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Friday Afternoon Roundup - All Hail the Czar of Vacations

Summer is the season when politicians flee Washington D.C.'s insufferable temperatures. And so while the rats remain behind, the politicians flee elsewhere. That means of course that Obama is already out the door and taking yet another vacation. While the Senate was running through the Affirmative Action/Bailout/Financial Reform package, Obama headed off for an exclusive vacation on a Maine island. Naturally this will inconvenience people...

Maine parks officials want to remind residents and tourists Acadia National Park will remain open during President Barack Obama’s visit but there could be delays and detours...

Park Superintendent Sheridan Steele says visitors should expect delays and detours without warning while Obama is around. Steele says it’s best to visit the park before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m., when it’s usually quieter.

...or not at all

There have been some suggestions that Obama should take a vacation in the gulf, but the Prince of Chicago is not big on working vacations.

As president, Bill Clinton always wanted to take summer vacations on ritzy Martha's Vineyard. But instead he headed west because then pal and pollster Dick Morris said it would boost his slumping re-election polls. Clinton shifted to Jackson Hole, Wyo., adopting a rugged Rockies image.

"I polled to convince Clinton to go to Jackson Hole and the Rockies on his vacation rather than to the Vineyard," says Morris, who was Clinton's secret adviser during his first term before the split. "The public was sick of the photos of his hobnobbing with celebrities and cruising on their yachts and the polling showed that they would rather see their president camping in the Rockies. So he went for two vacations--1995 and 1996--and hated it but it helped his polling."


Gulf officials think that Obama, who is off to Maine this weekend for a short pre-vacation before a longer one likely in Martha's Vineyard, would help them with their sales bid to the rest of the nation. They say pictures of Obama and his family, beamed around the world through the huge White House press corps, would be much better than his brief visits to the oil spill site and meeting with local residents. Instead, a vacation would prove that the beaches are open for business.

Except Obama doesn't give a damn about Gulf tourism, not unless they kick over a few million his way. He didn't get this far, so he'd have to actually work hard. And he's not interested in spending time with people he can't stand, he'd rather be with the elite at Martha's Vineyard.

Michelle Obama herself told people to vacation in the Gulf, but continuing the Marie Antoinette act, she will be headed off to Martha's Vineyard instead.

But who can begrudge Obama his vacation. It's not as if he's goofing off while there's a major national crisis in progress. Okay, okay, so he's goofing off while there's a major national crisis. But at least he's not goofing off while there are two major national crises. Okay, he's goofing off while there are two major national crises... but at least this is the first time...

It's not as if Obama is vacationing for the third time during the Gulf crisis. Oh umm... yes that's exactly what he's doing.

But as we've been told, we're lucky that he's vacation because it makes him refreshed. You see ordinary people can do their jobs without taking constant vacations every 5 minutes. I mean people in completely meaningless occupations like air traffic controllers, EMT technicians, soldiers fighting and dying on the front lines... but we can't expect Prince Barry to live like the muck. And so while American soldiers keep dying, the Gulf is a disaster area... Obama will be living the good life on Martha's Vineyard.

“I’m not going to rest or be satisfied until the leak is stopped at the source, the oil in the Gulf is contained and cleaned up, and the people in the Gulf are able to go back to their lives and their livelihoods.”

Cue laugh track. I mean it was a joke, wasn't it?

Meanwhile Senate Democrats are holding a fundraiser in the Gulf, oh who am I kidding, they're holding a fundraiser on Martha's Vineyard.

And if you've got a mere 30,400 dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you too can meet up and talk Twilight with Senator Amy Klobuchar or ask Senator Mary Landrieu whether leaving behind the Gulf to spend time in Martha's Vineyard is a great message to send to her constituents.

And plus as a bonus, and just in time for the Blago trial, Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias will be there too. Considering that Blagojevich's lawyers have subpoenaed him, it's understandable why he would rather be in Martha's Vineyard than in Chicago right now. This after cash desperation made Alexi Giannoulias hungry enough to do some ambulance chasing across the border by fundraising at a trial lawyers convention in Canada. Harry Reid and Robin Carnahan will also be pigging out on that sweet Canadian trial lawyer money.

But really who can blame them. You'd basically have to be a foreign trial lawyer to even consider donating to Harry Reid's campaign.

But to be fair, Obama has done his part, traveling to Vegas (which he once condemned) to raise money for Harry Reid at the Aria Resort & Casino. And who owns the Aria Resort & Casino? Well it's co-owned by Infinity World Development, which is a subsidiary of the government of Dubai.

So Obama was opposed to money being spent in Vegas, but is happy to be partying with Harry Reid at a casino co-owned by the government of Dubai... which is kinda, sorta tied up with Al Queda

MR. FIELDING: Yeah. Well, I would appreciate that on behalf of the Commission if you could do that because it seemed that this -- when the intelligence was so good, and that by the time the camp was dismantled days and days had passed.

So I would appreciate --

MR. TENET: There's also a question, I believe, as to whether bin Ladin was inside or outside the camp --

MR. FIELDING: Of course.

MR. TENET: -- it was a complicating issue in this whole thing -- and whether he was there or not. So there's a second complicating factor here.

The third complicating factor here is, you might have wiped out half the royal family in the UAE in the process, which I'm sure entered into everybody's calculation in all this.

But in any event, I would like -- I will try and reconstruct the data as best I can, in terms of what I had in my possession at the time.

That was testimony from the head of the CIA.

So to recap, Obama went to a casino co-owned by a terrorist allied regime to fundraise for Harry Reid, before heading off to vacation on a Maine island and Martha's Vineyard.

2012 really can't come soon enough. But at least we finally have a title for Obama, since the one he's currently using clearly doesn't belong to him. Czar of Vacations. It has quite a ring to it.

All Hail the Czar of Vacations.

Not just for Obama and Reid, but for the whole damn bunch of them. For Sheila Jackson Lee, who can't tell apart Vietnam and Korea, now that might not be so bad... if Sheila Jackson Lee didn't sit on the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, which she probably thinks investigates inappropriate relationships between foreign leaders.

All the Democrats who were constantly mocking Bush and Palin, will ignore a Congresswoman who sits on the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and yet can't tell apart Vietnam from Korea.

Mind you, not being able to tell one country from another, has not stopped Sheila Jackson Lee from belonging to the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Affairs, the Congressional French Caucus, the Congressional Pakistan Caucus, the Friends of Norway Caucus, the Songwriters Caucus and the Out of Iraq Caucus... just don't ask her to find Iraq on a map.

Again to be fair, Sheila Jackson Lee probably isn't the worst embarrassment on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. But that's also because it includes the likes of William Delahunt (retired), Lynn Woolsey, Barbara Lee, Keith Ellison, Ron Paul and an observer from American Samoa, which no doubt has major foreign policy interests of its own.

2012? Let's try 2010.

Meanwhile the NAACP is condemning the Tea Party movement for racism. Of course to the NAACP anyone who isn't in favor of socialism is a racist. Because socialism is social justice, and anyone opposing social justice must be a racist.

Of course the NAACP which welcomed in racist supremacist Louis Farrakhan can't possibly be racist.

The NAACP welcomed in a man who said, "White people are potential humans…they haven’t evolved yet."

Why would Farrakhan say this? Because it's part of the theology of the Nation of Islam that white people are the children of a lesser god, created by a mad scientist whom they associate with the biblical Jacob. That is Jews.

There will be more, much more on this on Sunday.

Continuing the roundup, mine is the Non-Council winning post in the Watcher of Weasels Council, thanks guys.

Paul has an extensive reply to one of my articles up at In Search of the Last Straw

At Seraphic Secret, Robert takes on Democratic Race Hustlers Gone Wild... the California edition.
Look, Obama spent over twenty years as a faithful member of an openly racist, Marxist, Jew-hating church.

Attorney General Eric Holder—every time I see him I wonder how Oprah's boy-toy Stedman got the job—is the man who claimed that “Americans are cowards when it comes to race.”

And now the NAACP has condemned the Tea Party as racist.

The NAACP, in case you've been asleep for twenty years, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

Why would anyone expect anything else from this White House and the Democrats?

The attached video to the article is a must-see

I generally have a policy about linking to Haaretz, but in this case I'm making an exception for a disturbing article that shows the fate of the Jews in Sweden, but also highlights what the fate of the Swedes themselves will be soon enough.

Sweden, a country long regarded as a model of tolerance, has, ironically, been a refuge for Eilenberg’s family. His paternal grandparents found a home in Malmo in 1945 after surviving the Holocaust. His wife’s parents came to Malmo from Poland in 1968 after the communist government there launched an anti-Semitic purge.

But as in many other cities across Europe, a rapidly growing Muslim population living in segregated conditions that seem to breed alienation has mixed toxically with the anger directed at Israeli policies and actions by those Muslims — and by many non-Muslims — to all but transform the lives of local Jews. Like many of their counterparts in other European cities, the Jews of Malmo report being subjected increasingly to threats, intimidation and actual violence as stand-ins for Israel.


Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, with a population of roughly 293,900 but only 760 Jews, reached a turning point of sorts in January 2009, during Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. A small, mostly Jewish group held a demonstration that was billed as a peace rally but seen as a sign of support for Israel. This peaceful demonstration was cut short when the demonstrators were attacked by a much larger screaming mob of Muslims and Swedish leftists who threw bottles and firecrackers at them as police seemed unable to stop the mounting mayhem.


In Malmo, this population’s role in the problem is seen as significant. Most of Malmo’s Muslims live in Rosengard, the eastern part of this de facto segregated city, where the jobless rate is 80%. Satellite dishes dot the high-rise apartments to receive programming from Al-Jazeera and other Arabic-language cable networks that keep Malmo’s Muslims in constant touch with the latest Arab-Israeli developments.


But Per Gudmundson, chief editorial writer for Svenska Dagbladet, a leading Swedish newspaper, is critical of politicians who blame anti-Semitic actions on Muslim living conditions. He said that these politicians offer “weak excuses” for Muslim teenagers accused of anti-Semitic crimes. “Politicians say these kids are poor and oppressed, and we have made them hate. They are, in effect, saying the behavior of these kids is in some way our fault,” he said.

According to Gudmundson, some immigrants from Muslim countries come to Sweden as hardened anti-Semites.

The plight of the Jews worries Annelie Enochson, a Christian Democrat member of the Swedish Parliament. “If the Jews feel threatened in Sweden, then I am very frightened about the future of my country,” she said in an interview with the Forward.


Because he is the most visible Jew in Malmo, with his black fedora, tzitzit and long beard, Malmo’s only rabbi, Shneur Kesselman, 31, is a prime target for Muslim anti-Jewish sentiment. The Orthodox Chabad rabbi said that during his six years in the city, he has been the victim of more than 50 anti-Semitic incidents. An American, Kesselman is a soft spoken man with a steely determination to stay in Malmo despite the danger.

Two members of the American Embassy in Stockholm visited him in April to discuss his safety. From Keselman’s account, they had good reason to worry.

The rabbi recalled the day he was crossing a street near his house with his wife when a car suddenly went into reverse and sped backward toward them. They dodged the vehicle and barely made it to the other side of the street. “My wife was screaming,” the rabbi said. “It was a traumatic event.”

Local newspapers report that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in Malmo doubled in 2009 from 2008, though police could not confirm this. Meanwhile, Fredrik Sieradzki, spokesman for the Malmo Jewish community, estimates that the already small Jewish population is shrinking by 5% a year. “Malmo is a place to move away from,” he said, citing anti-Semitism as the primary reason. “The community was twice as large two decades ago.” The synagogue on Foreningsgatan, a fashionable street, has elaborate security. Reflecting the level of fear, the building’s glass is not just bullet-proof, Jewish communal officials say; it’s rocket-proof.

Some Jewish parents try to protect their children by moving to neighborhoods where there are fewer Muslims in the schools so that confrontations will be minimized. Six Jewish teenagers interviewed recounted anti-Semitic abuse from Muslim classmates. According to their families, though the incidents were reported to the authorities, none of the perpetrators was arrested, much less punished.


Members of Parliament have attended anti-Israel rallies where the Israeli flag was burned while the flags of Hamas and Hezbollah were waved, and the rhetoric was often anti-Semitic—not just anti-Israel.


“Sweden is a microcosm of contemporary anti-Semitism,” said Charles Small, director of the Yale University Initiative for the Study of Anti-Semitism. “It’s a form of acquiescence to radical Islam, which is diametrically opposed to everything Sweden stands for.”


Interviewed at Malmo’s city hall, Lagerback acknowledged an “awful situation” in Rosengard, where fire trucks and ambulances are often stoned by angry Muslim youth when the emergency vehicles go there. But like the imam, he hastened to add that those engaging in violence were a small number of young people. He attributed such behavior to living conditions of poverty, overcrowding and unemployment, as well as to cultural differences.

Swedish experts agree that integration of Muslims into Swedish society has failed, and this undermines the development of a more diverse society. Many pupils in heavily Muslim schools reject the authority of female teachers.


Meanwhile, 86-year-old Judith Popinski says she is no longer invited to schools that have a large Muslim presence to tell her story of surviving the Holocaust.

Popinski found refuge in Malmo in 1945. Until recently, she told her story in Malmo schools as part of their Holocaust studies program. Now, some schools no longer ask Holocaust survivors to tell their stories, because Muslim students treat them with such disrespect, either ignoring the speakers or walking out of the class.

“Malmo reminds me of the anti-Semitism I felt as a child in Poland before the war,” she told the Forward while sitting in her living room, which is adorned with Persian rugs and many paintings.

“I am not safe as a Jew in Sweden anymore,” a trembling Popinski said in a frail voice. But unlike others, she intends to stay in Sweden. “I will not be a victim again,” she said.

First the canary. Then the coal miners.

Final comment from the site...

In 30 years Swedes will be fleeing to Israel


Seeking refugee from the Sharia law and mob rule by Muslims.

Meanwhile in Israel, the Jewish section of Shabak just got punked, when Haim Pearlman, the man they tried to set up as a murderous "Right Wing Extremist" was instead videotaping them. Naturally Shabak retaliated by terrorizing his family, but this isn't exactly the first time the Jewish Section has pulled such a stunt. And that goes right back to Avishai Raviv. Meanwhile the release of the videos is encouraging the anti-Israel left to begin claiming that Shabak actually uses civilians to carry out attacks on Arabs-- and so while staging a case in order to show how dedicated it is to fighting against Jewish "extremism", Shabak has instead tangled itself in the very accusations it was hoping to direct at Pearlman.

Not too long ago, Shabak tried this with Yaakov Teitel, charging him with pretty much every unsolved crime on the books, though as it turned out he was mentally ill, and he couldn't physically have committed most of the attacks he was charged with. The case was buried once it began to fall apart, and Teitel was ruled unfit to stand trial, and instead hospitalized. Though whether he was that way to start with, is open to debate. Meanwhile Muslims and Messianic missionaries accused Israel of leniency in the case because Teitel was Jewish, when the authorities were actually covering up the fact that the entire case against Teitel was a tissue of lies.

Haim Pearlman though isn't mentally ill. And he realized exactly what he was being set up for. So he recorded the setup, and Shabak comes out looking stupid. Again.

Continuing the roundup, Yishai Fleischer of Artuz 7 will be coming to America on a speaking tour, titled Eye on Zion.

AFSI will be holding an event to commemorate the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif on Sunday at Ohav Zedek in New York, at 7 PM, 118 W. 95TH ST.

In LA, Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors will be featuring Caroline Glick on the 21st, you will need to RSVP on their site

A final interesting note on how different history might have been, had anyone listened to Jabotinsky.

British colonel's diary reveals how Revisionist Zionist leader planned to murder Nazi tyrant

In December 1939, four months after the beginning of World War II, Zionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky paid a visit to a retired 61-year-old British colonel.

The colonel, Richard Henry Meinertzhagen, served as an advisor at the War Office in London and knew Jabotinsky from his service in the British army in the Land of Israel after the Ottoman era in 1918.

The colonel documented his conversation with the Zionist leader in his private diary, which was published in London in 1959 as a book titled, "Middle East Diary, 1917-1956." Here is a short segment from the conversation:

Jabotinsky: I have brought a plan to bomb Hitler and the entire Nazi leadership.

Meinertzhagen: An ambitious plot.

Jabotinsky: An attainable one.

Meinertzhagen: Do elaborate.

Jabotinsky: A number of high-ranking Nazis in Munich must be assassinated. Their funeral will require the arrival of their senior comrades, including Hitler. Bombs containing 100 kilograms of explosives will be concealed in one of the coffins. As all the Nazis gather around the grave, 100 kilograms of bombs will explode and they'll all move on to the next world.

Meinertzhagen: Who will activate the bomb system?

Jabotinsky: The Jewish gravedigger in Munich. He's a friend of mine.

The colonel, who was impressed by the plan, presented it to the Foreign Office in London. He concluded this chapter in one short line in his diary: The Foreign Office frowned and the Nazis were saved.

Jabotinsky had been one of the few to accurately predict the Holocaust. He was apparently one of the few to try and stop it from taking place. Looking around at the world today, it is hard not to wish that we had people as farsighted as that with us now.


  1. Its his 7th or 9th vacation this year?

  2. Anonymous17/7/10

    Destroying America is stressful, Lemon.

    BTW, did you guys see "Michelle Obama’s Rather Odd Choice of Attire to Visit Gulf Oil Spill Victims…"



  3. Anonymous17/7/10

    What exactly, does a Revisionist Zionist believe? I've never read, nor heard of, that form of Zionism.


  4. Anonymous17/7/10

    Holidays are meant to refresh you so that you work more efficiently. Hmmm.

    It's the rare Jew who goes round murdering people and generally is dragged over the coals for it, yet when muslims or their sympathisers/encouragers do (think flotillas) there's always an excuse or turning of murder into 'honour killing' or 'self-defence' even when blatantly offensive. And this is awful to say, but if I'm dead honest, the daily dead body counts in Islamic lands by Islamikazes doesn't even register with me now, I take it as 'normal' wherever there are majority Muslims.

    As far as history repeating itself, the UK is still stupid - it isn't too hard to see that wherever islam has gone the indigenous people lose their culture, a series of dictators are installed with no govt. as Sharia is the law - it's different to all the beasts that have been before it. There is enough written about text=adherent Islamic followers taking over countries who appease Islam. History certainly does rhyme.


  5. Rachel17/7/10

    Has Obama even gone 2 months without going on vacation?

    As for SJL---idiots like her are what happen when you allow for racial gerrymandering in an election system. Her district is right next to mine...can't tell you how many times I have thanked G-d that I don't live in her district.

  6. Anonymous17/7/10

    Louis Farrakhan's arrogance in this speech is truly astounding. He says that any organization that opposes his presence at this summit and pulls their support from the "worthy" NAACP will be brought down by them. He also blasts black leaders who don't tow the party line and basically accuses them of being stooges of whites harkening back to the days of slavery. You said that everyone who doesn't believe in social justice is considered racist by the NAACP. Dare I take that statement a step further by saying that everyone who is critical of the NAACP in any way shape or form is considered racist?


  7. jael,

    it's nationalist zionists, rather than socialist

  8. I don't think Michelle's top was bad.
    I think Glenn Beck was kidding around. If not , then he is going over the edge.

  9. Aside from the ruthless dictators of the world such as the Iranian president and leaders of most of the Arab world, Obama has to be the most cold and aloof of world leaders.

    The wreath toss at Ground Zero, the look on his face as if to say, "I can't wait to get this over with" as he "comforted" the families of minners who were killed.

    He's just cold. It doesn't surprise me that he does nothing but take vacations. A whiff of hedonism. Or something akin to it. Pleasure pleasure pleasure is all he cares about.

    And adoration.


    Shavua tov, Daniel:)

  10. Anonymous18/7/10

    The quote about Meinertzhagen's diary:

    "British colonel's diary reveals how Revisionist Zionist leader planned to murder Nazi tyrant"

    Are you saying it's a typo and should be Nationalist Zionist? If so, then I'm still confused as to what an NZ would believe. I understand a Zionist as one who wants an independent Israeli state. Wouldn't Nationalist just be a synonym?


  11. Revisionist Zionism is nationalist, as opposed to Labor Zionism, which was socialist

    basically think of republicans and democrats

  12. About Michelle Obama, isn't she related to a Rabbi? Obama isn't descended from slaves, but she is. Obama is essentially an upper class product, though he pretends to be one of the joe average club.

    Michelle isn't a member of an antisemitic church, though Obama was. It's interesting that the Nation of islam that Farrakan belongs to, are not considered part of islam, they're rejected as racial supremacists, by the mainstream islamic groups.

  13. Michelle Obama is related to one of the black hebrew nutters, who pals around with the likes of anti-semite Leonard Jeffries

    Islam doesn't like deviations, but Sunnis don't consider Shiites part of Islam either

  14. Is Michelle mixed up with the Black Hebrew loonies that pretty much invaded Damona? Wouldn't I love to just show up in Israel and not leave.

    From what I've read they are causing a lot of trouble in Israel.

    Bottom line--America elected a racist president. The question is, will any of his actions cause irreparable damage to the US? Or Israel?


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