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The Time for Talk is Over

The hard and fast rule is that if the terrorists can't manage to kill you with their bombs, they'll kill you at the negotiating table. If they can't even win the dirtiest war that their most perverse leaders can conceive of, they can still talk you out of a country by promising to make peace once you meet all their demands. And once they realize that they can get more by changing out of their khakis and into a nice Armani suit, and shifting the regularly scheduled bombings to days when the negotiations aren't in session-- then the real killing begins.

And so now right on schedule, the Obama Administration is feverishly looking for ways to get the Israelis and  the Fatah terrorists back to the negotiating table to create a Palestinian state. This is the sort of thing that was breaking news back in 1991. Today it's a sad and sick farce being perpetuated not in the name of peace, but in the name of appeasement. The Israeli left has staked its political fortunes on destroying the country. The European left has rediscovered the joys of openly hating Jews. The American left has discovered that with a cultural Muslim at the top, sticking the knife into one of America's closest allies just got a lot easier.

Peace is of course a good thing. Which is why you usually don't have to negotiate it. Most people naturally live at peace with each other. But when you have to spend the better part of a century negotiating peace, clearly one side isn't all that enthusiastic about peace. For the better part of the 20th century and the crumbs of the 21st , Israel's various representatives, pre and post state have been doing their best to negotiate peace. Yet oddly enough, each time war resulted. Today Israel holds a fraction of the land remaining from the Palestine Mandate, but its friendly neighborhood Muslims chorus that it's still too much. If only they had a few more miles here and there. And Jerusalem and the strategic high ground of the Golan Heights, then maybe there would be peace. Maybe. Double maybe.

Israel's critics insist that a Jewish state in the Arab Muslim Middle East is a mistake. Which it of course it is from the Muslim point of view, which insists that there can be no infidel states in the region. But isn't that a working definition of Apartheid? The critics wail over the fate of Hamas blockaded Gaza, but not over that of Islamic blockaded Israel. Not even when the combined Arab Muslim powers of the Middle East did their best to try and push the Jewish refugees from Islam and the Holocaust into the sea.

But since they didn't succeed, as a result the conflict was prolonged. Which is a fancy way of saying, "Those Damned Jews Are Still Around." In 1948, quite a lot were hoping that the matter would be settled once and for all. They were hoping that again in 1967. They were crossing their fingers for it in 1973. Their frustration has reached a boiling point in 2010. And it's not hard to see why. They've armed terrorists and placed them inside Israel's borders. They've encouraged the terrorists to run wild, to kill and bomb. And they made sure to restrain Israel from responding. They've orchestrated phony negotiations in which Israel has turned over land and gotten bodies back in return. And yet still Israel lives.

You can see the hysteria, the undistilled rabid hatred at anti-war rallies in major cities across the world where signs that would have made Goebbels blush with shame are proudly held high. The Europeans are funding radical left wing groups inside Israel that urge soldiers to desert, that assault Jewish farmers and destroy their crops. The Russians are rushing nuclear technology to Ahmadinejad, hoping that he can finish the job that their proxies tackled in 1967 and 1973 to no avail. The Palestinian myth was a Moscow project after all, and the current regime of KGB thugs and their business partners have a certain desire to get the whole thing over with already. And Obama holds his chin high and assails those damned Jews for having houses in Jerusalem. How dare they? Don't they know that Barack Hussein Obama learned all about Mohammed's night journey to Jerusalem on a flying horse when he was but a wee tyke.

And with that atmosphere, the crazed howls of the bomb smashing Israeli products, the Iranians tinkering with their Russian nukes, the European diplomats slipping a few thousand shekels here and there to the bored sons of the rich to go and organize their domestic campaigns of treason, and the Obama himself sniffing in outrage at that most insulting Israeli house-- the call is on to get back to the negotiating table.

What is there to negotiate. An end to terrorism? Don't be silly, not even the leftest of the left believe anymore that anything Israel does will stop the violence. At least not when they're stone cold sober. No, the negotiations will discuss the terms on which Israel will meet the demands of the Palestinian Arab terrorist group currently being backed by the "World Community". Not whether Israel will do it. Not if Israel will do it. But on what terms Israel will do it.

How much land, Israel will hand over in exchange for more bombs and killings. How much of its own capital Israel will give away, in exchange for more murders of its best and brightest. How much Israel will be permitted to empower its worst enemies, who will go on preaching Jihad against it in their schools, and handing out bomb belts like candy after a suicide bombing.

Israel's goal in the negotiations will be to try to be as reasonable as possible. Which as usual is the wrong approach. Fatah's leader, Mahmoud Abbas has already announced that he has no interest in negotiating anything with Israel, and would just like Obama to impose a solution. This is akin to opening an auction by announcing that you know the auctioneer personally and want the item for free. As the first foreign leader, Obama called after taking office, Abbas can honestly say that he knows the auctioneer, and he would like that kind gentleman to give him Israel for free.

Israel's only ongoing demand in this endless sham has been for an end to the terrorism. And not once in nearly two wretched decades, has Israel gotten even a taste of that. But when the bugler on the hill blows and cries, "Back to the Negotiating Table", it's back to the negotiating table. Back to the same humiliating face, the same murderous extravaganza of deceit and malignancy disguised as diplomacy. But perhaps it's time for a new way.

In the 90's the Israeli left argued that it was time to try something new. Peace. Now nearly a generation later, perhaps it's time to try something new again. War. The time for talk is over. If the terrorists are so determined to have war, why not finally give it to them. No, not more blockades or occasional raids. But actual war. A war to destroy the terrorist groups down to the last man. Down to the last bearded madman teaching 6 year olds the virtues of blowing themselves up while he marries an 8 year old. Down to the last pimple faced thug taking a break from molesting his sister to launch rockets at Israeli schools. Down to the last terrorist. Period.

The terrorists themselves have made the argument for why the time for talk is over. Perhaps it's time Israel finally started listening to them.

Oh for Jerusalem’s trumpet now,
To blow a blast of shattering power,
To wake the sleepers high and low,
And rouse them to the urgent hour!
No hand for vengeance—but to save,
A million naked swords should wave.

Even they who shrunk, even they who slept,
Shall leap to bless it, and to save.
Strike! for the brave revere the brave!

Emma Lazarus


  1. Shiloh10/5/10

    Solution, Nuke and Transfer!! Then we will live in peace. Hope Bibi grows some marbles soon or is he too a puppet. I should not ask if I don't want the answer, right?

  2. Here is a post from a comment thread that I'm currently having over at the Muqata - it is relevant to this discussion:

    Have you ever seen an action movie where the terrorist or villain attempts to elude his pursuer by hiding in a crowd of innocents or taking a hostage as a human shield? Have you ever noticed that the heroic pursuer will never fire through the human shield at the villain?

    Your analogy of the crowd or innocent taken by a terrorist is fine for the movies. This is not a movie. This is an enemy that has shown time and again that they will use every means available against our sense of morality. Transport fighters in a marked ambulance? Check. Fire rockets from a schoolyard populated with children? Check. Store munitions in family houses? Check. You name it and they have and will do it. So NO - I have no numerical line. We will stop when they stop. If they don't like innocents being killed, they can stop the reprehensible acts that they are committing against their own population.

    At some point you have to face reality here. Your platitudes just aren't applicable in this situation. Please don't stop your consideration here - this goes much further and you know it. This is being directed at us proxy actions by other bigger players. One of the biggest players is Iran. They have openly stated that it would be beneficial to nuke Israel, even considering that a retaliatory strike on Iran by Israel's (supposed) nuclear arsenal would destroy most of Iran in return. Why? Because there are many other Muslim countries in the world which would carry on. Your logic and morality, though fully appreciated when dealing with semi moral opponents, just does not apply here. If you are merciful to the wicked, you will end up being wicked to the merciful.

  3. Never offer an ultimatum without a willingness to follow through.

    Israel can only engage in all out war, if she is ready to accept the consequences and able to withstand those consequences.

    What would those consequences be?

    Israel would become a Pariah nation.

    I know, she already is in many ways. But this would consist of far more serious consequences than empty UN condemnations.

    Real international sanctions would be imposed. Not just Europe but China, Russia and, if that war was to occur before the US mid-term elections in Nov. even the US.

    Tremendous pressure would be brought to bear on India and other trading partners. Israel could find itself cut off from ALL foreign aid AND trade.

    Could Israel survive that level of condemnation? I don't know but before Israel's leaders walk down that path, they'd damn well better know.

  4. Mikec11/5/10

    Petronius Arbiter said

    "If you want peace, prepare for war"

    But history says:-

    If you want war, prepare for peace.

    The real question here is how the American people are going to deal with the new "civil War" being waged against them.

    Israel is a side issue, a red herring, it is the 'little' issue

    The 'big' issue is in the U.S, of A. where the people look on complacently whilst their country is taken over by a quiet revolution of the left financed by Islamic money.

    This is called 5th generation warfare.

    It is impossible to fight it whilst sticking to the 'rules' because the 'rules' are a key part of the problem. The 'rules' have become the 'two edged sword' (pilum) of the enemy, the superweapon of modern times.

    The 'rules' are meant to protect people, In assymetric warefare the 'rules' become another weapon against the victim.

    The 'Special Night Squads' under Aude Wingate broke the rules and out terrorised the terrorists, they thus laid the foundation for the victory in the War of Independance (1948)

    Learn the lessons of history....

    or DIE!

  5. Trying to bring reason to an irrational mind is futile. Attempting to engage with those of irrational minds simply advances a basic lie upon which the irrational entity capitalizes to the detriment of the rational. At that point both entities may be deemed to be irrational. The previously rational entity then derives only harm through continued engagement.

    When it comes to survival there are no rules, one simply survives or not.

    John Gargano

  6. Geoffrey, willing and able. We're not still here because of the US or the world. We're here because the creator wills it to be so. Light the fuse.

  7. Israel doesn't have to attack Iran's nuclear installations that by now are probably inconsequential for stopping Iran's acquiring nuclear weapons. Once she reaches a know how situation she can produce at will providing she has enough weapons grade fissionable material which is probably stored in down town Tehran.

    All Israel has to do is to tactically nuke a small remote oil field.

    Two messages will be sent one to Iran and Israels existential enemies: That we will use our nukes preemptively and thus hopefully return some deterrence to our tattered image in the Arab and Muslim world and the other message to the EU and America. We have the power to deny them their energy equal to the Arabs and Iranians. It's then up to them to make sure none of the Arab and Muslim nations obtain nuke capability.

    We declare a new military doctrine.
    First missile detected heading our way will automatically be replied to same source with Israels nuclear deterrent.

    We list targets automatically programed including populations rich capitals in every Arab country, every oilfield in the ME and for good old Egypt the Aswan Dam.

    For Arab terrorists we don't need Hi Tec weapons just cheap Napalm, works just fine.

    Arab Armies? nukes do fine we don't need anything from anyone to this end.

    Sanctions? We hit oil fields! America threatens? We threaten back.

    Only mad Jews have a chance of surviving not those who will commit suicide for a kind word.

  8. Anonymous12/5/10

    Right on Yamit, Right On!!!

  9. "All Israel has to do is to tactically nuke a small remote oil field."

    Right, Yamit!

    Now if only Israel and the US for that matter would acquire the guts to actually fight a war and stop worrying about dialogues and offending Muslim sensibilities.

  10. Yonatan,

    The issue my friend is not your or my willingness to 'light the fuse'.

    The issue is whether Israel and her leaders have the resolve to do so.

    Careful with the assumption that no matter what Israel does, God will protect her. God has not always protected Israel from her own folly. There is precedent for that cautionary view, the diaspora.

    In the 1st and 2nd centuries CE, God did not stop the Romans, in the aftermath of the Bar Kokhba revolt, from the destruction of the Second Temple, nor the scattering of the Jewish nation across the Roman empire.

    And if every Jew in Israel died in a nuclear holocaust, there would be millions more left.


    If I understand you correctly, you are proposing a new form of MAD.

    Again, Israel's resolve is the issue.

    I would agree that if Israel has the resolve, she can respond to UN sanctions by threatening the oil fields as credibly as the Arabs.

    I also would suggest that part of Israel's facing the truth is in accepting that it's not nation states like Iran and Syria who are the primary threats but Islamic doctrine.

    So, I would add to your policy the targeting of Mecca and Medina. Israel needs to let the Islamic world know that a nuclear attack on Israel will result in the loss of Islam's holiest sites.

  11. Blogger Geoffrey Britain said...

    "The issue is whether Israel and her leaders have the resolve to do so"

    True but my favorite President might just force our pygmy leadership to do what they otherwise wouldn't.

    Netanyahu left to his own devices is our worst enemy. He, Barak and Israel must be forced to face certain obvious realities. Israel is alone and must do what she must do.

    American Jews should be of no concern to us just as we to most of them are of no or little concern.

    American Jewry is if trends continue well on the way to self destruction, and they brought it all down on themselves. 2-3 generations puff all gone.,,,

    Back to my mad or crazy Jew theory:

    For Jews to survive we need to be respected and to be respected in this world we need to be feared.

    The Muslims fear the Russians and not the Americans because the Russian are cruel and willing to assert what power they have. America has the power but not the will to exercise it. Nobody fears America and nobody fears Israel.

    N. Korea with 5-10 nukes untested is feared and not dealt with as is pakistan and soon to go Nuclear Iran.

    Crazy states are unpredictable and thus feared and largely left alone.

    So I'm not suggesting a new form of MAD I am suggesting a MAD like in crazy, nuts, unpredictable and making one and all believe that we will if pushed use our power.

    To make the world believe us; as I said demonstrate it and Announce the near dismantlement of the IDF to a Border police force and all our assets going into Subs satellites missiles and rockets all nuclear armed and all programed automatically with predetermined announced targets.

    The world hates Jews who can fight and they fear that kind of Jew as well.

    Once we flaunt our arsenal with automatically programed targeting I think the world be take notice and we will start to see suddenly that we have some friends after-all.

    People love perceived winners and hate losers. since 67 we have been perceived a losers and there is much truth in that.

    With Hussein O's help I hope we can be forced to be what we need to be and should be: proud Jews who don't take crap from anyone not even the USA and even especially the USA.

    I haven't mentioned Hashem in this but I think our Black plague may be just what Hashem ( the doctor) ordered.

    So I love Obama!

    Yes, Mecca and Medina are at the top of my target list.

    You destroy Islam by destroying the symbols of their faith and by Jews? Proves to them that our G-d is the true G-d and theirs is false, sort of like the message Yiftach sent to Sichon. or like in samuel: "The cities of our G-d"

    A Jew who fears G-d fears no mortal man. Those who suffer for the internal and physical exile of Israel, the obverse of its lack of sovereignty, learn by suffering (aniya is in anya), grow in the attributes and titles of the messiah: majesty, mercy, and comfort which will induce and inspire the nations to bring gifts [shai loh] in joy to the restored Jewish people, to Israel.

    The sages state that there will be no son of David “until the petty government has ceased from Israel,” until the arrogant, the idol worshippers, hypocrites and idolatrous judges [gazirpatai] will disappear.” Until that happens, “distress shall come like a river.” “If you see a generation upon which numerous troubles come like a river, expect the messiah” (Sanhedrin 98a on Isaiah 59).

    Since 1993 the questions are and have been how is Israel to rid itself of idolatrous, stone-hearted judges and regimes of arrogant and petty hypocrites and worshippers of foreign gods? A war of complete independence remains to be fought. The sages state, “if the Jewish people repent they will be redeemed” and if they do not repent on their own, since the Eternal One has vowed that He will redeem them and never annul His covenant with them “He will appoint over them a king whose decrees are as Haman’s and the Jewish people then will repent” (Sanhedrin 97a).

  12. Okay. MAD is an acronym for what?

  13. mutually assured destruction, referring to the balance of nuclear power between the US and USSR

  14. Anonymous14/5/10

    Yamit33, yishar koach! This is the only way, Rav Kahana was a navi, this is why he was so much hated.


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