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Muslim Prayer Rugs and Jewish Orphans

On a late summer evening, Omar Rivera stumbled over to a local mosque, clutching a beer bottle in his hand and looking for a place to answer nature's call. He chose the Al-Iman Mosque and proceeded to urinate around its exterior, where there were apparently some Muslim prayer rugs lying around. Omar had committed a fairly commonplace act of vandalism in New York City, public urination, only to unexpectedly end up as the poster child for the rise of a "New Islamophobia".

Along with a drunken liberal arts student who slashed a Muslim cabbie, the media transformed poor Omar into the face of a new and terrible wave of hate directed against Muslims. Initial news stories claimed that he had called the mosque denizens, "Terrorists", before peeing on their rug. The NYPD later explained that it had never happened, and that he never said anything for or against Muslims.

After a five-day drunk, Omar probably didn't even know his own name by that point. Neither did Michael Enright, the cabbie slasher, who had a long history of drinking problems. After the attack, he sat down in the middle of traffic, rather than trying to make an escape. Riviera and Enright were driven by their blood alcohol level and drinking problems. There was no wave of Islamophobia, just two drunk guys who needed to become Friends of Bill.

But the facts didn't matter, liberals had begun to construct their own narrative. Omar had been influenced by Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. Their hateful rhetoric had induced Omar to go and piss on some Muslim rugs in order to show his patriotism and bigotry. This was Islamophobia. And while Mayor Bloomberg did not invite the pissed on prayer rugs to City Hall, as he had the slashed cabbie, liberals bravely sprung into action to show their support for the micturated upon furnishings.

The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good adopted a statement at the ISNA Emergency Interfaith Summit, warning about a tide of violence and condemning "the desecration of Islamic houses of worship". ISNA is the Islamic Society of North America, an organization created by Muslim Brotherhood members. The Muslim Brotherhood, which drew inspiration from Nazi Germany, was also behind such philanthropic organizations as Hamas and Al Querida.

But that didn't stop liberal clergy from co-signing a statement with an organization linked to Islamic terrorists, calling for "tolerance".

One of the signers, Rabbi David Saperstein proclaimed, "We know what it is like when people have attacked us physically, have attacked us verbally, and others have remained silent. It cannot happen here in America in 2010." Of course it can happen here, just not to Muslims. It can happen to the Jews of Malmo or Paris. It can happen to Hindus in Bangladesh and Christians in Egypt. And it can even happen even in New York.

While Saperstein was pontificating about tolerance, the trial of four Muslim terrorists who had plotted to bomb synagogues in New York was going on. New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good had nothing to say on the subject. They remained silent. Because petty things such as synagogue bombings or Copts being lit on fire are nothing compared to the smell of an infidel's recycled Heineken on a sacred Muslim prayer rug.

When infidels are murdered by Muslims, no one calls for an emergency summit. But when a Muslim prayer rug is pissed upon, everyone has to jump into the Dhimmimobile and denounce the rising wave of urine and hate.

Meanwhile in support of the rugs themselves, J-Street collaborator Rachel Barenblat of Velveteen Rabbi seized on the chance to promote herself by "passing the hat" and raised over a thousand dollars to replace the urine soaked rugs.

At the same time as Rachel was passing the hat for the rugs, five people were murdered in Israel by Muslim terrorists. They left behind six orphans.

Rachel Barenblat did not volunteer to "pass the hat" for them, because how can a few Jewish orphans compared to the sacred rugs of the Al-Imam Mosque?

She didn't even appear to acknowledge their murders. Unlike the Muslim rugs, they were non-people.

And so we are witness to the spectacle of an enlightened post-modern era, in which Jewish liberal clergy have decided that soiled rugs have more personhood than Jewish orphans.

Hate can wear many faces, but tolerance is one of the masks it likes best. Witness the radical left wing members of Rabbis for Human Rights terrorize Jewish farmers in the name of "human rights" or Rabbi David Saperstein warning that we will not tolerate intolerance at a summit called by a front group for one of the most intolerant organizations on the face of the earth. Meanwhile Rachel Barenbalt announced she was going to study the Koran for the High Holidays (inspired by "Rabbi Phyllis Berman" who sits on J Street's Rabbinical Council). The only real question is why she would ever bother studying anything else.

Let us turn back to the scene of the crime.

The pissed upon rugs at the Al-Iman Mosque. The tidal wave of urinary Islamophobia threatening to drown all of America's hapless put upon Muslims in hate and violence.

The Egyptian Al-Iman Mosque or the Al-Marwa Center in Queens, whose rugs were so horrifyingly bepissed, appears to be a satellite of the Brooklyn Islamic Center, operating mosques and a school as the Al-Iman Center.

Here's a sample of some of the tolerant teachings to be found on the Al-Iman website about who's responsible for causing AIDS. If you guessed the Jews, congratulations. You win a soiled rug.

Already, we find that working together in secret... driving the global media and international organizations under the names and titles made to appear compassionate, while inflicting devastation and destruction for generations in order to get global laws allow adultery and protect homosexuality...

They must be planning something diabolical... And Iblis (Satan) is behind the scenes again ... What we see today did not happen on its own... It is the results of the hellish schemes that do not want young people to be good... to have only oppression and infidelity... It works like this ... It is still the Zionist movement, where it says in its Protocols (Protocols of the Elders of Zion): we must work to break down morality everywhere thus facilitating our control.

For bonus tolerance, their parent, the Brooklyn Islamic Center, was being fundraised for by highlighting the center as a way to drive Jews out of the neighborhood.

Anti-Semitism, Homophobia and Nazi derived conspiracy theories. They've got it all.

I wonder if the liberal Jews like Barenblat who "passed the hat" for the Al-Iman mosque and its pissed upon rugs would have raised the money if they knew about this. My suspicion is that they would have. And even more money. The same people who parse every sentence by a Republican to find a hint of intolerance in it, will just shrug and look away at this unwelcome information.

"These are not the hateful religious fundamentalists we are looking for."

Because if you peel back the layer on most mosques in America, you will find the very same thing.

On the eve of WW2, some of Europe's most prominent liberals were demanding tolerance for Germany's growing aggression. Many people know Oswald Mosley as a despicable fascist, far fewer know him as the most progressive member of the British Labour Party whose solution to Britain's economic problems in the "Mosley Memorandum" consisted of virtually the same collection of "road building projects" and social welfare entitlements being proposed by the Obama Administration.

When Goebbels' The Eternal Jew went to the Venice Film Festival, it wasn't booed loudly by an enlightened audience. Michelangelo Antonioni wrote, "If this is propaganda, then we welcome propaganda. This is an engaging, penetrating, extraordinarily effective film."

Antonioni was no Nazi. He was a Marxist.

Today propaganda is also widely welcomed. So when a drunk pisses on a Muslim prayer rug, it is welcome propaganda for those who are driven to cover up Muslim violence against Jews, Hindus, Christians and many others. Just as when Israeli soldiers fire in self-defense against attackers trying to murder them, that too is welcome propaganda for those whose sympathies lie with their attackers.

In one breath we are told that the victims of September 11 have no right to their sensitivities about the Ground Zero Mosque, and in another we are told that burning the Koran offends Muslim sensitivities and is a crime. Had four Jews or Christians tried to blow up mosques, we would have never heard the end of it. But when four Muslims plot to blow up synagogues, it's unwelcome news. The report is hushed like a noisy patron in a theater. "Be quiet, this isn't the movie we want you to see."

The Nazis would have understood the sentiment that a Muslim prayer rug is worth more than the lives of five Jews. It is a point of view that they held. The Hebron Massacre happened when Muslims were offended by the Jewish claim to the site of the Jewish temple. And they reacted as groups that fancy themselves superior to the "descendants of pigs and monkeys" usually do, with a massacre that featured horrifying acts of brutality, rape, castration and mutilation. Some of the victims were left to die in a bank or in homes, while Muslim children followed after, sticking them with knives to see if any needed finishing off. Ask a liberal about the Hebron Massacre of 1929 and you get a blank stare. Ask them about Deir Yassin and you get vile enthusiasm.

Reading the liberal press, you come away with a strange view of the world that is as alien as anything that German newspapers could have turned out in the 30's. As Americans remembered 3,000 people killed by Muslim terrorists, the newspapers screech on about Islamophobia because of a drunken stabbing and a drunken act of public urination. One could just as easily have unfurled a copy of Der Sturmer to learn that millions of Jews had to die because Horst Wessel had been killed by his girlfriend's pimp.

Like the mythical Polish soldiers about to stream over the border, we are barraged with propaganda about the rising threat of Islamophobia. Any moment now those Polish soldiers will be crossing the border to torch mosques and slash innocent Muslim cabbies. Even if we have to pluck up a drunk pissing on a rug as our Gleiwitz Incident.

After 9/11, Anwar Al-Awlaki, the Imam who had counseled the 9/11 hijackers and is now a wanted member of Al Queda with a kill order on his head, led services for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association. Today while Al-Awlaki is on the run, liberal organizations led by the ACLU fight to remove the kill order, in cooperation with Al-Awlaki's father whose tribe is allied with Al Queda in Yemen. It puts one in mind of American Anti-War activists who were members of Communist front groups agitating against war with Nazi Germany, during the Hitler-Stalin Pact, and war with Soviet Russia, after WW2. They claimed their activism was in support of peace for all mankind, not in support of Hitler and Stalin. But of course the only ones who benefited from their activism were Hitler and Stalin. Today liberal groups and activists insist that they're not working to support terrorists, even when they're fighting to free them from American prisons.

It wasn't about peace or tolerance then, it's not about peace and tolerance now. One-sided peace and one-sided tolerance are lies. Part of the pretty mask that hate wears to justify its atrocities. The appeal of the mosque, like the appeal of the Nazi parade, has little to do with tolerance, and a great deal to do with the appeal of the id, the violent undercurrent of senseless brutality churning underneath. And at its side, those who profess peace and tolerance, hiding their own hate behind phony sanctimonious smiles.

This is not about peace or tolerance, or pissed on rugs. It's about feeding hate under the guise of tolerance. It is about persecution in the guise of activism. Rabbi David Saperstein signs on to a statement from an organization with ties to Muslim terrorists who have murdered countless Jews, and then primps self-righteously and proclaims; "We know what it is like when people have attacked us physically, have attacked us verbally, and others have remained silent. It cannot happen here in America in 2010." But it is happening here in America. In 2010. And all over the world. With the abetting of people like Saperstein, who help and promote the very people who are attacking us physically and verbally. Who are bombing our synagogues, murdering our families and spreading hate against us. And then Barenblat, and those like her go on and pass the hat for people who promote the idea that an International Jewish Conspiracy is spreading AIDS.

Kill as many Jews as you want, but never piss on a Muslim's sacred rug. Truly, Islamophilia has become the new Anti-Semitism.

(If you like would to donate to the orphans, rather than the rugs, visit the One Family Fund website.)


  1. Very enlightening post.
    Very ugly information about some very sick people.

  2. Very sad article. Very sad.

    That someone place greater emphasis on a soiled Muslim rug than Jewish kids orphaned by Islamic terrorists.

    Nothing inherently wrong with helping a Muslim congregation to replace a rug but when it's done out of some sick guilt complex, that's another story entirely.

  3. Mikec4/10/10

    All the time the Gulf potentates are prepared to pour dollars into a trough, there will be western swine prepared to grovel, and gobble this fecal gruel.

    Entry criteria to the pigsty is Dhimitude, anti-semitism and influence, and there is a melee at the gate trying to get in.

    Murder of Jews has never amounted to a 'real' crime, if it had, then emminent western (socialist)politicians would have been held responsible for their genocidal actions.....

  4. A small factual correction. The suggestion to study the Qur'an on Shabbat Shuvah came from my teacher Rabbi Phyllis Berman; it wasn't my idea, although the congregation which I attend did follow Berman's suggestion and studied both Qur'an and Torah during our Torah study after services on 9/11.

  5. K.A.

    That's their value system. Or lack thereof. And that explains their attitude toward Israel as well.

  6. MikeC,

    Jews are only of value as a propaganda tool, when it comes to protecting Muslims or the left. 90 percent of the rest of the time, Jews are left outside the fence.

  7. Rachel,

    Correction made. That would be the Rabbi Phyllis Berman who sits on the Rabbinical Council of J Street.

    I notice that you unsurprisingly have no comment on fundraising for a mosque with anti-semitic and homophobic materials on their website.

  8. Perhaps they can add learning the ways of Marduk or Ashtoroth to their schedule.
    I think that might be very interesting if a bit intense.

    By the way, a dog peed on my carpet one time and I could use donations to replace it for the winter. It will be getting cold soon :)

  9. Anonymous4/10/10

    Fabricated victimhood is beloved in the eyes of western liberals, otherwise how will the muslims be able to build the mosque at the Ground Zero? What amazes me is the stupid liberal Jews who have lost their vision of good and evil completely and support them.Barenblat motek, you better give money to the 6 ORPHAN Jews who have to face life, please all of you who read this donate, its important, a few dollars from everyone and look what this stupid woman achieved, a thousand dollars for the killers.
    Interesting that every time there is a terror attack on Jews by muslims and killed, the attackers are portrayed by the media or police as imbalanced, mentally ill "citizens", no hate crime there. One more thing, isn't Omar a muslim name?

  10. They give money to those they feel an emotional connection with. That they feel that connection with those who hate and kill Jews, says quite a bit about them.

    Omar is an Arab name, but some Arabic names are not uncommon in Latin America. I don't know his religion, Latinos have a high rate of conversion to Islam lately, but it's entirely likely that he was non-Muslim.

  11. Anonymous4/10/10

    The thing about the 'Islamophobia' epidemic that is supposedly plaguing the US and the occasional European country that stands up to Islamicization, is that it is so easy to disprove. The narrative of Islamophobia in the States, goes something like this 'following 9-11, Americans became too stupid to distinguish their Muslim neighbors from al-Qaeda militants, and Muslims have been a persecuted minority ever since.' I'll pass over the fact that most Americans are wary of Islam because of the threat it poses to both our security and our freedom of expression, and not because of 9-11and get to the criminology data. The fact of the matter is, following 9-11, hate crimes against Muslims rose to 200/250 for the year 2001, then dropped to about 150/year, where it has remained ever since. Meanwhile, antisemitic hate crime dominates all others--2/3s of all reliigon based hate crime is against Jews, and 10% of all hate crime is against Jews. Even in 2001, Jews were 5 times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime than Muslims. If the US isn't an antisemitic country (and suggesting that it is would warrant protests about ''Jews and their persecution complex'' from the same whiny liberals that mourn the "Islamophobia epidemic''), then it certainly is not an Islamophobic one! The lack of hate crimes alone is probably why proponents of the 'Islamophobia epidemic' are reduced to calling stupid, druken behaivor 'hate crimes.'

    The myth of Islamophobia doesn't come from concern for persecuted Muslims in the West. It comes because, although Westerners still refuse to grasp how Muslim culture works, Muslims know very well how Western minds turn. Westerners have a knee-jerk reaction to fight for the underdog. Even when the underdog isn't fighting against oppression, and starts the fight in the first place. And most Westerners who have a knee-jerk reaction against 'Islamophobia' in the West will support Islamic expansion and oppression of other groups throught the world. Does one have to be a mindreader to understand what side the average liberal mourning "Islamophobia' takes on Israel, Kashmir, Nigeria, exc?

  12. Rachel,

    No disrespect to your rabbi but it seems odd studying the quran and Torah. Unless there's some Halacha about knowing your enemy as a form of defeating an enemy of the Jewish people, but IMO the Torah and most likely the Talmud have more than enough examples on how to defeat our enemies militarily and otherwise.

    I am confused but again, I don't know her rationale and don't understand it. Crazy but when I think of the Torah I kept an image of pure white snow. The Quran? Those black, vapor like demons in the movie Ghost.

  13. It is almost criminal that outstanding writing like this by Daniel is restricted to the margins of the blogosphere while an army of 'expert analysts' and 'opinion formers' continue to spout their ignorant (and very poorly written) rubbish in the main stream media. It is about time that your writing was exposed to a much bigger audience.

    Interesting to see the pathetic comment from Rachel Barenblat. It is a shame that she was unable or unwilling to address any of the points raised in the article.

  14. Just a thought that came to mind as I re-read this: Muslims do have values. They value violence, deception, domination, oppression, death.

    What they lack are virtues. A Jewish friend taught me the difference between values and virtues.

    I don't know. We say the Vidui prayer and confess to every sin you can imagine, even though we may not be guilty of them, or at least all of them.

    The same sins a lot of Muslims are guilty of and try to justify, or the Quran condones.

  15. her "Rabbi" works with J Street, a radical anti-Israel organization funded by George Soros

  16. Edgar, what can she really say? The left has trained itself to ignore all hate and bigotry from the Muslim side. And similarly all suffering from the Jewish side.

    They don't want to hear it... so they don't.

  17. I keep thinking about the Jewish orphans and the lyrics to the Teresa James song came to mind. It's heartbreaking but maybe by sharing it will change the views of others.

    "There's Always Evil That Hides In This World

    And Then The Evil Is Taught By The Silence Of Good Men

    Silence Is Golden Or That's What They Say.

    So Good Men Stand Silent And All Of Us Betrayed.

    Always Impartial, Just Watching From The Side.

    Careful To Cover The Fears That They Might Hide.

    Don't Have To Tell Lies Or Reach A Helping Hand.

    But Their Silence Speaks Across The Holy Land."

    Sorry for the caps on every word, I cut and pasted it.

    Those lyrics and the song just seem so appropriate for your article. I was deeply moved by it.

  18. Lemon,
    I mentioned your carpet problem to a bunch of mainstream media organizations. Sorry, NO donations for you yet.
    I did obtain replies from a few sources (by *gently pinning them between my vehicle and a solid wall) and they all said that your carpet is just waaay too large! That dog never would've had to piss on it if there was anywhere else to go, and apparently what you did was very cruel.
    Someone even reported my report to PETA.
    By next week, the bladder-tortured pup will be videoed on a vast expanse of your inescapable carpet, having collapsed from exhaustion. The abject picture of dog misery is 100% indisputable, as re-enactments go. They plan to televise this Nationally. I'm not sure if Sarah McLaughlin will be singing in the background, but I'm stockpiling kleenex.
    A Fund is being set up called "End Lemon's Carpet Occupation!!" (Donations go toward the Victims' Veterinary Care, Hiring LifeTime Walkers, Legal eviction proceedings against you and for the demolishment of your house, so more suitable quarters can be built for the dog).
    MAYBE if you show a good faith gesture, and cut your own carpet area down to a tiny square so the dog can piss everywhere else in the house, a compromise could be negotiated. Supplying a layer of dirt all around might also be more inviting to the dog.

  19. I see, so they will be putting the squeeze on Lemon!!

  20. Maybe its me but when I read about a drunk urinating on a Mosque and Prayer rugs my first thought was it is about time, why didn't anyone do it sober?

  21. Linked to this article from 2.0: The Blogmocracy. Anyone who cares about their future needs to stop supporting dhimmi clergy or dhimmi organizations with their contributions.

    The Velveteen Rabbi? What an asinine name, what a trivialization of everything. The Velveteen Rabbit was an obnoxiously saccharine children's book to begin with. Blecch!

  22. Thanks. Considering that she links herself to Waskow,


    there's no religion there. This is left wing radicalism with rabbinical titles wrapped around it.

  23. Wonder if Rachel will go so far to identify with Muslims by cutting off her own clitoris. The ultimate gift, right?

    Have so many people got a deathwish? To not directly challenge a Muslim lunatic is one thing, becasue they are scary. But to actively make an effort to sleaze up to these people?

    What the...?

  24. A radio announcer just mentioned the words "praying Muslims".
    In light of this article i heard it as "preying Muslims".

    I think my verse is currently more accurate.

  25. it's a question of why they identify with evil

  26. yeah it is true. but we need to check all perspectives. in all orders


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