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Friday Afternoon Roundup - On the Radar and Off the Radar

While the media remains obsessed with the private life of a golf player, we are given the chance to contemplate the spectacle of just what a public service the media is performing for us.

A decade from now it is estimated that as much as 90 percent of the media jobs will vanish away. Newspapers have been hit hard by Craigslist and the internet. Radio will give way to satellite radio. Network newscasts will die along with the networks that spawned them. The specter of technology is haunting the media and in turn the "journalists" plead and whine, telling everyone how much we need them.

And once again they demonstrate just how much we don't need their trivial petty coverage of the lives of celebrities intermingled with left wing radicalism. We don't need it at all.

Meanwhile on the eve of Chanukah, the holiday that celebrates the Jewish reclamation of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem from Syrian-Greek tyranny, the tyranny still continues on the temple site as a bride and her father were arrested by an Arab policeman because she "moved her lips" adjacent to the mosque that Arab occupiers planted there.

A Jewish bride and her father were arrested on the Temple Mount the day before her wedding, after an Arab policeman claimed he saw the father muttering prayers and the bride nodding her head.

The father and daughter were being taken around the site on Wednesday morning by her brother Eli, a volunteer who conducts regular tours at the Temple Mount, when suddenly they were accosted by the Jerusalem policeman.

“We were in the northern part, and I was showing them the archaeological evidence when suddenly a police officer came over to us, Mahmoud Hativ was his name, and he claimed that my father had muttered prayers. “We tried to argue with him and said it wasn’t true, but he said, ‘You can’t fool me,’ and insisted that my father had prayed,” Eli told Israel National News.

“My sister was just standing there silently, not moving at all. She didn’t say a word. It was her first time at the Mount. Other cops came over, Mahmoud said that she had also been involved, and they decided to arrest them both,” he continued. “He let me go right away, because he couldn’t make any claim against me.” His sister and father were taken to the Kishla police station near the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

It is rather ironic for this to occur so close to Chanukah which celebrates the reclamation of the Temple. In 1967 Israel reclaimed Jerusalem, but in the name of tolerance chose to leave the Dome of the Rock, a mosque planted by the Muslim conquerors on the spot intact, and give Muslims authority over it. Despite the fact that when Muslims ruled the city, they showed no similar tolerance to Jews, and in fact barred Jews from the Western Wall repeatedly.

Every where about the Mosque of Omar are portions of pillars, curiously wrought altars, and fragments of elegantly carved marble - precious remains of Solomon's Temple. These have been dug from all depths in the soil and rubbish of Mount Moriah

Prof. Shlomo Dov Goitein of the Hebrew University states that the Dome of the Rock was intended to compete with the many fine buildings of worship of other religions. The very form of a rotunda, given to the Qubbat as-Sakhra, although it was foreign to Islam[citation needed], attempted to rival the many Christian domes of its time. A.C. Cresswell in his book Origin of the plan of the Dome of the Rock notes that those who built the shrine used the measurements of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The diameter of the dome of the shrine is 20m 20 cm and its height 20m 48 cm, while the diameter of the dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is 20m 90 cm and its height 21m 5 cm.

Former Chief Rabbi Goren who appears in the famous photo of the liberation of the Western Wall, called for the mosque to be demolished. He was not heeded. Instead Israel showed its tolerance toward Muslims and in return Muslims have repeatedly turned their so-called holy site into a flash point for violence, hurling rocks down at Jewish worshipers and preaching hate toward non-Muslims, as well as damaging and defiling historic artifacts from the Temple.

Perhaps it is time for Jews in Israel to take a lesson from what the Hindu did in destroying the Babri Mosque that had been built on the site of the destroyed Ayodhya Hindu temple. Now that would be a true celebration of Chanukah.

But there has been an attempt to block Obama's pressure through the democratic process

The Knesset took a step closer toward requiring a referendum that could make territorial concessions in the capital and the Golan Heights more difficult, when it voted Wednesday to waive an initial reading of the Golan Heights and Jerusalem Referendum Bill.

The bill now goes for further processing in committee, after which it would need to pass second and third readings in the plenum, a procedure that could take several months.

Polls have shown that, were such a referendum mandatory, there would be strong opposition to concessions in Jerusalem and the Golan.

The bill would require that any return of land under the administration and judicial authority of the State of Israel pass a national referendum, as well as a government decision and Knesset approval.

The bill does, however, offer the government a way out - in the event that the concession passes the Knesset by a two-thirds majority, or if within 180 days after the Knesset okays the government decision, a general election is held.

Essentially this would mean that any of Obama's demands against Jerusalem would have to pass a public referendum, rather than just a political one. And the odds of that are slim. If this bill makes it to law, then a major wall will have been erected against Obama's plotting against Jerusalem.

Meanwhile on the Iranian front, the "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys" are pushing sanctions a lot harder than Obama is.

Meanwhile Obama unsurprisingly bashed America in his Nobel speech

Furthermore, America cannot insist that others follow the rules of the road if we refuse to follow them ourselves. For when we dont, our action can appear arbitrary, and undercut the legitimacy of future intervention — no matter how justified.

Of course Obama himself follows no rules, but insists that others do. Seems like he's quite the unilateralist himself.

Meanwhile The History Channel is proving itself an able replacement for PBS by dedicating a show to promoting the conspiracist ravings of Marxist revisionist historian Howard Zinn, the left's answer to David Irving.

And Howard Zinn is prepping a full on assault on American schools so our children can grow up with the same textbooks used in the USSR

VOICES’ function is to provide live performances of readings from the book Voices of a People’s History as well as educational materials to schoolteachers. The nonprofit’s site provides teachers with resources, including a teaching guide that explains how to get students excited about Zinn’s history books. Their educational materials also includes the Zinn Education Project, a resource for teaching Zinn’s perspective of American history to – drum roll please – pre-Kindergarten through high school students! Included in the curriculum for pre-K students (that’s three and four year-olds) is “Rethinking Columbus,” which counters “the myth of Columbus.” In Zinn’s view, our pre-K children “need to hear from those whose lands and rights were taken away by those who ‘discovered’ them.”

Another teaching lesson for our three-year-old students is “One Country! One Language! One Flag!” that includes teaching ideas for “examining the history of the Pledge of Allegiance and the political milieu in which it was written.” The teaching plan suggests introducing our pre-K-ers to the lynching of African-Americans in the 1880s, and introducing the history of violence and discrimination against minority groups. It also proposes a discussion on an old “One Language!” chant allegedly used in classrooms up until 1942, and poses teachers with the question, “Why not lead kids in the original Pledge to the Flag, including the ‘One Language!’ chant and the Nazi-like salute, and then lead a discussion about the politics of the Pledge?”

And off in the Religion of Peace land, a Muslim man has been extradited from Germany to Denmark for cutting off his Danish girlfriend's nose.

The woman aged 22 was near death after a knife attack in the couple's apartment in Bispehaven in Hasle. Specialists at Aarhus University Hospital battled for hours to save her life after the knife-bestial violence Sunday 11th Specialists to Aarhus University Hospital battled for hours to save here life after the knife-Bestial violence Sunday 11th October this year, and succeeded. October this year, and succeeded.

However, the woman's face as the leather, that not even the finest plastic surgery to correct the damage. However, the woman's face as the leather, that not even the finest plastic surgery to correct the damage. Professionals who currently do not want the name in the newspaper, is pessimistic about the outcome. Professionals who currently do not want the name in the newspaper, is pessimistic about the outcome. She never gets her old look back. She never gets her old look back.

Her partner of Middle Eastern origin, fled after the bloody drama at noon. . He rushed from the apartment and sat behind directed in his car and drove south. German police stopped him in the evening to a parking area in Hamburg. The 27-year-old made havoc on the spot and was charged with threats to bystanders. The

Just another blip in the great darkness of the Religion of Peace. Coming soon, near you.

That along with the murder of a professor by a Saudi grad student at Binghamton University. (Those Saudis sure can get visas real easy.) And an adultery death sentence in Spain, Sharia law coming back to the continent.

More blips in the darkness. More and more. And more blips still.

For five weeks, Lay Response denounces Muslim prayers held every Friday through the streets of Barbes district. These days, the Boulevard Barbès, street fishmongers and Leon Street are occupied by Muslims, and sidewalks prohibited non-Muslims throughout the Muslim prayer. The street and the street Polonceau Myrha, meanwhile, are totally confiscated over 100 meters: blocked at each end by Islamist mosques and Polonceau Myrha, vehicles and pedestrians are unable to borrow, and the inhabitants of these Street can no longer enter or leave their homes for the duration of prayer.

We reported that this intolerable situation has lasted for over 10 years, and we protested against the alleged culpable inaction of the French authorities - both the City and the 18th arrondissement of Paris City Hall as the Prefecture of Paris and French government - leaving an entire district of Paris to be led by Muslims.

Because the situation is far worse than what we condemned in the past weeks: in fact, not only the police take no action against Muslims blocking streets, but she supports them against non-Muslims, and let deliberately control the whole area Myrha-Polonceau during Friday prayers.

Euarabia, here we are.

And so are their collaborators. The ACLU is working to make sure that even if we do get an American government back in power in the United States, that their lawfare will make any company think twice before helping to protect America against terrorism.

The ACLU filed a federal lawsuit against Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing Company, on behalf of three victims of the U.S. government’sunlawful “extraordinary rendition” program. The lawsuit charges that Jeppesen knowingly provided direct flight services to the CIA that enabled the clandestine transportation of Binyam Mohamed, Abou Elkassim Britel and Ahmed Agiza to secret overseas locations where they were subjected to torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

If the Saudis aren't funding the ACLU, they're getting a hell of a freebie. And American companies will get the message that it's better for business to surrender to terrorism.

One passenger in speaking of the recent Air Tran incident said that Air Tran "decided that it was better to emotionally traumatize each and every one of the remaining passengers on Air Tran Flight 297 for the remainder of the flight. They had a chance to remove the offenders … but didn't."

Certain passengers pranced around wildly in the aisles, sang, shouted, pointed finger "guns" at others and "shot" them, refused to sit, moved around changing seats and refused to listen to the direction of the flight attendants.

The crew, some sobbing, all of them deeply distressed refused to fly with that flight.
Who could blame them. Not trusting the judgment of their own crew, Air Tran decided to put another crew on board and fly anyway with the offensive "terrorists" still on board.

Naturally if an ordinary person so much as talked back to a stewardess, the plane would be turned around and he'd spend a few hours being interviewed by the DHS.

Air Tran's official site says you should book a holiday present for yourself. Yes, a present of perhaps watching terrorists do more dry runs for future mayhem. And one day maybe even the real deal.

Air Tran was once known as Valu-jet before one too many airline catastrophes, including fires onboard and the well known crash of flight 527 in the Florida everglades due to e forced them to redo their face.

Dhimmi Air, we love to let terrorists run wild and it shows.

Finally Jack Kemp at the American Thinker cites just how far back the Dhimmi problem in the US military goes

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  1. Maccabee11/12/09

    Canaanites belong no where in Israel at all, least of all on the temple mount.

  2. Happy Hanukkah
    Chaim Tovah - Lifes Good!
    I enjoy your blog

  3. Anonymous14/12/09

    I have not seen the story of Air Tran anywhere, except for Worldnet Daily, not even Drudge had it. It was very well hidden.


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