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The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has ruled that ten year old girls can be married off, because in his words, "Good upbringing makes a girl ready to perform all marital duties at that age." The Mufti, who also recently called for destroying churches in the Arabian Peninsula, is descended from Mohammed Wahhab who gave birth to Wahhabism and his descendants have controlled the Saudi religious establishment, which has given them control of Islam around the world. For all his power and influence, the Mufti is blind and hasn't seen a thing in the last 52 years, an apt metaphor for his entire religion.

The Grand Mufti
Saudi Arabia, the heartland of Islam, still tries and executes witches. What sort of religion can come out of a place that marries off ten year old girls and murders old women on charges of witchcraft? Exactly the sort of religion you would expect to fly planes into skyscrapers, murder teenage girls for using Facebook and base their entire society on a ladder with Muslim men at the top, Muslim women a few rungs below and everyone else somewhere at the bottom.

The Saudis are not some aberration, they are Islam in its purest and truest form. This is where Islam originated, these are the people whose brutality and cunning spread it across the world, whose clans killed each other, then killed or enslaved minority groups, and then embarked on a wave of conquest that destroyed countless cultures and left behind seeds of hate that linger to this day.

Unlike Egypt or Syria, they were never colonized by European powers and the impact of Ottoman influence was limited. Oil has brought in massive amounts of money, but it has changed very little. There are limousines instead of camels, the slaves have foreign passports, though they are often still slaves, there is still a brisk trade in imported luxury goods, harems for princes and clans staggering under the weight of their indolent progeny.

Religiously, Wahhabism has done its best to recreate the "pure" Islam of its origins. Economically, oil has allowed the Gulf Arabs to prosper without reform or change. And if Mohammed were to ride out of the desert tomorrow, he would have little trouble fitting in, as soon as he developed a taste for Porsches. Anyone who wants to see the world as it was in Mohammed's day can visit Saudi Arabia and see inbred clans, slave labor, veiled women and thugs enforcing the will of Allah on every corner.

But you don't even need to visit Saudi Arabia because diluted forms of it can be found everywhere from Cairo to London and from Islamabad to Los Angeles. A hundred and fifty years after the United States freed its slaves, Muslim immigrants have brought back slavery, importing young girls to live as their slaves. Ninety years after American women won the right to vote, the ghosts of Islam tread the streets in sheets that hide their personhood and mark them as property.

The religious wars of the desert have not stayed there as the immigration Hegira has brought them here and everywhere. And that is the source of the Clash of Civilizations. Immigration has brought Muslims into closer contact with different cultures and religions who don't defer to them or give Islam the privileged status that its adherents are used to enjoying.

To know the truth of this all you have to do is measure the respective tolerance levels of America  against the average Muslim country. There is no comparison with even the more secular Muslim countries, not in law and not in public attitudes. The sole benefit of the Arab Spring has been to expose the fraud of the moderate Muslim country. Egypt's transition to theocracy reminds us that a moderate Muslim state is a completely unrepresentative dictatorship. The alternative is majority Muslim rule.

The endgame of the Arab Spring and the immigration Hegira is to reduce the entire world to the level of Saudi Arabia. And that means eliminating outside influences in a long march to purification.  Islamists know that they cannot enjoy complete cultural dominance over their own people until their rivals in the West are obliterated. To turn Egypt and Malaysia into Saudi Arabia, and to purify Saudi Arabia, the infidels must be brought down, their religions subjugated and their nations replaced with proper Islamic states.

Islamic leaders are under no illusion that religion is a spiritual matter, they know that it is a numbers game. Wage enough wars, terrorize enough nations, marry enough barely post-pubescent girls and use them to crank out an endless supply of babies, intimidate or trick enough infidels into joining up and you win. That was how Islam took over so much territory and spread around the world, that is how it is doing it again now.

Islam is not a spiritual religion, even its paradise is a materialistic place, a fantasy harem where the physical pleasures of life can be enjoyed without restraint. That gives it an advantage over Judaism and Christianity, just as it gives the Saudis and the Pakistanis an advantage over the Americans and Israelis. There is no angst in Islam, no spiritual seeking and no room for doubt. The marching orders are always clear and individual deeds and thoughts matter less than a willingness to always obey.

Islam came out of the desert and it has never left the desert, instead it has brought the desert with it along with its codes, its deep hatreds, its constant deprivation, its deceptiveness and its nomadic expansionism. Where Islam goes, the desert rises, its tents, its red knives and its insecurities. It was backward even at the time of its birth and it has only become more so, but its singlemindedness is an advantage in an age of effete leftectuals and eurocrats dreaming of a transnational world.

While the leftectuals dream of windmills, the Saudis hire foreigners to pump their oil and then sell it to them, the money goes to fund the Hegira, its mosques in every city from Dublin to Moscow to Buenos Aires and Toronto, the fatwas, the bombs, the websites where the masked faithful hold up AK-47's, the Islamic science courses and sessions on learning to love the Hijab and then the Burqa,

The Saudis just want what everyone wants, for everyone to acknowledge their greatness and live like them. They can hardly be blamed for that when the West spends almost as much money promoting democracy and its own way of life to people who still execute witches and blasphemers. They may be savages, but they fell ass backward into enough black gold to fuel a global religious war, and they're using it cleverly and cunningly to transform our societies and wage war against us even while attending dinners at the White House. It's smoother work than our diplomats are capable of.

You can hardly blame the desert bandits for being what they are, but you can blame the apostles of reason for preaching about a golden age of tolerance and enlightenment from every purloined pulpit and then turning away the heartland to a religion that is nakedly brutal and intolerant at home.

An honest look at Saudi Arabia, at its cruelty, its slaves, its intolerance of other religions and even of women, should be enough to tell even the dimmest Eton or Harvard grad exactly what the West is in for. No matter how many specialists in Muslim tolerance show up at universities, there is the Grand Mufti explaining that Mohammed commanded the eradication of Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula, and therefore there can be no churches allowed there.

Even few apologists for Islam will defend Saudi Arabia for the simple reason that it is indefensible. The media will run the occasional story about the House of Saud's commitment to reform, much as Charles Manson keeps committing to becoming a better person, but even they don't really believe it. Yet even though Saudi Arabia is the heartland of Sunni Islam, and its fortunes shape and control mosques and teachings around the world, they insist on treating Islam and Saudi Arabia as two separate things.

It is brutally telling that the two centers of Islam, Saudi Arabia for the Sunnis and Iran for the Shiites, are genuinely horrifying places. Neither can remotely be associated with tolerance or human rights. It is simple common sense that the spread of Islam will make Western countries more like Saudi Arabia and Iran, rather than less like them.

If Saudi Arabia is not an example that we wish to emulate, then why must we bodily incorporate the religion of Mecca and Medina into London and Los Angeles? What other possible outcome do we imagine that there will be but fewer rights and more violence, dead women, abused children, bomb plots and polygamy?

There are two Islams. The real Islam of the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and an imaginary Islam that exists only in the mosques of air and card table korans of academics apologists and political pundits who have decided that Islam cannot be bad, because no religion can be bad, not even one which kills and kills, it must just be misunderstood.

But then why not tell the Grand Mufti that he has misunderstood his own religion, the religion that he and his ancestors have dedicated themselves to purifying and reforming back to its roots? Telling him that would be a dangerous thing on his own turf, but it would also be foolish. The Grand Mufti's controversial statements contain nothing that Mohammed had not said and can the founder of a religion misunderstand his own teachings?

Islam is savage, intolerant, cruel and expansionistic, not due to a misunderstanding, but because it is what it is and no amount of wishing will make it otherwise. We have opened the door to the desert and a hot wind blows through into the northern climes. Either we can shut the door or get used to living in the Saudi desert.


  1. W. C. Taqiyya24/4/12

    Soooo, you're saying that Islam is a bad gig? Just joshing. Considering that the 9-11 attackers were all Saudi and considering that the population of that nation is small and considering that it has lots of oil, why the frack did Bush not invade Saudi Arabia? I mean, if you accept the premise that we should be playing in that sandpile in the first place. Why not grab a nice prize first and let the others wonder where and when and under what pretense we might invade next? With one hand on the oil spigot of the world and our other firmly squeezing the tender jewels of Mecca and Medina, we could have dictated terms. Does nobody read 'The Prince' anymore?
    Did you see how I worked that pretentious reference into the conversation? Nice.
    Your writing is groovy Daniel. The best I think. Keep up the good work.

  2. John Titor Jr.24/4/12

    Groovy man! Far out.

  3. Anonymous24/4/12

    Excellent Essay Sultan

  4. Follow the money that's all, no oil money no large scale acceptance or spread of Islam into the west would have occurred. It is because of the huge grands these mad mufti's gave and give via their pawns to institutions like Eton and Harvard, they have gained the slavish followers amongst their many intelleftual teachers. It's because of the oil European polidumbs allowed mass immigration of Islam's foot soldiers since 1973. It's because of oil money that unions colude with Islamists. Ironic that by having developed a mechanized mobile oil based society we pay for our own demise.

  5. "leftectuals"

    I love that!

    Question: What do Muslim women get in paradise?

    Great writing, and information, as always.

    I am going to send you a picture I made a while back that you might be able to use sometime. :)

  6. a/ Good article, and where's a good drone when we need it?

    b/ Hope this isn't the answer to the above: IS THAT PHOTO REAL or Photoshopped? When were all those jihadists out in front of the WH and where was Hussein that day? (out there with them?)

  7. The House Of Saud is repressive but there far more extreme Islamists waiting in the wings to take over from it if it falls. Its not a regime any one would like to live under but the alternative is even worse. At least the princes can tinker with modest reforms that loosen the chains a bit here and there. That is microscopic evolutionary progress in a closed society. The real danger is not that Saudi Arabia will become more tolerant and open but that it become more fanatical and extreme. The West supports the Saudis exactly because they are an unrepresentative Muslim dictatorship. One only has to look at what the Arab Spring offers to see why. And a little freedom in the desert is preferable to none at all.

  8. Anonymous24/4/12

    Without a doubt, this editorial position is rooted in deomnstrable fact. I hope it is furthered and spread far and wide. The obvious conclusion is that Wahhabi Islam and other similar throwbacks are at war with the world at large, to include not only Jews, Christians and secularists in the West, but also with Buddhists and Hindus in the East, with non-Muslim tribal traditions in Africa, as with the Russians and Chinese on their borders too. Islam has two choices: conquer or be conquered through military defeat or even perhaps a modern-day reformation, recalling that the European Reformation was a bloody affair. I look to a day when the Saudis are toppled, and the 26 million of that nation receive what they continue to export to the world at large -- pain and suffering.

  9. gonzomocha24/4/12

    to the burbling 'quran' artiste...a little salutation...

    'aloha snackbar'....try it...they do a great toasted bacon and egg sandwich

  10. Another well written article making the complex easy to understand.

    Understanding Cultural and Political Islam separately is a challenge but to combine the two in an easy to read 2500 word article is --- a gift.

    Keep up the good work

    The Radio Jihad Network
    Blog Talk Radio
    Programming 7 Days a week

  11. Wealth, power, culture, and moral depravity--crimes that should shock the consciences of the public--apparently trump the law in the US and elsewhere.

    Do these crimes shock anyone in the Middle East or the world??

    In any other part of the world these perverts would get a good old fashioned blanket party for these crimes.

    In the Middle East they just get a party.

  12. I am nauseated at by only looking at the photo of this old lecher, but thinking that little girls have to share his bed I want to vomit.

    Shame on the feminists who condone this.
    Shame on any western female who fraternises with those paedophiles.
    Shame on the leftists who promote this.
    Shame on the dhimmies who think that by feeding this crocodile they will not be devoured.
    Shame on those who opened the doors to this vileness.
    Shame Shame Shame

    I better quit my hyper ventilating now.

  13. Daniel, I just found your writings recently. They are terrific. God bless you.

  14. Anonymous24/4/12

    To begin with, I really enjoy your writings - both here and elsewhere on the Internet.

    I have a question though, many with different styles and presentations have described the evil of Islam - but I have yet to see a workable solution to this corrosive ideology.

    Is there a solution for civilization to deal with Islam, other than to assume an attitude of dhimmitude? Must society yield to Islam? Like doctors in a hospital I see thousands of people say, "Yes, you're infected with viral Islam!" - but then they just walk away without prescribing a solution.

    1] Kill them all or make war on Islam - leave Mecca a radioactive crater? I don't see that working effectively.
    2] Outlaw Islam? Nice thought, but how to enforce that law?
    3] Ignore Islam and hope it'll vanish? This is called the "Punt and Pray strategy", hoping civilization gets lucky before it's enslaved. This seems to be our currant method of visualizing the future.

  15. Whitehall24/4/12

    A weakness in Western resistance is our separation of religion and politics. This has been a hard-won historical battle.

    So Islam can claim to be a religion under Western rules yet at heart, Islam is a political movement, seeking total POLITICAL control of life.

    We in the West need to redefine Islam for what it is - a subversive political movement. Only then will be able to defend ourselves.

  16. Greg RN24/4/12

    Leftectual, sweet, perhaps you can write an article about solutions to this Plague of Islam, with words like "Leftectomy" or "Islamectomy".

    Thanks Daniel, I needed a laugh today :)

  17. Anonymous24/4/12

    Very well written and spot on. The only thing these barbarians understand is ruthless and overwhelming force.

    Got ammo?


  18. Anonymous24/4/12

    Sultan, I just found your blog and I will read it regularly. For the record, my grandfather (and namesake)
    and his wife, Hendrik & Anna VanVeldhuizen are members of the "Righteous Among the Nations". My Opa and Oma were members of the Dutch Resistance - I am very proud of both of them.


  19. Anonymous24/4/12

    agree with most of it but on the other hand their women are not killing their babies at unprecedented level nor do they have an epidemic outgrowth of lesbianism...nor do their women dress either like whores or lesbians, the two choices you get here in the U.S. of A...we have a left generated gender war going on in America which has caused marriage rates and birth rates to plummet...what we need is the middle road...and its our rebellious women who are likely to put Obama in office for another four years...

  20. Dick Nowak24/4/12

    We need to find an alternative to oil. Then we do not need their so they do not get our money to spend on building mosques around the world.
    Also they do not get our money to send terrorists arouind the world.

  21. Fantastique! Can I use this essay as a voice-over for my video where I burn the Saudi flag? This is JUST what I was looking for.....

  22. Anonymous24/4/12

    Excellent article and comments.

  23. Anonymous24/4/12

    Anonymous asked

    "Is there a solution for civilization to deal with Islam, other than to assume an attitude of dhimmitude?"

    and then offered possible solutions.

    1] Kill them all or make war on Islam - leave Mecca a radioactive crater? I don't see that working effectively.

    2] Outlaw Islam? Nice thought, but how to enforce that law?

    Baladas responds-

    #2 first. Close and Raze all mosques. Deport all known radical muslims or those with loose ties.

    Deport all who do not renounce Islam.

    Those that do renounce and wish to stay, need to be willing to be on probation to local authorities, closely monitored, and limited in occupational choice to less sensitive positions in terms of security.

    #1. Next. Recognize that the Islamic Theocrats have already declared war on US.

    Monitor the Islamic homelands scrutinizingly by satellite, and if they engage in any activity that might be construed a threat such as

    1. nuclear experimentation/proliferation, 2. development of industrial processes lending towards long range weapon manufacturing or bio/chem agents....

    bring punishing sanctions, extreme bombardment, or both, or MORE.

  24. Has anyone else noted the striking resemblance between the Grand Mufti and John Turturro? Have they ever been seen in the same room together?

  25. “They may be savages, but they fell ass backward into enough black gold to fuel a global religious war….”
    No, they didn’t fall ass backwards into oil. Western companies discovered it, developed it, and the Sauds and other fiefdoms “nationalized” it all. The oil companies, not expecting their respective governments to protect their property and investments (in a region that had no property rights at all, just nomadic tribes wandering over the oil for centuries), that is, to call in the Marines to beat off the looting bandit armies, went into “partnerships” with the Sauds via “treaty” and contract. Thus, Aramco came into existence. Western employees of Aramco live in literal “gated communities,” completely segregated from the rest of Saudi Arabia. Executives, engineers, and other professionals leave it only to manage the oil wells. Others who live in such “ghettos” oversee the construction of the Sauds’ white elephant pyramids, such as the chemical and plastic factories that will never produce and the skyscrapers that will never be fully tenanted because both are built on loot from the West and are inherently uneconomical. Dubai, which intended to emulate the Sauds with grand monuments, went on a building spree with all sorts of fancy residential projects and skyscrapers and now the Dubai aristocracy complains that the world isn’t rushing to populate them and their projects have turned into money pits.

    And it’s Western architects, engineers, and planners who built it all for them.

    If you want to read a novel of how to deal with the Sauds, read “We Three Kings” on Kindle.

  26. yes, daniel as some of your commenters have said, another excellent article. i also second the comment about making the complex easier to understand.

  27. occupant 925/4/12

    Until Islam is seen for what it is the West will not move against it.

    We're stuck in a place where "we've" invited Muslims to come live and bring their barbarism, racism and hate to our shores, unfettered.

    The only solution is to expel Muslims from the West entirely but that won't happen. It will instead get very nasty as Muslims get bolder and more adamant that THEY are the oppressed because they live among the kuffar; us filth.

    We have sedition and treason laws but won't ever apply them. Instead, our societies will suffer from Muslims being Muslim and no end of appeasement will provide a salve for those in our countries who firmly believe we have no right to these countries.

    The West became great because Islam played no role. The larger the role of Islam in our nations, the less our nations become.

    Islam never improved anything and cannot by virtue of Islam itself being the most stultifying ideology ever devised.

  28. You wrote
    academics apologists and political pundits who have decided that Islam cannot be bad, because no religion can be bad,

    but surely you've noticed the bad press Christians are getting in the US and Europe?

  29. Anonymous25/4/12

    Edward Cline writes:

    " If you want to read a novel of how to deal with the Sauds, read “We Three Kings” on Kindle."

    more than one book with that title. Who is the author?

  30. PorkEater28/4/12

    As good a summary of islam as I've read.

    W. C. Taqiyya asks a question that frankly (and sadly) never occurred to me:

    "Considering that the 9-11 attackers were all Saudi and considering that the population of that nation is small and considering that it has lots of oil, why the frack did Bush not invade Saudi Arabia?"

    Indeed, instead of Afghanistan and Iraq, if we were gonna be involved in the sandbox, why not go to the source, the head of the snake, as it were?

  31. NostraJimBert30/4/12

    A brilliant article, Sultan.

    Regarding what our future here in the West will look like in say, twenty to 100 years, we need look no further than to the fate of Britain upon the eve of the Dark Ages. The economic and military decline of enlightened, civilized Rome left Britain in a gravely weakened state. In desperation, local Romano/Celtic rulers invited foreign immigrant workers (the Saxons) into their failing nation, (particularly to serve as mercenaries.) What hapened? The newcomer Saxon immigrants saw a productive yet hopelessly weak fragmented govt., sharpened their swords, and SLAUGHTERED THE VERY PEOPLE WHO HAD INVITED THEM IN!

    We are no different here in the West. Whether it's Germany bringing in Turks to do their dirty work, Britan opening her doors to Pakistani's, or even the USA with its open-door policy to Arabs and Mexicans, we are doing the same thing those sad, now extinct Britons did with the Saxons. At this current rate, twenty years from now the streets of Europe will be awash in blood. The winner? There really won't be. Just expect a perpetual, gradual decline of central authority and a steadily increasing rise of internecine Western vs. Muslim warfare with some brief respites of "peace", i.e: like what we have seen in the Balkans ever since the Turks invaded back in the Middle Ages.

    Without proper adjustment to avoid Europe's fate, the USA will see a small, gradual increase in domestic terror plots for the next 20-40 years, with the Muslims getting "lucky" every now and then, blowing up a bus here, a church there... Areas like Dearborne, MI, with their large Muslim population, will be semi-autonomous, violently agitating for Sharia law and actively seeking to enslave their Western neighbors. At 50-70+ years the USA is in the same state Europe will be in at 20.

    Of course, this is assuming the trend isn't disrupted by, say,the West finally seeing past the insane Liberal fantasies of a multi-cultural world where people ride unicorns to their job in the jelly bean tree orchard, picking a bumper crop of jelly beans while all the world's children sing together as one, and FINALLY embarking on a plan to enforce western cultural assimilation upon Muslims and deport/execute those terrorists who do not conform. Nor does it include China finally going on the warpath, Iran getting the bomb, or some other devestating outlier that accelerates what History itself has already declared to be saddly inevitable: a new Dark Age. Not Armaggedon, World War III, or a Global-warming apocalypse mind you. Just the thorough disintegration of a global civilization that has permitted the world population to reach a level that is ultimately non-sustainable.

    Enjoy the ride! It's about to get a bit bumpy...

  32. laura r.25/4/14

    "islam"- coming to a neighborhood near you.


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