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Sunday, November 08, 2009

All the Warning Signs Were There

He is inside your borders. He works deep inside your political and social structures. Openly he expresses his support for your murderers and enthusiastically promotes his message of hate. The bumper sticker on his car reads, "Allah is Love", but that love is the "love" which the Koran 61:4 describes as follows, "Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way in ranks as if they were a firm and compact wall."

And when on one fateful morning he gives away his possessions, as was expected of Mohammed's followers, "The ones who belong to Allah are those who give away, wholeheartedly everything they possess thus proving true their claim of love. Abu Bakr (Mohammed's successor) held this rank, which, on one occasion had brought every content of his house before (Mohammed) the Messenger of Allah"...

... and that evening carries out his planned massacre, following the words of the Hadith, "The Messenger (Mohammed) said: "Leaving for Jihad in the Way of Allah in the morning or in the evening will merit a reward better than the world and all that is in it" (Sahih Muslim 3492) ... all the warning signs were there.

But the warning signs were not there just for Nidal Malik Hassan, an Islamic radical from a family that had immigrated from one of the world's ugliest sources of Islamic radicalism, who had attended radical mosques and fraternized with radicals Imams. Hassan is only one blip of red in an ugly impressionist painting scrawled across the globe in shades of crimson and black. Each Muslim who follows the way of Jihad or feels compelled to support those who do, is a single point of red in that red and black atlas. Each one of their victims, murdered, raped, honor killed, tortured, beheaded and crippled are the black dots. And both the black and red dots are growing in number to cover the world.

Nidal Hassan is only one blip in the great ugly splotch of red and black scrawled across the United States, from east to west, to the north and the south. And that splotch is only one of many marring the globe and spreading across it.

The goal of the Islamists, of many of those very same Imams who ministered to Hassan's religious questions, and the larger Saudi funded Wahhabi organizations that fund and train them, is not to create a single Nidal Malik Hassan eager to die for the Jihad, but to create tens of thousands of Hassans and thousands of Fort Hoods in the United States alone. While they smile and lie through their teeth to the media, they are already working on spinning the incident to their advantage, to play the old game so common in Europe and America of positioning themselves as the alternatives to those "other" crazy Muslims like Hassan who might be tempted to take weapons in hand, if their recommendations about increasing tolerance are not followed. And the first recommendation of course is to avoid radicalizing Muslims by not attributing the attack to his Islamic beliefs.

How they must chuckle as they urge law enforcement to suppress the truth about Islamic violence in order to avoid marginalizing and further radicalizing Muslims... even as they themselves promote radicalism, host pro-terrorist speakers and preach the Koran's message of Jihad, death to the unbeliever and a Sharia ruled Caliphate across the earth. How they must laugh as the very law enforcement agencies that are meant to uncover and prevent crimes, instead cover up for their crimes. And they go on taking their invites to the White House, running their Islamic academies and putting out their ideology, one strain for the general American public, and another for their own boys, and beneath it of it one great engine of death humming along as it helps turn out the next Nidal Hassan, the next Hassan Akbar, the next James Cromite, the next John Walker Lindh or Adam Gadahn ... the next eager American practitioner of Mohammed's way of death.

All the warning signs were there. Not simply for Nidal Malik Hassan, reading and hearing the same call to death over and over again for years, until he reached a decision that is considered praiseworthy within the context of the Koran... but for Islam in general.

All the warning signs are there. They are in the Koran and in books sold in every Muslim bookstore in America and Europe. They are on tapes and on YouTube. They are in the bodies of their victims and the Muslim killers. They are there in the long flowing black Abayas and beards that mark radicalized Muslims, but they are just as there behind the false smiles of Western born and educated killers like Nidal Malik Hassan who drive around with bumper stickers reading, "Allah is Love", only for his targets to realize too late that in Islam, love is indivisible from death, and that the worship of Allah is most praiseworthy when it is carried out through Jihad, the murder of infidels.

The bloody common denominator of all these things is Islam. And while our brave and brilliant politicians insist that we are not at war with Islam, shunning and even imprisoning those who say otherwise, Islam is at war with us and has been since its inception nearly a millennium and a half ago. And will continue to be until we either once again force it back and break its momentum, or until it destroys us all.

Like a hive of angry bees, the Jihadists circle us waiting for a chance to sting. And like bees, they die or become useless once they have stung us. Nidal Hassan is not likely to sting anyone again. His work is done, but there are countless other buzzing angry killers, emerging from the hive and quietly waiting their turn. The warning signs are all there, but political correctness has determined that the whole thing is a misunderstanding caused by us, and our political leaders have decided that the best way to avoid being stung is to insist that there are no bees there, or if there are only a handful of particularly radicalized bees. Occasionally we venture forth to swat a few bees, but each time we ignore the hive. And it is out of the hive, that death comes. The bees are nothing in and of themselves, the hive is everything.

Looking back from some future vantage point, or even from the present, all the warning signs were there. Our enemies are not subtle, only their propaganda is and even that relies in the main part on our willingness to fool ourselves, on our cultural, political and media institutions to blare forth lies that on the face of them should be naturally met with laughter or a punch in the face. They kill us, they run away and cry that they are the victims-- and it is our own press and politicians who take up the cry, who go to minister to the murderers and not the murdered, to the butchers and not the butchered, to our enemies and not to our brothers and sisters.

After every serial killer does his bloody deeds and they are finally uncovered, the neighbors gather around and  repeat the same mantras, "He seemed so ordinary", "He was nice but kept to himself" and that all time favorite of people dwelling in neatly painted houses next to corpse pits, "How could we know?" All these mantras are of course a lie. They are excuses made by people who knew on some level, who noticed things that made them uncomfortable before they put those thoughts away, locked them up and decided their day would be better without thinking too much about such things, or going out on a limb that might endanger them, or worst of all... and this is the great terror of modern civilized man, make them appear crazy themselves.

The warning signs were there. The warning signs are still there. Not just for Nidal Hassan, but for Islam itself. We have seen the bodies and we have buried some of them ourselves, family, friends and fellow countrymen. We have heard the screams. We know what has been. It does not take a prophet to know what is to come.

All the warning signs are there. The question is what are we going to do about them?


  1. Mark Baker8/11/09

    No one will do anything.
    US will just lose more guys in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for people who hate us.
    But no one will do anything of course.

  2. Josh says,

    On his visit to Camp Hood next week, they are building barricades so a sniper so a sniper can't take him out.

    You missed one point. He asked his last Imam for a wife and was told no muslimah wants his sorry ass. Jihad was the vehicle to the Paradiso Whore House.

    What will happen when the Palestinians declare a state, the UN abrogates all previous resolutions and recognizes it, as Obama will, and he lands American Troops in Judea and Samaria?

  3. Powerful article. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about them. They are what they are, and they serve who they serve...we as mere mortals can only push them back so many times through out history. We can only turn to our God...we need to get back to being radical for the True God...the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! Only he will put a stop to Satan. For good!

  4. Havran9/11/09

    Sultan be carefeul, Dore Gold concluded in his book that Wahabism isn't the enemy, Hassan's mosque wasn't Wahabi, from what iv'e read, they;re anti wahabi and saudi there.

    Remember, Syria, and Iraq are not Wahabists, they are more Baatisht which is a kind of atheism, and Arab nationalism, and it has Christians and others in it to. Sadam was hated by Wahabis cuz he killed their men, he was an atheist.

    Iran and Shia's hate Wahabi's.

    maybe we have a friend in them? If not, certainly worse enemies,

    Christian arabs are not wahabi's (Sabeel), George Habash, and Kuntar was a Druze, they hate Muslims and Islam too.

  5. Anonymous9/11/09

    I was watching an old movie yesterday called Mortal kombat. And it just bothered me to no end how they made the "bad guys" all the goons, with these masks that looked like Arab terrorists in Israel.

    It bothered me so much because that movie was very cliche. Everything about it was cliche. Even the goons were cliche. Any kid could turn on this movie and know who were the bad guys.

    Nowadays we have these terrorists and whatnots all dress covering the face and brandishing guns, you see them in Israel, people are fighting their cause here in America now....

    Surely they must be the good guys?

  6. He drives a cab in NY and is featured on FOXNews.com from time-to-time with the gov. blessing.

  7. Anonymous9/11/09

    Tiffani, no where in the bible it tells us to be quiet.
    When you believe Muslim lies and/or spread them out of fear or allow others to believe them, please let it take it as if we slowly denounce our faith...
    However painful this sounds.

    The muslimized media will try to make sure both Christians and the anti-religion atheists feel as comfortable as possible while at the same time setting us up against eachother.

  8. Havran, see my Friday post. Hassan's Washington mosque was Wahhabi and affiliated with the ISNA.

    Syria is in the sphere of Iran, which is governed by Shiite Islamism. They are just as bad, except they're religious rivals with Sunni Wahhabis.

    Since his release Samir Kuntar has increasingly linked up with Hezbollah, which is an Iranian funded Shiite terrorist militia.

    While Arab Nationalists in the form of the Baathist and various terrorist organizations such as the PLO, were once the dominant regional threat... Islamist regimes and terrorist groups have since displaced them.

  9. Morry Rotenberg9/11/09

    "Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left" by David Horowitz is a must read for people to understand why our government,Old Europe, the academe, and the MSM are not fighting these barbarians.

  10. I don't distinguish between islamic sects. They are all our enemies.

  11. All Islamic sects that employ armed Jihad are the enemy. Which covers most mainstream Sunnis and Shiites.

    The Sufis for example would get a pass.

  12. "The Sufis for example would get a pass."

    The Sufis are just as violent as the rest, they're just better taqiyya tacticians:





  13. The signs in the graphics on the post all point to violence only against those who mock Islam.
    This is a lie.
    The violence is against anyone and everyone even their own women and children.
    Their very eyes are devoid of life.

  14. The signs in the graphics on the post all point to violence only against those who mock Islam.
    This is a lie.
    The violence is against anyone and everyone even their own women and children.
    Their very eyes are devoid of life.

  15. Anonymous10/11/09

    He made threats against America and Americans, tried to contact Al Queda and was not considered a 'threat'.

    But if you threaten, talk bad, or dis any politician........

    no fly for you.

  16. Anonymous11/11/09

    To those who say muslims lie, just take a look at the Saudi flag: it's all green, with some arabic words in white, and a sword underneath.
    I translate for you: "There's no god other than Allah and Mohammed is His prophet... Or else!"
    Isn't it clear enough? Should I draw a sketch for you?



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