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Wednesday Afternoon Roundup - The Emperor is Still Naked

Note to Readers, Tonight is the beginning of Pesach\Passover. There will be no further blog updates or comments moderated until Saturday night. In the meantime feel free to browse through some of the week's posts below, and those linked within the roundup.

Obama is busy headed for his own PR stunt Seder, but of course who he's really busy sitting down at the table with is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Saudi King before whom he bowed his head and the Islamist regime of Turkey.

One wonders what Obama will do during the reading of, "Bekol Dor VeDor".

The acts of cluelessness and perfidy that mark Obama's big trip are too many to mark. It is clear that whatever else Obama is, he is completely ignorant. The mindblowing spectacle of Obama waxing rhapsodic about Kemal Ataturk, even while trying to win the favor of an Islamist party working to undo everything Ataturk did, and that has jailed many of his supporters, once again demonstrates the sheer depths of hopeless ignorance at which Obama swims. An ignorance that no one in the press dares call him on, leaving it to the occasional blogger to get up and shout, "The Emperor is Naked".

Little wonder that in turn the Muslim world meets Obama's acts of obesiance with contempt, resulting in at least one assasination attempt and a Turkish newscaster conducting a broadcast in blackface.

Even the very monsters and thugs Obama is trying to kiss up to hold him in utter bottomless contempt.

The American Thinker meanwhile has an article titled, "We Are All Anti-Semites Now" that takes a disturbing look at the trend Obama is riding.

The Knowledge Elites, although challenged now by a growing host of Internet sites and blogs, have traditionally set the agenda for the rest of us. They did it with communism and socialism, led the charge against the Vietnam War, and have shaped a climate in which our government and university elites can ignore results - truth -- and frankly declare the supremacy of statist-led economies. And now they have turned to the ‘Jewish' issue. You can get an idea of KE thinking by watching the recent Golden Globe award winner, Paradise Now, which unashamedly explores "the human side of two young terrorists recruited to kill innocent Jews."

Government, academia, media, and entertainment-a growing consensus is emerging with, perhaps, a Newsweek headline not too far behind: "We Are All Anti-Semites Now."

From Israel, Caroline Glick has a look at a world that's prepared to excuse Islamic child killers

The mainstream media in Europe and the US and even here maintain that Nativ's death tells us little we didn't already "know" if we are right-thinking people. By this view of things, the cold-blooded terrorist murder of civilians - even of children - is to be expected when the victims in question are Israeli Jews who live beyond the 1949 armistice lines. It isn't nice. It isn't pleasant to say. But as far as the right-thinking people of the Western media are concerned, Israeli Jews like Nativ, who live in Gush Etzion in Judea, are simply asking to be murdered.

Today, the media's view is shared by both European governments and the Obama administration.

This all the while Muslims in America can claim a 400,000 dollar payday for the most minor things.

On that note I recently received a comment from a liberal castigating me for my article, "Obama to Europe and Israel: Bow Before Islam"

Anonymous said...

As a Jew this "article" and the comments here are shameful. You sound no better than the Nazi's in Germany with your dangerous rhetoric. Shame on you!

Sultan Knish said...

Anonymous, you should have put "Jew" in quotation marks, instead of "Article". Because this article is far more legitimate than you are as a supposed Jew.

I'm not ashamed of you. I am however disgusted that people like you would so enthusiastically collaborate with an administration dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the second genocide of the Jewish people in less than a century.

If you want to see a Nazi, put on your Obama button and go look in the mirror.

Meanwhile an American crew attacked by Somali pirates demonstrated what real Americans are like by retaking their ship from the likely Islamic pirates.

Just as on 9/11, there will always be those real Americans who shout, "Let's Roll", in contrast to those who shout, "Surrender for Hope and Change"

On the blogs, Atlas Shrugs dissects and disproved Obama's claim that he never bowed to the Saudi king.

Right Truth looks at Barack's Deeper Game

But it was not simply a matter of domestic politics. It is becoming clear that Obama is playing a deeper game. A couple of weeks before the meetings, when it had become obvious that the Europeans were not going to bend on the issues that concerned the United States, Obama scheduled a trip to Turkey. During the EU meetings in Prague, Obama vigorously supported the Turkish application for EU membership, which several members are blocking on grounds of concerns over human rights and the role of the military in Turkey. But the real reason is that full membership would open European borders to Turkish migration, and the Europeans do not want free Turkish migration. The United States directly confronted the Europeans on this matter.

During the NATO meeting, a key item on the agenda was the selection of a new alliance secretary-general. The favorite was former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Turkey opposed his candidacy because of his defense on grounds of free speech of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed published in a Danish magazine. NATO operates on consensus, so any one member can block just about anything. The Turks backed off the veto, but won two key positions in NATO, including that of deputy secretary-general.

So while the Germans won their way at the meetings, it was the Turks who came back with the most. Not only did they boost their standing in NATO, they got Obama to come to a vigorous defense of the Turkish application for membership in the European Union, which of course the United States does not belong to. Obama then flew to Turkey for meetings and to attend a key international meeting that will allow him to further position the United States in relation to Islam.

Appease and concede, that and not hope and change, are Obama's real slogans.

Meanwhile via Israpundit, the Arab side is amping up the pressure for major concessions, encourage by Obama.

Meanwhile Steven Plaut at the Jewish Press looks at how one Israeli leftist, Neve Gordon, is collaborating with Iranian genocidal Islamists.

That same Neve Gordon has a new job - bashing Israel as a columnist for the Tehran Times. Yes, Gordon is openly the accomplice of the Holocaust Denying mullahs of Iran threatening Israel with nuclear annihilation. See his latest exercising in anti-Semitism here.

Gordon now has the distinction of being one of the only people born Jewish on the planet openly collaborating with the Holocaust Deniers of Tehran (in good company with the Neturei Karta mentals). Gordon currently serves as the head of the department of political science at Ben Gurion University. The university's president, Prof. Rivka Carmi, has repeatedly endorsed and celebrated Gordon's anti-Israel hate propaganda as "serious and distinguished research into human rights."

A petition is attached to the university along with email addresses.

The American Thinker blog has another look at Obama's Cradle to Grave Socialism. And Obama's passover.

Camille Paglia criticizes Obama's missteps

Armstrong Williams at the Post looks at Obama's suboptimal performance abroad.

Maggie's Notebook questions whether Israel would get permission from the Obama admin for overflights to hit Iran's nuclear reactors. Since the Obama admin has made it very clear that Israel shouldn't even dare consider taking out the reactors, it's a safe bet that Israel has a better shot getting overflight authorization from Saudi Arabia than Obama.

Meanwhile Atlas Shrugs via Sheik Yer Mami looks at the OIC's agenda for the world.


  1. Sultan, thanks much for the link and for your comment on the possibility of Obama ordering our Air Force to prevent an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. This had not even occurred to me. It's reprehensible to think about.

    Have a blessed Passover.

  2. Anonymous11/4/09

    This Muslim POTUS is working for an Islam Caliphate, no doubt in my mind.

    I hope you will get rid of him very soon before he succeeds in destroying the whole world.

    Never thought such an evil person could exist on the face of this World.

    Please join all movements who are trying to remove this illegal POTUS from the White House. Time is running short before it is too late... you need the power of NUMBERS. When millions of American will join these movements, he will have to go.

    So please take action... words are not enough. ACT NOW!

    (French Canadian)

  3. Obama will stay in office until he is voted out of office.

  4. Anonymous12/4/09


    I sincerly believe that he will be removed from office as soon as his records are released.

    (French Canadian)


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