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Monday, May 18, 2009

Who Needs a Palestinian State?

Everyone, and by "everyone" I mean the denizens of Washington D.C.'s and Brussel's government buildings, agrees that we need a Palestinian state. Chiming in with their "Yes" votes are the dictators of a dozen Arab states who agree that the only thing that will fix the region is adding another Arab dictatorship to the place, and subtracting the region's one democracy.

But who actually needs a Palestinian state? Or rather a second Palestinian state. The first Palestinian state, commonly called Jordan, was carved out of the Palestine Mandate and equipped with a refugee Saudi royal family. Today Jordan exists mainly under the protection of the US and Israel, and its population of Palestinian Arabs is a seething mass of Muslim extremists currently enjoying a 30 percent unemployment rate, where the majority of the population supports Osama Bin Laden, at a higher percentage rate than even Pakistan.

But Jordan is practically heaven on earth compared to the Second Palestinian State that the Obama Administration is to determined to inflict on Israel.

Currently ruled by mutually hostile armed gangs loyal to either the Fatah or Hamas terrorist groups, Palestine 2.0 has already been a failed state for over a decade. Every attempt at foreign investment has failed. The ruins of industrial zones, greenhouses and even a casino, dot the landscape. Palestinian Arab Christians from overseas who returned to build up the economy fled quickly in the face of relentless shakedowns, kidnappings and militia gangs masquerading as law enforcement.

The vast majority of Palestinian Arabs work for two employers. The UNRWA and the Palestinian Authority... which in turn is funded by foreign donors. Work for the Palestinian Authority usually means belonging to a militia gang which is loyal to a particular figure in the PA leadership, who in turn passes that loyalty on to the current "government". With little to do, the gangs spend their free time dealing drugs, carrying out terrorist attacks and collecting protection money from their town's remaining stores.

For 17 years, Israel, America and just about every interested party has tried to build a Palestinian state. They provided weapons and training to build a modern Palestinian police force. They sent advisers and fortunes in economic aid, thousands per Palestinian Arab. They created industrial zones and transferred greenhouses. Billions in funds from the EU, America and various do-gooders were swallowed up to fund the lavish lifestyles of Arafat and his henchmen.

To those who argue that a Palestinian State will build regional stability, the rational person must ask, how in the world has any of this contributed to regional stability?

Year after year, the proposed Palestinian State has become a worse place. Given autonomy, its own military, political, legal and economic system-- "Palestine" has made the region more unstable than ever. Terrorism has increased. Violence has increased. General instability has increased. Proposing that more of this will stabilize the region is akin to a man setting fire to one piece of furniture after another in his living room, and claiming that when the entire room is on fire, it will be a safe place to live.

So I ask again, who needs a Palestinian state? If the Palestinian Arabs really wanted a state (a second state) in Gaza, the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem, they could have had it before 1967, when those territories were in Arab hands. Instead the PLO back then called for no Palestinian state and the destruction of Israel. As Clinton discovered to his chagrin at the end of his term, Arafat did not actually want a state and was not interested in accepting an Israeli offer that gave him 99 percent of what he wanted. Is it really any surprise that Hamas today follows the same exact party line?

And really why would they want a Palestinian state? If a state was actually created, the UNRWA would have to close up shop. A Palestinian state could no longer rely on foreign donors to fund the hundred thousand or so armed gangsters who form its "government" and its only real form of employment. And the same Muslim states who pass along "charity" to help fund the "martyr operations" that are behind much of the local terrorism would turn elsewhere.

Instead for 17 years the same tired opera has been playing in the region's one theater. First the world's statesmen and diplomats descend on Israel, crying that the only hope for the region's stability is a Palestinian state. Next the Israeli diplomats arrive with a generous territorial offer, counterbalanced by a second clause that asks that there be no more terrorism. That second clause is immediately ignored by everyone in the room.

Next the Palestinian Authority diplomats arrive demanding twice as much land, no more border security preventing terrorists from entering Israel, half of Israel's capital, contiguous borders that would cut Israel in half, the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from territories claimed by them... and finally the return of the "refugees", which is code for unlimited immigration from their proposed Palestinian State into Israel.

The Israelis make a counteroffer. The statesmen and diplomats accuse Israel of rejecting peace. The Palestinian Arabs begin carrying out terrorist attacks again (assuming they even bothered to stop during the negotiations). Israel bombs the terrorists. The statesmen and diplomats accuse Israel of perpetuating the cycle of violence, and urge everyone to go back to the negotiating table. By the time that happens a year later, the Palestinian Arabs have doubled their demands, and the whole "Cycle of Peacemaking" repeats itself all over again.

The "not so secret" secret here is that the Palestinian Arabs do not want a state or peace. 17 years of running the Palestinian Authority into the ground have shown how utterly incapable Fatah and Hamas are of running anything, besides armed gangs, mosques and occasional social services to their loyalist families... all funded from abroad.

The Palestinian ruling powers derive their authority from two forces

1. The Muslim desire to destroy Israel as an infidel state whose existence contradicts Islam. This keeps the money and arms flowing in to the different factions, as well as provides popular support by Arabs. Which is why no Palestinian leader will recognize and accept the existence of Israel. It is why Arafat negotiated out of one side of his mouth and ordered terrorist attacks out of the other. It is why after his death. his Fatah movement has lost credibility and popular support to Hamas due to its increasing inability to kill Israelis.

2. Western and Israel diplomats who keep trying to create a Palestinian state out of the bizarre notion that such a state would bring the terrorism to an end. Like all Dhimmi behaviors in regard to Islam, they ignore the fact that the short term goal of terrorism is terrorism. The long term goal of terrorism is to conquer and hold the territory of the terrorized. There is no room for the middle ground of compromise in that equation. It's either absolute power, or nothing at all.

Terrorism is practiced by armed gangs and movements who derive their power and support from being terrorists. Proposing that they stop being terrorists is a lot like walking into GM and suggesting that instead of making cars, they should make donuts and hand them out for free, so everyone will be happy.

Palestinian nationalism has always been a crock, a transparently phony justification for terrorism that has always come before nationalism. Palestine was never a country or a state. It was the name given by the Roman occupation forces to a region they were administering, a region far larger than modern day Israel. There was never an Arab Palestinian king or ruler until Arafat. There was never a separate country called Palestine. The Post WW1 Palestine Mandate in the 20th century was used to create two states, an Arab state, Jordan, and a smaller state, Israel.

Now the drive is on to create Palestine 2.0, despite the obvious fact that the Palestinian Arabs have done everything possible to prevent it from coming into being. Nearly two decades of terrorism have turned the endless rounds of peace negotiations into a joke. Half the Palestinian Authority is now ruled by the Iranian backed Hamas terrorist group, which insists it will never recognize or accept permanent peace with Israel. A state of affairs that never would have come into being, had Israel not completely withdrawn from Gaza in the first place.

So once again, who wants or needs a Palestinian state?

Israel did not come into being out of pity for the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust. Nor did it come into being thanks to US aid or support. Both of those however are common myths.

The State of Israel was in place well before the Holocaust, in the form of an embryonic country of farmers who drained the swamps, businessmen who set up shops, journalists who printed newspapers, and soldiers who trained to protect and defend their homeland. When the UN recognized Israel, it simply accepted the fait accompli that Israel existed and was capable of taking care of itself, which it proved by fighting the armies of the surrounding Arab nations to a standstill. It did it without US military aid, which only came into the picture much later with the Kennedy administration. It did it, because the people of Israel genuinely wanted their own state and worked to make it happen.

By 1942, 17 years after the Palestine Mandate, the Jews of Israel had built a thriving country, from power generators to vast stretches of farmland, from a revived language to the Technion, created in 1924, which is considered one of the world's leading electrical engineering and computer science schools in the world.

17 years after Oslo, the Palestinian Arabs have built nothing but death and destruction. Worse yet they've taken everything that was given to them and turned it into either a weapon or a bribe. By every standard, they have failed to show their ability to build or run a functioning state. Not even the most liberally minded thinker can point to anything in the Palestinian Authority leadership that suggests that they're capable of running a functional state. Which is why that same species will naturally duck the question and begin blaming Israel instead.

And that highlights the real issue. The only reason for creating Palestine 2.0 is the destruction of Israel. It will not bring regional stability. It will not even bring local stability. It cannot even function unless its entire workforce is funded from abroad. It cannot even stop engaging in terrorism.

Palestine 2.0 is a Frankenstein's monster, with body parts from Shiite, Sunni and Marxist terrorists. It only knows how to do one thing and one thing alone, kill. It is not a natural creature, because no Palestinian state ever existed throughout history. It is an artificial state whose existence has only one purpose. The destruction of Israel.

And that answers our question at last. Who needs a Palestinian state? Someone who is either ignorant, foolish or needs to destroy Israel.

The Two State Solution is not a formula for any kind of stability or end to the violence. It is meant to take the violence to a whole new level. It is a formula for the destruction of Israel. 17 years of peacemaking by Israel has produced 17 years of terrorism by the Palestinian Arabs. Everything sown on the Palestinian Authority, from money to guns, from autonomy to infrastructure, have come up as dragon's teeth.

Palestine is not a state. It was never a state. It will never be a state. It is currently ruled by two factions who have both disowned a negotiated Palestinian state in favor of the destruction of Israel. It is not a country, it is a weapon.

Palestine is a gun aimed at the head of Israel with one goal, its destruction. Palestine is a gun aimed at the head of every Jew in the world, legitimizing the worst and ugliest kinds of bigotry. Palestine is an imaginary place given form as a vicious myth brainwashing generation after generation of Jordanian and Egyptian Arabs to call themselves Palestinians and kill and die in the name of perpetuating a second Holocaust, all for the glory of Allah, Mohammed, Marx, not to mention Saddam Hussein, Ahmadinejad, the House of Saud, and every cause and ruler with an interest in toppling Israel into the dust.

Palestine is death. It exists only as a form of living death by a population taught to see themselves as willing martyrs to the bomb belt from birth. It breathes death, it celebrates death, it teaches death and preaches death. It is the final ugly end of the hatred and cruelty bottled up in the Arab and Islamic dictatorships of the region. It is the true face of Islam and its shining reflection in the mirror of the Western press and diplomats is the true measure of their Dhimmism.

The Cult of Death in Palestine and the war against Israel is only a preview for the West of things to come. Palestine is not a place, it is hate and homicide boiled down into myth. Palestine is not only in Israel. It is in Paris and London. It is in Madrid and Detroit. It is in Sydney and Moscow. It is everywhere that the toxic brew of Muslim fanaticism and Arab nationalism flows. Its flag is the flag of death. Its constitution is a death warrant for every free nation. Its legislature is a smug coven of obese terrorist chieftains sending their followers off to death with the promise of virgin demons fornicating with them in Paradise.

Palestine 2.0 is a monster with only one purpose, to create Holocaust 2.0. That is who needs a Palestinian state. That is why the far left and the far right are both so hellbent on bringing one into being. Accepting the Two State Solution means accepting death. Rejecting it means embracing life.


  1. They do not need to have any part of Israel at all.

  2. Anonymous19/5/09

    Brilliant article! Please send this to every news outlet and most of all to Obama.

  3. Brilliantly written and all true.

  4. Crystal19/5/09

    Thank you for such an informative piece. You are exposing this lie, that is promulgated by American media, that everything is "the Jews fault".
    You are educatiing people on the Truth, and that is critical. As you mentioned, when presented the truth, the naysayers fall silent, or continue to spit out false garbage. God bless you in your endeavors.

  5. Thank you all for your support

  6. BS"D

    Excellent as always. I hope you don't mind, I picked a few quotes and posted them at my site in my most recent post. I plug your site quite often.

    I had a very difficult time choosing quotes though. Every word is heavy with truth.

    Be well,

    The Ellie half
    Schmoozing with Elya & Ellie Katz

  7. Thank you Ellie, always good to have it passed along

  8. Brilliant Article.

    It Should be required reading at every high school and university in the world, and re-printed as an editorial in every newspaper, together with an apology to the Jewish People.

    Who knows, the world may still come to its senses.

    I've always said that the 2-state solution is the new anti-semitism.
    It's like saying "I'm not against the Jews, I am just pro-Hitler".

    Sultan: please continue your great work. the world needs it.

  9. Superb.

    You tell it like it is.

  10. Eldie19/5/09

    Does anyone know how the Christian groups who were going to shout down the 2 state call fared in DC?

    Why can't they stop all this, they number about 100M, surely they have a voice even though the Democrats are in power.

    CUFI is said to be powerful, Christian Zionists where are you?

    Does anyone have any information, on their swaying power these days? They can stop the 2 state solution if they really want.

    Sultan, can't you organise something? Petition, Rally, whatever?

  11. Congratulations - you exceed even your own lofty standards with this piece. Despite being a bleeding-heart liberal at the opposite end of the political spectrum to yourself, I have to acknowledge the validity of the points you make, as well as the great eloquence with which you express them.

  12. Thank you Juan, Tabatha and Phil

    Eldie, there was a rally on Monday from AFSI, Amcha, etc. But we do need something much bigger on the scale of the rally in the early days of the Bush Admin that drew over 100,000 to 200,000 people.

    Getting that ball rolling however requires a lot of organization and likely the involvement of major Jewish and non-Jewish organizations, to be able to deliver the people, cover transportation costs, etc

    and after the UN rally crackdown, a lot of these major groups are intimidated. So it would likely have to be a grass roots effort

  13. Freedom of speech died today in Britain. The Muslim community has got its way - the novel 'Jewel Of Medina' will now not be published in the UK. Nor stocked in any of the mainstream outlets. Everyone is too scared, given that three Muslims firebombed the house of Gibson's Square, the small publishing house that agreed to take the book on *after* Random House turned dhimmi and cancelled publication of it.

    Freedom of speech: R.I.P.

    Everything you say, Sultan Knish, is spot on. I especially love the line 'Palestine is not a place...' etc.

    How true that is.

  14. May the evil spirit of 'Palestine' sink back into the pits of hell, or wherever it came from, and never rise again like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

    Outstanding work, Sultan!

  15. What should Israel do with the so-called Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and West Bank?
    Why should Israel have to do anything with them? They are not their people.
    Let Jordan take care of their own.
    They wanted a palestinian state.. .they got it. It is called Jordan and it was a huge slice taken off Israel then to create that place.
    Let Jordan worry about them since it's their own people.

  16. Anonymous19/5/09

    When I was a little kid back in 1955 and growing up in Eastern Europe I heard from the elders about the 3 world war prophecy.
    I was told that when only very few soldiers participating in the 2 world war would remain alive, another war will take place and the fight will be over the FAITH!
    Now, after more than 50 years I see it coming and soon...

  17. Louis19/5/09

    Save the Whales!!!

  18. Anonymous20/5/09

    Jordan does not want the West Bank and I doubt it wants the West Bank Palestinians, either. Also, it still doesn't answer the question of Gaza. Have a better idea?

  19. Anonymous20/5/09

    Sultan Knish

    I just bumped into your article "Who Needs a Palestinian State": it is so brilliant! You must a be a very smart guy. I would love to lissen to one of your talks.


  20. Oraneem20/5/09

    Mr. Knish,

    Given that a majority of Israelis are in support of a two-state solution, not to mention American Jews -- which means support for the establishment of a Palestinian State in the context of a negotiated resolution -- it is a half-truth at best to neglect to include this in your opening sentence where you refer only to those in Washington and Brussels. We need better to establish lasting security for Israel.

  21. the majority of israelis oppose a palestinian state


  22. Terrific article. My argument precisely. There appears to be some kind of mass hypnosis where everyone mouths 'Two State Solution' as if the mantra will create the reality. Of course, this is a smokescreen but something that neither the MSM nor western administrations are willing to admit to.

  23. Anonymous13/6/09

    who needs it? stuoid question. the middle east and the whole world needs palestina. Luckily, under obama, palestinan state will be born sooner than you think, no matter if the majority of israelis oppose it.

  24. Anonymous13/7/09

    why don't you see that 'Two State Solution' is the only solution possible? And obama knows that. Palestinians need their own state, with shared jerusalem as capital. Then there will be a peace, no sooner that that.

  25. Anonymous,

    please tell me how giving more power and land to terrorists will make them less likely to kill people...

    especially since every time over the last 17 years that they've been given power and land... they've killed more people?

  26. Anonymous25/8/09

    Your articles are amazing! Thank you for putting into words what I feel on a daily basis--I live in Israel. I took the liberty of sending your url to my friends via email and twitter--wish BBC, CNN et al would take notes from your site.

  27. Paul, England30/8/09

    I have only just recently found your blog and what a find!

    This article expertly expresses the truth of the situation.

    I am overwhelmed by the amount of blogs I want to read but yours is now one at the top of my list.

    Thank you so much.

  28. Thank you Paul and glad to have you as a reader

  29. Anonymous19/9/09

    What you fail to mention in your article is: that when the west created Jordan 60 years ago they selectively chose for muslims, whereas israel was forced to accept some Arabs, no Jews in Jordan aloud. And that (my grandmother being one of them) all, that is every single Jew in Aleppo Syria has been put in prison from birth yes from actual birth for the past 150 years, since the Jesuits got there and did blood libels on us. Aleppo was an all Jewish city, or at least the richest and most artistic and creative class, 200 years ago, and 2400 years consecutively before that, but they stole our property, yet not a single history book on earth including Israel mentions this truth. Makes some elders in my family crazy sometimes. I personally couldnt care less, gad is obviously evil and Muslims are atheists they like Russia so much, they just wear the clothes for vindictive purposes.

  30. So very true. The world (and many Jews) hate us. There's no denying it.

  31. I'm reading this blog days after Obamas "67 Borders" speech, May, 2011.

    It's like it was written in response to his speech. I guess the truth of the situation is timeless. Thank you, I'm learning much from you.

  32. Well now all those European countries who wanted a palestinian state, have the opportunity to have their very own one right in their own country............enjoy !

  33. Excellent article. Will the leaders in Washington and London and their counterparts in Europe understand the reality before they become deadweights.

  34. After a decade of Arab deception, to believe peace is possible is a delusion, and another mistake, that is costing Jewish lives and the security of Israel.
    The Arabs have a state, which is Jordan. Jordan illegally occupied and confiscated about 80% of the land allocated to Jews under international law and treaties of post WWI and the Faisal Wiezmann Agreement in 1919. The Arabs also have the Jewish businesses, homes and over 75,000 square miles of land (which is 6 times the size of Israel) which the Arab countries illegally confiscated from the million expelled Jewish families. The Muslim also killed all the Jews in Medina which was a Jewish city for over 2,600 years. In 1920 San Remo Conference by the Supreme Allied Powers, the Arabs received over 12 million sq. km. of territory and the Jewish people were allocated the territory formerly known as Palestine, as its historical land, which is about 120,000 sq. km. of territory.

    The British took away three quarters of Jewish allocated territory and created the new Arab state of Jordan and Jordan was set-up in 1922 on Jewish territory as the new Arab-Palestinian state; Jordan declared its independence in 1946.

    It is time to take another approach. Forego all peace talks until the Arabs can prove they can control their population and live with the Jews in peaceful coexistence for at least 5 years. Furthermore, Arabs must eliminate the education of its people to commit terror and violence; replacing it with education and practice of living in harmony and coexistence. Nothing less will be accepted. It is not negotiable.
    YJ Draiman



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