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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Out of Line


In case you haven't heard some US soldiers might have urinated on dead Taliban fighters. Hopefully they did it facing in the direction away from Mecca, as American soldiers have been ordered to do to avoid offending Muslims, and that the dead Taliban didn't have Korans in their pockets at the time or it'll be a holy war. Oh wait it already is a holy war.

McCain, fresh from being saddened by the Communist attacks on Bain Capital, announced that he was saddened by the video and wanted the marines punished. Because having trials and routing that sort of thing through a military justice system rather than through the fiat of sad senators isn't how we do things anymore.

Good news though, the Taliban have announced that the video will not prevent them from accepting our surrender anyway.

Noted kleptomaniac and humanitarian Hamid Karzai denounced the video as "completely inhumane." Speaking of "Completely inhumane", there's Karzai's buddy Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf. Abdul is the head of the Islamic Union who was a pal of Osama bin Laden and a mentor to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Here's some of his very "humane" handiwork. During the Afshar massacre, Sayyaf's Wahhabis, with Saudi funding, massacred Shiite men,  women and children. But that is humane. Unlike urinating on a dead Taliban.

The Taliban have also denounced it as inhumane.

The Taliban initially indicated that the video would not undermine the push toward talks, saying that they saw it as just more evidence of what they said was American brutality and arrogance.

“We strongly condemn the inhuman act of wild American soldiers, as ever, and consider this act in contradiction with all human and ethical norms,”

But let's hear it from the Taliban what they consider "humane" behavior.

"You must become so notorious for bad things that when you come into an area people will tremble in their sandals. Anyone can do beatings and starve people. I want your unit to find new ways of torture so terrible that the screams will frighten even crows from their nests and if the person survives he will never again have a night's sleep."

Instead of just searching for criminals, the night patrols were instructed to seek out people watching videos, playing cards or, bizarrely, keeping caged birds. Men without long enough beards were to be arrested, as was any woman who dared venture outside her house. Even owning a kite became a criminal offence.

"Basically any form of pleasure was outlawed," Mr Hassani said, "and if we found people doing any of these things we would beat them with staves soaked in water - like a knife cutting through meat - until the room ran with their blood or their spines snapped. Then we would leave them with no food or water in rooms filled with insects until they died.

"We always tried to do different things: we would put some of them standing on their heads to sleep, hang others upside down with their legs tied together. We would stretch the arms out of others and nail them to posts like crucifixions.

"Sometimes we would throw bread to them to make them crawl. Then I would write the report to our commanding officer so he could see how innovative we had been."

Is there anything in there to make McCain "sad"? Anything to make Obama question negotiating with the Taliban? Don't count on it.

Urine washes out but there are worse stains on the soul. Like sitting down at a table with filth like this and accepting medals from the moneymen funding the murder of Americans. Urine washes out. Evil doesn't.


Americans can no longer afford to eat meat. Many can't even afford chicken. Hope and Change.


Defense spending still represents less than 5 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. That is about half of what it was at the height of the Cold War. Obama is trying to push it back down to the 3 percent that it was under the Clinton administration.

To put the numbers into perspective, the fastest growing part of the budget isn’t defense spending, it’s interest on the national debt. And the interest alone is expected to pass 3 percent of GDP by 2016. If Obama is reelected then by the end of his term the interest on the national debt will cost more than national defense will. We will not have a military capable of reacting to any threats against the United States, but at the least the bulk of those threats will be coming from debt collectors.

Even while the Obama administration is making drastic cuts to the military, it has plowed more money into the welfare state than ever. Means-tested welfare spending increased to 910 billion dollars in 2011 amounting to a 50 percent increase over Bush administration budgets. That’s 200 billion dollars more than the Department of Defense budget.

See the rest in my entire article To Kill a Military at Front Page Magazine


Want proof that Ron Paul is the true uniter? Who else can help bring together Marxists to help cut America's defenses.

Trevor Loudon has followed up my piece on Ron Paul's Soros Defense Plan with a look of some of the players to the DSA or the Democratic Socialists of America, which happens to be Barry Hussein's old party.

The Project on Defense Alternatives coordinated the work of the Task Force. Carl Conetta drafted the main body of the Task Force report in ongoing consultation with Task Force members who “developed or digested proposals from the diverse sources cited in the report.” A sub-committee of the Task Force reviewed the final draft before publication. Conetta was assisted in overseeing the report by his Project on Defense Alternatives co-director and fellow Task Force member Charles Knight – a long time member of Democratic Socialists of America.

There's more. Lots more. Follow the link to see the rest.


Jew Persecution Over Says Envoy

Washington, March 27, 1933 (INS)

Secretary of State Hull today was "greatly relieved" at the official report from the American embassy in Berlin that mistreatment of Jews in Germany had abated and the Hitler regime was doing its best to curb further persecution.

The report: received at the state department over the week-end said physical mistreatment of Jews "may be considered virtually terminated."

Secretary Hull immediately sent this reassuring information to leading American Jews and Jewish organizations who had complained of the alleged persecution of their religious brethren under Hitlerism.

In his telegraph the secretary said the "feeling had been widespread in Germany that following a political readjustment as has recently taken place some time must elapse before a state of equilibrium could be re-established.

"In the opinion of the embassy," he added, "such a stabilization appears to have been reached in the field of personal mistreatment and there are indications that in other phases the situation is improving."

Nazi Drive on Jews Under Control Now: US Investigation Shows No Cause for Protest (AP)

March 26, 1933

"A reply has now been received indicating that whereas there was for a short time considerable physical mistreatment of Jews, this phase may be considered virtually terminated. There was also some picketing of Jewish merchandising stores and instances of professional discrimination.

"These manifestations were viewed with serious concern by the German government. Hitler in his capacity as leader of the Nazi party issued an order calling upon his followers to maintain law and order, to avoid molesting foreigners, disrupting trade and to avoid the creation of potentially embarrassing international incidents."

(from the Hull telegram)

Sec. Hull Again Apologizes to Germany for "Insults"

Washington March 17, 1937 (AP)

A second protest by the German government against anti-Hitler remarks by Mayor LaGuardia of New York drew a fresh apology today from Secretary Hull.

The German ambassador, Hans Luther, delivered the protest in a 55 minute conversation with the secretary of state. He complained that LaGuardia insulted Hitler by declaring at an anti-Nazi rally in New York that Hitler was a "man without honor".

Exodus of German Jews can't begin before 1939:  Estimate 5 to 10 Years before Problem can be Liquidated

July 24, 1938 (AP) - Washington. The flow of refugees which President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Hull are trying to set in motion from Germany cannot begin before the end of the year. A vast amount of preparation, political and financial, must be completed before German Jews can begin their exodus to the United States and other countries which have voiced their willingness to receive them. Officials say five to ten years will pass before the problem can be liquidated.


In one of the odder election events so far, a Republican candidate who for all his flaws did have a track record of implementing a conservative program was demonized as a Communist on behalf of a man who had nothing resembling that track record, in defense of a company which benefited from tariffs and a pension bailout.

But the word has come down the wire. If you hate Mitt Romney then you're a Communist. Like those well known members of Occupy Wall Street, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. So Gingrich came down to conservative talk radio, portions of which are heavily syndicated by a company owned by Bain Capital to make his apologies. Not that it will stop the establishment from baying for his blood a second time around.

Gingrich was obviously out of line here. The last thing we want is a candidate who takes the fight aggressively to his opponent. What we want is a candidate who smiles a lot at the camera and waits for the media to do his work for him. But that won't work so well for Romney in the actual election where Obama has the national media sewn up. Sneering pieces in the National Review are not going to win the general election. Neither will declaring Bain Capital off limits. That might work on Bain Capital radio, it won't work at all in the media.

Romney has the Republican establishment on his side in the primaries, but in a national election the establishment he faces is liberal. Which is why liberal Republicans can sweep through primaries but have a much tougher time in national elections. Standing for nothing is a good way to win party support, but a bad way to win national support.

In an Olympics worthy display of acrobatic prowess, no lesser conservative stalwart than John McCain declared that attacks on Bain Capital were right up there with Communism. "These attacks on, quote, Bain Capital is really kind of anathema to everything that we believe in. We believe in job creation, and the record of Bain Captial is to take companies that would otherwise fail and restore them to some kind of viability, and sometimes that doesn't work, but, you know, when it always works is a thing called communism, where you keep everybody in business."

Which just goes to show you that McCain is a Communist because back in 2008 he was leveling withering attacks against Romney's Bain tenure. But the authentic conservatives like Romney and McCain have spoken. We will speak of Bain Capital no more, until we're all defending Romney on it in a few months.


Thai police were on Friday questioning a Lebanese man with alleged links to Hezbollah militants as the U.S. Embassy warned of a “real and credible” threat of a terrorist attack against American citizens in Bangkok.


What were viewers willing to endure rather than experience the Shiite version of the Jersey Shore? They tuned in to National Geographic’s “Alaska State Troopers,” Tru TV’s “Lizard Lick Towing” and Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot,” but you couldn’t get them to watch “All-American Muslim.” Which just goes to show that we’re a nation of Islamophobes. Or that even people with bad taste in television have standards.

The dirty little liberal secret is that progressives don’t watch “All-American Muslim” either. The show only exists as an Islamophobia talking point. Every time an advertiser drops it in favor of “Finding Bigfoot,” the progressives crow that once again they have proven that we are a nation that hates Muslims and loves Bigfoot.

All-American Muslim’s hopeless ratings suggest that Americans are more confident of finding Bigfoot than of finding those even more imaginary creatures: moderate Muslims who reject terrorism of all kinds. They certainly aren’t to be found on “All-American Muslim” where the guest Imams have been far less peaceful than Bigfoot who in all his decades of appearing in grainy videos has not been known to curse infidels or support terrorist groups.

See the rest of the article on All-America Muslim's swan song at Front Page Magazine.


Story 1: Self-proclaimed "morality police" in Egypt found themselves on the receiving end of a beating themselves when they threatened women at a beauty salon.

Witnesses said the ultra-conservative vigilante gang, members of the strict Salafi sect who consider themselves "morality police" inspired by Saudi Arabia's "Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice," entered the beauty salon in Benha recently and ordered the women to cease their beauty treatments or face punishment, bikyamasr.com reported Monday.

However, the men, who claimed they were enforcing Islamic law, were shocked when the women attacked them with their own canes and shoved them out onto the street,

Story 2: The self-proclaimed Islamist “Morality Police” announced on its new official Facebook page that it has acquired 1,000 tazers to be distributed to volunteers who will promote “virtue” and combat “vice” in the Egyptian street.

So after being beaten up by women in an Egyptian beauty salon, the courageous Salafist lions of Cairo are smuggling in tasers.


The only thing more striking than the $32,000 diamond-encrusted eyeglasses on display at the Baodao Optical department store here is the bronze statue of Chairman Mao that greets shoppers entering what is billed as the world’s largest eyeglass emporium.

A bronze statue of Chairman Mao greets shoppers at a Baodao Optical store in Beijing. The store's owners are from Taiwan.

That is because Baodao Optical’s owners are from Taiwan, the island whose governing party, the Kuomintang, fought a fierce — and losing — civil war against Mao’s Communist forces before fleeing the mainland in 1949 with more than a million refugees. The rival governments have yet to sign a peace accord.

But by choosing to display Mao’s likeness and his famous credo “Serve the People” so prominently, Baodao Optical reveals how far some Taiwanese businesses will go to romance a Chinese market 

First free trade helped convince the United States and the rest of the world to sell out Taiwan and back China. Now hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese with financial interests in China will help swing the vote over to the pro-China candidate moving along the inevitable process of China swallowing Taiwan.

The Obama Administration is naturally against Tsai Ing-wen, the independence candidate.

The Obama administration has warned that a victory by Tsai Ing-wen, the Taiwanese opposition leader, in the island’s January presidential election could raise tensions with China.

“She left us with distinct doubts about whether she is both willing and able to continue the stability in cross-Strait relations the region has enjoyed in recent years,” the official told the Financial Times after Ms Tsai met with administration officials.

Which is a euphemism for the slow surrender of Taiwanese sovereignty. Much like the Israeli peace process is a euphemism for dismantling the country and turning it over to Muslim terrorists.

But the Foxconn Apple suicide factory will be shipping workers back to cast their votes "the right way". Which is about right for an election that hinges on free trade, or rather the version that allows China's combination of crony capitalism and slave labor to outcompete the rest of the world, including the United States and Taiwan.

Lenin's famous line about the capitalists selling us the rope with which we will hang them shows he was a piker. Saudi Arabia, Russia and China are the ones selling us the rope with which we hang ourselves.


No really, the Islamists are really jumping the gun. Sharia hasn't actually become law in the UK yet.


"Former Obama Official Defends Bain, WaPo Debunks Propaganda Film" TownHall.com


"You know how to make the Jew jealous? Have some money, honey."

"There was one producer, I won't say (who), but she is the personification of what people think about when they think negatively about Jews,"

Guess which comment came from a minister, guess which one came from an indie favorite star. And guess which one touched off a backlash and which one led to yawns.


Obama to ask for 1.2 trillion increase in debt limit.


80 percent of Palestinian Arabs support Hamas


Look, I was excited to meet him. I wanted to like him. Let’s just say the scales fell from my
    eyes after I did. These are people over here who’ve been fighting the war, or working every day for the war effort, and he didn’t want to take _________ pictures with them?"


The Muslim Brotherhood will control close to half the seats in the first Egyptian parliament. The more hardline Nour Party, which advocates the strict application of Islamic law, has emerged with 113 seats, or 23 percent, putting Islamists of different stripes in control of more than two thirds of the chamber, according to the figures.


  1. I am having an ongoing correspondence with my non representative in the House regarding Islam. He has just been sent the first section of your Friday round up today about the Marines. Credit and link given.

    Thank you, Daniel.

    I'll be back to read the rest later. I have to take some time to cool off, and calm down. It is incomprehensible to me that we are actually "negotiating" with those monsters in Afghanistan.

  2. Andy Texan13/1/12

    What conservative radio network is linked to Bain capital? Can I hazard a guess, Townhall.com and associated talkers? I know Michael Medved's over-the-top praise of Governor Romney is slavish. Funny, his affection for John McCain in 2008 was nearly identical.

  3. This Friday edition of Sultan Knish deserves a multiple comment:

    1. Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs approvingly called the Marines’ urinating on the dead Taliban fighters a “victory tinkle.” I too approve of it. I hope they were facing Mecca. But the Marines are going to be sacrificed to the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood, count on it. Our “honor” requires it, don’t you know? Sort of like a Muslim killing his daughter because she wore makeup and no hijab and his honor required it. Same code of “ethics.” Daniel followed up with citing the atrocities committed by our “honorable” enemy. He could have gone on for about 100 pages. John McCain? Out to lunch. The MSM? On Obama’s side, on the side of “humane” treatment of savages who would kill us but first do worse to us before letting us die. Ask Nick Berg, and Daniel Pearl, and Lara Logan (who, in addition to being raped in Tahir Square, was also urinated on), and…..

    2. Bill Clinton and Obama have always hated the military. The hatred is a career. Clinton hates it because of his ideological origins in left-wing organizations. Obama hates it because of his left-wing associations, associations certainly more Marxist than Clinton’s. You see, our military is intended to protect this country from predatory collectivists, such as communists and Islam. My certainty that communism / socialism have much in common with fascism was anchored by a full-page ad with a revealing photograph that was run in The New York Times decades ago at the height of Clinton’s popularity. It is of teenage Bill shaking hands with JFK, who was a pioneer of activist American fascism. I still have that page.

    3. Ron Paul is a “libertarian.” Libertarians do not believe in a system of objectively-defined morality, one that roots individual rights in man’s nature as a being of volitional consciousness who must employ reason to survive and achieve his values. Rights grow on trees, or float through the air, and are there for the picking. So it should not surprise anyone that Ron Paul would closely affiliate himself with the Democratic Socialists of America, because Paul hates the military, too, forgetting or dismissing the nature of the military and its role in defending a free country. Anyone with an idea to disarm the military is welcome to submit his ideas. Defense alternatives? Emasculating the military so that we don’t “start” trouble anywhere around the globe? He’s also forgotten, or dismisses with equal √©lan, the natural contradictions between his whim-worshipping, “small government” ideology and the means and ends of the socialists and communists on the panel. This is proof of his eschewing the role of ideas.

    4. The Cordell Hull telegrams on the status of Jews in Germany were quite revealing. Historians should thank Daniel for bringing them back to the light of day.

    5. All-American Muslim can see a second season only if enough pressure is brought to bear on advertisers that they’d better buy spots on the program or else they’ll face a particularly onerous tax audit, complete with subpoenaed files and computers being hauled out of their offices by IRS agents. The DHS would also participate in the persuasion, to make sure the advertisers aren’t contributing to secret Islamophobic conspiracies.

    6. Obama has a natural aversion to defense spending and to the troops. So he wants to cut defense spending and also photo ops with soldiers in uniform.

    7. The Duchess of York: No good deed should go unpunished – in Islam.
    I’ve said enough.

  4. Great post, Daniel, as always. I am so seriously ticked off about the whining from the TERRORISTS and their treasonous sympathizers that I wrote this:

    Take Your "Outrage" and SHOVE IT! Victory Tinkle Edition

    Screw them.

    You are quoted from and linked to there.

  5. I tried to watch All American Muslim but gave up after about ten minutes. It was too boring.


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