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Friday, April 17, 2009

Islam, the West and the Blinded Giant

The current struggle between Western nations and Islam is a primarily one sided struggle reminiscent of the usual historical pattern of friction between a declining civilization and the barbarians at the gates.

The West is heir to great technological, industrial and military achievements, which it has built on. It also heir to great political, intellectual and cultural achievements, which it has thoroughly degraded and warped. The result resembles a bodybuilder who builds up a powerful physique only to put it all at the service of an insecure and undeveloped mind. The West achieved its practical accomplishment through its intellectual accomplishments. With the intellectual accomplishments decaying badly, the practical ones will follow too.

For now there is simply a lack of guidance. The infrastructure and technology exists to do great things, but not the will. The United States which went from nearly unarmed to unchallenged superpower in a handful of years during WW2, could end its dependence on foreign oil, secure its borders, update its infrastructure, and for that matter destroy any combination of enemies, land on the moon again and meet any challenge. But as it stands, the United States can hardly build an airport without spending a decade negotiating with unions, environmentalists, random activists, and coping with endless graft and government regulations. Like Samson Blinded, the United States is tied down by chains and its eyes have been put out. The giant staggers and has become a laughingstock for its enemies.

And where the United States is, most of the rest of the West already was. Where Europe is today, is where the United States will soon be. Physical decay follows moral decay. The giant in chains soon becomes the midget in chains. Act timid and afraid long enough, and you can easily go from a giant to a midget.

That is the state of civilization, a staggering blind giant, bedeviled by his own demons, his legs hacked at by swarming masses of savages, afraid and guilt-ridden of his own strength until he has convinced himself that he is weak and helpless.

But if the West is a success at everything but faith in itself, the Islamic world is a failure at everything but believing in itself. Where the West has an Inferiority Complex, Islam has a Superiority Complex. Both are deluded, but where the delusions of Western Civilization are destroying it, the delusions of Islam are giving it the power to conquer the West. Thus it is better to be a dwarf who believes he can kill a giant, than to be a giant who believes he cannot kill a dwarf. Given time both will be proven right, and the dwarf will be the one left standing.

Leveraging its sole two assets, oil and the malaise of the West, Islam has made a great deal of progress across not only the Middle East, Asia and Africa-- but in Europe, Australia and America as well. But the true asset of the Islamic world is human.

The low economic level of the average citizen of the Muslim world, combined with the low status of women, has boosted the birth rate. And the upper classes, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates, have funneled the potential social crisis of a large birth rate into Islamic fanaticism and terrorism.

The Islamic World is not unique in reacting to Western superiority with violence and hate. It has however managed to consolidate that violence and hate into a global movement, a culture of inferiority giving way to massacres, atrocities and conquest on a large scale. That is the Jihad being conducted against the Dar Al Harb, the non-Muslim nations of the world around the globe. It is a relentless campaign backed by propaganda and the fanatic faith of people who have no sense of cultural or national worth outside of Islam.

The excess birth rate has served both to lead the conquest of non-Muslim countries using emigration abroad, and to create a disposable male population available for all sorts of violence and mischief locally. By contrast the falling Western birth rate, in line with falling morale and self-worth, opens up "free space" in the tax rolls and employment rates that can be filled by Muslims. Conquest is rarely quite so easy except in the dying days of empire.

Westerners question whether they should reproduce, drive a car or drink from a disposable cup. Muslims have no such questions. While the West plays Hamlet, Islam plays Richard the III. While the West asks, "To be or not to be", Islam proclaims, "And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover, To entertain these fair well-spoken days, I am determined to prove a villain. And hate the idle pleasures of these days."

The Mullahs and Imams scowling and railing against the pleasures of the West represent one side of the coin. A West that has lost itself in a foul mixture of decadence and guilt, hedonism and self-despite, is the other side. Like the hunchback usurper king, the Islamic world both hates and envies the West for its pleasures, and is keen to see how to use them as weaknesses. And the West, like the Danish prince, who sees murder around him, but remains too dissolute and fixed to a stolid code, until the end to stand and fight-- only to have the battle end in mass tragedy, dithers and delays the inevitable confrontation.

The ending is tragic either way. Islam's victory will only usher in a dark age and the technologies and medicines of the West that made life so much the better will soon pass away. And few but the most fanatical clerics will relish the world that will be made. Meanwhile if the West delays too long, it will have the choice between willingly donning its own chains, or engaging in a final confrontation that will leave no survivors standing.


  1. There is one portion of the world that frequently remains unmentioned on this blog. I hope my beloved India, of which the people still remained vigorously bound to Hinduism stand up to the Islamic challenge.

    If only the West can stop supporting the wrong people and stop the missionary headache for India... that would be some distractions less for us.

  2. There is wisdom in going back to the source of pure simple truth.

    Some of us understand that Islam is one bing lie which the nations seek to appease by sacrificing Israel.
    God's plain,simple words to Abraham tells us why the west is doomed,already cursed ,it has made it final,fateful bed with Islam against Israel
    'I will bless those who bless you,
    And I will curse him who curses you'

    'the US's efforts in Pakistan to date have failed miserably and there is little cause to believe that expanding them will change the situation in any significant way'
    'the choice is and will remain one between seeing the US and its allies taking swift and decisive action to neutralize nuclear programs that threaten global security'
    from Caroline Glick- Pakistan Dilema

    Response :
    NOW the LORD had said to Abram:
    "Get out of your country,
    From your family
    And from your father's house,
    To a land that I will show you.
    I will make you a great nation;
    I will bless you
    And make your name great;
    And you shall be a blessing.
    I will bless those who bless you,
    And I will curse him who curses you;
    And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."
    Genesis 12

    Since the U.S. embarked on it's mission of carving up Israel for the no peace with Islam process it has been cursed.
    America at the top has cursed Israel and the Jews.
    Everything the U.S. puts it's hands to is doomed to fail and things will only go from bad to worse the more Israel is pressured by this evidently cursed nation.
    Every facet of America is under this growing curse and everything related to onced blessed America is doomed to fail.
    So Caroline 'the only choice' is to understand that even after billions and billions spent on Pakistan,Iraq,Afghanistan,Palestinian Terrorist Authority,ect.
    things will only go from bad to worse because of God's promise to Abraham.
    He keeps His promises.
    Don't look to America to save anything ,because it will not even be able to save itself.
    America will even fail at the border with Mexico.

  3. I continue to enjoy your blog. I wish you would expand some of your thoughts into actionable items for the common man (like me).

    I noticed this error:
    be a dwarf who believes he can kill a giant, then to be a giant who believes he cannot kill a dwarf.


  4. ranter, thank you for the correction. Fixed now.

  5. Kamasura, I agree with you and yes India should be mentioned more often, but though it is threatened by Islam, it is currently more secure than most of the front line countries such as Europe and Israel.

    The missionary issue is a problem we both share.

  6. The main caveat in the former FBI profiler's book "Whoever Fights Monsters" is not to become like the monsters you fight.

    The US in becoming so tolerant of Islam is passively implementing Islamic rule. Muslims scream outrage, we flinch and back down.

    They've manipulated our values for their own agendas--to welcome the poor, tried, hungry, those seeking to breath freedom--and twisted them to mean allow any immigrant, legal or illegal, to enter the country and destroy it from within.

    Like an over indulgent parent we don't want to say no, there are limits. No, that crosses the line.

    Wonderful post.

  7. Oops. Typo. I meant tired not tried lol.

    Shavua tov, Sultan:)

  8. Anonymous19/4/09

    Great post.
    from the land of ozero

  9. Anonymous19/1/11

    I believe that America can and will defend itself from islamisation because it does not suffer from the diseases of the old European countries who suffer from post colonial guilt. and the barometer for this self defence is non other than the degree of support for Israel's own battle against the dark forces of Islam.
    Australia is also in a similar position.



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