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Soros' Latest Israel Project

If you have been seeing coverage of gender segregation issues in Israel then you may not be aware that you are actually seeing another Soros project in motion. The name of the game, as usual, is divide and conquer. Soros funded NGO's embed themselves into a society and leverage its weakness to create confrontations that empower its activists and agendas.

While Israel does have neighborhoods in Jerusalem where a few Anti-Zionist cults practice their own form of intimidation and thuggery (if you have seen men in black protesting outside Israeli events, then you have seen some of these people at work) this particular crisis is the work of Soros funded NGO's who have their own agenda, and it isn't gender equality or women's rights.

Soros' money helps fund the New Israel Fund, a radical anti-Israel group operating inside the country which serves as the mothership of smaller left-wing Israeli organizations targeting demographic groups and organizing them under the umbrella of its movement.

In the following video, Rachel Liel, the executive director of the New Israel Fund, talks fairly openly about the New Israel Fund's goals and its shift in tactics from funding confrontations between religious and secular Jews, to funding internal confrontations among religious Jews.

The material is old hat for anyone familiar with how Communist and New Left groups operate, the game here is to leverage the billions of dollars at the disposal of the American Left to sow discord within the State of Israel, and to create a constituency for the New Left with the endgame of destroying the country. The money passes through multiple NGO's as grants and trickles down through the New Israel Fund to groups that can be used to carry out its agenda.

The left's blueprint remains the same-- exploit social problems within a target country, recruit a fifth column of the disaffected and build a permanent political base for permanent power, while at the same time overturning the culture and its values.

Soros' people in Israel began their work with Arabs, they moved on to exploiting tensions between secular and religious Jews, and now they have pushed further into to stirring up conflicts among religious Jews. The deeper they get, the more damage they cause.

In the video Liel explicitly spells out the NIF's goal of recruiting people from within a target community who "speak the language" and can help the left infiltrate and disrupt those communities. The effort is not limited to Israel. The left has similarly targeted Orthodox Jews in America using a leftist seminary known as Yeshivat Chovevei Torah which has given birth to Uri L'Tzedek, an Anti-Jewish leftist pressure group which has conducted boycotts and spread hatred against the Jewish community while pretending to be members of that community.

Tracking where that money comes from and where it goes is a full time job. Take Uri L'Tzedek whose funders include the Joshua Venture Group. The Joshua Venture Group is partly funded by the Nathan Cummings Foundation. The Cummings Foundation is also a funder for Repair the World, which is another funder for Uri L'Tzedek. The Cummings Foundation is run by Lance E. Lindblom, a former  officer at the Ford Foundation and Executive Vice President at Soros' Open Society Institute.

Over and over again the tracks lead through a series of family foundations, through Chicago and New York, and all the way back to the black rotten heart of a Nazi collaborator and his cronies still funding a war against the Jews in the name of "social justice".

The task is much harder with the New Israel Fund which is why the Israeli parliament has tried to tackle the problem with transparency legislation aimed at foreign funded NGO's, and why Soros' leftist cronies in the United States and Europe have stirred up a storm accusing the government of everything they can think of in order to kill any effort to leash Gyorgy's dogs.

The New Israel Fund is Soros' biggest mutt in Israel and its latest venture is aimed at expanding divisions and furthering conflicts within the country. The villains in this case are as anti-Zionist and anti-Israel as Soros and his cronies, but they are a useful foil for manufacturing a social problem.

Many think of Judaism as a single religion, but it has as many denominations and subsets as Christianity does. Orthodox Judaism equally breaks down into countless subsets. Most of the problems in Jerusalem concern 19th century immigrant sects which never reconciled themselves to the creation of the State of Israel, and have in some cases made common cause with Islam.

The Neturei Karta, who have been denounced by every mainstream Orthodox denomination, were friendly with the Ayatollah Khomeini and are friendly with Ahmadinejad. They held prayer vigils for Arafat and took blood money from his kleptocracy. They are best thought of as the Jewish version of the Westboro Baptist Church which pickets military funerals, complete with gloating messages after terrorist attacks and assaults on other Orthodox Jews.

One Neturei Karta leader who was famously photographed in a liplock with Iranian genocidal thug Ahmadinejad also met with Neo-Nazis and his children were expelled from school after being taught to cheer terrorist attacks. Other Neturei Karta leaders have met with Farrakhan and Hamas terrorists. But while some NK leaders forbid traveling to Israel, much of the movement (which despite its small size has its own splinter groups) is still embedded in Jerusalem. There it has engaged in a variety of violent incidents against Jewish businesses and residents. And like their Muslim brethren, their feelings for women mirror their feelings for Zionism.

Leftist media describe Neturei Karta leaders as "Anti-Zionist Jews" when they're doing a story on their participation in an Anti-Israel protest in New York or London, but when they attack bookstores or girls' schools in Israel then they are suddenly "Ultra-Orthodox Extremists" even when the people they are attacking are Orthodox Jews.

The Neturei Karta assaults on Jews and their support for terrorists have been a problem for some time. And the outrageous prayer vigils for Arafat and the harassment of Jewish schoolgirls are all despicable and depraved behavior by a corrupt cult which has engaged in kidnapping and child abuse. The NK are not the only ones involved, but they are at the heart of the problem.

However the Soros funded left is exploiting the anti-social behavior of their fellow anti-Zionists to demonize Israel, build a protest movement for their own purposes and launch a wider campaign against religious Jews. Their technique involves conflating violent incidents with local customs to create the appearance of a larger social problem. Thus an assault on a bus is equated to religious soldiers leaving a musical performance which violated their religious sensibilities.

Groups such as Kolech, funded by the NIF, push a radical agenda on the Israeli religious community packing in homosexuality and transgender activism under the umbrella of women's rights. As always the left begins with a real problem but uses it as a battering ram for an agenda that destroys every norm and everyone's rights while dictating their agenda to everyone. Rather than promoting women's rights, Kolech promotes the post-sexuality of the postmodern left which politicizes gender and sexuality even as it renders so subjective as to be meaningless.

Women's rights remain a challenge in Israel, but the sector where it is the biggest problem, among Arab Muslims, is hardly commented on by the left or by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Arab villages where women have few rights and honor killings are routine don't merit a fraction of the attention that an altercation on a bus receives. And when authentic Jewish social agencies rescue Jewish women trapped in marriages to Muslims, the activists fulminating over "gender segregation" condemn the rescues because they don't really support rights for women, they're the foot soldiers of the radical left.

There are real social and economic problems in Israel, but the left has made a career out of exploiting those problems. And Soros' latest Israeli project is a subversive attempt to gain influence and undermine the country.


  1. How does one not wish that, ill?

  2. Anonymous28/12/11

    Sultan, there have been many attempts by the Left to divide the Daati, and while these past efforts usually gain a short burst of limited support said support seems to die down pretty quickly. Such as Meimad or the religious branch of the old Mapai party.

    Do you think this latest attempt will be more succesful?

  3. In addition, as long as the left continues to exploit every issue in their distorted way, it becomes impossible for a society to make any actual progress.

    When problems are exaggerated, opinions are manipulated, and confrontations are fabricated, there is no truth left to base a debate on. Without truth, there is no progress.

  4. Anonymous28/12/11

    Mr, Knish I am aware of the NK but did not realize that all the so called "troubles" with the religious that re being reported on (God forbid they report on human rights abuses in Cairo, Gaza, or Damascus) were coming from them. The NK is so evil I wish they could be deported to Gaza. As for Hillary Clinton - she really is a puppet of Soros - a man so evil he reminds me of a James Bond movie villain. When she ran for Senator of New York she came across as more of a Zionist then Chaim Weizmann.

  5. Anon 1, this is more dangerous as they are building an organizational base, but I don't imagine the damage will that long term

    Anon 2,

    ...and unfortunately people fell for it.

  6. HermitLion, yes once they hijack entire issues then they poison the well so those issues become associated with their political correctness and would be tyranny

  7. Anonymous28/12/11

    Wow, you are amazing. Not possible to share views that disagree with yours on your site, apparently. At least you are consistent.

  8. Anonymous28/12/11

    "...all the way back to the black rotten heart of a Nazi collaborator and his cronies still funding a war against the Jews in the name of "social justice". Old Nazi Soros and other wealthy leftists are now working towards a mulch-faceted attack on the Jewish nation from within and from outside using terrorist nations/enclaves to further their goals. Israel must not allow groups that hide under the banner of charity to further the work of Hitler and Islamist enemies bent on destroying Israel. The Jewish self-haters are vile and should be thrown in jail for sedition if they act on their hate-filled agendas.

  9. This situation with the New Israel Fund is just awful. Turning the Orthodox against the Orthdox.

    Back when I used to read INN I'd see a lot of Jews arguing back and forth on different issues but other commenters would tell me this is the Jewish way of debating; that afterwards everyone just shakes hands and calls each other brother.

    The New Israel Fund and the Jews being pitted against one another seem to have forgotten that they are brothers.

    Well, it just seems like that

  10. Anonymous28/12/11

    In Washington, DC, there is applause from the Federation for a rally in Beit Shemesh. http://www.shalomdc.org/blog_post.aspx?id=4832 --mkg

  11. Linda Rivera28/12/11

    EVIL Neturei Karta should be kicked out of Israel. And asked if they would like to move to Iran.

  12. Anonymous29/12/11

    Daniel: Is there a way of finding out if Soros or other less than honorable Leftwing groups are donating to Yeshivat Chovevei Torah? My shul has been considering one of their "Orthodox" graduates. The rabbi signed a letter protesting the rabbis ban in Israel on selling to Arabs stating it was a violation of their civil rights. He's also fond of NIF and J Street. There is a mini war going on at shul and I'm leading the opposition..

  13. I don't see Soros funding a seminary, even a left wing one, even if it was so I doubt proving it would interest people who don't object to J Street, but if you want to email me the rabbi's name, I can try to do some ancillary research.

  14. Anonymous29/12/11

    I wish satan would call his boy home.

  15. What makes you think Satan wants him home? :)

  16. Anonymous29/12/11

    Soros should be BANNED from Israel. Period.

  17. Anonymous29/12/11

    sable- i too, wish he was gone from the earth already, he is alot of trouble. maybe there is another planet out there for him, surely not this one.

  18. Anonymous30/12/11

    Soros still longs for the happy days of his youth, when he could steal the property of Jews and help send them to the gas chamber. The goal of the left remain the same and the results, if successful, will be just as deadly.

  19. Anonymous30/12/11

    Soros and all the others around him are not just after Israel. They have done much more harm to the western world, its civilisation, culture and values. They should hang from lamp-posts really. Btw how many jews among them?


  20. What makes you think Satan wants him home? :)

    Comment of the year award!


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