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Monday, December 08, 2008

Want to Fight Terrorism? Leave America Out of It

Want to fight terrorism? The place to start is by keeping America out of it.

The sad truth is that even before the Hussein Pro-Terrorist administration officially seizes the White House, the Bush Administration has long since switched to a policy of treating terrorist attacks abroad as a crisis situation that can only be solved by calming down the attacked and urging them to seek counseling and cooperation with the attackers.

So too following the Mumbai attacks the Bush Administration helped browbeat the Indian government out of punishing Pakistan, instead arranging to have the Pakistani government go another round of leading everyone around the nose, playing the usual role of Muslim governments by aiding the terrorists with one hand and threatening them with the other. It's a routine that Saudi Arabia has elevated to a fine art.

The Clinton and Bush Administrations have nodded approvingly while the Palestinian Authority has gone through this same Keystone Cops routine, whenever they were asked to fight terrorism, repeatedly ignoring that the PA police were the terrorists. Now the State Department will of course keep playing the same game with Pakistan, dismissing the ISI links, which just like the PA, would lead to strings in the DOS itself, while pressuring Pakistan to extradite a few fall guys. The terrorists will in turn try to assassinate a few Pakistani government ministers, and the Pakistani government will helplessly throw up its hands and squeal that it's all the fault of America for making them crack down on the terrorists.

That means when fighting terrorism, the US and any other European countries that insist on patronizing their put Muslim tyrannies and making excuses for Islamic terrorism have to be left out of the picture. The US is about to be helmed by people openly sympathetic to Islamic terrorism, but even when that terrible time ends, for as long as the foreign policy of Western nations is governed by the idea that enabling moderate terrorists through appeasement is the best way of fighting terrorism, and that actually killing terrorists only sets off a cycle of violence-- we can not only not function as a partner, but we are an actual obstacle to countries who do wish to fight terrorism.

The real world solution is to strike first, and then take the call from the President. Time and time again, terrorists and terrorist supporting regimes have been rewarded for their actions with appeasement, while victimized states have been punished for their inaction by being forced to make concessions to their attackers.

Taking the initiative means reversing that equation. It's an equation that worked for America, until it was deliberately sabotaged from within, and replaced with the same old foreign policy of nation building and terrorist appeasement, except when it came to Al Queda. Naturally that firewall will fall, like many others, with the ascension of Hussein.

That means that for states on the front line of Islamic terrorism, whether it's Israel or India, or any European countries with sane governments that actually have an interest in protecting their citizens, action has to come before inaction.

For the next four years the United States will not only not be taking the initiative in the War on Terror, the foreign backed junta running it will actually be aiding and abetting terrorists. But that is also a blessing in a disguise, a wake up call to nations on the front lines, that they cannot in any way shape or form rely on America anymore. We are out of the game, it's their turn to step up or be ground under.

While ordinary Americans will do their part to resist the terror administration that is set to take hold, there is little to nothing that we can do abroad, aside from keeping a spotlight on the oppression practiced by Iran and Sudan and against women and religious minorities in the Muslim world in general. At most we can work to limit some of the harm that will be unleashed by Hussein.

So it's now up to the rest of the world that isn't Muslim and doesn't want to be. Submit or fight back. Waiting for America is no longer an option because the cavalry won't be coming for a long time. Cut your ties and fight the good fight, and know that millions of Americans, real Americans, will be cheering you on, just as we did from Poland until Pearl Harbor.


  1. Anonymous9/12/08

    Like the people who talk an abused woman out of seeking help.
    The US will end up hated by the world for urging them to stand still and be kicked over and over again.
    Sad but this has been going on for a long while now.

  2. Anonymous9/12/08

    Worse, because of American restrains, Israel has lost its will to fight terrorism, they are confused and ready to give in to one state (destruction)

  3. The US has been sponsoring the terrorist all along any way. Think of the 2 billion Bush gave the terrorists in Israel. He also provided them weapons knowing full well the intent was to use the money and weapons to murder Jews.

    Hussein will continue Bush's agenda but up it a bit.

    Where Bush's actions were ignored and shoved to the side with people claiming he was pro-Israel or that he could be worse, Hussein will be up front with everything and people will go along with it.

  4. We have to understand that these guys have a master plan. Obama is only one part of it. Shariah Finance is a far bigger threat currently then Obama. Our FED and BOJ are already to implement Shariah Finance. http://propheticnews.net/content/view/6758/1/.

    Obama will betray us soon when he negotiates with these same terrorists and accepts Shariah law. The crazy thing is that there are more then enough Republicans who would go along with the Democrats when they go to pass a bill to accept Shariah. Obama has already sent Robert Malley as his first act as president elect to Damascus to meet with Syria, Egypt, and Hamas.

    Better start getting involved and sway these corrupt members of congress to defeat the Islamists before it’s too late. Check out http://actforamerica.org/ they are involved in stopping Shariah in its tracks.



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