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Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Islamist's Crocodile Tears

We'll never know if Congressman Keith Ellison (AKA Keith Hakim, AKA Keith X Ellison, AKA Keith Ellison-Muhammad, AKA BooHoo Kaboom) brought along an onion with him, a pinch of snuff or just thought of all the CAIR campaign contributions he risked losing if the hearings fulfilled their intended purpose,to be able to let loose the waterworks. However he did it, Ellison finally succeeded at one thing. Crying on cue.

The big boohoo let Ellison sell his sob story to a sympathetic public already primed by thousands of attack pieces run against King. A campaign conducted by a top Democratic public relations firm, which had done work for such clients as J-Street and the Carter Center. A campaign premised on the idea that it was wrong to ask questions about Islamic radicalization, but completely okay to accuse King of being an IRA terrorist.

But Ellison's Legend of Mohammed Salman Hamdani ignored a simple piece of arithmetic. On September 11, 2001, nineteen Muslims tried to murder Americans. One NYPD cadet who happened to be a Muslim died along with thousands of other non-Muslims. Those numbers alone justify King's hearing. And a thousand like it.

Mohammed Salman Hamdani did not do what he did because he was a Muslim, instead he acted as a paramedic and an NYPD cadet. And that is to his credit. But the 19 hijackers did what they did because they were Muslim. Because they wanted to see Islam triumph over the Dar Al-Harb, to fulfill the dictate of the Koran; "He it is who has sent His Messenger (Mohammed) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam) to make it victorious over all religions even though the infidels may resist." Koran 61:9

The infidels resisted and thousands of Americans died, as millions other have died before them under the sword of the Jihad. Countless Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians and Buddhists. There is a reason we call it Islamic terrorism, and it isn't because we falsely attribute motives to the terrorists, but because Islam is the stated purpose and aim of the terrorists.

Before Congressman Keith X Hakim Muhammad Ellison decided to exploit 9/11 in order to stop an investigation into Islamist organizations, he was using that same day to suggest that the United States government was behind the attacks. In a throwback to his Nation of Islam days, Ellison in 2007 compared 9/11 to the Reichstag fire and compared Bush to Hitler.

After replying to an audience member question of, "Who benefited from 9/11" with "You and I both know", Ellison went on to compare it to the Reichstag fire, a common analogy used by 9/11 Truthers, and closed with, "I'm not saying [September 11] was a [U.S.] plan, or anything like that because, you know, that's how they put you in the nut-ball box — dismiss you."

And if not for the nut-ball box, Muhammad Hakim X Ellison would be saying it. But Ellison has come a long way from 1997, when he was calling himself Mohammed and defending the Nation of Islam's Antisemitic bigotry. He's learned to stay out of the nut-ball box and sit squarely in the victim box instead, even if he has to give his suit an eye wash every time someone mentions the word 'terrorism'. When Ellison traded up from Farrakhan's crazy racist science fiction version of Islam (there are UFO's and a mad scientist who invented white people), to the more mainstream violent version practiced in the Middle East, he picked up the respectability that a whole lot of money can buy.

Ellison's crocodile tears weren't for Mohammed Salman Hamdani, one of hundreds of rescue workers who rushed to the Twin Towers, but for the network of Muslim Brotherhood front groups who were the real targets of this hearing. It was on their behalf that the cobbled together coalition of leftist Christian and Jewish clergy, most of whom had already been collaborating with them on everything from promoting the Ground Zero Mosque to denouncing American and Israeli self-defense against Islamic terrorism, came together to attack Congressman King for singling out Muslims. Rather than you know, Buddhists.

Contrary to the never-ending stream of lies in the media, King's hearings were actually about investigating Muslim Brotherhood front groups which law enforcement officials have accused of radicalizing American Muslims and discouraging them from cooperating in terrorism investigations.

You could spend hours reading mainstream media stories about the hearings (all of them either focusing on hurt Muslim feelings or dread warnings about how singling out Muslims will actually cause terrorism) without hearing that simple truth. Ellison's salty discharge was the trump card in diverting attention from those groups. A tactic for which there is ample precedent.

Back during the 1950's, hearings on Communism were successfully hijacked by Communists posturing as victims. That they were members of an organization dedicated to the overthrow of the United States, the enslavement of the entire country, and the execution of millions of Americans was never reported. Only the self-pity by wealthy men and women who had supported Stalin's mass murders and even spoken out for Hitler during the Hitler-Stalin pact made news. Today there are numerous plays and films made about the victims of the 'blacklist', and hardly anyone about the millions murdered by Communism. The term 'McCarthism' is a popular insult, and Communist mass murderers are popular t-shirts.

The real story is not Hakim X. Ellison's ability to leak on demand, but his longstanding ties to CAIR. CAIR remains an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorist charity case. And CAIR has fundraised for Ellison, and Ellison has fundraised for CAIR. And CAIR was a natural target of the hearings, as it has been accused of discouraging cooperation with law enforcement. One CAIR chapter even hung up a poster reading, "Build a Wall of Resistance - Don't Talk to the F.B.I."

That's the real story here and it's not one that the media will touch. Ellison has put on a full court press, not in defense of American Muslims, but in defense of CAIR. And every reporter and clergyman who has pounded the keys and issued press releases denouncing the singling out of Muslims, has been helping cover CAIR's ass.

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for CAIR, has been quoted as saying that he; "wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future." The thought of America's freedoms being exchanged for the sword and the hangman's noose, of women having acid thrown in their faces for not wearing a burqa, churches and synagogues burned down and the Constitution being traded for the Koran-- now there's something to really cry about.


  1. See this Socialist Manefesto at www.can-you-hear-us-now.com. Do a search for Keith Ellison. This guy was a Catholic from Detroit who converted. What they taught hit him just right.

    When you read his World Plan for America - he is just a Marxist that wants us to fund the world. He doesn't have a clue that for America to give, we must be and stay strong. Once the food is gone, it will be forgotten and the question will be: That was yesterday. What can you do for me today? If nothing, the wrath will come. He is clueless.

  2. Lemon13/3/11

    And this is all sponsored by the brotherhood which is working to subvert from within nations they seek to destroy and conquer.
    And the moslem Brudda-hood is supported by Saudi Arabia, the folks who brought you 9 11 in the first place.
    The brudda-hood also brought you the 9 11 mosque fiasco.

  3. No doubt the brotherhood is behind him, after your article last week which mentioned contributions made by Yaqub Mirza from the SAAR foundation, I found a few more made by Jamal Barzinji, and Hisham Altalib.

    Of the 3 I found made by Barzinji, 2 list his employer as the SAAR Foundation the 3rd says he's self employed. I found that interesting. Hisham Altalib is employed by the International Institute of Islamic Thought brought to us by our friends at the Muslim Brotherhood.

    All 3 Men, Barzinji, Mirza, and Altalib are listed as faculty members of the Fairfax Institute at the International Institute of Islamic Thought.

    I think more people in Minnesota need to know who their Congressman is taking money from, Barzinji especially. Turning the polls against him would give him a legitimate reason to cry.

  4. Anonymous13/3/11

    One of my recurring fantasies is to be able to ask such creatures as Keith Ellison face-to-face the kind of question Greenfield asks here: Did you bring an onion to trigger the weeping? (Or Nancy Pelosi: Are your Botox shots paid for by American taxpayers? Or Obama: Has your financial advisor put your book royalties in mutual funds, the money market or in U.S. Treasuries? I’m sure other readers have their own questions to pose to their favorite objects of contempt.) However, I read somewhere that Salman Hamdani wasn’t the only Muslim incinerated alive or crushed to anonymous blobs along with nearly 3,000 others at the World Trade Center on 9/11; I read somewhere there were two or three Muslim employees who worked for a restaurant or caterer in the one tower.

    Still, the proportion of Muslim victims to non-Muslim is noteworthy. It doesn’t change the picture. And the fact that Hamdani was a paramedic and NYPD cadet doesn’t change the picture, either. As a Muslim, he would have sooner or later been faced with a decision: Am I a devout, loyal, and unquestioning Muslim, or do I just abandon this vicious, utterly irrational, and misogynistic creed? Should I remain in the Borg Hive and become “radicalized,” or discard the Islamic handicappers that painfully short-circuit my mind every time I have infidel thoughts? Should I remain a humble Muslim manqué, or turn my prayer rug into a scratching mat for my cat?

    Peter King’s hearings are all fine and good as far as they go, which is to look into the “radicalization” of Islam. But Islam being what it is, a political/theological ideology tricked out, as Raymond Ibrahim put it on the Middle East Forum, in “religious garb,” I think a more direct purpose of the hearings would be to look more critically at Islam itself. Did any American congressmen in the 1930’s call for hearings about “radical” Nazism, or “radical” Bushido Shintoism, or “radical” Italian Fascism? No, not to my knowledge. That is because political correctness did not exist and so there were no self-censoring barriers to stop men from asking insensitive questions about those ideologies.

    There were no such things as “radical” or “extremist” Nazis, Japanese imperialists, or Italian corporatists. No off-the-rack, “silent majority” Muslim can compartmentalize Islam, and not develop some species of mental illness, or not become a faceless, obedient dullard. The creed is at core anti-mind, anti-reason, and ultimately anti-life. It commands action against unbelievers, and that is the long and short of Islam. This is what King should be pointing out.

    Unfortunately, he is a half-dhimmi, and would not dream of it. That would be conceding that Islam is the enemy of freedom. And I imagine that CAIR, for all its fuming and table-thumping about the hearings, is grateful for his tact and sensitivity. Keith Ellison, on the other hand, is a scumbag and poseur and not worth mentioning.

  5. Keith Elison, what an abomination, what an insult to America.
    ...and the tears??? My stomach was turning.
    Frankly, the man (and I use that word loosely) needs to investigated for high crimes and treasonous acts.

  6. I agree with anon and the idea that public discussion of fanaticism from Germany and Japan was never posed as capable of being moderate. Furthermore, how does such politically correct terms like "islamist" find its way into the Sultan's work? "An Islamist's Crocodile Tears" offends far less than "A Muslim's Crocodile Tears" and misses the point entirely.


  7. Anonymous13/3/11

    Keith Ellison said that he chose Islam at age 19 because he was interested in social justice and inclusion and he found both at the mosque he visited. Social justice and inclusion? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...


  8. occupant 914/3/11

    So, there are six billion people on the planet and we're told over and over again that there are 1.4 billion Muslims ... and we wouldn't want to inflame them by saying truthful things about Islam. Also, don't paint with wide brush for it might turn a "few extremists" (low est. 10% or 140 million, only) into 1.4 billion "Islamists." How is it that this hair-trigger switch from "peace" to "war" can exist within The Religion of Peace?

    Well, what about the other 4.6 billion of us non-Muslims? We can break that number down all we want. We can say 2 billion Christians, a billion Hindu and so on, many on par with the numbers Muslims claim to have at ready to go "radical" should the rest of us not get with their superiority program, as the inferiors.

    Do the 70 million slain Hindu get any say? Do the some odd 270 million total victims of Muslim expansionism have a say?

    Do the millions of Africans who were captured by Muslims, castrated then sold into slavery
    count? Does the ongoing slave trade in Muslim nations count?

    Nope. All voices must be silent. Islam demands it and here King has submitted. However, the behaviour of the "official" Muslims is rather telling, if we allow ourselves to tell it.

    With such wonderful "story telling" entrenched as part of the Muslim mindset, it is truly amazing they haven't monopolized the creative arts categories of the Nobel prize.

  9. Anonymous14/3/11

    How would you like it if Congress opened an investigation asking if Jewish people are loyal to the United States or not or more loyal to Israel. Congress would inquire what is being taught in the Hebrew schools and whether the Hebrew schools and synagogues tell kids to get Israeli citizenship and join the Israeli army. How would you feel? You would scream anti Semitism!

  10. anonymous,

    and the day that terrorists kill thousands of Americans in the name of Judaism, and the majority of American domestic terrorism comes out of synagogues, then your question will be valid

  11. occupant 9,

    of course only some people matter. The worldview of the Muslim oppressors outweighs that of their Hindu, Zoroastrian, Jews, Christian and Animist victims



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