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Who Are the Real Infidels?

Infidel - from the latin infidelis. Fidelis, Faithful, Loyal, True. Infidelis, Unfaithful, Disloyal, Untrue.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan may have indulged himself in tirades against the "infidels", yet in fact Hasan himself was the perfect embodiment of the infidel, the unfaithful and the disloyal. Nidal Malik Hasan betrayed the country of his birth and his oath of enlistment, he plotted treachery against those to whom he owed his service, he repaid the generosity of the country that had taken in his parents and of the United States military by plotting murder against them.

Hasan, like so many other Muslim terrorists, including Bilal Abdullah, the British born Muslim doctor who carried out the 2007 Glasgow airport attack, Alaa Abu Dhein who murdered 8 students in a Jerusalem Yeshiva or Leeds born Mohammad Sidique Khan, who carried out the 7/7 bombings, proved himself the true infidel-- incapable of gratitude, loyalty or human feelings toward anyone outside his murderous ideology. These men demonstrated that being an Islamist precludes being a good citizen of any non-Muslim country, and that their spoken word and sworn oath, their professional obligations and personal connections have no worth whatsoever. Truly no creature is as worthless an infidel as the fervent Muslim who believes in no higher duty than murdering those who have refused to accept the supremacy of his religion and culture.

While the Arabic Kufr is often mistranslated as "infidel" in practice means anyone who is a non-Muslim by way of rejecting the authority of Islam and the revelation of Mohammed. To become a Muslim is as simple as reciting the Shahada, the twelve word statement by which one accepts the supremacy of Islam's deity, Allah and its prophet, Mohammed. To refuse to do so, regardless of whether you live in Bombay, Tokyo or North Dakota, marks you as a Kufr, as a rejecter of Islam's authority over all mankind.

By marking Mohammed as the last prophet to mankind, Islam makes Sharia law and the Koran uncontestable. Mankind has two choices, the same two choices that the people of the Middle East had when Mohammed's hordes poured down on them with a lust for murder and loot in their hearts, to recite the Shahada or die. When a suicide bomber detonates himself aboard an airplane or a grinning bearded terrorist slashes the throat of his unarmed captive or a grim group of Madrassa students armed with AK-47's open fire in a public square, they are following that same momentum that demands either acceptance of Islam or death.

The war against Israel, the war against Europe, America, China, India and every non-Muslim country on the globe, which has had the misfortune of being cursed with a Muslim minority, follows that same exact narrative in which Muslims wage war against it to make supreme the Koran and the religion of Mohammed. Though this war may be dressed up in class warfare rhetoric and nationalism, it is ultimately a religious war being fought by way of terror, much as Mohammed's followers originally fought it. Its mandate is religion. Its endgame is religion. And from the religion of Islam it draws its absolute supremacy over all human norms, dissolving all obligations and oaths in the name of Allah and his prophet.

Muslims consider themselves oppressed, but what of it? The armies of Nazi Germany considered themselves oppressed, even as they ground Europe under their heel. The Communist dictators in every land took power on the back of movements formed to fight oppression. Countless hundreds of millions were murdered in the name of the oppressed. Mohammed certainly considered himself oppressed, and the graveyards of the middle east are filled with the whitened bones of the men, women and children who "oppressed" him.

And so middle class doctors in the US and the UK plot murder because they are "oppressed". Oppressed by living in countries to whom they feel no loyalty, from whom they have taken everything, and which they would rather kill than leave. That dissonance between the benefits they take in and the loyalty they do not feel marks their oppression. An oppression they can only resolve through mass murder. Rather than abiding sincerely by the values of the country in which they live or leaving it, they instead demand at knifepoint, that it follow their values instead.

This is the nature of the Muslim Infidel who takes but never gives. Who swears false oaths and takes on hollow obligations, who lies easily in the name of his deity of death, who pays no heed to any laws, but his own. The genius of Mohammed lay in his dissolution of all laws in favor of his own, thereby upending all old laws, treaties and obligations. To recreate oneself all a man had to do was recite the Shahada, and he would immediately be on the right side of a new and bloody law.

The endless plaint of Muslim victimization is a cynical ploy by those who wish to rule, rather than be ruled. The Muslim in non-Muslim countries typically enjoys more freedom than he does at home. And that is his complaint. He is not free to force women to walk a pace behind him, to beat his children and murder his daughters if they disobey him, and to know that all non-Muslims are beneath his feet. And what good is freedom to him if he cannot have these things?

Tolerance humiliates the Muslim, for in his storied past it was always he who had the choice to extend tolerance to the Kufr who were his social and political inferiors. The Muslim does not wish to be tolerated, he wishes to be obeyed. He does not want his beliefs respected in a plurality of beliefs, thereby equating them with the horrid beliefs of those he despises. He wishes that Islam alone be recognized as a true and unique belief, as the one true faith for all mankind. For by recognizing this, he becomes superior through it.

The Muslim Infidel has little investment in the Constitution or any international declaration on human rights, for he does not want all men to be equal. Such a notion is absurd and offends his sense of propriety. His idea of freedom is not the freedom to co-exist, but the freedom to be superior, to take what others have and to know that he is better than them. It was of such men that Mohammed built his horde of killers, looters and rapists who turned a once thriving region into a backward morass of fear, ignorance and poverty. It is of such men that the hordes of Islamists draw from when there are throats to be cut in Asia or Africa. For there are always men who want to toss out the old rules in favor of new ones that favor them.

By embracing Islam, the Islamic Infidel wins the legal and moral right to be unfaithful, cruel, barbaric, sadistic and a thousand other things-- so long as he does them, at least putatively, in the name of Islam. There is no deity but Allah, cries the Muslim, and Mohammed is his prophet. Meaning that he has sown up the ownership of the Creator and assured the inferiority and the rightlessness of all who do not cry likewise. Cry Allah for Mohammed, and you have automatically become superior to all the Kufr. But that cry is the cry of the faithless infidel, who populates the lands of the Kufr and mimes his friendship until the day he sees his chance and his hand fumbles for his bomb belt.


  1. I'm not a student of history about the middle east; but I do try to understand what my Christian Bible has to say in the O.T.

    In Genesis 21:18 it says that God promised Hagar that He would make a great nation out of Ishmael, Abraham's first born son.

    I don't understand why, because isn't his descendants the Islamic nations today?

    Why would God bless those who worship a false, non-god?

  2. Mikec8/2/10

    Whilst islam is the symptom, the cause of the problem lies in the currnt dominance of socialist humanism in western philosophy.

    The West could crush islam in a few weeks, but the idea, eminating from Darwin and others is that man is an animal, albeit the most 'evolved' of the animals. Also that 'western' animals are 'more evolved' than eastern animals and therefore must patronize rather than punish, must 'tolerate' and 'understand' the vicissitudes of the inferior (eastern) animals.

    This is the bigotry of the 'liberal mind' and it means that we, as a society, can no longer fight for our survival.

    There is an age old solution to this kind of problem, ethnic cleansing. The British did it to the Jews of Hebron in 1929, most of the Arab world cleansed themselves of their Jewish communities in the early 50's. But when the Serbs (westerners) try to claim back Kosovo from KLA terrorists (easterners), we bomb them.....

    What an utterly senseless and pagan world we live in.

  3. brainwashed zombies of the islamic devil cult

  4. to Following,

    the Bible makes is rather clear that Ishmael was only blessed because of his descent from Avraham.

    Genesis 17:20 or Genesis 21:13, emphasis, "because he is thy seed"

  5. Thanks ... that makes perfect sense.

    God was just honoring His promise to Abraham ... even knowing how it would turn out.

    Bless you ... brother.

  6. Regarding Ishmael--if Arabs are his descendants they certainly did stray far far from being Noachides. I doubt worshipping Allah, identifying with a bloody "prophet" who condoned the murder of Jews was what Hashem intended.

    I was listening to a Chabad audio tape a while back and the rabbi giving the lecture mentioned Ishmael, his brit at 13, and whether in terms of Arabs there could be such a thing as a Bar Mitzvah for Arab Noachides.

    There's some controversy as to whether Muslims are Noachides. Gentiles yes, but Noachides in the modern sense?

    It was very interesting albeit way over my head.

    Some questions come to mind--did Hashem, in saying the descendants of Ishmael would be a great nation refer to Egyptians only or all Arabs? And by great did he mean large, powerful, wild and dangerous?

    To go back to the article--you're absolutely right, Sultan. Hasan is a true infidel. If Muslims hate the land of the kufr they can just stay out of our lands, especially Israel and the US.

    It kills me that people such as Hasan and the Dec. 25 terrorist were actually read their Miranda Rights. Instead of going directly to jail they should have been placed on midnight plane to Gitm.

  7. "You can't fight an enemy you're afraid to offend."

  8. Right Yamit. And that's been the biggest problems the US has in the war on terrorism. We even changed the name of the mission in Iraq from Infinite Justice to Operation Iraqi Freedom because the former offended Muslims.

    It's insane. The blow up our buildings and shoot US troops but we don't dare hurt their feelings or insult them.

  9. Mikec9/2/10

    All the time the 'left' believes that they can 'charm' muslims into submission (to socialist humanism) they are putting us in harms way.

    Muslims are already in submission to the Quaran and to the Hadith which both advocate all out war against the unbelievers.

    The quaran teaches that the world must be ethnically cleansed of unbelievers - To make way for a kingdom ruled by the prophet.

    When Iran gets nuclear capability, where do we think the first bomb will detonate? There are three options - Saudi (to get Mecca and Medina back into the Shia fold), the great Satan or the little Satan.

    The 'deception' is saying the little Satan is going to get it, so where is it really going to strike.....?

  10. “If politeness and ceremony be observed toward Mohammedans, they imagine they are feared and become arrogant; but in showing severity and rudeness, they are impressed with fear and respect, and they are supple and manageable.”

    –North China Herald,1867

  11. Jewish postulate:

    There is only one G-d. There are not two, or three G-ds, or personalized G-ds to fit your beliefs and pleasures. Unlike ice cream, the real G-d doesn’t come in different flavors to fit your tastes.

    The one and only real G-d is the G-d who chose the Jewish People and gave them His Torah and the Land of Israel. Someone, like the President of the United States, who says that he believes in G-d, but that the Jews don’ have a legitimate right to Judea and Samaria, he does not believe in G-d. Maybe he believes in some Walt Disney fantasy of G-d, but it isn’t G-d. The one and only real G-d gave the Land of Israel to the Jews.

    And someone who says, like the Arabs, that they believe in G-d, but that Israel is their enemy, then they don’t believe in the real G-d either. G-d loves the Jewish People. Someone who truly loves G-d also loves His children. Someone who doesn’t love the children of G-d, really doesn’t love G-d. As Rashi states, the enemies of Israel are the enemies of G-d.


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