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We're From the Government, and We're Here to Help

The best argument against any new government program, is government itself. Were the United States government a corporation, its business model would make Enron, Countrywide and Bernard Madoff look like models of rock solid corporate responsibility. The kind of corporation that goes trillions of dollars into debt, buys wrenches at a thousand dollars a pop and spends much of its budget on kickbacks for the friends of its boards members.

If at the height of the New Deal, liberals were full of optimism about what the powers of an expanded Federal government could accomplish, few liberals today can argue with a straight face that the Federal government is either competent, efficient or even any better at managing money than your average unemployed drunken brother in law. The old rhetoric of the New Deal is there, its proponents have simply learned to completely detach it from the reality that government is doomed to be incompetent and ineffective, compared to private citizens.

The current push for nationalized health care or ObamaCare, ignores the fact that the government has badly mismanaged much smaller health care systems, including the VA system and the Indian Health Service, both of which liberals had been busy denouncing until not too long ago. Meanwhile Medicaid costs have already been rising out of control with states and the Federal government trying to pass the bill back and forth to each other. A problem that is already popping up with ObamaCare as Governors from both parties condemn any attempt by Congress to create unfunded mandates for the states to fill.

The conflict between the states and the Federal government reached a new ugly low, when the Justice Department charged New York State with "knowingly submitting false claims for reimbursement" forcing a half a billion dollar payout by the state to the Feds. It's not quite up there with the shot fired at Fort Sumter, but with some states like California already on the verge of bankruptcy, ObamaCare may well be the final flood that sinks it all, overburdening already tightly stretched state budgets and dumping an impossible system on state governments no longer able to cope with it.

After Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac helped bring down the housing market, instead of making it more affordable; Welfare created dependency and despondency; and even something as relatively simple as the digital transition that had been preplanned for over a decade, resulted in a snafu and a six month extension-- why would anyone assume that the government is our best choice for handling anything?

The grand socialist experiments elsewhere have not brought utopia, instead in poor countries they have brought warlordism, misery and corruption, and among the rich nations, decline, indolence, shortages, industrial collapse and the erosion of freedom. We have already been on the latter path for some time now. The more government has grown in size, the more American industry has withered, manufacturing has dissipated, small farms have collapsed and small businesses have struggled, unable to simply leave the country, the way their larger competitors have done.

Wal-Mart is not America's largest employer, that would be the Federal government, which has nearly twice as many employees as Wal-Mart does. The difference of course is that you aren't forced to pay the salaries of Wal-Mart employees, because Wal-Mart turns a profit. The Federal government turns a deficit, and does so with glorious abandon. That is because the Federal government can't go bankrupt so long as it can continue borrowing money from China against its key collateral, that being the United States, namely you.

When was the last time a corporation borrowed against its employees as collateral? That sort of thing was illegal in America since the end of slavery. But every American citizen is a de facto investor in the United States and responsible for its debts. While Obama can count on a golden parachute ride of speaking commitments and jeans commercials, the average American citizen will be left holding the bag for debts totaling in the trillions. Debts that would require drastic cuts in programs that the public has become dependent on.

Imagine a gambler in a casino who has racked up a fortune in debt he can never possibly repay. So he borrows some more. What difference does it make when you can't possibly pay back what you've already taken? Except the gambler still has a shot at winning something with another roll of the dice. But when the Federal government spends money, every throw comes up snake eyes.

The big draw of the expanding Federal government is more and more services, but how can the government help anyone, when it can't even help itself?


  1. The digital conversion debacle is fresh in the minds of millions of Americans. That alone should convince them that the government is too indept to trust with their very lives.

    I was shocked to see a report on CBS that Obama's popularity is dropping because American's just don't trust him to deliver what he promised. Naturally, he's scheduled another prime time lecture on healthcare for tonight. Expect plenty of uhs and ums as he tries to rationalize the expense. He'll cite individual woes of people without healthcare, but nobody is without health care.

    Personally, I don't see the need for federal health care. People in the military have CHAMPUS, working people have private health insurance, the poor have Medicaid, the elderly have Medicare, and, at least in NYS, the working poor have Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus.

    Obama is just adding another, much more expensive insurance program with way more red tape than any of the other programs mentioned.

    Penalizing companies that fail to provide insurance to employees will only put the companies broke or result in them hiring less full and part time employees and using more per diem and independent contractors.

    Or the companies will simply go belly up. In fact with all of Obama's social welfare programs and trillion dollar spending the entire US government will go belly up.

    Picture an American goldfish floating on top of an aquarium. Ugly picture, isn't it? But that's the image that comes to mind.

  2. Our founding fathers were very much aware (and wary) of the abuse of power of those in government. I can't imagine a more inept body of men trying to "help" America.

    Where is our next Reagan?

  3. I'm not sure but I seriously hope and pray that in its search for the next Republican candidate the Repulican party looks to a candidate from the Greatest Generation...or as close to that generation as possible.

  4. Its a travesty but people always are drooling if they think they are getting something for nothing.
    Health care nuts are that way.


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