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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obama Sells Out Afghanistan to the Taliban

Barry Hussein has unveiled his "brand new plan" for winning the war in Afghanistan, to wide praise from the very same media corps that not so long ago was castigating the war at every opportunity and repeating Noam Chomsky's talking points.

Key features of the bright shiny new plan. Karzai is gone. Obama blasted the Afghan government and it's clear that a stable Afghani government is no longer part of the package. Oddly enough the liberal media is busy heaping praise on Obama for essentially sacrificing the lives and rights of millions of women to the Taliban, and throwing out the hard work and sacrifices of tens of thousands of American and international soldiers.

Make no mistake about it, for all the bravado, Obama's plan is just a prelude to the helicopters over the embassy, and the screaming refugees begging to be let in beyond the gates.

Obama has already made it part of his initiative to reach out to the "moderate" Taliban. Biden has announced that only 5 percent of the Taliban are incorrigble. The other 95 percent we can work with.

In his brand new plan, Obama offered Pakistan, which funded and set up the Taliban, a velvet glove, and Karzai's government, the iron fist. The message is fairly clear, Karzai is out, and the Taliban are in. So long as they promise to go back to their Clinton era arrangements on drugs and terrorism-- the same arrangements they didn't keep last time around, Obama and his corrupt band of criminals, will let them take over Afghanistan again.

It's bad a plan, but it's exactly what we can expect from the likes of Sandy Berger and James L. Jones. And it shows that Chas Freeman's contempt for human rights made him perfectly suited for the job, rather than some sort of aberration.

For now the plans calls for lots of aid money and lots more diplobrats in Afghanistan, 450 more of them, all to work with Afghanis, who no longer have any reason to work with us. With Obama's new plan, Afghanistan is now divided into a former US backed government we just sold out, whose leaders will be either prepearing for a long solitary campaign as a renewed Northern Alliance, and the Taliban, which will continue hitting US troops while conducting backchannel negotiations with the diplobrats urging us to leave sooner.

This even as Obama is working on releasing the Gitmo terrorists into the US, while giving them welfare.

All the ingredients are in place for a terrorist attack far worse than 9/11. Obama's plan shamelessly praised by the media will deliver some kills, followed by a withdrawal. Obama will hang his own Mission Accomplished banner, even as Taliban thugs are beating and killing girls again.

Substitute Iran for the Taliban, and that is his plan for Iraq. Substitute Hamas for both, and that's his plan for Israel.

Obama is bringing back the Clinton era politics of appeasement, this time with an emphasis on pandering to Muslim terrorists. And it's gonna be bad, folks. It's gonna be real bad.

Meanwhile the Democrat attack machine is targeting Chief Justice Roberts, his willingness to listen to questions about Obama's legitimacy to hold office can't be helping.

In the blog roundup, Barcepundit has some interesting facts on the Cost of Green, and what Obama's green centered plans will really do for job creation.

Subsidizing renewable energy in the U.S. may destroy two jobs for every one created if Spain’s experience with windmills and solar farms is any guide.

For every new position that depends on energy price supports, at least 2.2 jobs in other industries will disappear, according to a study from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

And the numbers in the US will probably be worse.

Ted Belman at Israpundit has another look at how terrorists control the ground level UNRWA functioning, at the UNRWA union elections.

Significantly, Islamist candidates won all 11 seats reserved for teachers.

In the elections for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) union in Gaza, held Wednesday, the Hamas-controlled Islamist bloc won 17 out of 27 seats. PLO-affiliated factions won nine seats, with the last seat going to an independent candidate.

Go read more for a detailed commentary and context, but the bottom line is the UNRWA is really a Hamas\Fatah operation on the ground, with a handful of foreigners pretending they're in charge for the cameras.

Seeing Right has Rush Limbaugh's take on 1984 and Obama.

…Big Brother was everywhere, no matter where you went. Big Brother was on television, on the radio. It didn’t matter where you went. I have a simple question. When do all television sets just eventually default to the Obama channel? There has to be an Obama channel now, and at some point the government, the FCC, is gonna encode broadcast signals so that your TV or your receiver defaults to the Obama channel all the time. It’s the same thing with your computer defaulting to the Obama page.

Except of course now every channel is the Obama channel, and every magazine is the Obama magazine. Thus insuring that you can't turn it off, because wherever you go, the propaganda is already there.

Seeing Right also has some additional commentary on yesterday's post from here.

Ms Placed Democrat takes a look at Russia's military buildup

Apparently Hillary’s “overcharge button” didn’t really signal any change between Bambi’s administration and Russia, nor impress Russia much. With Bambi’s talk becoming increasingly weaker with phrases like “man made disasters” instead of terrorist attacks, removing “war on terror” from the vernacular and ridding the current dictionary of the term “enemy combatant”, Russia is showing us their might.

On that note, the week end.


  1. BHO's idiocy about reaching out to the "moderate" Taliban defies belief. Yet, he plans to do so!

  2. You are right on! Obama's bravado is false. He is far worse than Clinton and Carter. I fear for our lives here at home in America and the lives of the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan...

  3. Anonymous28/3/09

    Obama is looking for a Muslim to fill his cabinet administration and the person doing the vetting will be Rep. Keith Ellison.

    Isn't it this guy who recently made the pilgrimage to Mecca payed by the Muslim Brotherhood (who in recent years were operating under the name Muslim American Society)? Wasn't Ellison a member of Louis Farrakan and wasn't he the choice of the Saudi Wahhabist lobby when he runned for congress? And wasn't he planning to use the Koran at his swearing-in instead of a Bible?

    OMG, like Sultan said: "It's gonna be bad, folks. It's gonna be real bad." It is clear to me that Obama is a Kenyan and a Muslim and that his dual loyalty is showing.

    The mess he will do with Afghanistan will be breathtaking. He says he has a plan... does he really? Just look at these recent headlines:

    March 7, 2009--
    Obama Announces We're Losing War and He Is Open to Reaching Out to Taliban

    March 11, 2009--
    Genius Joe Biden: Only "5% of the Taliban Is Incorrigible"

    March 11, 2009--
    Taliban reminds Obama & Biden: "We're not Moderate"

    March 23, 2009--
    Obama Already Looking For Way Out of Afghanistan

    March 23, 2009--
    Obama (Who was against Iraq War) Says: "Iraq War Was Easier Than Afghanistan"

    March 24, 2009--
    Obama will stay on offense in Afghanistan

    March 24, 2009--
    Team Obama Wants an Exit Strategy in Afghanistan

    March 27, 2009--
    Obama vows to 'disrupt, dismantle and defeat' Taliban

    (French Canadian)

  4. Anonymous28/3/09

    Here is a good plan for Obama and Afghanistan:

    He should step down of the U.S. presidency and try to get elected in Afghanistan. This shouldn't be above his skills.

    (French Canadian)

  5. Anonymous28/3/09

    there is a right that most societies exhibit that has to do with individuals. Women have souls like men have, so why are they considered incapable of debating?

  6. Afghanistan is a quagmire to be involved in.
    They harvest 8000 tons of opium at a cost of 32 billion all the time.
    Who will give that up?

  7. Anonymous28/3/09

    "They harvest 8000 tons of opium at a cost of 32 billion all the time." (Lemon)

    So why are they so poor? Where does all that money go? To terrorism? Anybody here knows?

    (French Canadian)

  8. French Canadian--Ellison did indeed take the oath of office on a Quran. He'd fit right in with Obama and his gang. They're both scum of the earth. Recently Ellison visited Sderot.

    He picked up one of the kassams that had been shot at Sderot and made a grossly insensitive remark about how it was heavy enough for him to work out with.

    Regarding Obama and Afghanistan it will be interesting to see how that plays out and how Russia will figure into it.

    Shavua tov Sultan, and everyone else.



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