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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Colonization of the West

Once upon a time when you wanted to invade another people's land, you built your longboats, got together some young males with few prospects at home and set sail for greener pastures. Today the longboats are jet planes and the invaded use them to ferry over their own invaders.

Colonization usually required three elements. Surplus male population, the technology to make the journey and the means to subjugate or drive off the people already living there.

Western medicine and aid have helped create and sustain a surplus population which has nowhere to go and nothing to do in its own highly stratified societies. At home they start Arab Spring like revolutions,  which is one more reason for China's One Child policy. With few economic opportunities in an oligarchy, they have to move elsewhere to get ahead.

The ability to colonize distant parts of the world usually required a certain level of sophistication. Any barbarian could walk a few miles, grip an axe and smash the heads of the equally backward people who lived there. But eventually they would either come up against a more sophisticated empire or the sea, natural barriers that they couldn't cross without advancing further up the cultural ladder.

The West however has generously exported its technology to the point that it is ubiquitously accessible and while that hasn't made the world a more civilized place, it has made travel to the West easier for the less civilized parts of the world. Pakistan no longer needs to have a functioning society or intellectual inquiry to be able to reach the United States. It just needs some used Boeings and enough education to be able to maintain and operate them without dying in the process.

Using second-hand technology is much less demanding than creating it, it requires less of the original thinking that marks the more advanced society. You can train someone to use the fruits of a society with a spirit of open inquiry without actually sharing in that spirit. You don't need to think like a 20th century physicist about the world to be able to grasp the atom, you only need to follow the instructions that were stolen by the Soviets and then passed to the Chinese, that trickled down to the North Koreans and from there to Pakistan and then to Iran and from there to whichever terrorist group asks nicely.

The jet plane is if anything, a good deal more dangerous than an atom bomb. A single dirty bomb might kill a few hundred thousand people. Ten of them could account for under two million. But a jet plane can wipe out our entire civilization.

You can't colonize a continent with nuclear weapons, but you can do it with people. And people can't ride bombs, but they can fly jet planes. The Muslim airline hijacking industry was one of the more perverse campaigns of terror because without those jet planes, they would be back to the 7th century and with no access to those rich pulsating Western cities. Had the United States airline industry collapsed after September 11, the Muslim colonization industry would have been in big trouble with no way to ferry all those upper middle class young men or their young female "cousins" over to Jersey City, Dearborn or Islamberg.

The colonization of the West is unique in that the invaded are providing the invaders with their means of transportation, providing them with more social serves when they land and moving them up to the top of the social ladder in the foolish expectation that they will become Westerners even as it's painfully clear that this will never happen. Lenin talked about the capitalists selling him the rope with which he will hang them, but the West is giving the rope away for free and offering gratis knot tying seminars in their universities.

All the Muslim world has to do is provide their surplus population and for a small fee, we will ship them here, offer them scholarships, an education and the position froms which they can subjugate us. Half of Europe is on the brink of the abyss because its transnationalists decided that immigration was the way to break down national identity, without contemplating the possibility that the immigrants might have their own identity and would have little interest in being the raw clay for a Euro mold.

The worst stupidity of the 20th century was the peculiar belief that progress had unchained the world from history and set mankind free to achieve a new plateau. And no sooner had the bodies fallen in one war, then the same generation that stood in the trenches and their younger brothers insisted on repeating the same nonsense. And then when half the surviving young men of Europe had cleaned up the bloody mess, they learned nothing from the lessons taught to them by a handful of ugly men in cheap uniforms, except that their own nationalism which had been the only thing standing between them and a spot on the lower levels of the Thousand Year Reich, was a deadly disease.

After two world wars the Germans were no longer interested in sending the troops across the border, but much of Europe went on insisting that the Russians weren't going to cross the border either, just as fervently as their fathers had insisted that the Germans wouldn't. And when the Russians decided to give it up as a bad deal and try to grow some wheat for a change instead, then everyone assumed that history really was over and we could all get down to attending international conferences and vacationing in odd parts of the world where certainly nothing bad could possibly happen to us.

But the German birth rate is now the lowest in Western Europe and the Russian birth rate is nearly as bad. That explains the lack of wars. It's hard to have a war when you don't have the population for it. The present day German birth rate is less than half what it was in the 1930's. Pakistan's birth rate on the other hand is even better than Germany's was back then. And the Turkish birth rate almost perfectly matches Germany's birth rate in 1930-- no wonder then that Turkey is colonizing Berlin.

About the only militant countries anymore are the ones that have the birth rate to back up their bluff. Japan's low birth rate neatly meshes with its pacifism, while  China's fertility is a strategic reserve that its rulers intend to unleash when it is safe. Russia may shake its stick, but its only surplus population is Muslim, and the day when the Red Square resounds with the Muslim call to prayer is not far off. That leaves the Muslim world, Latin America, India and Israel.

The United States isn't gone yet, but it also isn't capable of competing with the Mohammeds' and the Gomez', and with open immigration, immigration driven demographics are its destiny. Europe with its welfare states, extended vacations, late marriages, low rates of religion and high immigration rates is all but doomed.

Western societies with falling birth rates import their own colonizers just to be able to balance the birth rate books and pay off the retirement benefits for the previous generations. The only jobs left in the empire involve maintaining the byzantine human machinery of the empire and you don't have to speak English or know what you're doing to get one of those jobs.

Imagine of the Indians had sent boats to Europe for English and Spanish colonists who would come over, learn how to build teepees and pay enough taxes to keep the tribe set. That's the absurd scene here and it's bound to end the same way, with a lot of dead Indians, others living on reservations and a whole bunch learning to scrub floors and speak English and Spanish. Except we're the Indians.

Texas was originally part of Mexico, back when Mexico didn't have the population to fill it and the settlers did. Now the balance has shifted and Texas is sliding back into Mexican hands. The old logic of settlement is that land belongs to those who populate it. This is why countries have borders when they don't have the surplus population to expand beyond them. If they don't have borders or a surplus population, then they're a culture of the walking dead.

The West doesn't have a surplus population or borders and so it's being opportunistically colonized by those who come first. Of the colonists, the Muslims have a sense of manifest destiny to take over the world and rule it in the name of Islam, and with wealthy and influential backers in the Gulf, they have a death grip on Europe and are licking their lips at the thought of North America. There is a ridiculously simple way to stop it, but in a civilization obsessed with its own idealism, simplicity is vulgarity. It is much better to develop a convoluted plan for the brotherhood of all mankind, than to guard your own borders.

If the West were at least being colonized by competent cultures that were coming over because they had the technology and skills to make the conquest, then the end result wouldn't be a dark age.But the West is lending its technology and skills to its own conquest.

Having developed the oil that gave the Gulf its wealth, and then built its cities and its companies, it welcomes in their bastard children to raid its cities and rule over it. The West is not being defeated by cultures that are better than it, but by an ideology with a third rate copy of its religion which was in the right place at the right time when petroleum became a key element in its economic infrastructure.

The successful colonization of the West can only end in another dark age, but the resistance to it may yet give it another lease on life. The West may be facing dark times, but its prospects are better than the slow decay of Japan which lacks a demographic threat that can shake it out of its stupor.

Islam has pushed the West into a fight or flight mode, for the most part its leaders are fleeing and seeking for some terms of accommodation in the clash of civilizations. But enemies who were stupid and arrogant enough to burn their own longboats to kill a few thousand of the natives are making more mistakes.

The greatest miscalculation of any nation or force is the belief in the inevitability of its outcome. The transnationalists believed in the inevitability of their form of progress and refused to see anything that contradicted their assumptions. The Islamists, like all fanatics, are making the same mistake. Their sense of inevitability and invulnerability is a form of denial that masks their own cultural failures. The transnationalists and the Islamists have been lying to themselves and to their followers but the moment of truth is coming when the lies can no longer be sustained. For the transnationalists that day is coming sooner than it is for the Islamists, which is a good thing, because it gives the invaded a chance to wake up before the invaders.








  2. this essay conflicts with the claims of the recent Atlantic post. http://daledamos.blogspot.com/2011/10/why-christianity-is-outpacing-islam-and.html#more ...It is not Islam that is growing.... according to the Atlantic Islam and Muslim countries that you mention are shrinking. What is the truth here?

  3. Daniel: What is that third illustration of yours? I can't make it out. It's just a brownish blur. Good essay, by the way. The three ships on top could've used the crescent and star on its sails to drive home your point.

  4. Anonymous31/10/11

    "By the middle of this century, there will be three billion Christians in the world -- one and a half times the number of Muslims."

  5. You are, of course, quite correct that Islam is completely incompatible with Western Civilization.

    Your problem remains, Zionism is also completely incompatible with Western Civilization. Hope springs eternal that you'll gain wisdom and give that up.

  6. Anonymous31/10/11

    Pat H.
    You idea of Zionism shows that you are already a carrier of the famous disease spread by [ among others ] your invaders. Yes it is incompatible with Nazism, fascism and other western Civilization achievements.

  7. Anonymous31/10/11

    Excellent once again Daniel and I agree with every word. We're witnessing suicidal insanity, I hope your closing sentences turn out to be true.

    @Pat H. I'd say Marxism is completely incompatible with Western civilization, pity the vast majority of Westerners are oblivious to how this evil ideology is destroying us.

    Proud Brit.

  8. Christians in Africa, Latin America and Asia provide the number growth, but as Islam expands, Christianity in Africa is likely to go the way of Christianity in the Middle East. Look at Nigeria and Kenya.

    It's not numbers alone, it's also a willingness to fight for your turf and global solidarity. Muslims will stand by other Muslims against Christians, the reverse is not true.

  9. Funny enough Zionism is actually quite compatible with Western civilization, even for someone who doesn't like Jews, as it gets the Jews out of the West.

  10. Anonymous31/10/11

    The interesting thing is that these days China has huge surplus male population due to their one child policies.

    I wonder how this will end.

  11. Marxists tell themselves that they are smarter than the wave of Islamic births that they would control. "conservatives" accept immigration on the premise of cheap labor and tax payments without paying benefits to the foreign workers. Birthright Citizenship (or even permanent residency right) puts the lie to a migrant worker program. Amnesty for fence jumpers (who allegedly pay taxes) is a slap in the face of Natural Born American Citizens who have served honorably in the military, and paid with blood or the promise of blood.

    It would be better for us to have half of the population and double the automation than to be diluted by foreigners who would destroy us. The Japanese understand this. Icelanders understand this. It's not xenophobia to love your country and your countrymen.

    Americans face a multi-front war against International Islam, Marxism, infiltration of domestic gangs with foreign command, a Chinese blue water navy, mass know-nothing parties, demands for the destruction and equalization of private wealth via oligarchy. I'm sure there is more.


  12. ...with a war or a civil war

  13. Anonymous31/10/11

    I don't see signs for optimism at all. As far as I can see, the enemy is winning. I wish it were otherwise, but it looks pretty dire to me. The West is weak and Islam is on the rise. Where you get your sense of hope from is beyond me, but good for you. It's hard to feel so discouraged.

  14. Marlene31/10/11

    I wonder what is G-d's plan? I believe that He is in charge, and that good will prevail; however, will that good prevail in our lifetime when things are looking so bad, as you point out in this depressing piece.

  15. Yes I would have photoshopped a crescent there if I had the time. Bottom illustration is a photo of an eye.

  16. We see G-d's plan at its culmination not in the midst of it.

  17. A civil war that pits freedom loving US citizens against a government subverted and infiltrated by islamonazis doesn't exactly fill me w/hope.

  18. @ Pat H.

    Gee, the only democracy in the Mid-East and N. Africa is Israel.
    The only place Jews, Christians, Bahais and Druze aren't being slaughtered, persecuted, raped and kidnapped by islamonazis is Israel.

    Get stuffed...

  19. Anonymous25/12/12

    The American government needs to improve child care for the working population in order to perpetuate itself.

  20. Lotta Hutzpah26/12/12

    It is not the governments job to supply child care.



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