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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When Will Obama's Pro-Israel Promoters Admit They Were Wrong?

Mind you I'm not talking about Obama's core Jewish supporters. They never supported Israel. They might support the destruction of Israel. I'm not even talking about his core base of support among Jews, young unaffiliated liberals who couldn't give less of a damn about Israel.

I'm not even talking about the likes of Michael Bloomberg, cynical politicians eager to trade on anything for their own self-advancement.

I am talking about people like Ed Koch, Martin Peretz, and Alan Dershowitz, who had built up legitimate Pro-Israel credentials, and in some cases had turned right after 9/11, only to turn around and be taken for a ride on the Obama bandwagon. Enlisting people like them played a crucial role in convincing Jewish organizations that Obama was not dangerous and that his positions on Israel would be just fine.

(They were certainly not alone. Plenty of non-Jewish liberal Republicans proved willing to get on the Obama bus. They've hemmed and hawed, but they've yet to admit their mistake.)

Now hardly two months in, it's clear that they were tragically wrong, that they were played and in the process helped con others. From the beginning, from his phone call to his first interview, Obama put terrorists and the Saudis first. The Chas Freeman appointment was not an isolated event, along with James L. Jones, Samantha Power, for whom Obama created a special position, Dennis Blair he was meant to be part of a whole raft of Anti-Israel figures now calling the shots.

Meanwhile J Street, an Anti-Israel lobbying group funded by Soros, is getting primacy at the White House.

In case anyone doubted the meaning of the message, when Gabi Ashkenazi, the Israeli Chief of Staff, came to D.C. to meet with administration officials, he found all the doors had been barred against him. From the Defense Secretary, to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, or Blair himself. Ashkenazi's one meeting was set to be with James L. Jones, himself closely tied to the Saudis, whose role was to warn Israel to start making concessions to Israel immediately. Ashkenazi was almost lucky though by comparison to Uzi Arad, Israel's new National Security Advisor, who isn't even being allowed to enter the United States.

Israel has been virtually shut out of the process as D.C. has worked to bring together a Unity government, and made so many approaches to Iran that even some of the Gulf States are panicking and warning Obama to run any concessions by them first. Though when not even Iran openly admitting to collaborating in the murder of US troops prevents American diplomats from giving away the kitchen store, it's not clear what if any limits exist anymore.

Meanwhile the Administration has turned a blind eye to the growing anti-semitic invective and attacks by left wing South American governments, particularly Chavez's Venezuela. And now a new CIA report supposedly claims that Israel has twenty years to live, terminating in a One State Solution. By no coincidence the prefered outcome promoted by Chas Freeman.

All that and it's only the middle of March. Still there are few signs of Teshuvah, repentance and atonement, by those who helped foist King Hussein on us. Martin Peretz appeared shaken by the Freeman battle and its larger implications. Alan Dershowitz insisted on condemning Freeman alone, without an honest examination of how or why someone like that would have ever gotten the nod to take charge of the National Intelligence Estimate. Ed Koch has focused only on the economy, repeatedly praising Obama, but questioning some of his economic steps, yet blaming Congress for most of it.

None of these men are of course ideal subjects. Alan Dershowitz is a liberal whose pro-Israel activism, laudable as it might be, was mainly a reaction to growing Muslim and left wing hate on campus. Without that political "mugging", he would have likely continued churning out talky biographies and musings heavily salted down with name dropping. Peretz typically lacks either the conviction of his courage or the courage of his conviction. Ed Koch can be relied on to change his position by 180 degrees every few years. Had Carter made it to a second term, Koch who did much to damage his reelection prospects, might well have become his biggest cheerleader.

Still they are the paradigm for a larger blindness within the Jewish organizational leadership, much of which had grave doubts and concerns about Obama. Doubts and concerns that mostly stayed quiet. They didn't take a stand for him except in the faintest sort of way, but neither did they take a stand against him. And far too many public figures like Dershowitz and Koch proved eager to be talked into supporting him.

78 percent of Jews did not vote for Obama, a number repeated over and over again, despite its blatant falseness. (A topic I have written on before.) But however many Jews voted for Obama, they cast their ballots for a man determined to make war on America and Israel. While that cannot be undone, growing concern over his policies can force the administration to excercise some more caution. The large pro-Israel rally in D.C. early during Bush's first term helped show that American Jews did care and would not be silent. The time may be coming to launch another such show of solidarity, and that may serve as a chance for Teshuvah for those who have put us and millions of their brothers and sisters in grave danger. Those who like Kayin have claimed not to know or hear the blood of their murdered brothers and sisters crying to them from the earth.


  1. Great article once again.

    It would be wonderful if they were to make teshuva and I hope and pray they do. All of the Jews you mentioned are intelligent and in at least one case an attorney. It makes me wonder if the reason these people who would probably reject an overt display of anti-semitism are drawn in by Obama.

    Perhaps the same thing we see in the old movie Grande Illusion in which people are loyal to those who are like them in terms of occuption, social class etc. rather than religion or nationality or brotherhood or sisterhood.

  2. Anonymous18/3/09

    "While that cannot be undone, growing concern over his policies can force the administration to excercise some more caution."

    I think that it can still be undone. All you need is a suppoena from the Court for Obama to release all of his records. But for the SCOTUS to act, Americans have to stand up behind this issue. When million of Americans will ask proofs of Obama eligibility, SCOTUS will have to act and promptly. Obama is definatly not a natural born citizen with his double citizenship at birth.

    Obama's Hidden Birth Certificate FAQ

    Dr. Orly Taitz is making a lot of progress on her lawsuits: http://defendourfreedoms.us/

    Sultan, I was shocked by the jewish vote. I couldn't understand they got fooled by him.
    They better wake-up before it is too late and start admitting their error or Israel will "have twenty years to live, terminating in a One State Solution."

    Meanwhile, I hope Israel will take care of Iran. There is hope at the horizon:

    Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran's Nuclear Development Facilities

    (French Canadian)

  3. A very interesting piece and worrying even for your fellow Jews across the pond, here in Londonistan.

    I had been hoping that America would not travel down the same path as the UK when it came to bending over backwards to compromise with the Arab and Islamic worlds. Sadly, with Obama in charge, looks like it's time to stop hoping and start praying - or even packing..!

    I do beg to differ with you on one thing. Regardless of what prompted his emergence as a public defender of Israel, Alan Dershowitz *is* doing a good job and helping many students stand up to the anti Israel mobs. Even here in the UK his book 'The Case For Israel' is proving extremely helpful for those of us who seek to support Israel, whether on campus or in the media etc.

  4. To French Canadian,

    even if it were proven that Obama was Kenyan born, Obama would make a speech claiming that he had never known, and Congress would push to either grant him American born status (illegal but watch what happened in DC) or modify the Constitution outright.

    It would still be a hell of a struggle to remove him from power, and the odds against it would be astronomical.

  5. Yes I know Dershowitz has been helpful on campus, which made his endorsement of Obama all the more devastating.

  6. Anonymous18/3/09

    Why did so many Jews support Obama? It's hard to say. So many issues were going on in this election and Obama and Co. are masters of deception and lies. He played the innocent to the hilt and naive people bought into it.

    All the red flags were there about Obama: 20 years in a racist church which revered Louis Farrakhan and spewed anti-white, anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Friendships with radical and pro-palestinians like Rashid Khalidi and Al-Mansour, and rumors of his Harvard law school being paid for by some of these people. Also, he gave large sums of money to pro-palestinian groups while on the board of the Woods Foundation.

    I think there was much support among Jews in 2004 for Bush as he had shown himself to be a friend of Israel.

    IMO, Election 2008 was made of terrible choices. I feel many people did distrust Obama, Jews and non-Jews, but their hatred of George Bush was so overwhelming that no republican had a chance. McCain seemed to be a sacrifice candidate and for a while he did not do too badly, until the economic meltdown came, and then everyone had something specific to point to as reason not to vote for John McCain, as he became the Bush surrogate and people had someone to vent their anger on and attack.

    For me there was literally no one to vote for. From day one, I saw through Obama and his lies, deceptions, corrupt activities and radical associates and tried as hard as I could to alert friends and relatives to the fact that Obama was a fraud, liar, and no friend of Israel. For this stance I was ridiculed, attacked (not physically but verbally), and lost contact with some people I had previously called friends. Most of the people I know hated Bush so much that they really did not care. They were willing to take their chances with Obama and ignored all the signs that were blaring them in the face. When Jews such as Rep. Wexler in Florida came out and vigorously supported Obama, seniors in FL listened. When Joe Biden swore to Floridians that Obama was a friend of Israel, Jews listened. What else could they do?

    I chose not to vote in Election 2008 but honestly, if John McCain had won the election, I could have lived with it. It's Obama I am having a hard time living with.

  7. Anonymous18/3/09

    "The large pro-Israel rally in D.C. early during Bush's first term helped show that American Jews did care and would not be silent."
    This was different, terrorists were exploding themselves everyday. Today after 4 years of demonization Israel is looked upon, even by the Jewish Jews, differently, as the "aggressor". I'm sorry to say but I don't give much credit to the American Jews, steeped in materialism and secularism. They didn't help in the Shoa times, and they won't help if Israel is slowly pressured to commit suicide as "one country for all people". Look how the bar is lowered slowly, by each event. After Bush spoke the P country word, that we must have it, next is Obama in power who is going to pressure Israel to give more and more, including the inside Israel liberal supreme court fighting for the Arab right of return. I don't think anyone will scream fire until it's too late. I wish I was wrong.

  8. Susan, in many cases it was simply a case of putting social status and class, over ethnic identity. Which is commonplace enough in America, and all too commonplace for the Obama base.

    As with being Irish or Greek, Jewish can be a meaningless factoid or a passionate commitment or many things in between.

  9. Anonymous, people have been screaming fire for a long time now, unfortunately too few are listening.

    Comfort leading to apathy has always been the soul killing curse of America jewry.

  10. Anonymous18/3/09

    "...Congress would push to either grant him American born status (illegal but watch what happened in DC) or modify the Constitution outright." (Sultan)

    The Constitution cannot be retroactive. And he couldn't say that he didn't know... why did he hired 3 law firms and spent almost a million dollard to hide it? And what about his passports or his student foreign loans... he didn't know? Come on! His COLB was a forgery, Hawaii confirmed that all COLB are embedded, his is not.

    Read this great article:
    By: Dr Edwin Viera PhD, J.D.

    (French Canadian)

  11. Anonymous18/3/09

    I really don't get how any Jew with a brain could have voted for this fraud. It's really shameful. Didn't the Jews say "never again?"

  12. Some said never again. Most said, let's not be so intolerant.

  13. It can't be retroactive, but just watch what happens when it comes down to it. We've been playing fast and loose with the Constitution for most of the 20th century.

    He'll get up and give another speech backed by a lot of American flags, talk about how his parents must have kept it from him, blah blah blah the promise of America... and Congress will do it. Even most Republican Senators will do it, and McCain will be out front among them.

    Not pretty, but it's true.

  14. Anonymous18/3/09

    No Sultan, it will not go this way. It is true that your Constitution has been fragile for many years... but if million of Americans stand up for it, SCOTUS won't aloud that farce to keep on.

    Kenya has all of Obama's records. What will happen when he gets blackmailed and he will? An illegal sitting President has no power.

    This is a too much great treath to your country, when people will find out the truth people they will rise up and make Congress back off and Obama will have to leave.

    Why don't you want to back up this issue and give it a try? What do you have to lose? What are you afraid of? If it goes thru you will get rid of this fraudulent POTUS. If it doesn't go thru, you will then know that America is no longer a nation of laws and that you have no more Constitution.

    Then it will be the time for a revolution with guns before they take them away from you.

    PLEASE, give it a try, don't surrender so easily. To succeed, all you need is million of Americans backing it. But if they feel defeated before they even try it (like you), you will never have those millions of Americans backing this issue.

    (French Canadian)

  15. I don't see how anyone could have begun to believe he was the slightest bit pro-israel. It helps being a bigot, I guess. I took one look at his name and called it "evil." (happy grin)

    But seriously, if they had paid attention to who he associates with, his background and again - his name - it told the world everything it needed to know.

    I'd say that so far he's lived completely up to his name.

  16. This isn't about feeling defeated. The blog takes the theme of fighting back. It's about a realistic assessment of what will happen.

    People willing to challenge Obama's birth are a persecuted minority even among Republicans and Conservatives. And Obama has repeatedly gotten away with breaking the law.

    I would welcome the exposure that he is Kenyan born, because it would certainly damage him. But I don't harbor any illusions that it would lead to his removal from office earlier than 2012.

  17. Anonymous18/3/09

    "People willing to challenge Obama's birth are a persecuted minority even among Republicans and Conservatives." (Sultan)

    Sorry to insist Sultan, I believe in this issue. They are persecuted minority because people are not educated about this issue, MSM won't talk about it. But if blogs would push it and print the real facts, more people would jump on the lawsuits. Dr Orly Taitz has already convinced many States representatives by going to see them and present them the facts. They had no clue about it, now they are on her side. People have to be informed thru the blogs.

    " I would welcome the exposure that he is Kenyan born, because it would certainly damage him. But I don't harbor any illusions that it would lead to his removal from office earlier than 2012."

    That is because you have no clue how an illegal POTUS will damage your country. Please take the time to read the impacts it would have. It is breathtaking!

    By: Dr Edwin Viera PhD, J.D.

    (French Canadian)

  18. I think you are having some trouble understanding that I am on your side in this.

    I am however pointing out that none of this will happen as easily as you suggest.

  19. Anonymous18/3/09

    I get it Sultan, I know you are on my side. And I know it will not be easy, but it can be done if people are educated on this issue. And for now, only blogs can do it by providing the facts. When millions of people will understand what is really going on, things will move fast.

    It is your only solution besides cival war. Otherwise America will cease to exist. My honnest opinion.

    (French Canadian)

  20. Anonymous19/3/09

    "We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, BUT TO OVERTHROW MEN WHO PERVERT THE CONSTITUTION." –Abraham Lincoln

    (French Canadian)

  21. Anonymous19/3/09

    I'm one Jewish lady who didn't vote for Obama, though I've been a Democrat for a long time. I couldn't understand my Jewish friends voting for him, either. I'm a dual citizen of Israel & USA, so I care very much about what happens to Israel. Perhaps others have not extended themselves to caring or have bothered with their history. Jews have traditionally been Democratic in USA. and are most sensitive to others. Many just could not bring themselves to vote Republican! Now, look at what's happened. It was predictable.
    Another blogspot blogger

  22. I think part of the problem is that Jews like other immigrants to the US at the turn of the century up until the 1940s regarded the Democratic party as the party that looked out for them during the Great Depression.

    The Democratic party of today has all the "values" or rather lack of the baby boomers--the me generation, which is definitely not at all like the greatest generation.

  23. Anonymous20/3/09

    without an enemy Jews'ld mix with the goyim.

    Hatred united the Jews and made us stick to our identity and be more intelligent then the enemy.

    the fight against evil (Hamman)
    is on going thing, it will not stop because of some rich Jews prostituted themselves to populist.



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