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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama in China and Twilight for America

The first year of Obama has seen America retreating on all fronts. The country that once pressed back the Russian bear, has instead pulled up the missile shield and sent the signal to Moscow that the former Soviet Republicans can no longer count on US aid to insure their independence. On China, Obama has switched to a policy of "Strategic Reassurance", which is a fancy way of retreating and saying "Nice Doggie", without actually even bothering to hunt for the stick. Not only has Obama become the first President not to meet with the Dalai Lama, but what "Strategic Reassurance" really does is hang out Taiwan and Japan on the line, assuring China that America will not interfere with its expanding sphere of political and military dominance.

Robert Kagan and Dan Blumenthal, two prominent foreign policy analysts, described the policy as follows.
"'Strategic reassurance' seems to chart a different course. Senior officials liken the policy to the British accommodation of a rising United States at the end of the 19th century, which entailed ceding the Western Hemisphere to American hegemony. Lingering behind this concept is an assumption of America's inevitable decline."
That assumption is of course the engine behind the White House's policymaking that consists of selling out allies to enemies in the hopes of stability. This was the sum total of British foreign policy before and after WW2, a policy that gave us an Arab Socialist Middle East, a Southeast Asia in turmoil and Africa under the boots of murderous dictators. And Obama is now working to replicate that same policy on a far larger scale.

Obama's international tour of bowing only highlights his weakness. His global popularity is as shallow as that of any celebrity, and only serves to signal America's weakness. Each of Obama's fumbling speeches has failed to achieve any tangible result except to express America's helplessness and willingness to concede on every front. Buzzwords like "New Relationship", "Multilateralism" and "Strategic Reassurance" are the ways in which Obama and his foreign policy minions phrase their "New Incompetence".   

America which once served as a global shield, is being transformed into a paper tiger. And the result is emboldening both old enemies, such as Russia and China, as well as smaller but more aggressive genocidal regimes, such as North Korea and Iran, who have begun pushing a new wave of confrontations with American allies.

Obama has sold out every American ally to every American enemy, from Latin America to Eastern Europe to Asia to the Middle East. The message repeated over and over again is that not only can America no longer help free nations, but that the people in power in D.C. will actively sell out free nations to tyrannies in the name of multilateralism, and to buy ourselves some time before the implosion comes.

The New York Times article on Obama's visit to China describes his visit as, "assuming the role of profligate spender coming to pay his respects to his banker" and sketched an image of American domestic policy having to gain approval from China.

In a July meeting, Chinese officials asked their American counterparts detailed questions about the health care legislation making its way through Congress. The president’s budget director, Peter R. Orszag, answered most of their questions. But the Chinese were not particularly interested in the public option or universal care for all Americans.

“They wanted to know, in painstaking detail, how the health care plan would affect the deficit,” one participant in the conversation recalled. Chinese officials expect that they will help finance whatever Congress and the White House settle on, mostly through buying Treasury debt, and like any banker, they wanted evidence that the United States had a plan to pay them back.

It is a long way from the days when President George W. Bush hectored China about currency manipulation, or when President Bill Clinton exhorted the Chinese to improve human rights.

Obama's socialist spending spree does not simply come at the expense of America freedoms, it explicitly puts China in charge of American policy. The price for universal health care will not simply be paid by Americans, it will be paid for by American allies in Asia.

Furthermore as the United States continues to borrow from China in order to fund Obama's deficit spending, much of the interest paid back will in turn go to fund China's military machine.

Unfortunately, that is not the reality in Asia. Contrary to optimistic predictions just a decade ago, China is behaving exactly as one would expect a great power to behave. As it has grown richer, China has used its wealth to build a stronger and more capable military. As its military power has grown, so have its ambitions...

Yet the new head of the U.S. Pacific Command, Adm. Robert Willard, noted last month that "in the past decade or so, China has exceeded most of our intelligence estimates of their military capability. . . . They've grown at an unprecedented rate." Defense Secretary Robert Gates recently warned that China's military modernization program could undermine U.S. military power in the Pacific.

Which means that the next naval war in the Pacific will see the US Navy coping with a Chinese Navy paid for by US tax dollars used to pay off Obama's debts and made of US scrap metal resold to China.

Meanwhile North Korea has become emboldened enough to stage raids on South Korean waters. Kim Jong Il's new confidence in the inability of the US to do anything about his depredations is obvious enough, and comes right down to Obama. Iran in turn is doing the same thing, feeding a civil war in Yemen that has now dragged in Saudi Arabia, while openly taunting Obama about its nuclear arsenal.

As Obama cuts back on defense spending, while going deeper into debt to pay off his Wall Street and Union backers, America begins to increasingly look like a failed state. And while China is happy enough to lend us every dollar we ask for, that is only because it brings America one step closer to becoming a Sharecropper Society.

We took the first steps toward the Sharecropper Society by exporting the means of production abroad, particularly to China. Shortly afterward Chinese companies began selling cheaper versions of our own products back to us, turning those same US companies into their distributors. Now China has begun buying American brand names such as Hummer, thereby cutting US companies entirely out of the loop. Very soon about the only thing that China will need from the US is ad agencies and superstores like Wal-Mart to shove the cheap Chinese junk down America's throat.

Americans will no longer be working for themselves. Instead Americans incomes will go to buy Chinese products and pay taxes, which will in turn go to China. As American corporations are taken over by China, Americans will essentially become Chinese serfs. The process is well underway and Obama's deficit spending is bringing it closer every day.

China has already won its economic war with America. Every product made in China, every Wal-Mart and every number in the trade deficit is a PRC flag planted on American soil. Now China is pursuing a quiet political war with America, and putting us in their debt amounts to a boot planted on Uncle Sam's grizzled neck.

Obama's policy of "strategic reassurance," amounts to an admission that the US can no longer stand in China's way globally. Which is perfectly timed for China's growing expansion as it completes its ethnic cleansing of Tibet, expands its slave labor empire across Africa, and uses "Soft Power" to spread its propaganda globally through its state owned media. Taiwan's day is coming, and for all of Japan's fussing about nuclear arms, it is now in an invisible arms race with North Korea. And the only way out is through China.

America let this happen, and while Obama is the worst incarnation of this policy, his treason is only the latest link in the grand chain of bad policy that helped turn China from a backward starving Communist dictatorship into a world power. Meanwhile on the Russian front, Obama has retreated from even the relatively weak stand that the Bush Administration took over Georgia. "Strategic Reassurance" toward Russia means exactly what it does toward China, selling out to Putin all of the former Republics whose freedom we prided ourselves on. The only difference is that instead of cheap products and our national debt, Russia's leverage on us comes in the form of energy.

If Russia can help drive its Iranian ally to lead a Shiite revolution in the Middle East, and its Latin American allies to lead a Marxist revolution right below us, it will have a lock on much of the world's oil, and in turn enjoy a great deal of leverage over North America and Europe. Which will help force us to recognize its territorial claims to the former Warsaw Pact states of the USSR that Russian nationalists are aching to reclaim.

With a Shiite Middle East, a Chinese Asia, a Marxist Latin America and a Russian Europe-- America in twilight will once again stand alone.


  1. The governmental mismanagement of America has ceased to keep us in the forefront.
    Our politicians are too busy making their money to care about the nation and it's position in the world.

    So sad to end like this.
    We need to impeach the entire congress and etc. and start again.

  2. Proud Muslim17/11/09


    Congress, is 45% Jewish,

    If you're Jewish, you cannot get a more pro Jewish administation than the current ones.

    I'd say the Jews like you and the rest who agree with you, are traitors to their people.

    didn't leftist Israeli's and Zeev schiff, advise agains t the iraq war that you neocons cheered on? what they predicted came to pass. No Pax Americana. You were defeated.

    America got no oil, instead, got rid of an atheist administration (saddam was athist and enemy of msulims), and in fact Islam benefitted, as even secular Iraqi women voted in the Islamic parties.

    America spent over a trillion dollars on nothing. Even the oil contracts now are going to China and Russia. The Iraqi's dont' want to give them to those who destroyed their coutnry.

    The new Iraq is a friend of Iran, thus you gained nothing.

  3. Proud Muslim,

    For all that you people claim to have invented math, you're not very good at it.

    33 out of 435 is not 45 percent. If you think that it is, you should get into currency trading.

    Saddam was an enemy of Iran, and Shiite Muslims, considering that he backed Islamic terrorist groups, built a whole lot mosques and claimed to be descended from Mohammed.

    And finally America didn't invade Iraq for the oil. If we had wanted oil, we could have just taken over the UAE or Kuwait in 3 days.

    So you're wrong on every country.

  4. Anonymous24/11/10

    Thanks again Daniel, these are the things that should resonate with the American, but sadly, do not, there is a Hood mentality that does not embrace the future, so, there is contempt, even for the children they create, the public shool system has given us 3-4 generations of lemmings, I marvel at the inability to bring cognition to the forefront of the average American on so many issues.
    It is disheartening, and does a diservice to all those who died fighting for our freedom, that is also a component reflected in the lack of support for Israel these days, a day of reckoning is coming, there will be much blood in our own streets, when the jackals attempt to share the wealth by force because their master played them for fools and gave empty promises to ascend to power like so many others in Washington.
    Thanks again,
    Greg RN



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