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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Obama to Europe and Israel: BOW BEFORE ISLAM

With his economic house of cards looking particularly wobbly in the US, Obama has headed out to continue his charade of an international campaign over to Europe. There we were treated to a gushing media fawning over his generic speeches, which naturally always highlighted his own uniqueness and "historicity".

Of course making speeches, posing for photos and discussing how important he is, is what Obama does best. It's also the only thing he does besides running a grueling marathon of saying stupid things and offending his hosts.

Not only did Obama bizarrely try to dictate to the EU who their members should be, urging them to let Turkey in, a presumption that ranks right up there with France suggesting that Haiti should join the US as a State. But Obama as usual was posing for the Muslim world, and in the process tweaking Europe some more.

The brokered deal that has Anders Fogh Rasmussen becoming NATO Secretary General in exchanging for apologizing for Denmark's freedom of speech, to the Muslim world, which isn't a fan of free speech when it comes to making fun of Islam, only when it comes to calls for the genocide of non-Muslims, is one more gift to the Islamists. The Danish cartoons represented a first world heritage of free speech that has been bargained away yet again.

With a Turkish Vice Secretary General for NATO, Obama has certainly helped do his part for the Muslim way, though just as when he bowed to the Saudi king, there were no signs of recognition or gratitude. But that has not stopped Obama from insisting that Europe bow to Islam, just as he has.

In Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama has dropped any talk of democracy. It's natural enough why the man who was elected thanks to ACORN voter fraud, mass media propaganda, racial huckstering and an economic crisis manufactured by his own backers-- would not be a particular aficionado of democracy. But that has been matched by a growing "partnership" with Iran.

And that has meant a broad spectrum of appeasement toward Iran, from legalizing sexual assault for Shiite women in Afghanistan, backing the UK's Hizbollah outreach plan and arranging to give Iran a great deal of power in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And of course Obama's guarantee that the US will prevent Israel from taking out Iran's nuclear program, and muscle out strong concession from Israel to Obama's new Iranian allies and their proxies, Syria, Hamas and Hizbullah.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia has its own pricetag for reining in its Wahhabi terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, to create "peace" long enough for Obama to hang a "Mission Accomplished" banner, withdraw the troops and turn over the country to them.

The problem with Obama's plans is that as much as he puts on the table, his basic weakness only makes America more of a target. Both Shia and Sunni terrorists would rather achieve that withdrawal over the corpses of American troops, than through backdoor negotiations with Obama. And Obama's desperation lets them know that he won't have to be pushed very far, before he backs down.

Little wonder that Europe had few troops to offer for Obama's Afghan plan. After Obama had deliberately ignored and insulted our European allies, the rejection was inevitable. But once again Obama had little sincere interest in soliciting troops from Europe. What he really wanted was to demonstrate to America's foreign policy establishment that Europe could not be counted on, requiring him to make even more concessions to win Iranian cooperation.

And that's how the game is being played. Obama's real message to Europe and Israel is, "BOW BEFORE ISLAM", and his timetable for demanding that obeisance is speeding up. The closest possible analogy to the Obama Administration is had a Communist President taken power in the 60's. Under Obama, America's power is turning into a tool in the hands of our enemies and a sword at the neck of the free world. Terror has taken up residence in the White House to the loud cheers of a gulled public little realizing that in Obamaspeak, Change means Submission and Hope means Islam.


  1. The photo of Obama bowing down to Abdullah tells a story this country will not long forget. I've yet heard the MSM report it, or report that it was, indeed, odd. Had he not known etiquette, he would have given QE more than a slight head nod (which is as inappropriate as his submission to the King of Saudia Arabia), so we assume he knew exactly what he was doing.

    He bowed to Islam, and the man was having a moment when he did it. It makes me shiver.

  2. We have an inept government right now.

  3. Especially when you consider that King Abdullah is the guardian of Islam's holiest site

  4. Anonymous6/4/09

    "Terror has taken up residence in the White House to the loud cheers of a gulled public little realizing that in Obamaspeak, Change means Submission and Hope means Islam." (Sultan)

    You couldn't have said it better.
    But how could it be any different? Obama is an illegal alien, a Muslim and Kenyan born. When will people finally realize this?

    I am very discouraged and shouldn't have read this thread before going to bed. But on the other hand, I really enjoyed the two pictures that you put in this article... lol... very funny.

    (French Canadian)

  5. We have a rudderless government! The Bambis are classless thoughtless and clueless. Rumors are they didn't know their was an Office of Protocol!

    Funny because a Senate confirmation is required. Why? Because it has been elevated to the position of ambassador!

  6. susan h6/4/09

    Did anyone see Obama stand before a group in Turkey and say some Islamic phrase, like praise to Allah? (It was said in Islamic tongue). Someone else thought he was saying the traditional Islamic greeting: Allah hu Akhbar which means Allah (G-d) is great.
    He was very comfortable while saying this, not halting as one would do if these were words he was not familiar with. He was very familiar with the phrase he was saying.

    So much for Obama's lie that "he was never a muslim". A more correct statement would be "he was never not a muslim".

  7. Obama is extremely practiced and familiar with Muslim prayers



    this also represents the Shahada, the declaration of faith that makes one a Muslim

  8. Odumba is going to bow to the saudi spit - he's muzlim, what else would he do?

    Being african, he'll bow even lower because he knows they think he's scum...and he is.

    The humour of the sitch, is when it comes to the slavery aspect. Saudi Spit is 100% for it, but since he's brown and muzlim, that's ok with Odumba.

    If Saudi Spit was white, Odumba wouldn't bow in a million years. In fact, Odumba would have probably presented him with a gift card from McDonalds. : )

  9. Anonymous8/4/09

    As a Jew this "article" and the comments here are shameful. You sound no better than the Nazi's in Germany with your dangerous rhetoric. Shame on you!

  10. Anonymous, you should have put "Jew" in quotation marks, instead of "Article". Because this article is far more legitimate than you are as a supposed Jew.

    I'm not ashamed of you. I am however disgusted that people like you would so enthusiastically collaborate with an administration dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the second genocide of the Jewish people in less than a century.

    If you want to see a Nazi, put on your Obama button and go look in the mirror.

  11. Halycon2/9/11

    Obama isn't even considered a servant of Islam to his Arab masters; but a slave.

    He may be half-Black, but the Arabs see a man with Black skin and curly hair; so he's Black enough to them.

    So because Black people are seen as slaves in Islam; so to is Barack Obama.

    Islam is nothing but Arab imperialism; with the Arabs thinking they're better than other Muslims.

    This is why even if Obama was a Muslims, he would never be able to be treated and respected as an equal.

    If Obama was smart, then he would come down hard on Islam and ask that Muslims do as he says rather than trying in vain to get Muslims to accept him.



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