leaner also views the left 'leaders' with simplicity too, though only because their preferred icons have a simple way to benefit all of humanity. The fact these so-called leaders never quite show it or are able to demonstrate a better way of life is glossed over. More often, the many failings of the left are easily ignored because their is so much on the right that is wrong now, was wrong then and will be wrong for all time.

    When you are looking forward as the left does, progressively following the distant red flags waved by those who never made a flag or even have difficulty lifting one without paid minions to do it for them, you do not question. You bay and scream and posture about what you never knew. It really does helps protect you from reality.

  4. Anonymous30/8/12

    name = mre

    i think this essay is great.

    here are 2 things i would have done differently.

    "They are always on the verge of helping someone, but they never get done helping [anyone, even] themselves."

    "It is the story that they tell us incessantly because they don't really know [who] they are or we are anymore."

    again, wonderful essay

  5. @Rob De Witt- Many of us younger generation gets it. But unlike our adult child counterparts, we are too busy working, trying to start families, and live the American Dream to make as much noise as the full grown infants.

  6. Mr ED30/8/12

    There is no area of his (and DemocRATs in general) governance that could survive a detailed 5-minute discussion with anyone who isn't a halfwit."

    Nicely done.

    "Birmingham, 1963, is a myth to them. A story that they want to be part of. It is their version of the Warrior's Tale. The one that isn't true, but that inspires the younger members of the tribe to be like the mythical warrior."

    It is because those myths form a large part of their fundamental (self) creation myth. The invocation of invidious "racism" in all of the now standardized forms is merely their Liberal catechism, devoid of any real meaning and bleated out like obligatory "heil hitlers".

    And it will be their self-defeating political cataclysm in the long run.

  7. 1963 Birmingham is another shinning example of the ignorance the left displays daily. How confused would the left be if that were to actually go down today? To think, a civil rights movement started by a Christian group. The white suburban Progressive rebel rousers wouldn't be able to figure out if they should join them in protesting for civil rights, or protesting the organizers for believing in Christianity and using it as part of the argument.

    Then again, the party that spawned the KKK knew clearly which side they were on those days. As clear as it was when RFK was wire tapping MLK, Bull Connors (D) was fire housing black people and a Democrat Governor was ordering the National Guard to go after black college students.

    The Left's racism hasn't died off. It hasn't evolved. Here in Boston, our state leadership is 13% Republican. And that number has grown in recent years. Yet these Progressives are so brainwashed they can't put two and two together. After all this far left leadership, how is it that inner city black people are still in poverty? Government dependance, the new racism via low expectation.

  8. Anushirvan30/8/12

    "Progressives have become intellectual illiterates, they have memorized reams of political diagrams and are experts on the sufferings of obscure people in obscure places."

    "They are forever priding themselves on their willingness to help people and using that pride to justify their own wealth and power. They are always on the verge of helping someone, but they never get done helping themselves."

    Hitting the nail on the head on all accounts, yet again.

    Socialists don’t like meritocracy. Both concepts are diametrically opposed. Bleeding people dry for their own advancement is what they have in common with Islam, for instance. Laying the victimization guilt trip on everybody else is instrumental to achieve this goal.

  9. Anonymous30/8/12

    To Democrats Birmingham 1963 was a defining moment in history
    That is when they realized that their Overt racism wasn't going to control the masses any more.
    They realized it when they saw all the white republicans marching arm and arm with Blacks throughout the south fighting for their civil rights.
    Now 50 years later they point the finger of Racism at anyone that opposes them.

  10. "For the last three years, the left has responded to every criticism of their candidate, their party and their incompetence by bleating about racism..."

    yes, in a nutshell, this line sums up the obama presidency has been about. another excellent and important post. i'm one of those Americans who desires to have the problem broken down and repeated, thank you very much. besides, we are all in this rigaramole (your word, i like it) together. so you write and we get to see that we are in fact on the same page with what we've been experiencing in our country.

    "A false argument is like a mask. You can put it on, but after a while you can't take it off."

    i can quote you all day. this post and others written previously by you, are THAT good. nicely done again, daniel. thanks for your tenacity and passion in choosing to be a part of America's solution.

  11. anonymous 1, thank you

    Adam, yes. Unfortunately the debate is controlled by the loud indolent who also claim to define their generation

    Anushirvan, indeed, religious without religion

    namaste, thank you

  12. Anonymous30/8/12


    "They are always on the verge of helping someone, but they never get done helping anyone except themselves."
    = much better than what I suggested!

    and their help is always at someone elses expense..........

    rock on Sultan!

  13. I took your suggestion and merged it with mine

    /rocks on

  14. Rob De WItt30/8/12

    @Adam Greenfield,

    Of course you get it. I meet more and more younger people like you almost every day since I became a Catholic. I apologize for indiscriminate finger-pointing, and the snarky tone. I was in pain and frustrated with my leftie neighbors last night; no excuse.

    What I can't seem to let go of is how many people now in their 40's and 50's and even 60's seem to be surprised that the issues of the BHO sultanate have devolved on race, since there seemed to me absolutely no other possibility once I laid eyes on the Long-Legged Mack Daddy (thank you Pastor Manning.) Once you get what a pimp is, the scales fall from your eyes forevermore.

    This blog (and its comment stream) is an island of common sense, beautifully expressed, in a fetid sea of partisan squawk. I was just blowing off steam, and this is definably the wrong place for that. I will admit to going on the occasional rant about the Boomy Babers, but I really don't indiscriminately collectivize generations. Y'all and your children are after all the future, and I shudder at what's in store for you - but what a time to be young and strong.

    Best wishes. Make us proud.

  15. Rob- I took no offense and trust me, I get your frustration. I grew up in The People's Republic of Massachusetts. I went through the indoctrination in the public schools. Had I been born with a silver spoon and had the privilege of going to the University without bankrupting my parents or if I had qualified for a minority government grant or scholarship, I would have missed my greatest educational experience; the military.

    I was well on my way to be an OKKKupier myself. But after 18 months in Iraq, I came home seeing people I grew up with rant on at the local watering hole about myself and fellow soldiers "dying for oil" "murdering civilians indiscriminately" and so on.

    Fortunately, when I reached a point where I got my head screwed on right. I came back reenergized and with a new outlook that ultimately said all I want is to be left alone. I found that there were great thinkers in the world like Daniel here and the cloud of depression lifted. We have a chance to rid this country of Obama. We must do it, and then we will need to clean up the Republican Party too. Let's not kid ourselves; the Republican Party is currently a band-aid to our problems, not a solution. But the Democrats are simply a cancer and if we leave it untreated we are doomed.

    Keep up the fight and God Bless.

  16. Anonymous30/8/12

    The donkey party has made this about race because this election is more than ever about race. The GOP had better wake up to the fact that from her on out, race will be a deciding factor. It would especially behoove them to stop pandering for a minority vote (specifically illegal invading Hispanics who depend on big government to subsidize their anchor babies) that it will never come to fruition.

    This election may be the last gasp of the GOP, considering The 1965 Hart-Cellar Act, along with open borders, is allowing millions of minority democratic supports to pour in annually. When 95% of blacks and almost 70% of Hispanics vote for Obama, the Dems shrug it off as differing political views.

    If 70% of the electorate voted for any White candidate, it would be lambasted as racism. But who cares what these racial husksters say. They have been allowed to define the terms of the debate for much too long.

    The fact is, block voting based upon racial best interests is how minorites cast votes. What do you think is going to happen to the GOP as this country fades from White to brown? The race card will be played at every turn, always in the name of “diversity”, and always to the detriment of White America.

    I have concluded the construct “diversity” is a euphemism for no Whites allowed. Through this social doctrine, White America is being eliminated, in favor of a multicultural America. However, the new America does not include Whites.

    Has their ever been a country that has been able to withstand the forces of multiculturalism and diversity? Alternatively, maybe the question should be asked: How many counties have been destroyed by multiculturalism and diversity? The great experiment is just about over and we all know it is an utter failure. There is no going back now.

    Mitt Romney is a neo-con, beholden to open borders and corporate interests. Nevertheless, he probably does not hate White America as much as Obama does. Consequently, White America has the opportunity to come to together and cast a vote for Romney, not because you necessarily believe in his politics, but because he is White. White America has the opportunity to show the minority agitators that the country we founded and cultivated is still in our control.

  17. Anonymous30/8/12

    " It would especially behoove them to stop pandering for a minority vote (specifically illegal invading Hispanics who depend on big government to subsidize their anchor babies) that it will never come to fruition. "
    This is so true. I am technically considered "hispanic". I have a South American father but a European mother. I cannot stand the pandering and am getting vomit inducing sick listening to the GOP butt licking; particularly Jeb Bush, and the Snake, Marco Rubio. As someone who grew up knowing two sides of the coin, meaning two different cultures, I have no qualms saying KEEP OUT THE ILLEGALS!!!! I do not want the third world which is all of South America infesting this first world nation. Unfortunately, it is happening at lightning speed and the powers that be are doing all they can to keep the gates open for an illiterate third world minority voting bloc and at the same time making sure White Europeans are kept out.

  18. Both parties are awful. Neither are what they once were but the Democrats have taken a decidedly sharp veer to the radical left.

  19. Rob De Witt30/8/12

    My goodness what a great discussion stream; a buncha smart guys (e.g., I mostly agree with you.)

    What my dream is, I realize, is something that got brought up by the Two Anonymouses. I agree with Anonymous 1, for sure, that the lefties are making an all-out attempt to flood the country with illegals and assorted lowlife in an attempt to build an unassailable voting bloc - an coincidentally destroy the whole American Experiment just because they're a bunch of privileged whiny brats who can't stand seeing anybody happy.

    What I pray for, and have believed my whole life, is that the likes of Anonymous 2 will thwart the little snots by falling in love with what this country really stands for. I've known (legal) immigrants from everdamnwhere much of my life, some of whom escaped the Nazis in the '40s and more of whom escaped the Communists in both Europe and Asia in the '50s through the '90s. Not one of them would ever be fooled by a snake-oil salesman like BHO, and anybody that would start up preaching anti-Americanism in their presence had better bring lunch.

    What I firmly believe, as a result, is that in the face of what looks like it's gonna be unbridled immigration/invasion of people who don't share our values, the only possible (and the only correct) solution is just to make Americans out of 'em.

    Don't get caught by the race hucksters on either side; rather, make of yourself something worth emulating, something that could only happen in this most wonderful of ideas. Be a soldier for the right, and defeat Evil by being better than that.

    We've done it before.

  20. For those seeking the truth, read “Democrats: The Missing Years” by Jeffrey Lord and learn that “the party that championed slavery and segregation erases its race record from history.”

    Thuggery Incorporated -- the ugly face(s) of the Democrat Party http://networkedblogs.com/Bzo6A #tcot #teaparty #patriot #Resist44

  21. To me it smacks of desperation. Every day on MSNBC you're treated to a torrent of noise about how Obama is going to get slightly more than 107% of the total vote and there's no need to even have elections anymore. And yet, they fill their air time with this insane petty drivel. Either they're very nervous or, more aptly, they're doing what they did in 2000 and so smugly convinced themselves of utter victory that they're no longer really campaigning anymore.

  22. TheGrandMufti30/8/12

    I'd like to think that this over the top use of the race card has begun to backfire on those of us not hearing the dogwhistle.

  23. Rome lost in the end to all those illegal barbarian immigrants and it's own entitled out of initiative citizens that came for bread and games only no longer willing to contribute anything to the moral fibre that had supported the idea of Rome. Seen from here Rome's moral fiber was of a debatable sort but like Judeo-Christian values made up the moral backbone of American society, once it was weakened it's initial strength was lost. Being a realist I am afraid the bell has tolled already for the idea America, even if the GOP would win this election could they stem the tide?

  24. Anonymous31/8/12

    I've been wonering why the Demoncratic Party is also called the Left. The left of anything has also been regarded as evil, the left eye as just one example (oculus sinister).

    The Democratic Party does not have good eyes. The race issue is their attempt to put a patch over their eyes.

    Obama tells his followers that they need to finish what they started. That can be interpreted in two ways--a malicious and vindictive manner--versus a constructive one.

    The US is supposed to be a Democratic Republic. What does this even mean?


  25. Anonymous31/8/12

    Re the economy--IMO the situation is only going to get worse as long as Americans continue to live beyond their means and this would include supporting a liberal government that is using taxpayer money and spending money the US can't afford to spend.


  26. Driving While White31/8/12


    I am disappointed in you for deleting my comment in response to Rob De Witt. Or is it taboo to suggest that he is naive in not understanding that we are facing a campaign of genocide against whites?

    It looks like you can't handle the truth.

  27. I don't like deleting comments but there seemed to be an implication of violence in your comment.

  28. Driving While White31/8/12

    As I said, it looks like you can't handle the truth.

  29. I don't accept comments that suggest violence. That's frankly common sense and a basic legal standard that allows this blog to operate.

  30. Driving While White31/8/12

    I am disappointed in you, Daniel.

    You write well, have a lot of worthwhile things to say, but the mere mention of the current worldwide genocide against white people is more than you can deal with.

    To you that suggests "violence," as if genocide of the white race is not violence.

    You are a liberal with a few conservative leanings and a gift for words. Look into yourself honestly. It will do you good.


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