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An Inoffensive Mosque and an Offensive Kindergarten

If you believe the newspapers, a kindergarten in a town built by Jewish refugees from Yemen is about to doom all hopes for peace in the Middle East. Forget the fact that there was never any peace long before a few dozen Jews who fled Yemen built themselves a small town where they could raise their families, without being murdered for their faith or driven into ghettos-- as is the fate of the last remaining Jews of Yemen. Forget a thousand years of Muslim bigotry, which time and time again have exploded into orgies of violence, pogroms of hate and terrorist atrocities. No, it is the kindergarten at Kiryat Netafim that is at fault here.

The very same headline scribblers who chastised Americans as hopelessly racist, for not wanting a mosque to be built where thousands of people had been murdered in the name of Islam, are united in denouncing the terrible evil of this kindergarten. If it were not for this kindergarten, doves would be flying overhead with olive branches. And everyone would be dancing and singing "Kumbaya." If it weren't for that specter of that terrible kindergarten ruining it all.

There is of course no objection to Muslims building things anywhere they want. Oil money from the gulf states is pouring in to finance Muslim construction without a word from the White House. While Jewish homes, barns and kindergartens are denounced as "obstacles to peace", Muslim construction is not even a topic of discussion. The underlying bias behind this attitude is rather blatant. A Jewish home is illegitimate. A Muslim home is unquestionably legitimate. Just as a mosque near Ground Zero gets wrapped up in the flag, and a church gets tossed aside. The rights and wrongs always manage to come up star and crescent for Muslims, and snake eyes for everyone else.

Through that distorted lens, a kindergarten can become a threat to peace and a mosque at Ground Zero, an act of tolerance.

So the US State Department announced that it was "disappointed". The British Foreign Minister topped that by announcing that he was "very disappointed". Not just disappointed, very disappointed. Moscow is reportedly "concerned". Sarkozy stated that the construction must stop and invited everyone to a summit in Paris to talk about it, a proposal that seems to have more to do with helping promote tourism and his own popularity, than with peace. Ireland's extremist Foreign Minister, Micheál Martin, who had already pandered to Castro and Hamas, used his UN speech to berate Israel. Baroness Ashton of the EU, who often makes Martin look like a moderate, announced that she "strongly regrets" Israel's decision to allow people who happen to be Jewish to build kindergartens for their children.

But will there be peace if Jewish families in Kiryat Netafim are deprived of a kindergarten? A brief history of the last thousand years, or even the last seventeen years during which Israel has bent over backward to a coalition of terrorist groups run by Yasser Arafat, would suggest otherwise. The media assures us that the fate of peace hangs on negotiations with the illegitimate leader of a declining terrorist group who doesn't even control Gaza anymore. Negotiations which Mahmoud Abbas, Arafat's successor, has already turned into a farce by refusing to even recognize Israel as the Jewish state.

While Israelis continue to be murdered by terrorists, the Obama Administration and its media lackeys insist that the real barrier to peace is at the kindergarten. But yet with no kindergartens under the settlement freeze, there was still no peace. There were hardly even any negotiations.

Israel's Druze-Arab Deputy Minister, Ayoob Kara, put it bluntly; "The game in the Middle East is strong. Kill or be killed." The Obama Administration and the European Union have been insisting that Israelis should allow themselves to be killed, rather than kill. To concede on everywhere in the hopes that if Israel humiliates itself enough, then its Muslim enemies will finally feel good enough about themselves to make a lasting peace. That was Kissinger's strategy in the 70's, which cost thousands of lives and nearly destroyed Israel. And it has been the theme of the latest stage of the "Peace Process."

That is why there can never be any serious talk of "Peace for Peace". It isn't a matter of meeting around a table, shaking hands and deciding to make war no more. No, the poor bruised Muslim ego must be soothed at the expense of the infidels.

For Muslims to be able to live in peace with non-Muslims, they must be able to assert their sense of superiority, to put their boot on the infidel's neck, claim the traditional privileges of a racist and bigoted majority, ruling over irritating minorities who must be taught their place. Otherwise they will pout and whine, and declare Fatwas and Jihads, give their support to terrorist groups promising them a brand new Caliphate and anything else that will nurture their sense of grievance at the loss of their former status.

So there must be a mosque erected at Ground Zero, and NASA's chief mission must be to make Muslims feel good about their scientific accomplishments. And Israel must stop building homes in a part of Jerusalem, from which invading Muslim armies ethnically cleansed Jews, only a few years after the Holocaust. Europeans must be forbidden from eating during Ramadan and 9/11 memorials must incorporate Muslim themes. We ban burning the Koran and censor cartoons that offend Muslims, the only religion to receive such privileges. And when all that groveling is said and done, will there be peace?

In a pig's eye.

Israel achieved its peace treaties through war. Had it not shown that it could defend itself, endure the worst that the Arab Socialist dictatorships could throw at it, and still survive-- then there would have never been any peace treaties to sign. That is why the Cold Peace with Egypt and Jordan holds, while the Peace Process with the PLO has failed badly. Israel almost defeated terrorism, but it gave into it in the end. And that was a fatal mistake.

It was not goodwill or a trickle of the milk of human kindness that brought Sadat to Jerusalem, but the recognition that further war was a doomed course. That understanding has never trickled down to the average Egyptian, which is why the peace remains only a Cold Peace. Regime change will send it tumbling down, in Egypt and in Jordan. Because until the average Arab Muslim matures enough to set aside his arrogant sense of superiority over the non-Arab and the non-Muslim, there can be no peace.

Pandering to people who want to kill you, only wins you a place at their feet. At best. The spot of the Dhimmi, the house slave and the serf. It does not bring peace, only the peace of submission that Mohammed offered to the Jews of his day, before exterminating and enslaving them anyway. That is the way business has been done in the desert long before Mohammed. It is likely the way business will be done there long after the sands have buried Mecca over, as they have buried over so many ancient cities amid the dunes.

Western diplomats know enough of the Muslim mind to pander to it. To soothe it with deep bows and kowtows. With flattery and praise. But rather than soothing it, such antics only feed the worst of it.

Whatever small hope for peace there ever was, went into the rubbish basket of history, once the pandering began, and it was clear that Muslim terrorists would never be held accountable for anything they did. Similarly once American troops stopped being the goliaths in the helicopters raining down death on Taliban and Republican Guard alike, and became smiling faces eager to help rebuild, the tables were turned. Muslims once again felt themselves to be superior to the vulnerable infidels. And the violence really took off.

When we measure offense not by the deed, but by the need to appease the violent tempers of murderers, then what we have is not the basis for peace, but the terms of surrender. Muslims who have grown too used to a history in which they were the rulers, the enslavers and the conquerors, must adapt to a history in which they are not the master race, but only another group in a large global tapestry of them. If they cannot do so, then the war and the violence that they habitually spawn will continue.

We can blame the cartoonists, the kindergartens and anything else that offends the Muslim ego-- but that will not bring peace. Only when we place the responsibility on Muslims to embrace change and abandon hate, can there ever be peace.


  1. The world will soon be in for a big surprise.
    Only Israel lives forever and the time is coming when the nations will answer for their hatred and deceit.

  2. I am at total loss for words. Just shaking my head over this...

  3. Anonymous29/9/10

    This blog needs front page news EVERYWHERE!

  4. Shiloh29/9/10

    Lemon, you are correct, but are both you and Daniel still planted firmly in the galut? Whyyyyyyyy?? The judgement day for them is close at hand, and G-d forbid for Jews to be in the galut when "it" hits the fan.

    Daniel, it's supposed to happen this way. They are becoming so arrogant, it's bad here in Israel too. Their behavior is a signal that it's almost finished. Hang on for the ride.

    Hope you had a wonderful sukkot.


  5. It's unfortunate that not everybody can see what's happening right in front of them, so out in the open. Is it denial? Are people on the left really this ignorant? Well written Daniel, and really to the point.

    Unfortunately I fear things will get far worse before they get better.

  6. Shiloh, unless you've been given the gift of nevuah, please don't deliver prophecies. No one knows what will happen or when it will happen but Hashem.

  7. Anonymous29/9/10

    The religio-somatic need for superiority by Islamists is only matched in absurdity by the false beliefs of Western dhimmis (leftists, church do-gooders, socialist millionaires and billionaires, an ersatz Muslim administration, academics looking for ME funding, reform socialist rabbis, etc) that it is their superiority and the arrogance of their Western culture (and, of course, the military- industrial complex) causing all the rifts between the good “poor” Muslims and the evil people of the West.

    It is always our policies that are in question, never their rabid and violent actions, set out and codified in unchangeable texts, which work against peace and harmony.

    Israel, too, falls into the trap of thinking that their superior society (which it is when compared against any Islamic society) is secure enough to appease and placate the Muslims because, in the end, and so they believe, they will win and come out on top.

    Not so and unless people start to treat Muslims like all the other people in the world – badly when they get out of line and kindly when they behave, then we are in for more surprises because in time they will use the advantage that we give them to destroy us – and no sense of superiority is a good substitute for real superiority that comes with understanding ones enemy and being able to name and identify that enemy (without feeling that one’s superiority allows ample charity to feed that enemy ad infinitum).

  8. Shiloh3/10/10

    Daniel, did not mean to hit a nerve with you. Wearing a black kippah and ignoring the fact that one belongs in Israel is the utter most forms of hypocrisy. Of course no one knows the day, but we sure have clues that even the author of this blog is screaming of. I love it when we ignore our own warnings. Guess history repeats itself when we ignored the warnings of the shoah. Have a wonderful week.

  9. the warnings are just as sharp in israel as they are here

  10. Daniel,

    You just topped my top 10 list of realistic (non-fiction), conservatives writers. (Mark Stein, Charles Krauthammer and Ann Coulter are # 2, 3, and 4 on that list.)

    Mazol Tov!

    If it was up to me, your articles would be featured all over the web and as editorials in the most popular newspapers of the world.


  11. @ Shiloh
    "Wearing a black kippah and ignoring the fact that one belongs in Israel is the utter most forms of hypocrisy."

    Come again? Would you please repeat the above to All the Tzadikim, past and present, who lived in Golus while praying 3 times a day: Vl'Yerushalyim Ircha Brachamim Tashuv?!


    We all know where we belong, But it's up to Hashem to perform the וקרב פזורנו מבין הגוים ונפוצותינו כנס מירכתי ארץ, Or do you emit that verse from your prayers?

    May we all be זוכה to that day במהרה בימינו אמן.

    Btw, One should write "uttermost form of hypocrisy", instead of "utter most forms of hypocrisy."

  12. Abe,

    thanks that's high praise and good company to be in

    it is obviously a mitzvah to move to Eretz Yisrael and live there, what I object is people urging Aliyah by claiming that the end of days is here and everyone outside the country will suffer

    If you read the neviim, it's far from all that clear that it's a place of safety, but that's not the issue

    You can't predict the ketz or claim that we're in it now. Great people have made that mistake before.


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