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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Builders and Destroyers


It seems almost redundant to link to the Reuters piece on George Zimmerman that nearly everyone has seen by now, but what's interest about it is just how routine it is. It's a standard background piece and thousands like it run after prominent crimes. Any sizable news organization can put one out within a week and smaller community papers and magazines regularly run them when there's a major case. When the case is big enough, some of them get turned into movies, mostly they help set a tone.

All they really involve in meeting with some of the locals, arranging for interviews, taking some notes and writing up the results. And what's really interesting about "Prelude to a Shooting" is how long it took until a media organization chose to run it.

I strongly suspect that there's a dozen pieces like it sitting in file folders and desks in other media organizations that have not decided what to do with them. I suspect the Reuters piece was in that same state until someone decided to finally run it. The Zimmerman family has been proactive in reaching out and trying to tell the story. It's the media that has held the door shut.

"Prelude to a Shooting" is not the last word on the case. It's background on Zimmerman, not the entire set of events, and it wouldn't even be all that significant except for the lynch mob atmosphere in the media and the refusal of the media to do any basic reporting on the case besides spewing back the same 'hoodie and skittles' narrative.

If Zimmerman had just shot a man in cold blood, there would be little point in laying out the background, it would be no more than another Bernie Tiede piece, but instead we do get crucial bits of context that explain what was going on in the neighborhood at the time in the context of property values, constant break ins and a neighborhood on the edge.

It's the final concluding material on Emmanuel Burgess that sets the most important context in the case. It tells us part of why events happened the way they did and that along with Martin's No Limit Nigga material sets a different stage than the one that the media has thrust on us.


We are more than who we are at any given moment. We are also who we aspire to be.

Both Zimmerman and Martin were flawed men, but Zimmerman's writings and behavior showed a man who aspired to be something better, while Martin's showed that he wanted only to sink down. Martin can't be entirely blamed for that, he did not create and perpetuate the fake gansta culture. It's the mostly white entertainment industry that did that, often embedded in the same news corporations which organized the lynching of George Zimmerman.

The entertainment industry did not tell Martin what would happen if he assaulted an adult man who was concerned about the neighborhood, while Martin was concerned about getting the "Respect" that gangsta culture told him he was entitled to by virtue of his posing.

Martin did not understand that life was different than gangsta culture. That men who have guns don't necessarily go waving them around. And that sometimes when you have someone down on the ground and you're beating on them, they will use what they have.

Had Martin killed Zimmerman, he would be preening for the cameras now, the defiant upward head tilt you see so often in court photos. The pose that says, "I don't care, because I'm too cool to care." It's the pose that the man who might have been Martin's father often wears to tell us that he's going to go on doing whatever he likes, because he can.

But that's not what you see in Zimmerman's face, it's not just regret, it's pain. Zimmerman did not intend to take another human life, and he regrets that and regrets how society sees him, and he is coming to terms with doing what he had to do. There is a basic decency in his expression which cannot be photoshopped onto Martin's face. The photoshopping can pale his skin, younger photos can make him look innocent, but nothing can make him look decent.

Zimmerman quoted Burke. Martin quoted hip hop. That was the fundamental difference between the two men, not race, but culture. Zimmerman aspired to be a good human being. Martin aspired to be street trash.

In a society under siege, there are builders and there are destroyers. Zimmerman was a builder, we will never know what Martin might have become, but he was on a path to becoming a destroyer.

We live in a culture that punishes builders and rewards destroyers. That treats the destroyer as innocent and moral, because he is untainted by knowledge and experience, because he resists the builders and spreads anarchy and chaos.

The gap between Martin and Zimmerman is the gap between the graffiti scrawler and the business owner, the occupy wall street thug and the office worker, the rap star and the composer, the activist and the entrepreneur.

Martin was just another pawn in a culture war waged by the destroyers against civilization. As a a man he gorged himself on destroyer culture, imitated it and then fatally lived it out. As a dead man, he became a rallying cry for the destroyers.

There have been multiple black on white hate crimes in his name. There is a trial in his name. And there is an election campaign in his name.

Destroyers are obsessed with martyrs. They need these tokens to see them along to the next fight, the Horst Wessels, the Pavlik Morozovs, the Hussein ibn Alis and the Trayvon Martins. Idealized figures to justify the destruction and repression that they visit on others. Rituals, show trials, songs, marches whip them up into a frenzy of destruction.

The Destroyers are always out for respect, but when they say 'respect' they really mean power, they really mean the right to destroy because they are somehow superior. They aren't. Decency is worth respecting, power isn't. And those who try to get power by enforcing a mandate to respect them sometimes learn that power works both ways.


A united Iraq died a few days after the withdrawal. The only people who still believe in the fiction of a centrally governed Iraq are holding down desks in the State Department. There are several Iraqs now. There is Iran’s Iraq, the one overseen by Tehran’s puppet in Baghdad, Prime Minister Maliki. Then there is Iraqi Kurdistan which stands on the verge of declaring its independence, an act that will touch off a violent territorial dispute accompanied by ethnic cleansing.

Iraqi federalism is only popular among some in the Shiite majority, for whom it means majority rule. Maliki’s warrant for Sunni Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi and the latter’s subsequent flight and sanctuary in Iraqi Kurdistan has ended the fiction of joint rule in Iraq. The Kurds have branded Maliki a dictator and are swiftly breaking their remaining ties to Baghdad.

President  Barzani of Iraqi Kurdistan declared that, “Power-sharing and partnership between Kurds, Sunni and Shiite Arabs, and others is now completely non-existent and has become meaningless” and concluded his speech by hinting at an independence referendum, a move almost certain to touch off a violent conflict, particularly in oil rich Kirkuk.

... part of the story from my Front Page piece on Iraq's Coming Civil War


Occupy Wall Street is planning the expected freak show for May 1st. There have been stickers all around the city calling for a general strike, they won't get their general strike, this isn't Paris in the 30's, but they may pick up some headlines.

On the other coast though, another sort of strike will be taking place. A Town Hall on Terror. There will be some interesting people there, including Mark Tapson, a friend from another coast, Bosch Fawstin, whose illustrations appear sometimes in these roundups, Nonie Darwish, who knows the problem from the inside out, and Dwight Schultz, whom some of you may know from the A-Team, and a longtime conservative.

This will be a panel discussion on confronting the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terror and you can find more details about it on the site.


...This one with Chai95 radio.

And Adam Taxin of Chai95 also read my article on Israel, A Nation Once Again. If your eyes get tired of looking at all the little black dots on the screen, you can take it along with you and listen along.


To just get the audio file, go to a website that turns YouTube videos into MP3 files and insert the Youtube link.


Iranian gangs and dealers prowl Bangkok plying their crystal meth and muscling out locals with a combination of aggressiveness and underselling. And Bangkok, for all its dangerous reputation, is only one stop on the express train of Iran’s meth empire.

Iranian drug rings are a sizable presence everywhere from Europe to Southeast Asia to the United States.  By the spring of last year, Thai authorities had already arrested their twentieth Iranian meth smuggler. The same story repeats itself in Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma and Vietnam. Asia is no stranger to the drug trade, yet it’s being swamped by Iranian meth, Iranian meth labs and Iranian dealers.

In Japan, they were running meth labs, a rarity in the country, and the majority of those arrested on meth charges in the land of the rising sun were Iranians. That pattern too repeats itself in countries with hardly any Muslim populations, such as Korea. Forget oil, Iran is suddenly in the position of supplying the crystal meth needs of half of Asia.

...from my piece on Iran's Meth Empire and the spread of terror


The Forward and the JTA are the rotten leftovers of a Jewish establishment, one with radical left wing roots and the other that used to be semi-legitimate, but is now almost as rotten. So naturally their way to celebrate Israel's Independence Day was by convincing failed singer Neshama Carlebach to sing their Judenrein version of the Israeli National Anthem.

I would say this is sick, and mind you we're talking about a media outlet famous for holding feasts on Yom Kippur, that has now managed to top itself.

The Judenrein lyrics are predictably stupid. Nefesh Yehudi is swapped out for Nefesh Yisraeli, what exactly is a Nefesh Yisraeli? Do you get a soul with your citizenship papers?

The entire point of the anthem was that it represented a Jewish yearning to return to Israel. Take that away and the anthem no longer makes any sense. It no longer has any reason to exist. Much like Israel.

Simply rewriting the anthem not to mention Jews doesn't fix the problem. The anthem is still about a yearning of a people for a land. What people? Did the Arabs yearn to live in Israel? Did Arabs from the Arabian Desert really yearn to move to Jerusalem? Did the Arabs under Ottoman rule yearn to live under non-Muslim rule?

Why was this Israeli eye looking toward 'our country'? Why was it looking east, when the majority of Arabs are to the east of Israel? Why were generations yearning to return to a country that didn't exist? Does anyone seriously believe that Arabs in Israel will be more comfortable singing this nonsense? It doesn't reflect their history, it still reflects ours. Making the anthem multicultural doesn't make it more inclusive, it's still Jewish, just senseless.

One of my Carlebach albums featured a photo of him standing on an IDF tank. His songs always made it clear what he believed. He would never have performed a song erasing Jews from Israel. His daughter is unfortunately another story. He clearly loved her, but her musical abilities were average at best and the only reason anyone paid attention to her was her last name. Now she has managed to drag that through the mud in a desperate bid for attention. I don't have any of her songs, but if I did, I would be erasing them about now.

I would recommend that no one buy her material after this, on grounds of good taste, and because a Jewish singer shouldn't be rewarding for participating in an enterprise to erase Jewish identity. If anyone still needs another reason, here are Neshama Carlebach's comments on the video.

I was honored to have been asked to sing a new version of Hatikva for the Forward, elated to be recognized as someone who prays for and seeks change in our world.

So much ego, so little talent. Seek change in your musical library.


Necrophilia is not a joke.  It is real, and it is being openly ratified and encouraged by the satanic political cult of Islam.  A culture of people who are so far gone that they literally see nothing wrong with copulating with dead bodies is a culture that is capable of any evil imaginable, and cannot be stopped with any appeal to decency, morality, or shame.  What we are seeing in the Muslim world is the final descent of a human society into hell itself, and they will attempt to take as many others with them as they possibly can.

If these people are capable of "sexual pleasure" with not just corpses, but the corpse of the one person in the world who they should have loved and respected above all others, do you honestly believe that they would hesitate for a moment in merely pushing a button that launched nuclear warheads at Tel Aviv, or London, or New York?

Ann Barnhardt via American Digest

The last bullet point on that page reads simply: "We love death more then you love life!"

That timeless little quote was last seen penned in the works of one Nidal M Hasan. It's also a popular Muslim slogan.

Muslim young men are taught to lust for the demon virgins of paradise. They are taught to literally love death. So why not?

Women? They're property. A woman in Islam has no right to refuse the sexual advances of her husband. There is no such thing as marital rape in Islam. If she can't refuse him in life, why should she be able to refuse him in death?

The only issues here are impurity and also fatwas that make Islam look stupid, which is why this one has been pulled again, until the Salafis who insist that real Muslims don't care what anyone else thinks, revive it.


Speaking of death, American Digest also has an extended moral meditation on abortion. There's no one single section to be excerpted, all I can throw in is that we are regularly confronted with the continuing immoralities that make some level of a society work. Whether or not the society should work that way is another question.

Slave labor goods provide a measure of autonomy to millions of Americans, in a minimal echo of abortion. As does wealth redistribution for some and power triads for others. When given power many act only to protect their own interests, their own autonomy and their own power. There is no easy division. The moral solution favors one group at the expense of another. Some die, some live in poverty so that others may enjoy their lives and their autonomy. The interests of the group become the pinnacle of morality.

There are no easy solutions and moments like these can roll back the curtain on a human society that is just as bad as anything in the Veldt, a reminder that we are neither wise nor good, only powerful.


In an open letter published in the Boston Jewish Advocate, Paul Sassieni, treasurer of the JCRC, states that J Street’s Regional Director, Melanie Harris,  “reiterated proudly that J Street would not necessarily support Israel in a conflict, but would weigh the circumstances.”

In other news, J Street's sugar daddy, George Soros reiterated proudly that he did not necessarily enjoy helping the Nazis, but had to weigh the circumstances to decide which particular bit of Nazi collaboration he enjoyed most. (All of them.)

Melanie Harris appears to be a J Street mouthpiece who worked her way up from J Street U and doesn't seem to have done much besides that.


Edward Cline reviews Robert Spencer's new book that explores whether our good friend Mo, that serial killer, rapist and pedophile, actually existed. Or whether he was a fictional character like Hannibal Lecter.

Reading Arthur Conan Doyle's novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles, one cannot help but marvel at the thoroughness of Sherlock Holmes's use of reason to piece together disparate clues and evidence and conclude that the least plausible explanation was the most obvious, true one. The legendary, spectral hound that haunted the Dartmoor bogs for two centuries was a piece of unsubstantiated folklore exploited by a devious criminal whose only purpose was to seize wealth that wasn't his. He bought a hound, coated it in phosphorous, and launched his nefarious designs.

If his plans worked out, everyone would believe that the heir to the Baskerville estate was really killed by an elusive, evanescent hound, just as the heir's uncle apparently was. No one would investigate further. After all, the locals might be offended.

Holmes shoots it as it attacks another Baskerville heir. The Hound from Hell was an invention, based on an apocryphal curse. The Hound was a fraud. A hoax. As insubstantial as marsh gas.

Islam, however, is the very real Hound from Hell now roaming the earth, causing unimaginable suffering and death in nations where Islam rules, invading Western countries with hordes of assimilation-hostile faithful imbued with an implacable enmity for Western values and culture, waging constant violent and stealth jihad in countries its advocates mean to conquer and bring under Islamic and Sharia rule. The aspect that makes it frightening is the phosphorous of moral certainty that it is invincible and ineluctable. But the bogeyman is a phony. A contrivance. A will-o'-the-wisp designed to frighten men into submission or silence. Ignis fatuus. Mere methane. 

To add to that there is a great deal of posturing in Islam. The entire phony cult of martyrdom is one giant bluff. Lies are constantly being told and believed a moment later until no one can tell the lie from the truth. Everything is blamed on vast external powers. The mind is haunted by devils, taunted by women's hair, the wealth of infidels and constant sandstorms of rage. That is the human reality around which the religion has been constructed.


I haven't written much about Noam Shalit, the man who managed to get the country to pay a blood price for his son and then used that to launch his political career, but the man is absolute scum. If Israeli voters need a reminder of what scum he is, he's busy giving it to them.

The father of an Israeli soldier held in captivity for more than five years by Hamas has said he would kidnap Israeli soldiers if he were a Palestinian... He also said he would be prepared to negotiate with Hamas if he were an MP, something the Israeli government, along with Britain and the US, refuses to do.

By now the whole country knows that there is absolutely nothing that Noam Shalit would not be prepared to do.

Now Haaretz is only running this because the left is badly confused as to what to do about the Shalit deal, since they shrieked for it until they get it and now they have to criticize it because it helps Netanyahu politically. Still...

A bereaved father who used his speech at a state Memorial Day ceremony to blast the country's attitude toward victims of terror attacks won a rare round of applause for doing so.

Yossi Mendellevich, whose son Yuval was killed in a 2003 attack on a Haifa bus, aimed much of his criticism at last fall's deal in which Israel traded 1,027 Palestinian prisoners for captive soldier Gilad Shalit.

"The view that we can't abandon a live soldier, whom the state sent into battle and for whom it is responsible, can't be on the same level as the protection of civilians, for if so, there would be no justification for endangering soldiers in battle," Mendellevich said in his address on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, at Wednesday's state ceremony for victims of terror.
What more needs to be said?


For the Christian Copts amounting to 10% of the population, the potential victory of Mohamed Morsi, a candidate backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, has sparked fears that the interests of non-Muslim minorities will be disregarded in favour of a stricter application of Shariah Law.

Presidential front-runner Mohamed Morsi, who has re-introduced the former Muslim Brotherhood slogan ‘Islam is the solution’, has in the past called for an Islamic scholar’s council to determine legislation, as well as advocating the exclusion of women and non-Muslims from political office.

Democracy and pluralism don't go together in the Middle East. Oh I'm sure that if the Brotherhood takes over all the way, they will have some Christian representatives to trot out and tell the world that everything is fine. Most countries in the Middle East have them, those who have Jews, also have Jewish representatives. Those who only have Christians left, have Christian representatives. But either way they have people to reassure the world that there's nothing to see here.


Has the left in the UK done to Jewish groups there what it did in the US? There's an intriguing post here at the Adloyada blog on the subject.

For some time now, I've been concerned about the way things are going at the Board of Deputies. There seems to have been a bizarre case of covert left/Peace Now entryism, whereby, despite the predominantly small-c conservative and very pro-Israel outlook of the overwhelming majority of the membership and those they represent, the Presidency of the Board is now someone who is or was the leader of Peace Now UK; two of the most senior officers are either Peace Now supporters or signed up supporters of the Labour Party or the Liberal Party.


... was Catholic

Corporal Abel Chennouf was French of Kabyle and Alsatian descent, born in Martigues (south of France) 1986 and moved with his family to Illzach (a town near Mulhouse, Alsace) in 1987. And he was a Catholic.

There is also another "part of the story that has received too little attention": Loïc Liber, the third paratrooper shot in the throat and the spine by Mohamed Merah in Montauban is originally from the Guadeloupe islands... And a Catholic too.

So there appears to have only been one Muslim who was killed by Merah, two Catholics and a number of Jews.

So much for the narrative.


  1. Anonymous27/4/12

    Neshama Carlebach the daughter of a rabbi is singing now with a Christian Baptist choir, so I'm not surprised about her demoting Judaism from Israel.

  2. She's mediocre as a musician, so she constantly has to do something novel to get attention.

    Her music alone won't do it, so other stuff has to.

  3. Doris27/4/12

    On the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles Watts riots, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton brought Trayvon Martin's parents to Los Angeles. What Jackson, Sharpton and a few others are trying to do is nothing short of incitement. These people want racial unrest b/c it serves their agenda, their ego and their pocketbook.

  4. Anonymous27/4/12

    O'baby's hammer & sickle are priceless!

    With respect to builders and destroyers, following Portia's Mom's comment on the earlier post, I remember as an American teenager thrilling to the reports in Life and Time of the 6 days in 1967, and how Israel was portrayed by the media at that time as the little David that could. And not just survive, but build, reclaim land, create civilization instead of bleak hand-to-mouth existence, yada... There was no doubt as to who the destroyers were, and no moral equivalence. There was more hopenchange then than now.

    I sorely miss that attitude - we who made it in this land cheering on another country that dedicated itself to life, prosperity, and equality before the law.

    But 40 years pass, and I remember no such hope for Iraq. Despite equating democrat-socialists with economic ignorance, willful blindness of human nature, and control-freak arrogance, I do have to give Joe Biden credit for one comment at the time - that we ought to just break Iraq into 3 countries. Wisdom, or just the cynicism of old age? People mocked him at the time, but as they say, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.

    Dr. Zharkov

  5. Anonymous27/4/12

    "BUILDERS AND DESTROYERS" - says what can't be said, but what MUST be said if we want to salvage what's left of our culture. Liked the dig at the maybe father of Trayvon also, nice little artistic florish...

  6. Daniel

    Your comments about the Board of Deputies in the UK are spot on. I first commented on my blog about Vivian Wiseman (he is still the Chairman of the Board of Deputies) in 2006:


    He has not got any better. I've been in a couple of meetings with him since but never reported on it, but believe me this guy - and many of his deputies - are a major hazard. He still thinks he is living in the 1970s where the primary objective is to combat the National Front. He genuinely believes that the only threat to British Jews is from the neo-fascists and expressed astonishment when I pointed out the Socialist-Islamist combined threat. He had never heard of the United Against Fascism organisation (incredible given his role), but if he had he would no doubt have sided with them, not realising that Israel is one of their main targets.

  7. Anonymous28/4/12

    "The Destroyers are always out for respect, but when they say 'respect' they really mean power, they really mean the right to destroy because they are somehow superior. They aren't. Decency is worth respecting, power isn't. And those who try to get power by enforcing a mandate to respect them sometimes learn that power works both ways. "

    Apt description of Muslim behavior for the last 1400. Their demands for respect is that of a mafia thug, threatening violence.

  8. Changing Nefesh Yehudi to Nefesh Israeli is about a subtle as a train wreck. She must have known the implications of singing it as she did.

    I had her CD Dancing With My Soul (accidentally broke it a few years). In retrospect her English songs didn't seem all that Jewish and the songs in Hebrew (especially Gam Ki Eilech) were way too light spirited and happy. You didn't get the sense of being in the shadow of anything unlike her father's.

  9. Regarding Noam Shalit (aka scumbag). When his family had their "tent" by the president's residence he was rarely there and only had time for "big media". His brutish rudeness to anyone else, was beyond description. Considering that he has not had to work since the kidnapping, one would think he would appreciate the public dime a bit more. The other issue is that all of a sudden it was "Gilad's tank" and the soldiers who died that day and were wounded have been forgotten--especially by him. I fear that we Israelis will be "paying him" for years to come. Too bad we don't have some kind of law preventing douche bags like him "using" the public.


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