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The Headchopping Moderate Muslim

When Muzzammil Hassan founded Bridges TV, he had the perfect story to offer. An employee of major American brand name companies such as Clorox and Proctor and Gamble, with an MBA from Georgetown, founding a Cable network whose mission statement contained lots of liberal buzzwords about fostering diversity, building a dialogue and breaking down cultural barriers.

Bridges TV made every effort to put forward a public multiracial and multicultural face. As did Muzzammil Hassan. Just a good All-American Muslim looking to bridge some gaps and teach the world to sing. Out front Bridges TV put out press releases crediting Hassan's wife with generating the idea of the cable network, and touting programs that would bring Muslims, Christians and Jews together. The reality however was radically different, both in the Hassan marriage and on Bridges TV.

Bridges TV may have issued its press releases and tacked up its mission statements promising to teach everyone to love each other. But the actual cable network's programming featured the same sort of vile ugliness you can see on Al Jazeera and most Muslim networks, redolent of hate for America, Jews and non-Muslim infidels-- and eagerly promoting terrorism.

As Daniel Pipes has extensively documented, Bridges TV like its founder, had a very ugly Islamofascist face behind the smiling multicultural mask.

One religious figure who appeared October 3 said Muslims have a duty to change America and to increase their numbers to 50% of the population from 2%. He recommended that Shariah, or Islamic law, be implemented in American courts. During a roundtable discussion on the Arab-Israeli conflict on October 5, one participant offered a solution: "For the Jews to leave and return to Europe."

Bridges TV aired a speech by the influential Muslim scholar Jamal Badawi on October 4. Mr. Badawi, who teaches Islam throughout North America, gave an interview to the Saudi Gazette on June 24, 2005, in which he raised questions about who was behind the September 11 attacks and suggested that Americans could be behind the car bombings of Iraqi markets.

An anti-Jewish, anti-Christian sermon from October 5 included the call, "May God destroy them!"

The smiling multicultural faces of Bridges TV were in reality a facade, a charade meant to fool Americans. Bridges TV was backed by CAIR and the Muslim American Society, both with extensive terrorist ties. He did his fundraising extensively in Saudi Arabia. Bridges TV was another Islamofascist trojan horse. And like all the others features a smiling face out front in order to relate to ordinary Americans-- and a murderous fanatic's grimace behind it.

That too was the life of Muzzammil Hassan, who finally did what so many Muslim men routinely do to their wives and daughters, when they defy them. Hassan chopped his wife's head when she tried to divorce him. Had he done it in Saudi Arabia or in his native Pakistan, the odds would have been weighed in his favor. Unfortunately for him he did it in a country governed by a legal system based on human equality, rather than the gruesome gender apartheid of Sharia law.

But it is worth noting that a generation from now the outcome of a Muslim man chopping his wife's head may not be nearly that clear cut. For anyone who imagines that this is alarmism, European judges have already dismissed rape cases as cultural misunderstandings. The Sharia premise of two legal systems for one country is already deeply embedded in the legal and political cultures of many European countries. That was Muzzammil Hassan's goal in America. It is a project set to be interrupted by a lengthy prison sentence. But the case of Hassan is a deeply educational one.

Muzzammil Hassan was no Gaza orphan. He was no Basra street thug or Karachi mosque follower. He was smart. He was well educated. He had non-Muslim friends and was quite familiar with the world outside Islam. But beneath it all he was an Islamofascist fanatic. He successfully disguised his true beliefs and personality, just as the 9/11 hijackers did, and just as countless Muslims in America have done. He put a smile on and repeated back the cliches of multiculturalism to gullible Americans. But that was not who Muzzammil Hassan was. That was only the mask he wore.

Hassan is the real face of Islam in the West. One much less obviously threatening than the likes of Rage Boy, but in reality far more dangerous. If America will be defeated it will not be by screaming maniacs in the street, dangerous as they may be in a given incident. It will be by Muslim MBA's in business suits, who know how to talk the talk, who can put the enemy at ease, and keep the long term objective in mind.

In the end Muzzammil Hassan could not maintain his disguise, and showed his true face in a shocking moment of ugliness and brutality that reverted to the real nature of Bridges TV's programming as well. Not merely murder, but beheading. The act that has become the signature crime of Islamofascism in the 21st century, not merely carried out but recorded, and played back over and over again as a way to incite the faithful to mimic the crime.

The mythical moderate Muslim, like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster, haunts the Western imagination. Scholars work hard to search for these 21st century fairies, debating how many moderate Muslims can dance on the head of a grenade pin. But the very idea of a moderate Muslim is a contradiction in terms.

"Allah will instill terror into the hearts of the disbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite their fingertips off them." Qur'an 8:12

or from the Hadith

Volume 5, Book 59, Number 572:

Narrated 'Ali: O ye who believe! Take not my enemies and your enemies as friends, offering them your love even though they have disbelieved in Allah, Muhammad and the Quran which has come to you. And whosoever of you Muslims does that, then indeed he has gone astray from the Straight Path."

That is a moderate Muslim. Anything less than that is not true to Islam and the legacy of Mohammed.

Muzzammil Hassan was no doubt a moderate Muslim. Unfortunately that means something other than most Westerners think it does. It follows from Mohammed's commandment to kill infidels. It treats women as property. That is the real face of Islam. The headchopping moderate Muslim.

Hassan was a good Muslim and a bad man. The two always go together. One can be a good man or a good Muslim. One cannot be both. Muzzammil Hassan was a good Muslim. Now he is in jail where he belongs.


  1. Excellent article!! I'm glad you posted this, since the story locally has been overshadowed by the flight 3407 tragedy.

    The Buffalo News initially reported on the murder and very briefly on Hassan's Saudia Arbia ties, but has since redacted the article and reduced the crime to a garden variety, albeit horrific, case of domestic homicide.

    You're absolutely right. Beheading IS a signature of Muslim murder. In fact, so is dismemberment. I will never forget the police report I came across a while ago in which a Muslim immigrant threatened to cut another woman's body into five parts--arms, legs, head.

    I can read a description of the crime like that and quarantee when I go to the arrest report info and look for the def's race it will be Arab.

    I wish I could say "aha, I told you so" about the Bridges TV network but I was lulled into thinking it would be along the lines of the sweet Canadian comedy "Little Mosque on the Prairie."

    Little Mosque, which CAIR also gave a thumbs up to, was more subtle in the PR department. It presented a Muslim community as no different from a Catholic or Jewish community. The average Canadian/American community.

  2. Anonymous17/2/09

    I wonder how long it will be before he gets off. We are so fearful of being politically incorrect that we can't see the forest for the trees. In today's society, people's religious beliefs seem to be tolerated above the law, else we offend someone's long cherished ideology. When some smart ACLU lawyer proves that this guy's wife broke Islamic law by trying to divorce him, that will no doubt trump over reason, common sense, decency, intelligence and our American laws and system of justice.

  3. Anonymous17/2/09

    The weak west admires the brazen islam, look at all the converts to Islam after 9/11. The west belives what they want to believe, not what they are being told or even showed. Look at the media lapping all the false news coming from PA, Hamas and Hezbollah. Slowly they will take over, do you know the story of the frog? If you dump a frog into hot water he will jump out, on the other hand if you put it into cold water and slowly heat it he will die.

  4. Susan, my guess is that Hassan's lawyers will use some sort of defense along the lines of the urban violence syndrome. In one of the most highlighted cases a young girl killed someone and her lawyer argued (unsuccessfully) that she suffered from urban violence syndrome--which is not in the DSM--because she was exposed to violence all of her life in her inner community.

    Something along the lines of Post Traumatic Stress.

    I don't know if Sharia Law will trump US civil and criminal law in the short term but I'd bet my life Islamic criminals will use the Quran and violence in their culture as a defense.

    Instead of The Devil Made Me Do It we'll have Islam Made Me Do It.

    Conversely, because Islam is a religion judges and liberals will turn a blind eye and assume it's a normative part of their religion and remain silent and impotent to do anything about it.

    A real Catch-22 for western society.

    Yet the courts have rightfully gotten involved in the Catholic church sex abuse travesty and when a rabbi gave a newborn an STD during a brit there were public cries to ban one aspect of the surgery.

    But with Islam judges become like the Three Monkeys: See no evil. Ear no Evil. Speak no Evil.

  5. Or maybe they can brush off Temporary Insanity as triggered by her culturally unacceptable act

    the temporary insanity defense was innovated by a jealous husband's lawyers, who happened to be a top Democratic congressman and close to the President back in the mid 19th century

  6. I worry about whether he will get off. The number two guy at Justice believes that foreign laws trump our laws. If he doesn't get off I will thank the good lord for getting him off the streets. He is nothing but a criminal. He can wear all the business suits he wants but that doesn't change the fact he is just a bad man who dresses pretty!

  7. with a Supreme Court seat opening up, it will be something to watch because mainstreaming Islamic law will require a base on the Court

    If Obama nominates Noah Feldman or some other Sharia supporter, it really will be the opening gambit for legitimizing crimes like this

  8. Anonymous17/2/09


    The Muslims are currently waging a propaganda war against us, trying to intimidate us and weaken our morale. They are also trying to destroy our right to free expression with regard to criticism of Islam.

    We need to counteract this by destroying their morale and belief in their death-cult, but to do this we need to understand their psychology.

    The Muslim mind is pre-rational, predatory and tribal. Appeals to reason are no use because they believe that faith is superior to reason, and the fact that the Koran is full of contradictions doesn't bother them in the slightest. Islam hasn't had an enlightenment and is still in the Dark Ages. In fact, the cult justifies itself in terms of a power-structure maintained by physical threats and lynch-mobs rather than reason or spirituality.

    Appeals to normal human decency as an antidote to Islam are pointless. Muslims believe it is their duty to kill, maim, rape, swindle and rob the kaffirs (unbelievers) - this is an intrinsic part of their cult. The 'Golden Rule' - 'do unto others as you would they do unto you' , does not extend beyond the boundaries of the Ummah-tribe. So displaying picture of the aftermath of Muslim atrocities is a waste of time - this will actually encourage them. Many Muslim men and boys get sexually aroused by watching jihad-snuff videos of kaffirs being tortured and beheaded.

    Pointing out that Muslims are useless parasites on the West is also not going to make them change their ways, because that's what they are unashamedly here for.

    The way to get at them, is to damage their inflated and fragile egos. Because Muslims are at a tribal state of pre-civilised development, they venerate the totems of their tribe, and will go into tantrums if these are 'disrespected'. Like unstable adolescents they are constantly seeking 'significance' and 'respect'.

    The quest for 'significance' often appears as dhimmi TV programs and exhibitions which claim that the Muslims invented everything and the success of the West is due to Islam.

    The quest for 'respect' is aimed at silencing any criticism of their death-cult by use of bullying, intimidation and censorship. The UK Muslim party is called 'Respect'.

    Islam is an honor/shame and dominance/subjugation culture, which places great emphasis on humiliation, both avoidance by self and infliction on other.

    Allah is the only deity that can be 'humiliated' by humans!

    Muslims do not want kafirs to like them, in fact they are not allowed to take kaffirs as friends. Muslims expect to be feared and hated (the gangsta's version of respect) by the kafirs. However what they don't expect is to be mocked. This is their great weakness, as Ali Sina pointed out.

    Above all, Muslims expect to be taken seriously, they just can't stand being ridiculed themselves, and especially having their totems ridiculed. In fact, since every Muslim models himself on Mohammed - 'the perfect man' - to insult Mohammed is to insult each and every Muslim. This is what the cartoon riots were about.

    So to undermine Muslims' self worth and destroy their morale, we need to ridicule and humiliate their three major totems - Allah, Mohammed and the Koran. Note that because of their pre-rational state, intellectual criticism is relatively ineffective in producing a response. The totems have to be physically 'humiliated' to get masses of Muslims into rage mode.

    So theological critique of Allah, a biography of Mohammed or textual criticism of the Koran might attract a few death threats, but it won't cause full scale riots. However, if Allah appears on an ice-cream wrapper , Mohammed in a cartoon , or the Koran is parodied or left down a toilet , then a billion fragile egos are punctured.

    More mockery, satire 'desecration', humiliation and unfettered exercise of free speech can be found at Muslim jokes.

  9. The guy can now be the Lizzie Borden of Buffalo.


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