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The old paradigm that a country has the right to decide who enters it has been decisively overturned in Europe, it's under siege in such first world countries as America, Canada, Australia and Israel by the creed that says it's the human rights obligation of every nation to accept every refugee.

Given a chance a sizable portion of the third world would move to the first, a minority because of oppression and a majority because the opportunities and freebies are much better there. Even low ranked first world nations still find themselves swamped with refugees looking to move in.

International law does not assign any priority to a nation's citizens over any person who happens to stray across the border. At the ground level that means the end of borders and the end of citizenship which is why immigration isn't just a touchy issue in Arizona, it's a touchy issue in Sydney, Tel Aviv and Birmingham. You can hardly open a newspaper of the liberal persuasion without being treated to another group of refugees in some troubled part of the world walled up behind fences and trying to get over to London, Sydney or New York.

This sort of thing can't be called immigration anymore, it's a straightforward migration and it has no apparent limits. However many you take in, there will be more waiting and always burdening you with an unsolvable crisis.

One approach is to try and stabilize whatever crisis they are supposedly escaping from. Too many Libyans running away to Italy? Just bomb their dictator and they'll go home again. At least that's the theory, it doesn't work too well in practice. For one thing Libya is more dangerous and unstable than it was under Gaddafi. Stabilizing it would require an Iraq level investment of money and manpower, and Iraq isn't stable either. And London is still full of Iraqi refugees dating back to the 1980's.

The disparities that make migration aren't fixable, but nor is mass migration a viable option. There's a reason that the refugees are running away and they are often part of the problem. Every nation is troubled in its own way and mass migration imports those troubles. It's why beheadings have come north of the border and the Jihad has set up shop in countless Western cities.

The melting pot myth was that people leave their identities behind to join in a mass identity. That worked only marginally back in the day, it doesn't work at all today when the refugees are immersed in their Little Mogadishus, which have popped up in a frightening amount of American cities foretelling the day when those cities will become as violent and broken as the original Mogadishu.

In place of the melting pot is the No Go Zone, which is the inverse of integration, it sets up tribal encampments in major cities which run on the laws of the tribe. That sort of thing has always been around in one form or another and it is survivable in limited numbers so long as those zones don't also become factories of violence. That's the difference between Amish Country and a Muslim banlieue, it's also the difference between separatism and supremacism.

The United States has had its Fenian raids, its assorted wars being waged by immigrants from its soil, and the attitude toward those conflicts has been mixed, depending on whose ox was being gored. But there's a fundamental shift when those wars are being waged against it. That shift from immigrants using it as a conflict base to becoming the target of their conflicts is a somewhat recent one whose full implications have still not been absorbed.

Across the southern border it faces mass immigration from a country whose history is riddled with old scores to settle and whose politicians use it as a whacking post for their national troubles. And to the east and the west it faces mass migration from the Muslim world, which is operating on its own form of manifest destiny, settling Europe and European colonies, the way that European colonists once settled America.

The news is no better in Canada or Australia, it's certainly no better in Europe where the EU sees mass migration as a convenient way of completing its project of dissolving national identities. Encouraging separatism at the regional level is one way of doing it, but mass fragmentation of nations gets the job done even more thoroughly and comprehensively.

The EU is working off another melting pot model, much like the national governments who think that they can create a pliable left-leaning electorate by opening up the borders. What they actually end up creating is chaos and chaos eventually becomes order. The only question is whose order it will be. It isn't likely to be their order, which leaves few options.

If nations are meaningless, then national identities are equally meaningless. All that's left are clans, religious and ethnic groups in the borderless multicultural globe. A chaos that sorts itself out through the old reliable means of brute force, accompanied to dollop of deceit and coalition building. The coalitions that the left built up to consolidate its rule are being hijacked and used by the Brotherhood as the building blocks of their rule instead.

In a chaotic environment, tribalism and a compelling ideology can combine to carve out an expanding sphere of order. That is how Islam got its start, that is how it is operating now. In a fragmented environment, it has a leg up because it is organized and it has the money and vision to move forward, which is more than the natives or most of the other immigrants have.

To Islam, Europe, America and the rest of the non-Muslim world are all Mogadishus, they are the Dar Al-Harb, the realm of the sword, where the faithful are destined to bring order. Every social problem proves how much the infidel world needs them to bring order and the violence that they bring raises the stakes and drives everyone toward an inevitable conflict.

 Borders are created to keep things out, like invading armies and suicide bombers. The border represents security and ownership, and when you take away the border those are gone and the soft vulnerable territories within are up for grabs to the ruthless and the canny. If the borders are down, then why not go north where there's wealth and power up for grabs and take some for yourself.

National identity in the Muslim world is already weak, outmatched by religious identity on the one hand and tribal identity on the other. That set of conditions makes it quite difficult for them to build and maintain functional countries of their own, but leaves them quite well adapted to using tribal and religious ties to take over regions in a state of multicultural flux.

Islam is not built for competence, it's built for conquest. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to create chaos, rather than maintain order. And every suicide bomber, every plot exposed, every riot over a cartoon demonstrates the power of that chaos and how far the local and global authorities who try to maintain order will go to appease the causers of chaos.

A West that has become increasingly secular, where nationalism is suspect and ethnic identity for the natives is taboo, is frighteningly ill-adapted to such a conflict. It has thrown away the survival skills necessary to cope with the situation and the survival skills it has are built on adapting to change by submitting to a new state of affairs, whether it's a new set of ideas, a new set of forms or a new set of laws. Change and future shock have become the way of the West. Islam's past shock follows the same narrative and makes the same demands. Adapt, learn to recite the new truisms and get on with your life.

The West has learned to forget and it no longer knows the answer to the question, "Who are we?". Who are we beyond people in an experiment to create a new and better society and then spread that wonderful society to the rest of the world? And what exactly is that society we are spreading?

Muslims who know quite well what new and better society they are part of, have an advantage because they understand their role better than the natives. The ability to answer the big questions is a key factor in any struggle. Every battle begins with an army that has to be composed of men who have to be convinced to leave their homes and participate in a conflict that may cost them their lives. Getting them lined up and in good fighting shape is a lot easier if they understand why they are here.

They are better adapted to the end of the state, because they have never truly internalized the reality of the state, than the Westerner for whom the state has become the fundamental unit of existence.

Westerners have become the ultimate refugees, lost at home, refugees in their own countries, wanderers in their own cities. The same processes that have turned their countries into superpowers are now drowning them in their own effluvia. And the citizen of the first world often finds that he seems to belong less in his own country than the refugees flooding it. He has become a displaced person, a familiar enough feeling to many of his new neighbors who are also victims of ethnic and religious conflicts. But while the conflicts they have fled are official, his conflict is not. He is the victim of a nameless conflict that cannot be named, of a colonization that cannot be described as such and of the ethnic cleansing of his national identity and the theft of his future.


  1. Anonymous10/3/12

    "National identity in the Muslim world is already weak, outmatched by religious identity on the one hand and tribal identity on the other."

    "Westerners have become the ultimate refugees, lost at home, refugees in their own countries, wanderers in their own cities."

    profound. sultan knish -- daily, tossed off profundity...

    -- spanky

  2. Anonymous10/3/12

    As I write this our perennial time change takes place in the wee hours of this morning. Thus, I am reminded to 'spring forward' an hour. But I see the Arab Spring as a 'fall back, not for an hour, but a few centuries. If the western world loses it's will to stem the tide of those who lost 1,700 years of a culture whose main goal was the obtainment of slaves, then all will be slaves to the sadistic nature of demonic butchers.

    The Twin Towers were as an emblem for the twin twisted sisters of totalitarianism in the form of a religion which bends all wills with the other twin of Sharia.

    I see sharia as the ultimate mind screw, where twisted heads are not only bent to conform to craziness, but also formed to rot in the still waters of stunted thinking, for we know thinking is forever taboo in tyrannical tribes.

    Hence, if Islam is allowed to exist and grow, we could see another 1,700 years of slavery to a moon god. However, this moon god can never be a full moon, it can only be a crescent, a sliver of sadistic slicings of heads, of minds, of creative thoughts, forever freezing in the flim flam of falsehoods fabricated by a fan of evil, none other than MoooHamEd.

  3. Islam is a cancer, no more, no less. Let's not talk East or West, First or Third World. It's the Free World up against the Barbarians. If we, the Free World are to survive, the tumour must be excised. It'll be painful, not pretty, but sooner or later a necessity.

  4. The present migration streams are no different from the great migrations during the chain of history. Nobody can blame any one to escape an opressor, long for greener pastures or the seemingly effortless affluence of the west. The "barbarians"that brought Rome down did not go to destroy it but to get part of the comparative enormous wealth of this already weakened empire and in doing so destroyed it. All this is no different from what we see happening now, but the unpleasant part happens to be that we live in this now and present and see what is happening but can not, even when as verbal as Daniel, Dennis, Glenn, Melanie or many others stop this tide. We are trying hard to prevent drowning but if one takes past history as a lesson I am afraid in vain.

  5. Gaucho11/3/12

    Masterful again. Label as 'Important'!

  6. The West has the weapon which can work, but we are allowing our own insane 'elites' to aim it at our own faces instead of at Islam.

    The weapon, believe it or not, is women's rights, something which always existed in Judaism, and which in the past few centuries has finally filtered into general Western society. If the Western 'feminists', who have actually become totalitarian despots, would attack Muslim misogyny with a fraction of the intensity with which they attack non-existent oppression of women in the West, they could break down the vicious cycle of Islam. By truly giving women in the Islamic world an identity, there is a chance that they could civilize their societies to the extent that they would finally reject Mohammed and his cruelty.

    Maybe the only strategy left to the few sane among us (with Daniel as an articulate spokesman) is to hammer away endlessly at the colossal inconsistency of the ideologues who run things. Anyone who still can think at all should see how they contradict themselves in the most extreme fashion, going wild about voluntary separation on Jerusalem buses, but smiling at the burkas and the enslavement of hundreds of millions of women under Islam.

    We can still hope, no?

  7. Anonymous11/3/12

    Well done. No easy answers. Until there is consensus on the problem and need to act, Islam will have done such great damage.. sobering

  8. dave s11/3/12

    You have gone right to the core of the matter. I suspect our elites would agree with you but they are in thrall to a unreal world view that literally prevents then from seeing the reality. So they allow the present state of affairs to continue.
    Their failure to heed the conservative voice but instead to demonize it means that the Westerner is not allowed to defend his land and culture in a reasoned way. This ,to my mind, means that the way is open for the demagogue who can articulate the resentment the Westerner feels at displacement and offers a solution.
    That solution will not be pretty and neither will the world the demagogue brings into being.
    No settled people has ever voluntarily ceded their land and way of life to another.

  9. I have been reading you for about a month and believe you are a brilliant writer with great analysis of current affairs, however, I find your columns very difficult to read. They are long and complex and require more concentration than practically anything else found on the blogosphere.
    For example, I put today's column through some readability tests found at http://www.readabilityformulas.com/free-readability-formula-tests.php

    Although the overall level tested at 10-12 grade, there was a problem with a Fog Index of almost 14.3 which is considered unreadable by the average person. I don't know if you would consider trying to dumb it down with shorter words, sentences and overall length, but I do think you have something very important to say which deserves a wider audience!

  10. @ Corrin Strong Finally a conservative blogger who writes in such a manner that even Bill Maher could not "jokingly"say that it would be like Sarah Palin speaking to her down syndrom child and you would like him to dumb it down? For G0d's sake!

  11. I appreciate what you are trying to say and sometimes my writing could do a better job of getting to the point. That said the latest Steyn column scores about the same on the readability scale.

    My target audience is primarily conservative activists and my goal is to equip them with ammunition for the fight by analyzing national and global events.

  12. Anonymous11/3/12

    You style is just fine, Sultan!

    Don't change thing.


  13. Passer by11/3/12

    I have been a regular reader of yours for the last couple of years, your writing is very good.
    You are getting better as well.

  14. thank you, writing is a learning process

  15. I'm also opposed to "dumbing down". Let people learn some vocabulary, or maybe just feel stupid, sometimes a useful experience.

  16. Anonymous12/3/12


    It is fine to write to a level that influences your readers, as you want the intelligent influencers who can interpret, advance, and spread the message.

    Never dumb-down. Seriously. - Tupac

  17. You're writing style is incredible. Please don't change it:)

    The comments about dumbing it down or encouraging people to expand their vocabularies is hurtful, though. I'm college educated but politically and historically challenged. Still, Daniel does have a unique way of writing that evokes emotions and that does help me to understand the issues at hand.

    I really wish the whole dumb down issue hadn't been brought up at all/

  18. Sorry to start a mini controversey! I guess "dumb down" was an unfortunate choice of words! I suppose its OK if you choose to limit your audience to those with IQs in the top 2%, as long as that is your goal. Writing shorter is hard as shown by the variously attributed quote that, "I would have written less if I had more time." I am a huge fan of your work, I just think it deserves a wider audience. I'll shut up now!

  19. Anonymous13/3/12

    I understand that you are speaking in LA next week. Any plans to come to San Diego by any chance?

  20. Anonymous13/3/12

    @ Corrin Strong

    No need to apologize Corrin. Let's rephrase to say that Daniel is " educating up"!

    Incredible blog, brilliant responders! - Tupac

  21. Corrin, thank you.

    My own view is that people understand more than is assumed. That unfamiliar words are understood by context and come to enrich the vocabulary.

    That is the way I grew up and I think it works fairly well. My readers aren't monolithic, they come from all groups, but they keep reading.

    Would this same approach work if I were being syndicated across newspapers, maybe not? If the time comes for that, G-d willing, it will be something to deal with.

  22. Not right now, but if I were to be asked it could be arranged.

  23. Anonymous14/3/12

    Because the success of freedom and capitalism are undeniable, the would-be fascists of the left must resort to muddying the waters. Hence George Soros and open borders. Capitalism destroyed by infinite obligation to support its enemies.
    By the way, has anyone been following the recent medicare scam in Texas? Isn't it strange that the biggest medicare scam in history, $375 million, is announced without a perp walk? Six or seven federal officials are filmed making the big announcement, but the chart they use to illustrate the scam has no photos, only blank head-shaped icons of the various accuseds! We know what that means. My google search turned up not a single photo of Dr.Jacques Roy, the Canadian-born alleged mastermind, but the courtroom sketch looks Pakistani to me. Also, one obscure article quotes Dr. Roy's lawyer praising him as "helping" the poor in sections of town "where white people don't like to go." The news reports do admit that two of the defendants were required to turn in their passports, and I'd guess those two were Mr. and Mrs Akamnomu. My brief google search shows that Akamnomu is a common name in Nigeria (no chance of scams there!) and one prominent Akamnomu is a Nigerian doctor residing in NYC who writes novels about restoring the caliphate. Could he be related to the Akamnomus who are defendants in the medicare scam? Were they in the country legally? Where are those mug shots?
    We're told the true whistleblower in this case chooses to remain anonymous. There is one "co-operator," however,who gets some attention, and he looks (you guessed it) middle eastern. Apparently, Dr. Roy's operatives recruited homeless people to pretend to be patients. The middle-eastern-looking fellow (who,like Roy, has a westernized name) ran one such homeless shelter. Roy had been recruiting at the shelter since 2006, but the middle-eastern man didn't notice anything going on until 2010 - which was, co-incidentally, when the fbi investigation began. Hmmmm. But count on the press to praise him for his belated "co-operation." Gotta have an immigrant hero!
    The press will of course minimize this story, but careful readers will remember the Muslim home healthcare fraud in Lewiston, Maine and the Minnesota Somali home healthcare fraud, just to name a few. Not to mention the steady stream of fraud stories coming out of England. If Prsebyterians were doing this, it would dominate the media for months!
    But to understand the truly Orwellian world in which we now live, one must read the reader comments which follow the Jacques Roy story. Many are racist - "more fraudulent white trash preying on the people!" etc, etc. But most attack the tea party! Apparently, Dr Roy contributed money to the tea party. And in the minds of our brainwashed populace, Roy's medicare-enabled fraud is somehow proof of the corruption of unregulated PRIVATE enterprise!!!! Legions of ignorant readers write in to comment that "tea-baggers" want to prevent the government from catching frauds like these. (Somehow these fools missed Brooks Egerton's article in the Dallas News about Dr. Roy's scandalous prior infractions well known to the government bodies responsible for regulating him. And government officials never noticed that the supervising doctor he was required to work with was actually his wife.)
    Is it too late for the USA? Is it time to emigrate? Anyone know a safe place?

  24. @Corrin, you really don't need to apologise, despite the ungracious comments of one or two readers here.

    While I think the Sultan's style is terrific I understand what you were saying and in fact it is a valuable piece of feedback.

    'Dumbing down" may have been an unfortunate choice of words in this instance but simpler words can often still express very complex thoughts.
    The Sultan knows his audience however and writes to that.

    Nevertheless, Sultan, if you're ever thinking of doing a version for younger folk - if you ever lecture or speak at high schools for instance - it's worth considering.
    Not because young folk can't cope with the vocabulary, but because it is often very worthwhile to be able to explain something even more clearly and simply for those, especially, to whom the ideas you write about are new.

  25. It's never too late, it's just a question of how bloody it will get.

    Why won't you people fight for you so-beloved nation??
    What good is free enterprise and freedom if you can't muster its potential to get your nation back??

    8 million Republicans stayed home and didn't vote in the recent election. Is that the sign of people who value freedom??


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