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Unlimited Muslim Entitlement

In addition to being exempt from satirical cartoons, airline security procedures and human rights-- the chattering media classes in all their wisdom have decided that Muslims should also be exempt from the laws of economics.

Forget welfare, Muslims are now entitled to media welfare. When normal religions want to put on a show promoting their religion, they build themselves a cable channel. Sadly Bridges TV, the Muslim cable channel dedicated to challenging stereotypes, hating Jews and promoting Islam ran into some trouble when its founder and president beheaded its co-founder, who also happened to be his wife.

Muzzammil Hassan, turned out not just to be the president and founder of Bridges TV, but also a member of the Muslim Club for Men, and is now challenging stereotypes about Islam at Clinton Correctional Facility. But TLC stepped into the breach to provide Americans with more of that programming challenging stereotypes about Islam that they never asked for.

All-American Muslim was founded dedicated to the proposition that Muslims are just like the rest of us. They put on their Hijabs one head at a time just like the rest of us and promote wearing them more often than the Geico reptile comes on to sell insurance. After a media blitz for the launch of the series, the Americans, being the Islamophobic bastards that they are, turned the channel to watch something else.

In Orwell's 1984 the television sets were always turned on and only leading party members were allowed to turn down the volume. Sadly for the left that kind of programming is beyond them, though if they could you can bet there would be an Al Gore, Chris Matthews or Stephen Colbert looking back at you through your television.

While the left can't penalize viewers for choosing The Walking Dead over The Jersey Shore Goes Jihad, they can penalize advertisers, as Lowe's Home Improvement is finding out. Muslim groups have decided to play their losing hand by going after the advertisers who jumped ship in search of television shows that have actual viewers.

Mia Farrow and Russell Simmons have called for a boycott of Lowe's until the home improvement giant apologizes for not advertising on a Muslim show with bad ratings. Now that Lowe's has lost Mia Farrow's business it may have to listen, apologize and acknowledge that advertising on failing shows is a new civil right.

Forget the four freedoms, there's now a whole raft of Muslim entitlements at the expense of everyone else's freedom. It's bad enough that you can't show a Muslim terrorist on television or in a movie without CAIR's thugs knocking on your door, but now you're obligated to fund Muslim television programs in the bargain. And don't we already have PBS for that?

Fighting Muslim stereotypes is a worthwhile cause. And the best place to begin is with the bomb belt, the exploding shoes and the burning underpants. Americans don't question the patriotism of the people trying to kill them because of what's on prime time programming, but because of what's on the news.

Judge Judy's famous catchphrase is, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." The equivalent of that is "Don't shoot me in the head while shouting Allah Akbar and tell me it's workplace violence." Technically Major Hasan showing up on base and gunning down American soldiers was violence that took place at work. The same could be said of Muzzammil Hassan, aka Hassan Chop, who killed his wife on location at a cable channel dedicated to showing the moderate side of Islam. Or of the undocumented pilots who flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in a truly regrettable incident of workplace violence that had nothing to do with Islam.

But instead of changing their reality, Muslim advocates would rather ply us with fiction. The Arabian Nights began with the story of a feminist Muslim king who married virgins and then had them killed the next day and the woman who kept plying him with stories until he decided to spare her life. In the United States, Muslims are determined to play both Scheherazade and the King, telling us fanciful stories until they get around to chopping our heads off. And we're expected to keep retelling them to ourselves so we can go blindly into the abattoir when the time comes, and also to foot the bill.

In the movie Brazil, people were expected to foot the bill for being tortured. All-American Muslim wants to torture viewers with its insipidly malicious programming and then have them pay for the privilege next time they're shopping for a piece of plywood. Shouldn't there be some kind of limit to this kind of thing?

We're already groping senior citizens so that we don't offend a Hassan or two, burning a Koran is now a worse crime than torching the flag and all public figures are contractually obligated to sing the praises of Islam after every terrorist attack. But isn't there a limit somewhere to Muslim entitlement or does it go on forever until we're all sitting in front of televisions airing back to back episodes of All-American Muslim that can't be turned off?

In Australia, the authorities have debuted the Muslim Emergency Management Plan, which contrary to common sense is not an emergency plan for managing Muslims, it's an emergency plan for dealing with anti-Muslim incidents in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

The plan devised by the Islamic Council of Victoria and funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet's Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship, a name that is almost as diverse in words as in people, will see to it that should a patriotic Australian citizen named Hassan blow himself up on the Route 966 bus, and if in the aftermath of that unfortunate bit of workplace violence some anti-multicultural lout tells a Muslim woman to go home, the minions of the Islamic Council of Victoria and their affiliated law enforcement contacts will have an emergency plan for dealing with the situation, whether it's long-term imprisonment, rehabilitation or subjecting them to the full run of All-Australian Muslim.

Consider that while the bodies are being scraped off the sidewalk after an act of violence that Muslim groups have no shame at all about anticipating as inevitable, police will be expected to swiftly hunt down anyone who gives a Muslim the stinkeye. Law enforcement is told that this is the best way to fight terror by winning the hearts and minds of all the Hassans who when they see Albert dragged in on a charge of Muslim Glaring in the First Degree will surely break out in a spontaneous burst of Advance Australia Fair.

But is pandering to Muslim entitlement really the way to check terror? The West has already given Islam extensive and elaborate privileges, beginning with an unquestioned status, the censorship of any offending material and the constant sycophancy of elected officials. Now that we have also decided that Muslim television shows must remain on the air and must be paid for by American companies, no matter how poorly they perform, will Hassan chop and bomb less? Or will he bomb more?

We have completely given up on getting Muslims to take responsibility for their own behavior. Like the parents of a spoiled brat who are secretly terrified of him, we praise them to the skies and crack down on anyone who might say otherwise. No one may speak ill of the little monster no matter how many vases he breaks, how many girls he rapes and how many people he kills. This self-esteem clinic that we've been running has only one purpose, and it's the same one as the spoiled brat's parents. Denial.

Muslims terrorize our governments. Our governments terrorize us. And we turn on the television to be greeted by the latest effort of our chattering classes to educate us of our irrational fear of the people trying to kill us. Feeling guilty, even though we have nothing to feel guilty about, we watch it for a few minutes and then try to turn it off, but it won't shut off. It's on every channel. And then the news finally comes on. The president is attending an Eid dinner, the Islamic council wants to let everyone know about the local mosques in their area and there's been another unfortunate incident of workplace violence involving some All-American Muslim.


  1. One gets tired of being told how to feel and think by anyone, let alone the dhimmis of the left. I'll cling to my shotgun and Christianity, thanks, and continue to be wary of the Religion of Peace and those who promote those hateful beliefs.

  2. "But instead of changing their reality, Muslim advocates would rather ply us with fiction:

    The only thing worse than a "reality" show is a Muslim "reality" show.

    Ugh. I'll stick to scripted Muslim PR like Little Mosque. At least it's entertaining fiction and doesn't pretend to be reality.

    Seriously though, it is scary when government panders to Muslims to this extent. Private enterprise should be private.

    The Muzzamil/Bridges tragedy came as a shock to a lot of people here. It's not like Hasan's were immigrants operating a mom and pop store in a bad part of the city. They were in Orchard Park, one of the most affluent suburbs.

    Sad, to, that the Muslim community here didn't come to his wife's rescue as they did to one of his other wives.

  3. Anonymous20/12/11

    And if that was not enoough

    New Wahhabi Propaganda Centre in Vienna to Have Diplomatic Privileges

    by sheikyermami on October 21, 2011


  4. Anonymous20/12/11

    I don't think the governments of the West are as dumb as people think when it comes to Islam. I think they know full well what Islam really is and as they go about creating their "one world" global utopia, I think they have chosen Islam as the global religion.

    A submissive, obedient mass, their lives completely controlled by Islam while the authoritarian ruling elite live in luxury and do as they please. Absolute power. And unless the people of the West wake-up to what is being done to them, it will come to pass, the history of Islamic jihad teaches us that.

    Proud Brit.

  5. Anonymous20/12/11

    "Like the parents of a spoiled brat who are secretly terrified of him, we praise them to the skies and crack down on anyone who might say otherwise."

    That is a perfect analogy Daniel. A few years ago I had a girl in my class who was kind of an after thought for her parents. Her dad was in his 60's, the mom in her 50's and she had nieces and nephews near her same age. This child was the devil incarnate, I kid you not. (If I had acted like that at that age I wouldn't been able to sit down for a week). Her parents were mortified of her (the principal insisted she had a self esteem problem - sound familiar?) and I prayed every morning that she wouldn't show up for school. By the end of the year I was ready to shoot myself in the head.


  6. Famously Unknown20/12/11

    Islammetusia -- the rational fear of Islam.
    Metus, Latin for rational fear

  7. @Anonymous,

    I've wondered the same thing (i.e. whether the global elites have decided that Pisslam will be the new global religion, whether or not the proles want it).

    I'm waiting for the day when people are arrested in the USA for saying or writing anything negative about the Religion of Peace ®.

  8. Anonymous20/12/11

    From Mr. Gloom...

    Between your fine work, Atlas and Western Rifle Shooters, I am succumbing to an angry depression which points directly to the brain dead elecorate of this nation.

    It is terrific that you so deftly point out our nations submission to Islam and CAIR. While you make these brilliant points-a mere sliver of our nation's citizenry could give a damn. This self induced non-interest has made me hate the US. We don't deserve the country our founding fathers fought for. The dummies who support the Obama regime either only care about their monthly check-or are busy watching sports. I have nothing but venomous feelings for the majority of my fellow Jews who support the Israel/US hating Obama.

    I guess I have gone over the edge. I sometimes hope our nation gets what it deserves. Isn't that sad?!!

    Gloom, gloom, gloom.

  9. Thank you again for your excellent, though depressingly truthful, articles Daniel.

    Have a Happy Hanukkah.

  10. Anonymous20/12/11

    As Satan gets a tighter grip on the world before the shtf, it only makes sense the religion of blood lust gets more prosperous as well.

    Part of the deception of the vain stream media is fooling the public into thinking the majority of the rest of us buy into the liberal/degenerate way of thinking, when I think most people do not, and REALLY know what is going on. It helps make us feel more alone and helpless.

  11. And, we should add, "un-precedented". Without a scimitar being brandished, the West has rolled up its natural defenses, stifled moral - if not totally - ethical - indignation.
    With all the blessings of the communication age with Bernais public relations and J.WAlter Thompson public information; birthed in the West, the only element that is winning those "Hearts and Minds" seem to be the enemy.
    There's the term "Grass-Roots". There's also weeds that grow at grass level - and thrive.

  12. In the United States, your basic muslim qualifies as a minority. Consequently, as such, government and society must be "sensitive-to-their-needs". Even if such muslims are wearing head scarves or towels and/or are terrorists, government and society must still roll out the red carpet and give them anything and everything they want simply because they are a minority. Anything less, would OFFEND the muslims. And when muslims become OFFENDED, they get angry and heads must roll (no pun intended). On top of that, all the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons and Jeremiah Wrights would be coming out of the woodwork and be screaming RACISM with the help of the "government-media complex". Everybody but everybody knows, when the big "R" word surfaces, everybody but everybody runs for cover. In the end, the muslims get to continue doing what they do best--wearing head scarves and towels and going to their friendly neighborhood mosques and planning terrorism on the United States simply because they are a minority and cannot be OFFENDED in any way, shape, or form. On top of all that, the muslims have two solid scams they can rely on when push comes to shove. The first scam is called Islamophobia. The way it works is when anybody questions their fake religion (which is actually a violent political movement), they scream Islamophobia--which in turn causes all the Obamas and all the Clintons and all the Farrakhans to scream bloody murder into the waiting microphones of the government-media complex. The second scam is called racism. Since muslims are non-whites, they have the racism scam available at their fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as well. This is big stuff because the blacks and the mexicans have only the racism scam they can throw on society. Yes, the blacks and the mexicans are fairly jealous of the muslims because of this fact. The muslims are in the "driver's seat".

  13. It is a weakness in the West that refuses to face the truth so we pander to those who hate us and would destroy us.
    The West's commitment to equality is so skewed that we no longer see how it allows our own to be persecuted while protecting the persecutors.

    It is like parents who come down hard on their own kids out of embarrassment. The West really has nothing to be embarrassed about,though and yet this politically correct mentality tells everyone they do.

    The tide will turn. It always does but the problem for us is that inner weakness never goes with a balanced approach. It is always too far to one side or the other.
    Since the focus is on religion and its effect on people I wonder if the politically correct west can handle finding fault with one religion and not all of them.

  14. Anonymous1/1/12

    I agree the muslims are here to take over the USA
    The radical islam religion IS NOT A PEACEFUL religion.

    I cling to my GOD and pray for us.
    The BAD TV reality show decided to TRY to boycot LOWES I do not allow hipocrital people dicate to me where to shop.
    We must remain VOCAL and save our USA

  15. Congrats to all here for finding their peers , their like-minded islamo-phobes .

    I am muslim, I love God/ Allah, I love Jesus, Mohammed & Moses & All real prophets.

    Qur'an is my doctrine & the source of my faith & creed

    As a muslim I mean no harm to any human, except when they attempt or do harm me, my family, or my peaceful muslim brothers. God is Just as well as kind. All nations will be judged by God for their actions , & no one will get a pass for oppression just because they believed a story they were told.

    Wake up & learn about my faith on your own... don't lest in to one voice only, Read Qur'an from Islamic sites , as some cowardly hateful evangelist sites distort the truth & their viewers fall for their lies.

    Abdulelah Aljabri aejabri@gmail.com look me up on FB

  16. Very true Abdullah

    "All nations will be judged by God for their actions , & no one will get a pass for oppression just because they believed a story they were told."

    This means Muslims will not get a pass on all the conquests and oppression from the time of Mohammed onward because you believed a story about Mohammed meeting an angel, when he wasn't claiming that his prophecies came from a demon.

  17. 50 million Muslims in Europe and 80% + on welfare...this is from the horse's mouth on Arabic TV...see the video...


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